Savin Me 3 pt 2 ending

The scene around them was pure chaos the crime unit had arrived to access the scene and gather evidence, Lanie had gotten to the scene also and had confirmed the death of Paul and take his body to the morgue. The EMT's try to look Kate over but she's protesting but Castle asks her to please let them just to be on the safe side, he had some bruises and his shoulder was hurting but not enough to require futher medical attention.

Ryan and Espo come over to speak to Kate and see how she's doing and what they needed to do next she told them that she will meet them back at the precinct. finishing up with the EMT she goes over to speak with Lanie and then she looked for Castle he was standing by the crime unit van his look was far off she knew he thinking about what could have happen to her and Ryan she touches his shoulder and he winced she didn't know about his shoulder being hurt he turned and looked her in the eyes there she saw all the love and concern that at the time he was unable to verbalize so he just took her in his arms not caring who could see and held her as tight as he could like he would never let go, she knew he needed this so she held him too letting him know that she was still there and alive.

Holding Kate al he could think about was how this could have turned out, how it could have been her or Ryan in the back of the coroner's van and for the first time he thought about the clock and was what he done enough, he knew what he had to do but he didn't know if he could handle what he would see so he slowly looks up and above her head his heart felt like it was going to explode out his chest when he saw that the numbers had increased she was going to be okay she would live. He wanted so much to just kiss her deeply and passionally but he couldn't not here not now she pulled back to look at him cause he was so quiet and the look on his face and in his eyes told her all she wanted and needed to know.

Back at the precinct Kate and the boys were gathering the evidence they had put together the case was closed, Ryan asked where Castle was and she told him that he went home to see Alexis and Martha after what happen he wanted them to know he was fine.

Arriving at the loft Kate open the door it was very quite she thought maybe it being late that Castle had already gone to bed, but when she walked futher into the room she saw something that took her breath away in front of the fireplace was a table with candles and flowers a setting for two and then she felt his arms come around her waist and pressing a kiss to her temple helping her out of her coat turning her around to face him he leaned in and the kiss that he wanted to give to her at the scene he delivered now and Kate only deepen the kiss wanting him to know and feel all the love she had for him and how much she wanted him pulling away so that they could breathe again he picks her up walking back towards their bedroom once there he stops at the foot of the bed and lays her down and kisses her again lifting her blouse and removing it and then his focus is draw to her scar their scar a reminder of the first time he almost lost her with tears forming in his eyes he presses his lips to the scar feeling the tears the tears she lifts up to look at him taking his face in both of her hands she smiles then wipes the tears from his cheeks no words are needed they both know what the other is thinking and feeling she brings her lips back down to his.

After a very satisfying round 3 laying there he knows that she was everything and the only thing that matters to him other than his mother and Alexis and wants nothing more then to spend the rest of his life with her. He had gotten up in the night and sitting at his desk pondering all that had happen to him, and them all yesterday and if there were such things as Life clocks he knew he wanted to live it with Kate by his side.

Watching her sleep was something he did at times he used to do the same with Alexis when she was young. Kate woke finding him just looking down at her with his goofy smile she asked what he was doing he must have been up for a while being that he was dressed "He said looking at you sleep" she looked over at her phone clock feeling she was going to be late but he stopped her "told her that the Captain called and for her to take the next two days off no questions about it".

Sitting down beside her he started talking about what happen to him the day before because in the mist of all the chaos with the shooting he never told her the actual story about being saved from walking in front of the bus and it was after that he was able to notice the clocks above people heads and the elderly gentleman passing and that he was able to see this but not one above his own head and that there was one above her and it was ticking down he knew that this sounded crazy but he had to get her to understand in order for her to not run out of time he had to save her and when he jumped in front of her at the car and covered her she was saved from the explosion and after he saw that her clock had increased and she would be okay and he was now able to see his own clock and he was going to be fine too.

Kate looking at him explaining these things to her by the look on her face he could tell she didn't think he was crazy or maybe he had a head injury from yesterday but that he truly believed what he had seen taking his hand in hers she smiled and said thank you for saving me Rick moved so that he was now laying beside her still holding her hand he was about to speak when she asked why was he already dressed if they had the day off ? " I couldn't sleep so I went out to run an errand " um Kate I need to tell you something and I want you to listen until I finish before you say anything she turned and sat up to look at him face to face not able to read his expression so she nodded for him to start and so he began. "I should be thanking you for saving me from a life that was shallow and empty from continuing to live the image of who I truly wasn't but didn't know how to put an end to the playboy the carefree clown just to sell books to make others happy when I was drowning and losing interest in the one thing that I was good at but you came along and I know that at times you wished you never agreed to me following you and also shoot me.

But what you don't know is that you gave me the one thing that was most important to me and that was the freedom to be me with you I could be Rick you never asked or wanted anything from me like the other women it was always about the money or being on page six and because I thought maybe they could care about me but it never happen. Falling in love with you was the moment I knew that just maybe I could be loved for who I am not what I was Kate sitting there tears in her eyes threating to run free down her cheeks wanting to just take him in her arms to show him that she did love him so much that his being able to tell her his feelings and willing to express how much he trusted and felt safe enough to reveal himself to her was one reason she loved him she then leans in to kiss and hold him in her arms.

Holding each other for a while she ask him what type of errand did he have to run early this morning looking her in the eyes how he loves her eyes from the first moment he saw her they had him hooked so he took her hand in his " Kate you once said that something's should be done in an intimate situation well a bedroom is a intimate place with his other hand he reaches in his pocket and takes out and holds up a ring Kathrine Houghton Beckett will you marry me.'' yes Richard Edgar Alexander Rogers Castle I will marry you.

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