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Secret Rendezvous – Chapter 10

Megan took two deep breaths and placed her hands in the sink again to let the cool water run over her hands. She wanted to place the coolness to her face but was hesitant in smearing her makeup; looking up from the sink into the mirror she wasn't even sure if she saw herself. Somehow three weeks had seemed like three years with everything that had transpired and yet here she was trying to keep it together in front of everyone. If she could just get through tonight soon she would be on her way back to LA where she would have the peace and quiet of her empty home. That is all she wanted right now.

The swoosh of the door and the sound of heals on the tiles made Megan straighten her posture and switch her attention to whomever it was entering the women's restroom. She was relieved to see Linda walking through the door and let her shoulders droop a little bit. When Linda saw her she immediately gave her a crooked smile and inquired, "What have you been doing in here for so long? Hiding from someone?" Megan rolled her eyes slightly and looked back in the mirror before responding a little bit disgusted, "I feel like I'm hiding from myself these days." Linda quickly closed the gap between them and placed an arm around Megan's shoulder to try and reassure her, uttering softly, "Things will take care of themselves all in due time." "I feel like even time is against me right now," Megan stated, turning to look at Linda. The last thing Megan wanted to do right now was to get emotional but it was nice having Linda here with her, someone that understood her and that she had been able to tell her whole story to.


Soon after Megan had lost the baby, she had been unsure of whom to turn to. Only her and Alan had known she was pregnant and she was thankful for that. Having to explain to anyone else would have been even more devastating. Wanting to make sure she was okay after the miscarriage, Megan had kept her doctor's appointment and Alan had even gone with her. It was as both of them had presumed; Megan had been pregnant and conception could be correlated back to her time in Nova Scotia with Alan, but she had lost the child, their child. When the doctor excused herself from the room, Megan and Alan both crumbled. He sat next to her on the patient's bed as he held and rocked her, both with tears streaming down their faces.

Not only had Megan heard the news from the doctor about the loss of the child, but she had also been informed that another pregnancy could be dangerous to her health. Even though Megan hadn't planned on having more children, the news stung. When Megan and Alan had gone their separate ways that afternoon, Megan had decided that she may need a little break. Every time she saw or thought of Alan, her mind filled with guilt and her heart broke all over again. Perhaps Alan had felt similarly since he hadn't really attempted to contact her.

Soon after came the news that Reign would not be renewed past Season Four. With one thing piling on top of another, Megan felt herself falling down a deep hole and no one to turn to. One of her last evenings of filming, Megan had holed herself up in her trailer and started to drink a bottle of wine. To her dismay, initially, she had heard a knock on the trailer door and gotten up reluctantly to answer it. There at the threshold was Linda. Megan had invited her in and asked if she wanted to join her for a glass of wine, to which Linda eagerly accepted.

Linda had presumed that Megan's recent seclusion had been related to the series cancellation and had just wanted to check in on her. Little did she know how much she was in for as Megan continued to drink her wine and her lips loosened. The conversation turned gradually from their shock about Reign being cancelled, to what their plans were next, to Linda finally asking Megan about her and Alan. Megan had unloaded on Linda and told her everything, even about the pregnancy. Linda had done a great job not overreacting to any of the news that rolled off of Megan's tongue. It was apparent that Megan had needed to get this off her chest.

When Megan had concluded her story, Linda had waited to say anything. The turn of events for her dear friend had left her somewhat speechless. Megan's recent attachment to Alan had left Linda feeling giddy inside as she had hoped for years that the two of them would bypass their stubbornness and realize that they could be a fierce couple. But now, with their early relationship so fretfully marred with the loss of a babe, Linda was nervous for the two of them. A strong and dedicated relationship could face destruction after a travesty such as this, let alone a brand new relationship. True, Megan and Alan had had their differences, Linda thought to herself, and yet they had remained close friends, so maybe in time they could mend this pain. "Do you love him? Do you think you can live without him," Linda asked Megan in all seriousness. Megan had thought a hundred times about those questions recently and the only thing she could think to say in response was, "Right now, I don't think I can take the pain of living with him."


