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Steve sits in the chair as he flips through the TV channels. Letting out a sigh, he stops on a news channel. If he's going to be stuck here then he might as well keep up to date on what's going on in the world. With another sigh Steve sinks further into the chair and closes his eyes as he listens.

"We've received news that the daughter of Detective Daniel Williams of Five-0 is being held hostage at this site." Steve's eyes pop open and he sits up and stares wide-eyed at the screen. A building appears on the screen and Steve knows exactly where the reporter is. "We were told the kidnapper is willing to trade the Detective's daughter for his partner, Lt. Commander Steve McGarrett…"

Steve jumps off his chair and immediately grabs his gun and badge. He moves to the front door but stops when one of the officers phone rings. Steve listens through the door to the officer talking on the phone out on the porch.

"Hello?" the officer says and waits a few minutes before talking again. "Don't worry, we'll make sure he doesn't see the news. And if he by chance does we'll keep him here even if we have to handcuff him."

Steve steps back and quickly rushes to the back room. He opens a window and climbs out. Dropping to the ground, he stands up and runs towards the front. Stopping, he glances around the corner to see both officers gone. Running to the squad car and hot wires it before squealing away.


Danny sneaks in the back door while silently cursing the reporter that was out front and thanking Chin for getting them out of there. He hopes Steve doesn't see the news. Making a turn down a hall, Danny sees the door for the stairs. Climbing them to the roof, Danny halts at the door. With a deep breath Danny pulls out his gun and slowly pushes the door open.

"How nice of you to join us Detective," Tororro's voice says and Danny points his gun in his direction. Danny's eyes turn cold when he sees a very distraught Grace in Tororro's clutches. Feeling the panic overwhelm him, Danny quickly tries his best to shove it back down.

"Let her go Tororro!" Danny shouts as he points his gun down away from his daughter but Tororro just chuckles.

"Where's McGarrett Detective? Don't tell me you value his life over your daughter's," Tororro accuses with a raised brow.

"Let her go and you can have him," Danny demands with as much conviction in his voice as he can muster.

"That's not how this works Detective," Tororro says with a shake of his head and he puts a gun to Grace's head. Grace lets out a whimper and Danny's anger and panic rises full force. He has to get Grace out of here or at least get Tororro facing where Kono can get a shot. Before Danny can move on with the plan a voice sends his stomach to the floor.

"Here I am Tororro," Steve's voice sounds behind Danny. With wide eyes Danny glances over at his partner when he sidles up to him.

"Lose the gun," Tororro orders and Danny watches in horror as Steve instantly pulls out his gun and sets it on the ground.

"Steve…" Danny whispers harshly but Steve continues to stare coldly at Tororro.

"Kick it over here and kneel down," Tororro orders again and Steve does it without a second thought. Tororro pushes Grace forward and trains his gun on Steve. Grace runs to Danny and sobs as she clutches him. Steve kneels down and holds his hands up in surrender.

"You two leave," Tororro nods to Danny and Danny shakes his head as he tries to get Grace to go to the stairs.

"Danny get Gracie out of here," Steve says and gives Danny a pleading look. Danny forces a swallow and reluctantly leads Grace back to the door. Once inside the stairwell, Danny bends down and looks at Grace.

"Monkey, I need you to go down the stairs. Uncle Chin is waiting for you," Danny says as he rests his hands on Gracie's arms. Grace shakes her head and tears well up in her eyes.

"I want to stay with you," Grace says and Danny pulls her in for a hug.

"I know baby but…" Danny begins but a gunshot sounds behind him. It's quickly followed by another gunshot, quieter than the first. Danny's wide eyes look behind him and he feels the panic set in again. He looks back at Grace and holds her gaze. "Gracie I need you to go down to Uncle Chin. Uncle Steve needs my help."

Reluctantly, Grace nods her head. She gives her father one last hug before hurriedly moving down the stairs. Danny gives her one last look before pulling his gun out and carefully moving onto the roof once again.

"Steve!" Danny shouts when he sees both Steve and Tororro lying motionless on the ground.

