Rick Castle woke to the blaring alarm of his clock radio. He swung his arm onto the offending device to silence it. He was upset because instead of quieting the annoying buzzing he only made things worse when he knocked the device off the nightstand. He finally quieted the clock. He leaned back into his bed thinking about what his next move would be. It was 8 am. So what could he do next? He did not want to head into the 12th precinct to see his favorite detective because they had just wrapped up a case yesterday and all they were going to be doing was the paperwork involving the case they just solved. He could put off the inevitable and write for a change.

He decided to go to a diner, one that he knew fondly. Steak and eggs was the thing that would quell his rumbling stomach. He hopped into the shower, washed and dried then decided what to wear. He went with a light blue button down shirt and a black pair of slacks. After he was dressed he started towards the loft's front door and he turned back to pick up his leather jacket. He hit the button on the elevator control and waited. The door opened and he stepped on. Arriving at the lobby of his building he threw a wave to Edwardo. He waved back. Rick walked the 2 blocks because he number 1 needed the exercise and 2 it was a really sunny day out.

As he was walking on the sidewalk his phone had vibrated in his pocket. He pulled it out and read the display. It was his daughter. Answering the call he headed down the sidewalk. He was not even paying attention to what was going on around him. He was so involved in what his little girl was telling him.. that he never notice the Don't WALK sign as he was about to step off

the curb he was jerked back with a strong pull and notice just then the cab that was speeding right in front of him if not for who or what pulled him back

he would have been injured or killed.

Realizing that during the commotion he dropped his phone so when he picked it up it was broken and he'd lost connection with Alexis.

After getting his self and thoughts together he started walking toward the

diner knowing he would have to find a phone to call his daughter back,but

right now he was trying to get his composure back.

At the 12th sitting at her desk Kate was doing the dreaded paperwork from

the case they just closed. Her phone rings she answers Beckett she could hear breathing on the other end so she repeats this is Beckett the voice is shaking and nervious it say's Kate uh Detective Beckett she knows its Alexis

so she trys to get her to tell her whats wrong, she asked if her Dad was with

her Kate tells her no Alexis explains what happen( in her mind she's remembering her kidnapping to Paris) and afraid something may have happen

to her father.

Rick still walking already pass the diner the writer's brain in him was wondering about what just took place, who or what pulled him back

if it was someone he could possible find also his life and that of his family

could has changed in a moment all the things he could have missed with Alexis and her life school, career,and marriage having a family of her own

his Mother she was getting older( he would never say that out loud) but

how much time did they have and then there was Kate who he has loved

from the moment they met at his Book party many times he has recalled

that moment the tap on the shoulder and those Eye's when he turned around

and looked he never notice the badge but her Eyes and that is when he fell

and he fell hard.

If he was being honest with himself he did think that his Playboy persona

would help him but after the questioning at the 12th and watching her doing

her job he knew she was one who would not be impressed with his witt and


He decided then and there he would change he had killed off Dereck Storm because of becoming bored with him and deep down he was tried of playing

the bad party boy he wanted to change not just for maybe a chance with the Beautiful Detective but for his daughter she was getting older and he didn't want his actions to have her feeling ashamed of him because to him first and

formost being a father was the only job he ever wanted to be great at cause of never having one of his own. Meeting the detective in a way Saved him from the empty and shallow life he was living trying to keep up the image that

Gina and Paula and BlackPawn wanted.

Kate having got Alexis calm and assuring her that her father's alright she tell

Kate that her dad told her he was going to the diner for breakfast and they talked some and then his phone just died she redialed but got nothing not even his voicemail. Kate told she would check it out and let her know, having

come in early to do paperwork she told the boys she was taking an early lunch and she had an errand to run they told her to take the day if a body dropped they would call her so she gathered her things heading for the elevator while waiting she tried Castle's phone and gets nothing no voicemail

at all. Stepping into the lift she starts thinking about and wondering if he was

in trouble or so where lost in thought like he does sometime when he's thinking of a plot or a chapter he's stuck on or people watching, but if

he was in trouble she had to find him cause, she has to be honest finally

with herself Richard Castle was a part of her life she never knew she needed

and wanted cause she was in love with him had been for a long time.

Rick haven gotten a cup of coffee sits on a bench watching the people go

by yet still his mind was on the events that had taken place earlier looking at all the people walking he wonders what their lives are like and their hopes and fears, what made them happy and also just how short life can be. He hears the sirens from a ambulance going to the building near his seat he gets up to have a look when the driver comes out with an elderly gentleman on the gurney Castle can see his expression on his face and it is one of calmness

peaceful then his eyes close and theirs a small smile on his face he thinks to himself that this man's life what ever it was or wasn't he was content with it

makes him think of the things in his life that are undone.

Kate decided that she would drive to Castle's place and park her car so

she could walk to the diner that Rick was heading to hoping she may see

him or find out if anything happen in that area while walking she starts to

think how much Rick has change her life and about what Roy told her that

"He saw how good Castle was for her that she wasn't having any fun until

he came along" also how Lanie has called her out so many times about her

feelings for" Writer boy" as she calls him that the only person she was fooloing was herself. It is time for her to own up to her feelings about how

his books saved her after her mom's death, how important he is to her but

more than that she's in love with him.

Still sitting and drinking his coffee Rick's stomach starts rumbling and he

remembers he hadn't eaten anything it was after 12:00 so he starts walking

back toward the diner thinking when he gets there he will use their phone to

call Alexis and let her know what happen as he got closer he saw a woman that was expecting a baby and he thinks about the old man that just died and

now a new life was being born he looks at the woman again this time he see's Kates face on her and she's carrying their child and he smiles at the thought. As he approaches the Diner he sees her and she sees him and relief

comes to her in the form of a smile she knows what ...