Mizu: Alright everyone listen up.


Mizu: I have been facing a conclusion that I should start to write my own book. Not just a new fanfiction, a real, published novel.

Mizu: I've already worked on the details. If you want to hear more then I'll talk about it later but for now just listen up.

Mizu: I'm deciding on deleting this sequel. I know that there are still some of you that love this story but honestly, it's going nowhere. I have no idea what to write for, I don't have any plans for filler or character development, and above all I really, really, want to move on to other projects.

Mizu: I will return to my old story and change the ending to fit a single book. I don't want to leave anyone hanging after all...

Mizu: Thank you for all of the support that you have given me. But I'm afraid that it's time to say goodbye to Into The WorLd of Murder and Apples.

Mizu: Goodbye...

Ameko: Now this is not to say that Mizu will be completely screwing herself over here, oh no...

Ameko: We're going to finish up our attack on titan fanfiction but after that we will still be publishing new works say... for Supernatural or maybe even Tokyo Ghoul (manga)

Ameko: A special thanks out there to all of you who reviewed and we hope that we haven't upset you too much.

Ameko: If you want to find out about the Comedy/Horror book that Mizu is writing just send her a PM. (I doubt anyone's interested -_-)

Ameko: So, thank you... and goodbye~