"Oh sweety," Linda replied to Megan, "let's try and keep our chins up tonight. In fact, let's celebrate these last four years; we deserve that, don't we?" "You're right," Megan replied, "what would I do without someone like you to talk to?" Linda smiled broadly, "Well, it looks like you did just fine on your own last night. Those were mannequin heads you were making out with, right?" Megan laughed and brought her hand to her forehead before responding, "I can't believe I did that, but we did have a lot of fun. Thankfully I'm not too hungover to enjoy myself today." "Great," Linda said, now placing her hands on both of Megan's shoulders and rubbing them trying to cheer her up, then continued, "come with me then and let's grab a drink."

Megan looked at the bathroom door a little bit dreadfully. "Are you worried about something," Linda asked seeing Megan's eyes staring at the door. "Well," Megan said timidly, "it's just that I haven't seen Alan since my doctor's appointment. I'm nervous he will be here tonight." "Well darling," Linda stated matter-of-factly, "that's what a couple of drinks are for. You need to break the ice with him sometime. Plus, you don't really know how he feels. Maybe this is a good time to just start up a chat. Are you even sure he will be here?" "Meredith had invited him," Megan stated, "and I'm sure he will want to come and say 'goodbye' to everyone. Yes, I think he will be here." "If he is," Linda said coyly looking Megan up and down, "he's definitely in for a view." Megan had decided on wearing a tight fitted knit dress that accentuated her curves with a black and metallic jacket to wear over top, along with her knee high black boots. She had wanted to feel sexy, especially knowing that Alan may be there. According to Linda, mission accomplished. Linda grabbed Megan's hand and with both of them smiling, she escorted Megan out of the women's room and back to the party.


Megan and Linda headed straight for the bar. Starting to regal themselves with stories about the last four years, Megan ordered her bourbon and ginger ale and Linda ordered a glass of wine. They glanced down the bar and saw Craig along with Marilla and other crew preparing to take a shot. Craig, immediately noticing them, ordered two more shots. "Oh no," Megan began, "we did our fair share of drinking last night. You aren't getting me toasted again tonight." "Come on Megs," shouted Craig, "what's a party without you making out with 'something'?" Everyone including Megan began to laugh and both her and Linda walked down the bar to join the others. Dutifully they both took a shot of tequila and then a second as they celebrated their work on Reign.

Soon Megan was lost in multiple conversations. There were so many people in attendance as they reveled in their last wrap party. The music was loud and the drinks were flowing as time passed quickly and Megan lost her earlier inhibitions. As Marilla, Craig, Jonathan and Rachel made their way to the dance floor, they grabbed Megan by the hand and pulled her along with them. The music was fast and up beat when they started to dance. Megan loved moving her body to music but often refrained until she had a couple of drinks. Tonight she was already well on her way when she found herself out on the dance floor. Her body began to respond to the regular thump and beat of the music, with her hips swaying and torso following suit. Her smile broadened as she watched the others all dancing in tandem, letting lose.

When the song changed, so did her dance moves and her hips started to shake in conjunction with the rhythm of the song. She backed up slightly and ran into a solid form behind her. Turning to apologize, she came face to face with Alan. Her breath caught when she saw him and he grabbed her by the shoulders as she almost tripped taking a step back. "Alan," she gasped. "Hey dancing queen," he smiled when addressing her, "do you mind if I take you from the dance floor for a bit?" Still caught a bit off guard, she just shook her head in agreement and let him take her by the hand and guide her through the crowd.

They came to a table reserved for the Reign cast and Alan took a seat on a stool. The cocktail waitress saw them approach and asked if they would like anything to drink. Alan ordered a beer and Megan ordered another bourbon and ginger ale. Alan studied Megan's countenance and jokingly said, "Looks as though you have been letting loose the last couple of nights. Have you been enjoying yourself?" It was probably the wrong question to ask as Megan turned to face him sharply and replied, "I'm not sure if you know this but things have been a bit difficult lately. What with everything that you and I had in our personal lives and then to hear about Reign; none of this has been easy, but then again you wouldn't know that since you seemed to have abandoned me." Alan watched Megan go from a happier self on the dance floor to sadness and anger geared toward him. He never really was good at this type of thing, comforting someone when he himself felt wretched.

