The villain in this is ooc because I imagine him more sadistic, like in the comics. Think of him more as an insane version of himself.


The crowd went in an uproar, waving Flash flags, holding their children up in the air, and overall screeching as loud as they possibly could. Red and yellow and white was seen as far as the crowd was numerous, even cops wear colored vest and shirts. The mayor smiled warmly from the podium, clapping as well in his red and yellow tuxedo. Barry smiled from the back of the crowd, blushing madly, still dressed in civilian clothes. Iris shook his arm as the crowd screamed, her eyes bright.

"See," She yelled in his ear, shanking his arm. "They love you! All of you!"

Barry sheepishly shrugged. "I dunno." He bit the funnel cake he was holding. "I mean, I just tried to stop the vortex and Zoom. I didn't actually do either of those things, anyway. That was Firestorm and the time wraiths."

Cisco folded his arms, throwing popcorn in his open mouth. "We did help, ya know." He fiddled with the end of his bag's strap.

"It was mostly him," Caitlin told him, moving her scarf from her mouth.

Iris rolled her eyes. "Yeah, but that's okay-"


Wally watched Barry carefully. "What did you do?"

"I'm going to reveal I work with S.T.A.R. Labs, then.. well, that's a surprise." Barry bit off another piece, rubbing his fingers together to try and dust them off.

"You'll have to wait."

Cisco looked at the West boy. "We don't even know."

Caitlin's eyebrows fell down her face. "That's what scares me.

"It'll be fine," Barry promised. "Atleast I'm not breakdancing or anything, right?"

Cisco's face lit up. "Dude, I wonder how fast you could do that!"

Barry handed the funnel cake to his girlfriend, who raised her eyebrows as she took it. He pointed upfront as he licked his fingers, then using his other hand to move his sweater, the red leather underneath. He saluted the two with a grin, turning as he stepped behind them. Just before he took another step-

A whoosh alarmed him, and he spun rather quickly on his heel. He gasped, jaw dropped as the whole crowd went ghost-quiet. His knees went weak as Cisco grabbed his shoulder, Caitlin covering her mouth with her hands.

"What?" The man grinned, staring at Barry, but talking to everyone. "Not the speedster you expected?"

It was him.

The Golden Genocide, as Cisco had once called it.

The once who had started it all.

The one that was there that night.

The Man in Yellow.

The Reverse Flash.

His red eyes scanned the panicked crowd, his whole body vibrating. He walked slowly towards the mayor, who was frozen in panic. The mayor's breathing was uneven as the villain walked forward, squirming as he grabbed his shoulder and shook it.

" Ladies and gentlemen, this is a really nice town you have here."

Barry's face turned dark. He stepped forward, but Joe pressed and hand against his chest and shook his head. Barry grit his teeth. Wally shook his shoulder. "Who's that?"

"That's Eoubard Thawne. He killed my mom."

Wally looked to Iris. "Like, isn't he the one your boyfriend, uh, Eddie killed?"

Caitlin gave him a look. "Time Remnant." She whispered, worriedly looking at the Flash, who had one had clasped to his suit's logo.

"Most of you have people you love, right? Family, friends, people who would do anything for you."

"What is he doing here?" Iris grabbed Barry's hand. Joe gave him a wary glance as the speedster glared at his arch enemy. Cisco reached to grab his Vibe glasses out of his bag.

"You even have a hero."

Eoubard folded his hands behind his back. "You know, he's even in this crowd."

That very crowd murmured, looking inside itself. "The Flash." He continued, shoving the mayor off the stage. He leaned on the podium, making his voice that much louder. He laughed, shaking his head. "You people. Just look at yourselves! You are always going depend on someone to save the day, aren't you, Flash? Someone has to wipe off you mess."

He smiled sickly at Barry. "Whether it's Cisco, or Caitlin, it has to be someone, doesn't it?"

Barry clenched and unclenched his fists, Watching in slow motion as the Reverse Flash sped behind him and grabbed Captain Sighn, holding him by the collar just mere seconds later. The crowd fidgeted, other officers holding up guns and darts. Joe held his up from the center of the crowd, glancing at his son behind him.

"You know, Flash, its been a while. For me, atleast. Almost a year. It's been great, actually. But never mind that, I have something.. important."

Barry looked to Cisco, who was sliding his goggles on. "Ready?"

"We can't do anything," The brunette responded. "Everyone will know it's us."

Cisco sighed. "Well, do you have any better ideas-"

The Captain head-butted the man from the future, making him step back and grasp it. Sighn held his gun to his forehead. "Harrison Wells, You are arrested for the murder of Nora Allen."

Two groups of cops joined him on the stage, one holding handcuffs. Just as he was about to put them on...

Barry Pulled his mask over his head. "HEY," He shouted as loud as he could. "Looking for me?"

The reverse stopped before his vibrating hand hit the man's chest. "Well," He moved his hand behind his back again. "I am indeed. I wanted to give you something."

"I'm not taking presents." Barry walked forward toward him, the crowd parting. "Not from you."

"Oh, but you'll want this one."

He raced around, tying the six officers to the back of the stage, all their guns scattered on the ground in a pile.

"It's called a trap!"

He threw his arms out. "AND YOU JUST FELL FOR IT!"

Barry moved his foot back, ready to run. "Rules: Undo the mask and reveal yourself, ruining your life," Eoubard counted on his fingers. "Or I'll kill these fine, lovely people and many others."

"Why are you doing this?" Barry yelled.

"To get you. Heroes always fall. I've seen it. It's rather amusing." He walked in a circle, counting his fingers again. "Superman, Wonder Woman. Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter. Hawkgirl, Arrow."

Barry raised an eyebrow. "Who?"

"I would say Batman as well, but he's.. he's not." Eoubard shrugged, picking up one of the guns. "Tick tock, Flash."

Barry shook his head. "You can still stop this!"

"One," He pressed the weapon against the captain's temple, the gun clicking.

"Two," Cisco grabbed Barry's shoulder, eyes wide as he shook his head. Barry knew he couldn't make it in time.

"Three." He pulled Sighn's chin, finger against the trigger.

Barry pulled back his mask. "My name is Barry Allen, and I am the Fastest Man Alive!"