"Yeah he is a good kid but not the type you don't want to mess with" said Santana

"Really?'' asked Anakin

"He's the most trusted kid you'll get to meet" said Santana

"Oh yeah, who's his role model?" asked Anakin in hopes that it would be his mother

"Mheetu Baratheon" said Santana in a daydream style

"What?! A non- related role model I'm not into that" said Anakin in a pissed tone

"Mheetu is a fictional character" said Santana in a defend tone about everyone's favorite Baratheon

"Where did he come from?" asked Anakin

"From Game of thrones serving as the official heir to the iron throne" said Santana

"I don't like it" said Anakin starting to be pissed even more

"So then don't like it and don't like or ignore" said Santana even more pissed than Anakin

"Well, I guess that kid's not Jedi since he hates Jedi's" said Anakin

"He loves fictional history and I don't blame him for that!" said Santana as her anger rose up and it turned heated

As both were arguing in the garden all were observed by Ryan by afar his aquamarine eyes slowly turned to an icy aquamarine tears Maybe I shouldn't have been born this was all my fault he thought as tears fell thru him Well maybe not! He thought when whipping his tears away It was his fault for dissing my like it was his entire fault. He said to himself I'm telling Obi-wan he said as he marched off in a cartoony way

"And did you prove this all to be true?" asked Obi-wan

"Yes, they argued about history… not just history A ROYAL HISTORY" said Ryan

"Speak up for the council you did" said Yoda

"Yes, but they fought for that pisser" said Ryan

"And was this all true?" asked Obi-wan

"Pfft, why yes, I saw it with my own eyes" said Ryan "Go and take a look for that… Well? What did you see?" asked Ryan

"I did see it, they're really are fighting" said Mace with his jaw dropped into the half air

"See… what I just said" said Ryan