Megan hadn't taken a seat but was standing next to him, so that the two of them were at eye level. Alan wasn't sure what to say and finally decided on sharing some of his own feelings. "I know it hasn't been easy Megs, but I'll be honest, it's been difficult for me too. I didn't know what to say to you. I didn't know how to comfort you. I felt lost and was trying to hide, just like I assume you may have been too." "I could have used the kind words Alan," Megan began, trying not to get choked up, "you know, just a shoulder to cry on from someone that knew what I was going through." Alan shook his head, frustrated with himself for being so selfish. He turned away from Megan and watched as the waitress came up behind him and set their drinks down on the table.

Grabbing the bottle of beer, he took a long sip. Then he grabbed Megan's drink and handed it to her. Looking her again in the eyes he continued, "When you didn't try to get in touch with me after the doctor, I thought you didn't want to see me, that you didn't want to talk to me. I wasn't really sure what to do and I know now that how I handled it wasn't the right thing to do." He reached down and took Megan's hands in his. With his thumbs he rubbed the insides of her wrists and both of them looked down at their hands held together. "Something like this has never happened to me," Alan said, "to go from such an extreme high to a severe low. And instead of thinking about you, about us, I hid." Megan could hear the sincerity in his words. And she could tell that he had been struggling too. In all honestly, she had been hiding from him as much as he had been from her. To a degree, both of them had failed each other.

To finally see him again and just talk to him, Megan felt some of the foreboding weight lift from her. Somehow she had thought perhaps Alan blamed her for what happened, but it was evident that they both had made a mistake in shutting the other one out. Did neither of them know how to be in a caring relationship when things got hard? Megan wasn't ready to spend too much time thinking about it, not tonight. Megan looked back up at him and pushed any sadness she felt to the back of her mind. Finally she spoke, "We have clearly both made some mistakes. But tonight, can we celebrate? An era that brought us together has come to an end." "For that," Alan stated, lifting his glass to her, "I will be forever grateful for Reign." They clinked their beverages together and both took a drink.

Perhaps it was the alcohol, but Megan was over any emption tonight and instead an intoxicating warmth spread through her. All of her senses were tuned into the sound of the music and the way that it made her want to move her body, the feel of Alan's large and rough hands on her's, she knew those hands could work magic, watching Alan swallow as he took in the site of her. How long had it been since she had been with a man she thought, because at the moment, if felt like forever.

When Alan placed his drink down on the table and looked back at Megan, it was as though he were truly seeing her for the first time that night. Looking her up and down, he swallowed deeply. It felt as though it had been ages since he had been with her and he knew she had dressed like this to purposefully set him off. Her effect on him was always mind blowing; the way the fabric of the dress hugged her curves so tightly, he could see the shape of her thigh leading up to her ass and it took everything in his being to keep his hands to himself. But his eyes, no one could stop those as they roamed freely over her body. The cut of the dress showed off her cleavage as well and he had a slight advantage sitting on the stool to take a peek. And did she have to wear those boots that hugged her calves like saran wrap? In his mind he could picture her wearing those and only those. How had he spent so much time away from her?

Taking her hands, he pulled her around to the front of him and spread his legs to pull her closer to him as he continued to sit on the stool. Their eyes met and surely they felt the heat radiating, not from the crowd and dance club around them, but from each other. Remaining silent, their heads started to inch closer to one another, when Craig walked up and slapped Alan on the shoulder. "Hey man," Craig started, "it's been awhile. How's everything? So glad you could make it tonight." "Was really happy to get an invite, what with me having been dead for so long," Alan returned laughing, "it's always great to see everyone." "You and I would have made a great team working together," Craig replied jokingly, "but Catherine was ALWAYS my queen. I'm sure there would have been a fight." "Is that so," Alan asked, then looking at Megan to see what her response would be. Taking her hands and cupping both sides of his face Megan retorted, "Henry was always my King."

