It all started with the loud alarms.

Cisco raced to the controls in record time, dropping his Dum-Dum in the process and watching it fall to the floor. Caitlin followed suit, sitting herself in the chair before typing up the screen. Barry spun around, wait for an explanation as Harrison peeked out of his room. Cisco's eyes widened, looking up at the speedster.

"Zoom's in the CCPD building!"

Barry turned around in the middle of his sentence, speeding to his suit and sliding it on as he heard the rest slowly come from his friend's mouth. He raced as fast as he could to the building, cursing himself out for not discovering this himself. He should've known. What if someone was dead?

He felt his phone ring underneath his suit in his pocket, pulling it out. The screen read Joe: 3 Missed Calls. Iris: 6 Missed Calls. Wally: 1 Missed Calls.

"Shit!" This couldn't be happening!

Was he even ready?

Turn one block, jump past that car..

That didn't matter, he had to be. Zoom had to be stopped. Only the Flash could do that. Everyone would get killed.

Another two blocks to the left, one to the right..

He knew Joe was there, not to mention everyone else. What if the murdering spree had already started?

Slow in front of the kid, race past that mother..


"I put a dart in you suit's holster. It has the necessary cell mods to take away his speed for about thirteen minuets. Make it count."

Wait, Wally was visiting him today, wasn't he? That meant Iris was there too, right? Then they were actually inside the damn department, instead of at the house like he had wished. His whole family was going to die soon if he couldn't stop Zoom.

Barry, being lost in his thoughts, arrived, bursting through the door without realizing it. He stopped, taking in the scene.

Zoom was atop the staircase, holding Joe by the throat and peering down at the red clad man. Iris and Wally had been pushed back by the several officers, guns pointed at the demon-looking man from Earth 2. Several bullets laid on the ground, all of which must've been fired and dropped.

Barry felt a fire of rage creep over him as he vibrated his throat. "Zoom, let him go. You don't need him."

"That's right, Flash." He turned to the shivering man in his grasp. "I don't need him."

He watched as Iris cried out in Wally's shoulder, gritting his teeth. "Hey, wait, wait! You don't need to kill anyone."

Barry watched as Iris's' eyes flickered in his direction. "Let's end this right now."

Blue lightning lit up the room as it sent Barry flying across the room, skidding to a halt as he smacked into the wall next to the West siblings. Iris then tried to pull away from her brother, who held her back. Barry staggered up, biting his split lip. He darted towards the other, punching Zoom, then kneeing him in the stomach. Zoom head-butted Barry, then bolting around and punching him in several spots, pressure points, and his face.

The weakened Barry held his side, feeling his broken rib. He sighed, running away from the building's center and around it's perimeters, in and out of the multiple rooms and all around it's outside. He then used his momentum to knock Jay to the ground, tearing his mask off.

"This ends now."

"That's what you think, Flash."

The dark speedster rose, racing in a circle around Barry. Barry stood tall in the black vortex, waiting for his next move. He's gonna throw lightning, isn't he? I can't catch it-

Barry fell, only to stagger up a split second later. He rushed at Zoom again, elbowing him in the chest. The dark speedster was knocked back a few feet, then sprinted forwards and grabbed his elbow, throwing him off and crashing into the wall, where Zoom then threw him open again to the center of the room.

The Flash fell, a bloody mess. The man in black placed his foot on the side of his head, slightly pushing down. The officers and backed away now, the Captain still standing his ground. Zoom picked the limp speedster up, slowly pulling off his mask. He then pulled the dart from the other's belt injecting him with it. Barry groaned, body shaking from the effects.

"See your hero now."

Iris squirmed away from her brother and next to the wall of officers who kept her away from her destined husband-to-be. She made no avail trying to pass them, eyes damp and swelling with tears. Something was definitely wrong with Barry from that dart.

His face was a ghostly white and his eyes were cloudy. His whole body was shaking and he, overall, looked like a dying fish.

"Heroes fall."

Barry was dropped to the ground, Zoom racing off to Heaven knows where. Joe limped down the stairs, Wally standing till and Iris frozen. The Captain's jaw dropped, his men behind him murmuring in quiet voices, unsure if this was real. IT felt like a violation to see the awkward head of the CSI department in a hero's suit. It couldn't be possible, could it? Was Barry Allen the Flash?


Iris shoved her way to him before anyone else, propping his head up on her knees. His breathing short and slow, he cringed as she touched his shoulders. He groaned, eyes flittering. "J-Jay.." He choked, coughing up blood, letting it dribble down his chin.

Iris wiped it away, sniffing. "He's gone, it's okay. Just stay with me, alright?"

He closed his eyes, falling unconscious.

"No, Barry, wake up-"

Wally placed his hands over his head, slowly sliding them down. His weirdo adopted brother who was a little too strange was really who saved him? How was that even possible?

Joe staggered down to the last step, Singh grabbed his arm. His voice was so quiet, Joe couldn't hardly hear it. "Did you know?"

"Know.. about him?"

"Damn it, West, Did you know about that kid being the Flash?"

The older detective nodded slightly, then tried to nudge him off. Singh held on, the two officers walking toward the Flash.

Two paramedics kneeled by the red-clad man, taking his pulse and his breathing rate. Iris leaned down from her spot and grabbed the comm. link, hurriedly speaking into it.

"Cisco, get over here! Barry's been hurt, and he's unconscious and- "

"We're already heading over. Be there in just a minuet!"

Iris was lightly tapped on the shoulder. She turned, the female paramedic's face stiff. "Ma'mm, the Flash is going to need to go to a hospital, and we need to get him there now."

Iris shook her head. "No, you can't do that, S.T.A.R. Labs has to take him, they're the only ones who can help him!"

The male paramedic responded. "While they may be able to identify the toxin that's entered his system, but this is medical. We must get him to the hospital now."

A van crashed into the doors and through it, the driver seemingly unfazed. Men backed away from the van, seemingly afraid until the van pulled out and back in, the S.T.A.R. Labs logo showed on the side. Cisco opened the door and jumped out, pushing and shoving his way through. "S.T.A.R. Labs," He gestured to the badge hanging around his neck. "Make way, we gotta get 'im!"

Joe limped over to Barry. "Cisco, you'd better be able to save-"

"Not now, Joe, I need to get him I the car, stat!"

Catlin stepped out of the passenger side, Harrison out of the back, ushering Cisco back. Cisco grabbed Barry from underneath the arms, starting to drag him.

the male paramedics intersected. "Wait, you can't take him, you're not allowed to!"

Cisco narrowed his eyes. "Watch me, dude."

The female stepped up. "Do you even know how to handle this kind of situation-"

Catlin rushed behind the man in the catbug shirt, picking up Barry's feet. "Excuse me, we work with him on a daily basis and helped him heal from almost anything. I wouldn't think you'd know how to treat him, and I wouldn't know, but this is not time for chit-chat."

The two paramedics shut up.

Iris grabbed her father's arm, watching as the trio of scientist took the Flash away in their white van. Quiet crept into the building, everyone starring at the West family. They must've knew, everyone thought. Wally finally gained the mental state to speak, asking the question on everyone's still disbelieved minds.

"Barry's the Flash?"