Disclaimer: Tales of Zestiria firmly belongs to Bandai Namco Games. If I had things my way, we'd get a Big Damn Kiss in that second epilogue.

AN: Long time Tales fan here, been playing pretty much ever since Symphonia hit state side well over a decade ago. Missed out on a few here and there because of school over the years, but never have I had one wake up the plot bunnies like Zestiria. Time to dust off the old fanfiction authoress pen and add a few entries to the fandom! This one takes place immediately after the second epilogue.


As far as he was concerned, there were three phases to his life: The all too brief before, the seemingly never-ending between, and the suddenly here after. Each of the previous phases came and went as abruptly as the next, each leaving him with words he wish he could have said. Although, he reflected, as he was being bodily hauled out of the pit trap he'd carelessly fallen into, perhaps this time he might actually get to say the words he'd held onto for so long.

Time seemed to crawl forward as he studied the figure standing before him, trying to find the words he'd rehearsed in his mind for centuries. But now that the moment was thrust upon him, his words, he discovered, had been flushed away by the emotions that swirled within him.

"Man, you never were any good at spotting those pit traps," the figure declared, shit eating grin clearly present on his face.

"Why you-" But before he could fully launch into his tirade, the grin melted into a look pure affection, and strong arms pulled him in.

"I'm home, Mikleo." If there were any doubts he'd forgotten, those three little words blew them away.

"Welcome back, Sorey." And the floodgates opened.