"I see some personal favoritism being shown," Craig said back, watching them continue to get closer, "I don't feel like I can compete the same way." Alan and Megan both laughed and taking advantage of the situation, Alan pulled Megan up to sit in his lap. "Ohhh, now we are talking," Craig said coyly. "Another round of shots," he continued, motioning to the waitress to bring one for each of them, "let's make this a party." "You, Craig, are incorrigible," Megan said, looking over Alan's shoulder at him. "Hey," Alan stated, "didn't I see you making out with some mannequin heads last night?" Megan made a "tsk" noise with her mouth and then asked, "Jealous?" "Perhaps," Alan replied, pretending to be jealousy. Megan then leaned into him and closing her eyes bent to kiss his cheek. Craig not wanting to miss a moment grabbed his phone and caught the picture of the queen kissing her king. "Well I would say get a room," Craig said, "but this is much more entertaining." They all laughed and when the shots arrived, another toast was made to Reign, the production that had brought them all together.

With the warm smooth liquid heating their bodies and overtaking their senses, Megan slid from Alan's lap and removed her jacket. Done with talking she knowingly looked him in the eyes and took his hand to lead him from the table, through the crowd and onto the dance floor. Her body was ready to move and she wanted to dance for him. With the vibe of the music playing loudly and the thumb of the beat reverberating off of the walls, Megan and Alan soon found their rhythm. Turning to face him, Megan and Alan gazed upon one another as though no one else was there. The fluid movements on their bodies were indicative of things to come. As Alan watched Megan's hips move to the music, he instinctively wanted to feel her and placed his hands on either side of her, feeling the motion through the fabric of her dress. One of her hands casually went to the back of his neck as her other swayed to the music.

Becoming more one with the beat and wanting to feel Alan against her, Megan took a step closer, and pressed her body against his. Still moving in sync, Megan slowly slid down his frame and allowed her hand to trail down his body after her. She could feel the twitching in his body as he was aroused by her touch. Moving back up his torso, when she came to stand, he grabbed her hips and turned to face away from him, but pulling her back up against him. She moved her hips even faster and pushed back even further to rub herself into his growing manhood. Her movements in enticing him were successful as he pulled her hair off her shoulder and moved it down her back, as his head leaned down to find her supple neck. He nuzzled her first but then uncontrollably began to suck on her lightly in a spot he knew would drive her crazy. Her head fell to the side in shear bliss as his lips worked magic on her. Her hand went up behind her and again grasped the back of his neck urging him to continue as her eyes closed and their bodies continued to move to the music.

Alan's hand had moved behind her hip and he was now grabbing onto her ample behind and squeezing the fullness of it. Megan's lips parted and she moaned, but with the music so loud, only Alan could hear her. His eyes opened momentarily and his first glance was down the front of her dress to reveal the black lace of her bra. His hand almost instinctively moved to grasp her breast when he realized where they were and that several people were now staring at them. "Not here," he whispered into Megan's ear as much for her as for himself, "we have to go." Quickly he pulled her from the dance floor as his arousal was hitting a peak and he was ready to take her. She followed quickly behind him already knowing what was on his mind. They should say goodbye her mind thought fuzzily, but the sexual draw was too prominent, too inebriating for them to stop now. Reaching their table, Megan grabbed her purse and jacket and Alan practically pulled her to exit the front door.

As soon as they were outside, Megan began to ask, "Maybe we should have…" but Alan attacked her. He pushed her against the outside wall and bent his head to kiss her lips. She responded eagerly but at the same time knew they had to leave. "Alan," she tried to say between breaths, "we need to go." Alan stopped and taking several deep breaths whispered eagerly, "Follow me to my house." They both parted hurriedly and made for their respective cars. Megan was digging frantically for her keys when she got to her driver's side door. She was pulling the keys from her purse and had hit the button to unlock the doors when a large frame pressed up against her back and pinned her to the car.

