Santana and Skywalker

Six weeks after they zapped in the star wars world Santana and Puck had nothing to do with their relationship because Santana was a Jedi and Puck was in service for Padme Amidala in security protection in case Jedi aren't available but it was against the Code as they convince Master Yoda and Mace Windu they're still in a time up for the convince how naïve Sani was.

"Much to learn you still have young one" said Yoda warning Santana in a parenting way

"The Force has not bought you together if the force has the healers would explain it to us and you'll gain an approval from the council" explained Mace

"Then why?! We love each other! If this is against the Code that's why I keep explaining to you that I need your approval that's not what you think it was!" an angered Santana yelled

''No need to yell young one!" Teased Anakin upon entering the room without his master

"Well, well, if this is Anakin Skyteaser apprentice of Mr. Cranky Kenobi" teased Santana back to gain the attention of Ryan and Jerezeade and JC her little cousins who were laughing and giggling

"Cranky?!" laughed Ryan with a snort

"Mister Cranky more like Mr. Cricket" Laughed Jerezeade on a bit of blush that was written leaving Santana with a laugh.

"Or more like Mr. Clucky. Like Cluck Clukity Cluck" Laughed JC with a tight set of teeth pressed together

"Teasing your master like that is it?" said Yoda giving a chuckle to the laughing children

"Or Master Oinky" Laughed Ryan

"Master who?"