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Secret Rendezvous

Megan had just settled onto her barstool when Greg walked up to greet her. "Megan you are back from sunny LA I see. Should I go ahead and get you your usual?" "Yes, that would be great. It's nice to be back," Megan said with a slight smile. She had just flown in from LA and besides dropping off her luggage at the house and quickly getting freshened up, her first stop had been to see her mother. It had been several months since she had been gone and it was always refreshing to see her mother and catch up. The weather had finally turned warm in Toronto and everything was in bloom. She loved this time in Toronto. It was too bad that she wouldn't have a ton of time to enjoy it before getting back to work to begin filming season 4 of Reign. With only two days until their first shoot, she would need to get acclimated to the time change, catch up around her place and go over the new script. But even with all that ahead of her, it never hurt to stop by her favorite bar for a couple of drinks before heading home. She loved that the bartenders knew her here and she could just relax before getting back into the daily grind.

Megan was vaguely watching the TV's overtop of the bar, catching up on local news when Greg walked up with her drink in hand. He placed a napkin down in front of her and placed the drink on top. "So anything new Megan," Greg asked standing in front of her, before continuing, "How is the family?" Megan had reached for her Basil Hayden's and ginger ale and took a generous sip before replying, "Let's see, the family is great. Russell just graduated college and Lyla will be acting in a theater show soon. All in all, everyone seems to be on the right path. And mom is doing just fine, staying busy in her gardens with the beautiful weather." "Sounds like you don't have much to worry about. How about you, what's next," Greg inquired. "Reign season 4 starts filming in a couple days…so I'm going to be busy for sure, otherwise not too much," she finished. Megan had her drink in her hand and was about to take another sip as Greg continued, "And personally, any new men in the picture?" Without answering, Megan just raised both of her eyebrows at him and put the drink to her lips for another long sip.

Megan was typically very private about her life but she had known everyone in this bar for a long time, so she didn't mind the questions. Greg always seemed to be looking out for her too; ready and willing to set her up. She laughed a little bit thinking of some of the men he had wanted to set her up with. But, no, there wasn't really anything long term she could think to speak of or tell him. There was the occasional dalliance, but she liked to keep that to herself. "Well, if there's nothing to speak of," Greg started, "I have someone that perhaps...". Greg stopped suddenly short without continuing and had his eyes focused on something over her shoulder. Jokingly Megan replied, "Come on Greg, spit it out." Just as the words left her mouth, she felt two hands land lightly on either of her shoulders.

As Megan was about to turn and look to see whom it was standing behind her, the hands began to gently massage her shoulders. The feeling was delicious and she wasn't about to tell the person to stop. Her eyes closed slightly from the rhythmic motion as she settled into the familiar touch. Could she pinpoint who it was? Greg finally got his voice back, "Alan, it has been a long time since we have seen you here. Can I get you something?" "I'll have whatever it is that Megan is drinking. I like to be in good company," he said as he released his grip from Megan's shoulders. He then moved to stand next to her so that she could see who it was. "Hello stranger," he said bending down to kiss her cheek, before moving to sit in the barstool next to her. When she met his gaze, a smile spread across her lips and both looked at each other with a slight glint in their eyes. "It has been awhile, hasn't it," she asked, before asking the real question on her mind, "How did you know to find me here?" "Megan, we have known each other all this time. Do you really think I wouldn't know the first place you would stop when you got home," he asked with jest in his voice. Megan still felt a bit puzzled, "But how did you know I was home?" "Mmmm, the benefit of you being on social. Do you think it's only your fans that pay attention," he asked raising an eyebrow at her. Alan had told her for years that she needed to either get an Instagram or Twitter account. He always proclaimed it was good for publicity and good for fans to help spread the word on new projects, but now she thought perhaps he had been pestering her for his own personal gain. "Well then, perhaps you know a bit more about me than I thought you did," she replied back slyly. Leaning forward Alan came close to her ear and whispered for them to hear, "Megs, there isn't too much I don't know about you or that I haven't seen of you." Megan felt a heated blush reach her cheeks, but a coy grin tugged at her lips. He was surely heading down a path quickly; one that that the two of them had walked before.


Her and Alan had been friends for years now. They hadn't officially met before filming Reign, but when meeting on the set, they became quick friends. Although Alan had a childishness about him, Megan loved his playfulness. Nothing meant more to her than a good sense of humor and Alan never disappointed her. Friendship was always a clear path for the two of them, but that didn't mean that the thought of a long term relationship had never crossed their minds. In fact, without the knowledge of their co-workers, Megan and Alan had went on several dates their first year of filming Reign. Megan and Alan always seemed to enjoy themselves, but as they grew to know each other, there were just a few small issues of incompatibility for a long term relationship. Neither wanted to voice their concerns, but both felt comfortable in the decision that dating would be out of the question and they returned to their original friendship. Strangely, their friendship quickly reverted back and no one was the wiser of their short dating history.