His breathing was heavy as he pushed against her backside and Megan instantly knew it was Alan from the feeling of his arousal against her. Her breath caught as his lips nuzzled into her hair to find the spot right below her ear and his hands went to the bottom of her dress and began to slide up and underneath it. "I can't wait," Alan breathed. The throbbing started to escalate between Megan's legs as she felt his hands on her bare skin. He was right, she didn't want to wait either. Pushing back against him to move and open the back door, she turned and pulled him into the back seat with her.

At first, Megan was laying on the back seat and pulling Alan to straddle on top of her, but he quickly changed her position and flipped her onto her stomach. Tossing their jackets and keys to the front seat, Alan then concentrated on Megan. Her dress practically showed all of her curves, but Alan was ready to see all of her. Painstakingly, he inched her dress up her frame and allowed his lips to follow slowly after. As the dress pushed up the top of her thighs, Alan kissed the soft skin, rotating back and forth between both legs. The fabric then crested over her cheeks and with her wearing only a thong, he was able to take full advantage of her supple skin, gently biting her cheeks as she gasped and held onto the cushioning of the car seat. The way his mouth was teasing her, taking advantage of her, she was losing control with her head tossing from side to side.

Again, Alan continued pushing her dress up her frame; wanting her complete attention, he slid the dress up and over her head, but did not allow her to turn over. He undid the clasp of her bra and softly tickled her back with feather light kisses all up and down her spine. Megan was wreathing under the delicate touch as her whole body was emanating shivers and the pulsing between her legs grew. Sliding back down her body, Alan removed her thong from around her hips and over her boots. She was now completely naked and before turning her over to face him, he slapped her ass and she let out a loud gasp, begging him to take her.

Soon, he thought, as he parted her legs with his hand, to feel the wetness between her legs. When his fingers feathered her womanhood she groaned, but then quickly bit down on the seat. He was driving her mad. She was so wet and he wanted to taste her, so with her legs still spread he bent down and licked her before gently sucking on her folds. "Oh god, Alan," Megan squealed, digging her nails further into the cushions. Now it was time, he thought to himself, licking his lips. Grasping her shoulders, he flipped her onto her back and the moment the cool air touched her breasts, her light pink nipples peaked. This woman made him insatiable, as his mouth watered to taste her breasts. He bent his head to take one in his mouth, as her hands went to the back of his head and she clawed at him lightly. Her body was arching up to him as he sucked on her and then twirled his tongue along her tip. Her hips were already moving rhythmically and he knew it was time.

With fluid motion he removed his jeans and boxers. She was exactly as he had pictured earlier, flushed naked skin with nothing but leather boots; the sight of her practically caused his orgasm. Bracing himself above her, he placed a hand on either side of her frame as she pushed up to him and encircled her boots around his waist and back, and pulled him down to her. Trying to enter her lightly and then pull out, her legs forcefully crushed him back to her frame and he entered her more forcefully. Both of them opened their mouths and groaned in extreme pleasure as Megan looked up at him devilishly. His vixen wanted it rough. As he pulled out a second time, he slammed back into her and both of them closed their eyes allowing the inebriating senses of their rhythm to take over. They wanted each other quickly and as they stared into each other's eyes, their movements came faster and harder. Alan was lifting from her frame, but coming back to her, pushing into her firmly, as she would allow her hold on him to lessen, but then would pull him back to her with all her might. Megan's hands were now resting on the door behind her head bracing her with the forcefulness of their movements.

She had begun to call out to him, pushing him to come faster and harder. He matched her want with his own, knowing their climax was near at hand. Alan called out her name with a final push as she cried out in her own ecstasy. They both could see stars as they had reached their brink and Alan collapsed onto her small frame, totally enveloping her. Their breathing was labored as they lay there in a trance with the windows of her vehicle completely fogged. They needed a moment to rest.

Finally Megan spoke, placing her hands on his face and lifting it from her shoulder so that she could look him in the eyes, "Will you take me back to your place? I don't know if I'm done." Alan grinned back at her with a wicked sparkle in his eyes, "I know I'm not." Both smiling, Megan had just enough time to pull her dress up and over her head, as Alan pulled his jeans and boxers back on. Both exited out of their respective back seat doors to the front seat of the car as Craig waived to them exiting the club. They were horrible at keeping secrets, if you could really call it that.


