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Anime: Fairy Tail

Character: You'll have to read to find out MWAHAHAHA


Flames leapt and sprung from rooftop to rooftop, and ice crackled underfoot, wind viciously howling though the rugged rubble of the flattened town, fierce scream a desolate banshee's echoing wail.

Lightning struck the ground a few metres from the town centre, shattering shadows to ashes and cracking the last few remaining buildings on arrival.

Warped forms shivered and shook under the onslaught and screams rang out across the desolation, hauntingly echoed by the battle cries that could be heard from several miles away.

Fairy Tail was at war.


Flames crackled and pulsed with an intricate, but destructive, power, glowing iridescent around Natsu's clenched fists. His sandaled feet were braced firmly against the cracked ground, pants tattered and ragged at the edges, trademark vest, ripped and torn, fluttering in the wind to reveal his toned chest, smeared with blood and ashes.

But his grin was firmly on his face, sharp canines razors with wicked intent. His salmon hair stood on end, smeared with dirt and grime, and his eyes shone with the thrill of the fight.

He was surrounded.

Dark mages, cloaked in black and born of night, shadows writhing like cursed wraiths, stood before Natsu, heavy in number and force.

The grin, if possible, became wider.

"Now", he said, white scarf whipping in the wind, "I'm all fired up!"


Lucy despaired over the mess they had made so far, knowing that it was only going to get worse. Much worse.


Boy, was he dead.

As soon as she could find him, that is.

She trailed aimlessly through the wreckage of the town, brown orbs wide at the damage that littered the ground and scattered as far as she could see.

She was only now beginning to understand what they'd got into.

Of course, the mission had seemed too good to be true at the start. They always were, with Natsu involved.

She recalled the slip of paper now, drawing a picture in her mind, recalling the thick parchment, the sharp sting of the ink, the gold embellishments that twirled and coiled in the corners of the small slip of card.

And, of course, the three million Jewels. And the celestial key on offer. And the red 'S' in the top left hand corner...

When Team Natsu had arrived at the town she had had to catch her breath at the picturesque beauty of it all. The town sat in uniform rings, sharp alleys and close, small, white brick houses resembling the Labyrinth of old.

In the centre, in a courtyard illuminated by the dying sun in a soft, pale glow, stood a large building, all elegant pillars and distinguished moldings, gilded with gold and depicting gods among mortals.

The town was placed, as though by the hand of a giant, in a large bowl of a valley, framed by weeping willows and sturdy oaks, a stream with the sun's kiss glinting off its surface snaking gently through the lower South quadrant.

Only one problem.

The silence.

It haunted them, snapping eagerly at their heels and taunting them from shadowed doorways as they made their way through the uniform streets to the town centre, looking for the person who had put out the request in the first place.

Will pay large sum to any/all guilds that can destroy the bandits of Lazr. Includes Celestial Key, if answering mages do so wish.

Simple enough, right?

That's what they had thought, until they reached the dead town.

It was only when they reached the centre, in front of the hall that rivalled even Fairy Tail's sprawling Guild Hall in size and majesty, that shit started to go down.

The walk into the centre found Lucy hesitantly looking around, finding it hard to appreciate the beauty that now seemed ghostly. Eerie.

She found herself inching closer and closer to Natsu and Happy, finding relief in the dependable clank of Erza's armoured boots and Gray's steady tread.

No one presented themselves when they reached the town centre, having successfully navigated the labyrinth (after several of Natsu's "ooh, what's that?" "Nothing, you dumbass Flame-Brain." "What was that Ice Princess? Want to say that again?" "It would be my pleasure!" "Are you two fighting?!" "No Erza, Sir. Ma'am. Sir.")

Erza called out repeatedly, clanking around the circular courtyard to inspect the surrounding buildings, calling out as she did, as, while her back was turned, Gray and Natsu knocked skulls and Lucy sweat-dropped.

Only a forlorn wind sang through the tree tops, whistling notes like the last canary before the cat.

It was then that Gray noticed the lengthening shadows, even though the sun was still high in the sky. He tried to get the attention of Erza, who was now musing about whether the townspeople were hiding away, in fear of the alleged bandits.

Lucy knew by now there were no such bandits.

This theory was strengthened by the shadows that now swirled and writhed at her feet, like ink in water, and the laughs that echoed tenfold from every dark spot in the courtyard, maniac smirks like icy fingers up her spine.

Instinctively the four of them grouped together, Lucy's hand going to her keys, feeling Gray's no doubt naked shoulder against her own bare neck, Natsu beside her, flames licking eagerly at his knuckles, Erza requipping her double edged sword with a metallic shing.

The shadows swirled, solidifying as Erza yelled at them to show themselves.

The laughter cut abruptly, replaced with eager whispers of; "Mages. Mages. Fairy Tail. Fairy Tail."

Suddenly, men surrounded them, standing on the rooftops and lining the steps that led down to the courtyard. There were hundreds.

Natsu grinned, ever the eager one for the fight, and started forward, only to be stopped by Erza's armour-clad arm across his chest as her keen eyes surveyed the men that surrounded them from beneath her scarlet hair.

"Wait", she murmured under her breath, knowing Natsu would pick it up with his keen hearing.
"We don't know what we're up against."

"You're right." Erza's eyes widened and she took a step back as her own shadow writhed and reformed into that of a tall man, and she watched in shock as her own transformed mouth spoke the words she heard formulated in the whispers of the dark around her.

"You have no idea what you're up against."
They looked for the voice – standing at the apex of the hall room stood a man clothed in shadows and woven from dark, face hidden by the large cloak he wore, that fell and dripped over his shoulders like black smoke, with flashes of silver illuminating briefly every now and then.

It was with a gut-wrenching gasp that Lucy realized they were faces, stuck in the cloak, twisted in mute agony and pushing to be let free, faces contorted in silent screams.


Lucy felt like vomiting, and her hands tightened on her keys as she clenched her jaw to keep from screaming at this man. This monster.

Oh Mavis, she thought. The townspeople. The dead town.

He was undoubtedly a dark mage. But unlike any they had ever faced.

"So", he gloated, raising his arms in a grand gesture, illuminated by the now setting sun.

"Fairy Tail. How do you like my Guild?"

Gray's angry retort was cut off in a strangled gasp as they watched their shadows swirl and change, amassing before scattering across the ground into the town as they shouted out in shock and anger.

"What have you done?" Erza said dangerously low. Unconsciously everyone took a step away from her.

"Oh", said the man with a sadistic grin. "So you've heard of Recall."

"What's he talking about Erza?" Lucy asked nervously, watching as her friend's complexion paled dangerously.

"Shadow Recall is a rare form of magic. Forbidden magic. No one's seen it in years because the effects are so devastating. With one wave of your hand you can condemn an entire city to death."