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Chin watches from across the 'private' waiting room. Lou is pacing the floor while Kono stands by the window. As she stares out it Kono periodically wipes a stray tear away. Chin shifts his gaze to Five-o's Second in Command. Danny is sitting in one of the chairs with Grace on his lap. The two of them are clutching each other and Grace is burying her face in her dad's neck. Grace insisted on staying until she knew 'Uncle Steve was okay'. Chin's eyes drift up to Danny whose eyes are glued to the door the doctor disappeared behind whilst his one hand absently stroked Grace's hair.

Chin hopes Steve pulls through this. Not just for the obvious reasons but also because of Danny. It's no secret how close Steve and Danny are and if Steve doesn't make it Danny will never be the same. Chin knows Danny will blame his self for not being able to save him. With a sigh, Chin leans back in his chair hoping for positive news.


Grace shifts in her sleep lying in Danny's lap and he wraps his arms tighter around her. Grace is back and she is safe. That much Danny is thankful for. On the other hand, Steve is in surgery fighting for his life. Danny blinks as his vision blurs.

Come on Steve, you stupid son of a bitch. Don't you dare leave me dammit.

The door Danny has been staring at suddenly opens and out walks Steve's doctor. Jumping to his feet, Danny hoists Grace hight into his arms. She shifts but doesn't wake up and Danny is relieved.

"Steve? Is he…?" Danny asks as he feels the rest of the team crowd around him.

"He's alive," Dr. Heigl says with a small smile. The team lets out a breath and Dr. Heigl continues. "The bullet hit his shoulder bone and ricocheted. We were able to retrieve the bullet and patch up the mess it caused. With rest, and barring any complications, the Commander should make a full recovery."

"Can we see him?" Danny asks needing to see his partner for himself.

"Of course. We're putting him in a room. Once he's settled a nurse will come get you," Heigl explains with a nod of his head.

"Thank you doctor," Lou says in relief. Dr. Heigl nods his head in welcome before going to check on his other patients. The team relaxes and move over to the chairs and take a seat. Grace stirs and her head lifts up and she looks at Danny.

"Danno?" Grace asks and Danny gives her a genuine smile.

"Hey Monkey," Danny says and Grace sits up further and looks around. Her gaze falls back on her dad before asking her next question.

"Is Uncle Steve okay?" she asks and Danny's smile softens.

"Yeah, monkey. Uncle Steve is going to be just fine," Danny answers and he pulls Grace in for a hug.


Steve becomes aware of his surroundings and he's not real sure what has brought him to the surface. That is, until he hears the whispering. He tries to make out what's being said but everything is still foggy.

"Steve?" Danny's hopeful voice sounds over top him. Not yet. I'm tired, Steve thinks to himself.

"Uncle Steve?" a lighter, hopeful voice asks. Grace? Steve thinks and a feeling of relief washes over him. Although, he's not sure why. Suddenly, everything smashes into him and Steve feels the worry and panic encompass him.

"Gracie!" Steve exclaims as he bolts upright. Steve grimaces and lets out a groan when pain shoots through his body at the sudden movement.

"Hey. Hey, hey, hey," Danny says calmingly as he puts a hand on Steve's good shoulder and gently pushes him down onto the bed. Taking a couple deep breaths and closing his eyes, Steve gets himself back under control.

"Gracie?" Steve asks and opens his eyes, looking directly at Danny. Danny smiles as a warm feeling flows over him at his partners obvious worry over his daughter.

"See for yourself," Danny says with a nod towards Steve's right. Steve looks over to see Grace sitting on her heels in the chair. Grace gives him a wide grin and Steve returns it. Seeing Grace practically bouncing on her heels he raises his good arm.

"Come here Gracie."

Gracie doesn't wait to be told twice and quickly, but carefully, climbs onto the bed. When she curls up against his side, Steve wraps his good arm around her. He looks over at Danny and sees a smile on his lips.

"You good?" Steve asks needing to know that they are both okay. Danny's eyes shift over to Steve. AS much as he wants to yell at Steve for putting himself in harms way he can see Steve's tired.

"Yeah. Now I am," Danny says as he rests a hand on Steve's arm.



"Steve! Grace! The burgers are ready!" Danny shouts from where he's piling the burgers onto a plate from the grill. Danny and Grace (Rachel gave permission for her to go with Danny on an off-weekend to go visit Steve) went to Steve's for a cookout. Just the three of them. Danny left his partner inside the house with his daughter while he grilled the hamburgers. Picking up the plate, Danny walks in the door. "Steve. Grace."

Danny stops when he enters the living room. A smile spreads across his face at the sight that greets him. Steve is sprawled out on the couch. Grace is between Steve and the couch curled up into Steve's side. Both of them are fast asleep. With a shake of his head, Danny sets the plate on the table in the kitchen.

He's glad everything worked out and that the two people that mean the most to him came out of it all right. Danny didn't know what he'd do if he lost either of them.

A smile appears on his face as he remembers the conversation he had with Steve. There was much yelling on his part. For Steve's part, he did his best to stay calm. In the end it came down to two facts. That Danny should have told Steve and that Steve should've waiting before intervening.

Danny runs a hand through his hair and lets out a sigh. A thought occurs to him and Danny pulls out his phone. Silently walking into the living room Danny takes a picture of Steve and Grace.

"Don't even think about it," Steve's voice says and Danny startles slightly not expecting Steve to be awake. A glance at Steve tells Danny that his partner is most definitely awake.

"The burgers are ready," Danny says and Steve slowly sits up, careful of the sleeping child next to him. "She needs to eat."

Danny nods towards Grace before walking back into the kitchen. With a grin, Danny sets the ID for Steve on his phone to the picture he just took. He moves to put his phone away but then sends a quick message first. A few moments later and Danny chuckles at Steve's exclamation.


Danny looks over when Grace bounds into the room and begins filling a plate. Steve walks in and glares at Danny but Danny sees a smile playing on Steve's lips. Steve sets his phone on the table and begins filling his plate as well. Danny takes a seat and his gaze takes in Steve's phone. He grins when he sees Steve's background picture; the one Danny had just sent him. Yeah, he is glad his family is back and safe.

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