Alan had just put the car into park and had barely turned off the engine when he threw open the door to exit. Megan waited for him excitedly as he made his way to the passenger side of the car and grabbed at her door and opened it. She could feel the electricity in the air between them as the car still smelled of sex, intoxicating her mind and senses. He pulled her from the car and wrapping his arm around her waist, guided her towards the front door as he fumbled with the keys. Working rapidly to open the door she noticed the animalistic urge in his eyes; she knew that he needed satisfying once more. Her teeth grabbed her lower lip and she devilishly bit herself, eagerly awaiting what was to come.

As Megan heard the lock slide open, she watched Alan turn to her and devour her with his eyes, looking her frame up and down with only her knee high boots and tight fit dress remaining from her ensemble. He gazed upon her with unending want and at the same time that he reached to open the door, his other hand grasped the back of her neck and pulled her to him as his lips crushed hers. Pulling her over the threshold of the door, he kicked the door shut behind him. She was absolutely breathless as his mouth consumed her's and the scruff on his face scraped against her. Her own movements became frantic as she matched his need and her hands moved to grasp his muscular upper arms and she pulled herself against him.

Alan's hands were entwined in her hair as his tongue vigorously explored her mouth. Grasping her tightly, he turned her frame and pushed her against the wall in front of the stairs leading up to his bedroom. Megan knew in that instant that they would not make it upstairs to his room. Her hands moved to the front of his jeans as she fumbled to undo the button. When the button came undone, she quickly lowered the zipper and pushed the jeans down revealing his growing manhood with his tight fit boxers.

As Alan continued to take her breath away she slid her hand underneath the elastic of his boxers and grabbed onto him. When her hand wrapped around him, he groaned into her mouth, letting her know how enticing her touch was. He finally broke their kiss only to grab the bottom edges of her dress and pull it up and over her head. There she stood in front of him, completely naked, with her bra and panties still discarded in the back seat of her car. Alan's breath was labored just looking at her and he moaned deeply when her hand worked him up and down.

Grasping his own boxers, he pushed them from his frame and discarded them. Firmly grabbing Megan by her upper thighs, he hoisted her up and braced her solidly against the wall behind her. She was already panting heavily, aching for him. As her back scraped against the wall, her hands raised above her head to steady herself and an elbow caught the corner of a picture, causing it to come crashing to the ground. Alan's attentions never deviated from her though, as he steadied her frame and finally lowered her onto him. The first time he plunged deeply into her and Megan's head hit the wall behind her as her eyes shut in ecstasy. She had already started to call his name as his movements continued in and out of her.

Their movements were hard and ferocious as Megan squeezed her thighs around his waist and locked her boots together at the small of his back. One of her hands moved to his shoulder as she shuddered with his increasing rhythm. He was moving exhaustingly quickly trying to find his release and his head buried itself in Megan's chest as his breathing became more and more frantic. His hands had moved up her thighs and he was now clutching her ass as with each turn he plunged into her deeper and deeper.

Megan could no longer contain her climax as she felt electric jolts shooting through the fibers of her being. Just as she screamed his name, she felt his release into her and he bit down heavily onto her shoulder, causing her orgasm to come more forcefully. Her head fell to his shoulder as whole body was raked with quivers. With one arm underneath her bottom to hold her, he wrapped his other arm around her back, holding her tightly to him. His complete energy was spent but he had just enough left to carry her up the steps and lay her onto his bed so that they could fall asleep exhausted within each other's arms.


Megan woke to sunlight peeking through a window. What time was it? Where was she? Then she heard the gentle snores of the man behind her. She turned over softly to see Alan still fast asleep. Her mind was a bit fuzzy, but she remembered exactly what had happened. This didn't feel right, she thought. With them it was always sex, always the attraction and pull, but was it ever more? At times she thought so, but anytime there was a struggle, it never ended well.

She felt guilty all of a sudden. Should they have let last night happen without really talking things out as a couple? Not sure of what she wanted or what she thought should happen, Megan quietly slipped from his bed. She exited his bedroom and found her clothing at the base of the stairs, along with her keys.