As season one came to a close and Alan's character was eliminated from the show, Megan felt a horrible emptiness realizing that her and Alan's friendship might diminish. She hated the thought of Alan not being on set every day as they had grown accustomed to their time spent together. Although Megan couldn't put her finger on it, there was something between them.

During hiatus, Megan and Alan had met a few times with friends and spent time together. Each time they met, they were quick to pair off in the group and as time went on, their flirting grew incrementally. Soon, their conversations would pick up from where they left off the time before and Megan was left wondering where this could possibly lead. When dating, they had never been intimate, but now that they weren't and their playful game of flirting was growing in intensity, that was all Megan could think about. Surely, Alan felt the same way.

Megan was both excited and nervous to learn the Alan would be returning for some guest appearances in season 2 of Reign. Excited that he would be on set with her again and nervous that their scenes together would be focused on their characters as lovers. Love scenes never intimidated her as an actor, but now that that was at the forefront of her mind when she spent time with Alan, she wondered what it would be like to act out those scenes for the show, since she wanted to act them out in real life.

Their first day back filming together went well in the beginning. As was normal for when they were together, Alan immediately started his flirtatious talk as soon as he saw her. As they had readied themselves for their love scene together and waited for the crew to finish their setup, Alan had approached Megan from behind and leaned down to her ear, speaking in a whispered voice, "Well I didn't realize the next time I would be seeing you that I would have permission to tear your clothes off?" Megan was standing there in her beautifully crafted nightgown for the shoot, while Alan wore a robe with only his boxers on underneath. Instead of getting a reaction out of her, Megan had continued to watch the setup of the scene and replied back smiling, "Yes, I'm interested how much you paid Laurie to get your way finally." "It's cost me dearly," he said coyly in answer, "I'm paying them." He then rounded the side of Megan and walked toward the set, as Megan looked after him with one eyebrow raised.

When setup was complete, Megan and Alan took their places as Catherine and Henry within Catherine's bed. Their first take was a bit clumsy as they both felt strange allowing a fantasy to play out first as characters within a television show. But, the second time, something changed within both of them. Perhaps they let go of the notion that this was Catherine and Henry and instead let true desires takeover. As the scene was filmed, their kiss intensified and when Alan grabbed Megan's hand and put it between his legs, Megan allowed her true reaction to show on her face. Alan had been instructed to pull her hand under the blanket and move it close to his thigh, so when he actually moved her hand onto his growing arousal, she had been completely shocked. But, she never allowed it to ruin the scene. Instead she threw caution to the wind and as they kissed and he slipped this tongue to her mouth, she replied with a bite to his lip. The actions came so naturally and soon she heard a whispered, "Oh Megan…". Megan's eyes shot open at the sound of her real name instead of Catherine. Apparently she was the only one that heard her name though, as the director never called cut to end the scene. When her eyes had opened, she saw Alan gazing lustfully back at her. She put her hand to his face and gently allowed her fingers to rub over the stubble on his cheek and chin. A long term relationship may not be in the future for them, but it was evident that they both wanted this. And neither of them was about to wait any longer to give it a try.

That night after shooting, Alan came unannounced to her trailer, although she wasn't surprised to see him there. No words were exchanged as he entered through the door and closed it tightly behind him locking it. He immediately moved to her and placed his hands on either side of her face as he brought his face down to crush his lips against hers. They kissed passionately with their hands moving all over each other feeling one another for the first time in real life. Megan never made a move to stop him as he untied the wrap of her robe and let it fall to the floor. That was the first night of their secret rendezvous.


As Megan's thoughts came out of the past she replied back to Alan, "I guess that is very true," and he leaned back into his bar stool. "Megs, I came because I wanted to catch up," Alan said catching her gaze and continued, "It seems like you have been very busy being away from Toronto. And, since I only really get to see you while you are here, I thought I would stop in and see if I could catch you." Although Alan seemed genuine with what he was saying, she was curious if there was an ulterior motive. But, as normal, the two of them were fast friends and Megan was able to relate to Alan all she had done while on hiatus. Alan in turn told Megan about a couple trips he took and spending time with his son. Their stories were easily relatable as both of them had children which were the most important part of their lives.