Running over Danny quickly kicks Tororro's gun away. Wanting to check on Steve but knowing he has to make sure Tororro is officially not a threat, Danny moves over to Tororro's body. Looking down, though, Danny takes in the bullet hole in the middle of Tororro's forehead.

With Tororro obviously quickly moves over to Steve. He drops to his knees and his eyes take in the growing spot of blood on Steve's chest. Danny pulls out his phone to call for an ambulance while using his other hand to put pressure on Steve's wound. Before he can make the call, though, Danny hears sirens approaching. Discarding the phone Danny uses both his hands and puts further pressure on the wound.

"Come on Steve, Stay with me."


Kono has her sights on Tororro and watches the exchange happen. She hopes Danny can get Grace out of there because she really doesn't want to kill Tororro in front of Grace. Her eye catches movement and she shifts her line of sight.

"Dammit Steve," Kono whispers when she sees her boss approach Danny and Tororro and Grace.

It doesn't take long for Steve to give himself up and for Danny to disappear through stairwell door with Grace. Kono watches Tororro and Steve exchange words. Things begin to get heated and before Kono knows what's happening a gunshot rings out. As Steve drops to the ground Kono pulls the trigger. Tororro drops as well thanks to the new hole Kono placed in his head.

Without waiting another moment, Kono yanks out her phone and calls Lou. After telling him to send in the calvary and that they have an officer down, Kono packs up her rifle. A few minutes later and Kono is running down the stairs as the sound of sirens are heard outside.


Chin waits at the bottom of the stairs for any sign of Grace. A sound in the hall outside the stairwell has Chin turning his attention to it. Immediately drawing his gun, Chin points it at the door only to have it burst open.

"Five-0! Don't move!" Chin demands as he trains his gun on the newcomer. Taking another look has Chin's eyes widening. "Steve?"

"Chin, where are they?" Steve asks him but doesn't move any further due to Chin's gun still pointing at him.

"What are you doing here?" Chin asks as he holsters his gun.

"Chin! Where are they?!" Steve asks as he ignores Chin's question. Chin wars inside his head whether or not to tell Steve. The determined look on Steve's face has him giving in though. Steve would get to Danny and Grace one way or another.

"They're already on the roof," Chin barely gets out before Steve is shoving past him. Chin watches his boss takes the stairs two at a time in his haste. Danny's going to kill me, Chin thinks with a sigh and a hand running over his face.

A short time later, Chin hears the door at the top of the stairs open and shut. He takes out his gun as he's not sure who it is. An urgent voice and a scared voice are heard but Chin can't make out what is being said. Although, he's pretty sure it's Danny and Grace. A muffled gunshot is heard and Chin's head snaps towards the top of the stairs. The worry sets in and his mind instantly goes to his ohana up on the roof. It doesn't take long for Chin to hear small footsteps descending the stairs. The door is heard opening and shutting again. With a look up the stairs Chin sees Grace and he watches her until she reaches him.

"Grace, you okay?" Chin asks but Grace just hugs him and lets out a sob. "Hey, come on. Let's get you out of here."

"I heard a popping sound. Uncle Chin, what was it?" Grace asks with wide eyes.

"I don't know," Chin lies and gently pushes Grace out of the stairwell. "Come on. I promised your dad I'd get you out of here."

As they exit the building, they hear sirens and Chin feels a pit in his stomach. The ambulance squeals onto the street and stop in front of the building. Chin pulls Grace off to the side as the EMT's rush inside.

"Chin!" Kono calls out and Chin looks over to see her jog over to them.

"Tororro?" Chin asks and Kono nods her head.

"I took care of him," Kono replies and Chin lets out a sigh of relief. Kono's face doesn't relax though and Chin feels his stomach drop again.

"Kono?" Chin asks and Kono's eyes begin to water.

"Is it Danno? Is he okay?" Grace asks with wide, tear-filled eyes and her voice cracking.

"Your dad's fine," Kono assures Grace and offers her a smile.

"Steve?" Chin asks and Kono looks back up at Chin.

"Uncle Steve? Is he okay Auntie Kono?" Grace asks as her eyes wide once again. Kono forces a swallow and bends down to Grace's level.

"I don't know sweetie."

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