c. 2225

This man was an idiot.

Studying the Kaiju - even obsessing over them in situations better suited for restraint – was well; but when that led to insane theories involving drifting with one, it was better to desist. But the man was an idiot with no sense of self preservation either. And no excuse for throwing himself into this danger. And certainly not for a second time!

But there would also be not dissuading him. He was certainly stubborn enough to hold tight to the decisions he felt were right, though none others may agree. There was no purpose to trying again and it would be better to simply start preparing for the funeral.

Mathematics. Numbers, equations, variable, predictability...These were safe. Pin-points of calm surrounded by chaos. The things that never changed though all else around them did. But biology – the study of life... Perhaps that would have been the better choice for him as the field would never die out, but there was little good that could ever do and would only frustrate him more.

He couldn't let this man do this alone. Perhaps he would be lucky enough to survive again, but it was unlikely. But if he could not be dissuaded from it, then the only option left was to share the load with him – and that was even more idiotic than the idea was in the first place!

He couldn't help but wonder where the other was at this moment – if the doctor had been here, he would have already volunteered to assist. Perhaps he had solved the mystery, put his knowledge of biology to use – but he doubted that. Over two thousand years of disappointment tended to have the side-effect of increasing skepticism. Of course, those two thousand years of experience also made him the ideal person to assist at the moment. At least it would be less of a risk and cost for him...

But he knew that wasn't entirely true. The drift enabled the participants to see each other's memories while linking, and was impossible to avoid. Certainly, he could avoid latching onto memories; but how to explain it when his companion saw crucifixions and floggings and murders in his memory? What then? And the Kaiju could in no way be responsible, as their appearance was relatively new to the planet. And he would have noticed had any appeared before.

But was it more of a risk to put himself in a situation where he may have to disappear again, or to stand by and let this fool attempt drifting on his own again? Heaven knows he shouldn't even be considering this – should be distancing himself from the man – but he couldn't. He had changed again over the years, and he simply couldn't just stand by and watch this happening without interference on his part.

They were bloody idiots – both of them.

"I'll go with you."

AN: My apologies to all who actually paid attention to Pacific Rim. As an explanation (because the only thing I liked in it was Herman, and he wasn't in it enough...), the breach actually opens in 2218, and then the same time passes after that. This way it works with Forever too. But Herman does remind me of Lewis Farber, and I refuse to believe Adam is always evil. 5-2-2015