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"Governor, is that really necessary?" Steve asks into the phone. He pauses a moment as the Governor says something on the other end of the line. A scowl appears on Steve's face. "We don't need to waste the resources; I can handle…"

Danny smirks as his partner's argument abruptly stops and Steve's jaw clenches. He can feel the annoyance rolling off Steve in waves as the leader of Five-0 listens to the Governor's order. Moving to sit in one of the chairs, Danny crosses his arms and watches Steve in amusement.

"I understand," Steve forces out with a glare aiming at his desk. Ending the call Steve grips his phone and closes his eyes. He taps the phone on his forehead and Danny decides to speak up.

"Let me guess. Denning is making you have a protective detail…" Danny says with an amused grin. It only grows bigger when Steve scowls at him.

"That's the least of it. He's making me stay at a safe house," Steve growls out and glares down at his phone.

"Does he believe the threat to be that imminent?" Danny asks with a frown and sits up. The concern in his voice is not lost on Steve.

"Stop it Danny," Steve orders with a firm look at his partner.

"Stop what?" Danny asks but still gives Steve a concerned and worried look.

"Denning is over-reacting. I'm fine," Steve assures but Danny scowls.

"The Governor wouldn't use the resources unless he absolutely thinks it is necessary," Danny challenges with a determined look meeting Steve's own.

"Come on Danno. This whole thing is ridiculous," Steve says as he throws up his arms before standing up and walking to the other side of his office.

"Devon Tororro isn't someone who makes idle threats Steven!" Danny shouts as he shoves his self to his feet.

"Danno…" Steve begins but Danny's angry and worried voice interrupts him.

"Don't Danno me Steve," Danny grinds out. "The last three people Tororro threatened were mutilated and left scattered in a damn field."

Steve sighs and turns around to look at his partner. The fear and worry encompasses Danny's eyes and Steve deflates. If their roles were reversed Steve wouldn't have waited for Denning to intervene. Danny would've been in a safe house the moment the threat was made.

Danny is right; Devin Tororro is definitely not someone to shrug off. Being the leader of a Latino drug cartel came with massive dangers to those around it. If you pissed off Tororro then your life was forfeit. And having stopped a massive drug deal, Steve most definitely pissed Tororro off.

"We're partners D; I can't just leave you out here by yourself," Steve says with a look at Danny the jersey native can't quite place.

"Didn't realize Chin, Kono, and Lou weren't going to be around," Danny says with a raised brow. Steve scowls and turns away and begins packing what he'll need at the safe house. Danny sighs knowing exactly what Steve is talking about. They're partners and they are each others back up.

"Is the Governor sending a B and W?" Danny asks as he watches his best friend move about the office.

"Yeah. They'll take me to pick up some things from my house and then they'll take me to the safe house," Steve, defeated, explains with a nod of his head.

"Hey, we'll wrap this up as quickly as we can. You'll be back to blowing things up sooner than you think," Danny says and looks at the door when two HPD officers walk in. Steve looks over and sighs.

"Don't do anything stupid," Steve says and looks over at Danny.

"Pretty sure that's my line," Danny replies with a chuckle. Steve gives him a hug before grabbing his belongings and walks out with the officers.


Danny sighs and leans back in his seat as he runs a hand through his hair. They have been trying to get Tororro the past three days but with no success. It always seems to be they are one step behind him. The fact Steve is going stir crazy isn't helping matters. The few conversations Danny had with his partner on a secure line were spent convincing Steve not to leave the safe house. Tororro is still out there and actively trying to find Steve.

The sound of Grace's ring tone has Danny smiling and pulling out his phone. Grace has been adamant about updates. She's worried about her Uncle Steve and calls every hour it seems. Danny chuckles and shakes his head as he answers the phone. He's glad his daughter and partner are close. Steve is practically his brother and wouldn't want it any other way.

"Nothing new Monkey. Uncle Steve is still safe," Danny says as a way of greeting.

"I'll make sure I pass along the message Detective," a male voice replies and causes Danny to sit up straight in his chair.

"Who is this?" Danny demands and scowls at the chuckle on the other end of the line.

"We need to talk about your partner," the voice continues as if Danny hasn't said anything.

"Tororro," Danny states and the panic sets in. This maniac has his daughter.

"Yes. Now about commander McGarrett. I'm willing to trade. Your daughter for him," Tororro says and causes Danny to run a shaking hand down his face.

"How do I even know she's okay? I want to speak to her," Danny demands with a shaky voice before he hears shuffling on the other end of the line.

"Danno?" Grace's quivering voice sounds over the phone.

"Monkey, hey, are you okay?" Danny asks as he tries to steady his voice and keep his emotions in check. No sense in scarring his daughter further.

"Yes. I want to come home," Grace says with a stifling sob and Danny feels his breath catch in his throat. He knows she's trying to stay brave but it's hard with a psycho killer standing next to you.

"I know Gracie. I'm coming to get you," Danny assures his daughter but her next comment has him forcing a swallow and blinking back the water beginning to fill his eyes.

"Don't let him hurt Uncle Steve, Danno. Please," Grace begs but before Danny can say anything Tororro begins speaking again.

"Something tells me McGarrett will have no issues trading himself for his niece Detective. Make the call. I'll contact you in an hour with the directions," Tororro says before abruptly ending the call.

"Dammit!" Danny shouts as he knocks a pile of papers off his desk and the panic settles in his stomach.

"Danny?" Chin asks with a furrowed brow and a head popping into Danny's office.

"We have a problem," Danny growls out coldly as he turns to look at his team member.

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