Bright red numbers in the darkness -
The bitter cold is closing in.
The roads are crossing and the trails
Lead to a game we won't win.
Confrontations are avoided
And truths are seen to become lies -
The clock is ticking but is hiding...
All too soon a city dies.

Bright red numbers in the darkness -
All alone in freezing cold.
It is too late but we were trying;
At least others will grow old...
War is looming and the feeling
That we missed something is near.
Hold hands tightly – whisper quickly...
Lost without a single tear.

Bright red numbers and the trail
Leads unto the last showdown -
The chase is ended but the clock
Is slowly, surely counting down.
No time to waste, no time to run -
The truth will come out in the end.
Life continues and the secrets
Wait for another day to tend.

AN: Written for Castle 3x16 and 3x17. Because it took five days to watch due to streaming problems, because – honestly, Jane and Lisbon got together! Do I have to wait seven series for Castle and Beckett too? - those two are still being annoying, and because I nearly died of fright along with them. Inspired my by the subject they're still dancing around. Thank you for reading! Gramercy, and God bless you! 5-2-2015