In the Event…

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So for the purpose of this story I need you to be aware that the first scene takes place in the last 2 minutes of ep 4 season 1. Also all that closure CRAP between Ward, Kara, Bobbie and Hunter at the end of Season two DID NOT HAPPEN in this AU time line. Kara has reintegrated into S.H.I.E.L.D. and Ward never went and became the next head of Hydra.

So with that being said, read on eager minds!

Chapter 1

Form 7A WF 83429 was a stupid joke. It had to be. The only way that Skye could reconcile the validity of this form, that she found mixed in with all of the other S.H.I.E.L.D. entrance forms that Simmons had E-mailed her an hour ago, was that it had to be some sort razz joke that she and Fitz had inserted so as to get a good laugh latter on. After all who had ever heard of such a thing as 'Sex Pollen' code named Ghost Wind.

'In the event of your exposure to such chemicals, who do you nominate as your preferred sexual partner?'

Skye was so surprised by the content of the form that she almost missed Fitz's que for aid in spying on his and Wards card game.

"If I watch you carefully," was repeated by Fitz as he and Ward were playing a game of poker out in the lounge.

"Oh sorry hang on," Skye tried to comment as normally as possible after reading that form for the third time in a row. Quickly she picked up the robot eye glasses that she had just used for her last mission with Ward. "You do know that if I do this not only will I see Wards cards, but I will also see you with out any cloths on?"

"I fold. You win" was all she heard from Fitz as she continued to put the glasses on. With a simple click of the button Skye could not help but smirk at what she could now see of her SO.

"Hmm, well…" a devilish grin continued to grow across her face as she looked back at the form on her screen. "Better the devil you know… and all that dosh." And with that she filled in a name.

2 years latter

Daisy, Mack and Hunter slowly advanced down the hall of the latest Hydra base. No one of the small team spoke as they stopped in front of what the previously hacked blue prints of this base had said was the main lab. With Mack on the left and Hunter on the right side of the double doors, Daisy readied herself to use her powers on anyone that might be on the other size of those same doors before pushing them open. As the doors opened a click could be herd before an unknown aerosol substance was blasted right into their faces.

"Holey Crap! What the HELL was that?" Daisy asked as she coughed once or twice having caught the brunt of the gas spray.

"Not sure love, what ever that was hopefully it's not lethal." Hunter responded.

"Statues report what's going on down there people?" Coulson's voice rang loud and clear threw their coms.

"Not sure Sir. We seem to have run into some kind of boogie trap. An aerosol substance was just dispersed at us. Otherwise the base seems to be empty." Mack informed the Director, "Request permission to Evac so we can be certain that the gas was harmless?"

"Granted. Can you make it back hear yourselves?"

"Yes Sir." Mack responded. Quickly the team re traced their steps back to the quin jet about five clicks south of the base. How ever by the time the team made it back to the jet, Mack knew for certain that they did indeed have a problem. "Hunter," he called out to get the other mans attention. "Ghost Wind?"

"Aye mate."

"Sir I believe I can ascertain what the gas was that we encountered." Mack hit the coms so that they could prepare their people of what was coming their way.

"Your thoughts Agent Mackenzie?"

"Ghost Wind Sir. I believe that we are experiencing the beginnings of a Ghost Wind Experience."

"I second that boss." Hunter also chimed in.

"Have all of you come into contact with the Ghost Wind?!" Coulson asked already becoming concerned for the well being of his team. Only one other time in his career had he ever seen the effects of a Ghost Wind incident. It had nearly ended in disaster for both parties involved in that incident.

"Guys I don't feel so good." Daisy said from her seat in the back across from Hunter.

"Affirmative on all fronts. Sir I would like to say I can handle this but I think we are going to be coming in a little hot." Mack informed Coulson as calmly as he could, making sure to take long slow draws of breath to help mitigate the affects of the drugs running threw his system.

"No very hot, very VERY hot. I can't... I need... Mack what's... going on?!" Daisy was starting to thrash in her seat as heat ran rampant threw her body pooling in all the normally right places. But seeing as this was nether the time nor place for this to be occurring and nothing she had done should be causing these feelings to be coursing threw her, she looked to the other members of her team for some guidance.

"Boss I don't think Daisy is going to make it. She caught the brunt of the Wind and I think its working over time in her." Hunter tried to warn Coulson.

"Hunter can you get to the med kit?" Simmons voice penetrated the small jet as Mack once again kicked up the speed of their flight. "If so inject Daisy with the blue syringe. It would be near the bottom of the kit. That should help with holding off some of the Winds' affects." Hunter didn't waist any time in fallowing the doctors' instructions. Within moments of being administered Daisy could already feel the heat dissipating threw out her overheated body.

"Thanks Jem's." Daisy tried to convey just how grateful she was for the immediate relief.

"I wish I could say that was it Daisy, but what Hunter gave you was only a stop gap until we can get you what you really need." Jemma tried to be as apologetic as possible.

"And that would be?" Daisy asked almost afraid of what that statement could still mean for her.

"Don't worry Daisy we will have that all set up for the moment we get back to the base." Coulson's voice penetrated the jet again. On the 'Back End' command airship Coulson looked over at Jemma and the other members of his crew. "Simmons get to the lab and make sure we have more of the stop gap in stock. Mack and Hunter are going to need it when they get on board. And I suspect that Daisy might need a top up from what they had on the jet. Fitz get on the coms with the base and have May find their 7A WF forms. Hopefully this will be over before the end of the day."

Back at the Playground, May was doing as instructed by Director Coulson and pulling up the 7A WF forms for Hunter, Mack and Daisy. She sighed in relief when she saw that Hunter had listed Bobbie as his partner. She was grateful when she saw that Mack's preferred partner was also one of the base personnel. However, when she pulled up Daisy's form she blanched and stood so stock still that she hardly noticed when Joey entered the Directors office.

"Coulson says that the Quin Jet has docked with 'Back End' and they are on route now. He gave an eta of 90 minutes. Just wanted to make sure that everything will be ready for Hunter, Mack and Daisy when they get hear." May only nodded in response as she was still trying to decide what to do about Daisy's 7A form. "Ah May do you mind if I ask what this Ghost Wind is that everyone keeps on about? I mean I understand if its some secret S.H.I.E.L.D. thing and all." May just looked at Joey surprisingly before realizing that as one of the Caterpillar Inhuman's that he would not know about the Ghost Wind Protocol.

"A Ghost Wind incident, such as we are experiencing now is the result of an aerosol toxin that was created in the early days of Hydra as a means of torture. The substance is crudely referred to as 'Sex Pollen' as its affects mimic the body's natural responses to lustful emotions. This state is further complicated as the second component of the toxin also affects the minds ability to make cognitive decisions and recognize compromising situations. Hence why we require all personnel to complete a 7A WF form so that if a person is found in such a situation then we are aware of the individuals requested partner to help facilitate them threw that compromising time." May tried to explain as diplomatically as she could.

"Remind me that I need to fill out one of them forms then, cause I can only imagine the complications if you didn't have one of them for someone." Joey could tell that something was still bothering Agent May though. "What's your bother May?"

"Daisy's 7A form."

"She has one right?"


"Then what's the problem?"

"Whom she named."

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