As time passed and they talked, they both ordered another round of drinks. Megan noted that she was growing increasingly comfortable with Alan's presence, as was he with her. She had begun to lean into him as she spoke and a few times caught herself playfully hitting his arm. With her growing attention towards him, Alan then moved a hand to Megan's bare knee. With the weather being so beautiful, Megan had opted for a short floral summer dress and a small sweater to keep her warm in the cool night hours. Alan was taking advantage of her bare skin and at an opportune moment had placed his hand on her knee and was unconsciously rubbing his thumb up and down along her thigh. Megan delighted in his attentions, for it had been awhile since her and Alan had seen each other. Perhaps Alan had wanted to 'catch up' but she knew what their usual meetings resulted in and she wasn't complaining. Their dance, their secret rendezvous, it was their untold story of passion and desire that neither of them could stop.

"I saw a couple pictures of my cute girl on hiatus…one with a man's arms around her," he said somewhat wickedly as he gradually moved his hand under the material of her dress and up her thigh. Teasing her, he made small circular motions with his thumb along the bare skin on the outside of her thigh. With the intimate touch, sparks ran up Megan's spine. It took a minute for Megan to adjust and think of what he had just said. "Mmm, stalking me more on Instagram I see," she replied back, before asking, "Do you mean with Ben?" "It doesn't really matter who it is," Alan answered, "I just have a hard time seeing a man's arms around you when they aren't mine," he said raising an eyebrow up at her. Reaching her hand up, she caressed the side of his face and then ran her fingernails along his jawline, feeling the all too familiar stubble of his beard. Alan never said anything that wasn't flattering towards Megan. No matter when they were together, she always felt like she was the only woman in the world that he wanted. But, before they continued down this all so familiar path, Megan needed to know. "Alan, last time, we said that was it. I know we have been playing this game for years now, but we said that perhaps it was time to move on. That we should find for ourselves something more long term." "Megan, I know we both agreed to that; that we both thought perhaps it was best. But after our last secret rendezvous at CSA, I can't get my mind off of you. It's been months and I need you; I need to see you and feel you against me. Your touch is life," he finished looking at her deeply with unfulfilled desire. Megan moved herself further off of her barstool and closer to Alan so that now her legs brushed against his and leaning forward, she gave him a vantage point to look down her dress if he so desired. He didn't disappoint as his gaze moved from her eyes, down her form and then down her dress. Her dress didn't require her to wear a bra, so she knew the view was enticing him as he peered deeper and clutched her thigh at what he saw.

"Well you sound convincing enough," she whispered seductively. "Shall we continue our dance," she asked, trying to catch his gaze that was still fixed down the front of her dress. "You would have me begging," he replied, barely audible as he lifted his head to meet her eyes. Both of them had fiery passion burning deep within the depths of their eyes when their gaze met. It took everything in Megan's power not to immediately jump into Alan's lap and start to feed the ferocious hunger burning within her. Licking her lips, and without looking over her shoulder, she called out to Greg, "Thanks for everything. I'm sure I'll be seeing you again soon." Without taking her eyes from Alan, she slid from her chair and grabbed her purse, walking slowly from the bar and out the door. Alan called out, "Check please," and was quick to follow Megan out the door.

Megan made her way to her car, through a small park, on the way to the parking garage in which she had parked her car. She had retrieved her phone to tell Alan to meet her at her place, when she heard footsteps approaching quickly from behind. She turned and saw Alan walking up to her and without saying a word, he grabbed her hand and pulled her into the shadows of the park among several large trees.

Within the dark, Alan grabbed Megan by the waist and pulled her close to him. "I guess we can't wait," she uttered before he quickly asked, "Can you?" In answer she dropped her purse to the grass beneath her and Alan moved his hand behind her head and entwining his fingers in her long tresses, he leaned down to move his lips against hers. The moment their lips touched in a fury, Megan let out a small moan. It had been too long since she had tasted Alan on her lips. Not waiting, she pushed her tongue against his lips which opened to her. Their tongues met in a familiar dance as each tasted the others mouth. Megan slid her arms beneath his, and wrapped them around his strong, muscular back. She pulled him closer to her, pressing her abdomen up against him. She had noticed his arousal growing in the bar and now it was pressing against her. She loved being able to turn Alan on and drive him crazy.

Quickly turning Megan in his arms, Alan backed her up against a tree for support. He wanted to kiss every inch of her body and he wanted to now. Alan broke the feverish kiss and had both hands entwined in her hair, clutching at it and massaging it between his hands. Alan moved his face against the side of her's until his lips reached her earlobes. As he began to suck and gently blow, it raised goosebumps all over Megan's body and with her eyes closed, her mouth opened in slight anticipation. She wanted to touch his skin and so moved her hands underneath the back of his shirt, raking her nails over the sensitive skin. He loved the way she could tease him.

Megan allowed her head to lean back against the trunk of the tree, exposing the front of her neck to Alan and he took advantage of it, pushing himself further against her, he trailed his kisses to her neck right underneath her chin. She sighed deeply with the kisses and moved one hand from underneath his shirt to the back of his head and clutched and pulled on his hair to show her approval. Alan wouldn't be able to stop as Megan urged him to continue on. Moving his hands to the straps of her dress, he slowly slid them down her shoulders. As the straps lowered, so did the front of her dress. The cool air was now kissing the tops of her breasts that were heaving up and down with her excited breathing.

Alan, continued his path, down her neck and reached the tops of her breasts along with the valley in between. This was one of his favorite parts of Megan. He took his tongue and began to flick it into the crevice between her breasts which caused her to jerk herself against him. With etherealness in her voice she breathily whispered, "How do you know how to tease me so?" Alan new he was on the right track and slid the front of her dress down now to reveal the perky tips of her breasts. He loved this site of her and could tease her forever if she would last, as he used one thumb to tease her peak and took the other in his mouth. Megan's eyes rolled with the seductive touches as her core began to throb harder and harder. "Alan if you don't stop, you will have to take me here," she voiced through an open mouth with her eyes still closed. Alan wanted nothing else, so he began to nip at her, until she yelped loudly. Concerned that someone might have heard, he broke the seal on her breast and brought his face up to hers so that their foreheads were touching. Megan's eyes were gradually opening and her breathing was heavy. "I want you here and now," Alan whispered to her. He placed a finger to her lips and watched as he ran it over them slightly before continuing, "If you can stay quiet, I'll take you harder than I ever have." He was now glaring at her with months of desire that he had built up for her. She knew his strain was real as she felt him spearing her and she grew hotter knowing that soon he would be inside of her. She shook her head in agreement without saying a word.

Alan then moved his hand under her dress and up the back sides of her thighs until he grabbed onto the roundness of her behind. She filled his hands and he squeezed her plumpness, relishing in the feel of her. With the firmness of his grip, Megan crushed her mouth again against his and moved her hand down to grab his arousal. Both moaned into each other's mouths.

Moving his hands from her behind, Alan slid his hands under Megan's lace cut boyshorts and quickly slid them down her frame to fall to the grass. He then grabbed her from behind with one hand and positioned his other hand and thumb so that it only lightly brushed the top of her womanhood. Even with only a light touch, Alan could feel her heat and that she was ready for him. A few more passes with his thumb and Megan was whimpering as she arched her frame up to meet his hand with more impact. "Ohh, god Alan. I'm throbbing for you." He flicked her a couple of times more and grazed this thumb along her feverishly as she clutched his head and whispered into his ear, "yes, yes, yes, YES" and her world exploded. Her face sunk onto his shoulder and her lips grazed the side of his neck.

Megan's weight was leaning on Alan as she momentarily relished in her escape. When she picked her head up to look at Alan, she was smiling widely. She thanked him with another desirous kiss to his lips. Thinking that she may need a little time Alan questioned her, "Was my queen satisfied?" Megan continued to grin and shake her head in agreement. Before he could continue though, she replied back with lust in her voice, "But we are in no way done." She then moved her head to his jawline and peppered kisses all the way to his neck.

The way she could use her tongue while kissing him drove him nuts. He closed his eyes as she made her trail. When she reached his earlobe and began to suck on him, he closed his eyes. As she worked her magic on him, her hands moved to the front of his jeans as she made quick work to undo them. She slid her hand down the front of them, all the while working down his jeans and boxers for easier access. As her hand met his bare flesh and she began to massage him, his hands again went to her breasts so that he could hold their fullness in his hands.

Both of them were teasing each other to the brink. Knowing he wouldn't last much longer with her hands on him, Alan again grabbed Megan from behind and lifted her so that her legs were wrapped around his waist, with her dress slid up on either side of her, and her back pressed firmly against the tree behind her. Megan had worked his jeans down far enough that she gently slid him from the confines of the fabric of his boxers. Knowing that she was utterly ready for him, Alan pushed towards her and slid himself inside. Both gasped at the initial contact and Megan threw her head back to rest on the trunk of the tree. Using his grasp on Megan's butt he worked himself against her, guiding her, as she followed his dance parting and then pushing. Their speed continued to grow as their breathing became more ragged. Alan pushed his face into her neck as her hair fell around him, breathing in her scent and the scent of their lovemaking. One final push and both reached their climax, while Megan bit her lip, drawing a drop of blood, so that she wouldn't call out Alan's name. Alan held her tight so as not to drop her and Megan sunk into his arms, with her arms wrapped around his neck and her head laying on his shoulder. Both of them glistened with exertion. They stayed like that in each other's arms, fighting to come back to reality. When Megan and Alan both lifted their heads and opened their eyes, they were grinning uncontrollably at each other and their eyes sparkled with fulfilled passion.

Alan was the first to speak, "Never leave me again for that long." Megan brought her face down and rested her cheek against his, knowing that she wouldn't, before saying, "I will never end our secret rendezvous'."