"Do you like butter on your popcorn?", Kara called from the kitchen.

"Sure.", Cat responded from the couch in the living room where she sat wrapped in her bathrobe having just gotten out of the shower, her hair done up in a towel arranged turban style on her head. She was still munching on the remainder of the Dim Sum that they'd ordered from the place Kara had suggested. And Cat had to admit that Kara had been right, every bite had been absolutely delicious. It never ceased to amaze Cat how Kara could eat so much and never gain an ounce. Kara had managed to polish off an entire order of kung pao chicken with fried rice and chow mein. In addition to five potstickers, two dim sum and a couple of crab rangoons. Not to mention the fortune cookie for dessert. And now she was making popcorn. The girl's appetite was astonishing. "As long as it's real butter!", Cat yelled back as an afterthought.

"Wouldn't use anything else! I'll just get a big bowl for us to share since you like it, too!", Kara called back.

Thirty seconds later, Kara popped around the corner with a huge bowl of steaming hot popcorn. She handed the bowl to Cat as she took a seat beside her on the couch.

"Oh my God, you are seriously a Disney princess. Are you actually wearing a Little Mermaid nightgown?"

"Well, yeah, Ariel is my favorite."

"Of course she is.", Cat smiled then regarded her curiously. "Oh and from the looks of… things, you um… might want to crank the AC up a few notches in here."

Kara looked concerned. "Why, are you cold?"

"I'm not," Cat said with a knowing grin, "but Ariel has gone 3-D."

"Huh?", Kara's brows knit together in confusion, "Ariel? What're you—"

"The noses on those puppies of yours, darling." Cat explained, nodding at Kara's chest, "They look sharp enough to cut glass."

"Wait, w-what?" Kara tilted her head and gave her a confused sidelong expression, finally looking down at herself. Her nipples were rock hard and were quite visible through the thin cotton material of the nightgown she was wearing. They poked out like two tiny sharpened spearheads from her chest. Blood rushed to her face as embarrassment consumed her.

"Oh my God!", Kara peeped, her eyes wide as saucers. How could she have been so stupid as not to wear something over her nightgown? She was usually so careful with whatever she did when it came to Cat… because Cat Grant noticed everything! Maybe it was just because she was at home and it didn't enter her mind that anything about her Ariel night attire could be remotely provocative enough to invite the older woman's fine-tuned scrutiny. She immediately crossed her arms over her chest self-consciously. "I—I'll go put on a robe."

"Are you cold?", Cat asked matter-of-factly.


"Then you'll do no such…"

But Kara was already gone. She'd leapt up and dashed back into her bedroom in search of something to maintain her modesty.

"They're just nipples, Kira. They won't bite.", she heard Cat's voice call from the living room.

The only thin robe she had was a kimono style one that she'd loaned to Alex for her trip. The sole other one she owned was made of thick terrycloth which would be hot as hell but would do nicely to conceal her current condition. She pulled it on and rushed back into the other room

From her vantage point on the sofa, Cat's eyes did a camera pan up and down the younger woman's body. "Oh that won't do at all.", she said. "You'll burn up."

"Alex has my other one.", Kara explained, fidgeting with her glasses, "It's all I've got."

"Then, take it off.", Cat ordered with her customary bluntness.

Kara felt an undeniable jolt of arousal race through her at the command and it seemed as though the temperature in the room shot up at least 20 degrees. "Nuh… no, Miss Grant, I'll be fine.", she stuttered said, inclining her head and glancing down at her bare feet nervously so Cat couldn't see the blush she was sure was covering her face.

What happened next seemed to play out in slow motion.

Cat rose from the couch and walked over to Kara. The clean, usually calming, fragrance of Kara's own talcum powder filled her nostrils. Cat had apparently found it in her bathroom and used it herself after she'd showered. Thoughts of Cat rubbing the same powderpuff Kara used over the heat flushed skin of her own damp, wet body caused a visible shiver to run through her.

"There's no need to be shy, Kira. We're both women here.", Cat said, looking into Kara's eyes intently. There was an audible gasp from Kara when the older woman reached down and undid the sash on her robe.


She opened the front of her robe and Kara thought she might faint. She felt naked and vulnerable and she could feel the other woman's eyes moving over her breasts with careful scrutiny. If her nipples hadn't been hard before, they certainly were now. Arousal flooded through her and suddenly there was a rampant throbbing in her core.


She pushed the robe off Kara's shoulders and it fell to the floor, making a puddle of fabric around her feet. Kara felt dizzy. She was afraid she might hyperventilate. Her breath was coming in short gasps, which she realized was making her chest heave up and down. She concentrated on controlling her breathing as Cat finally raised her eyes to Kara's.


Kara bit her lip, trying her very best not to think about the fact that Cat Grant had, for all intents and purposes, just undressed her. Kara stood before her in a daze, feeling completely naked and willing her body not to tremble. She thought her heart would beat out of her chest. She could hear Cat's heart beating too. Pounding. She stood gazing into Cat Grant's alarmingly intense eyes. Her boss' lips were so close to hers she could almost taste them. She could feel Cat's hot breath on her skin. It would be so easy… so easy to forward just a little bit and…

"So…", Cat said, her voice a low throaty whisper, as her eyes searched Kara's so carefully that Kara became lost in them… until a barely discernible shudder ran through the older woman and she turned and walked back to drape herself lithely upon the sofa. "have you decided what you'd like to see?"

Kara nearly choked. "'To see'?", she squeaked, her mind conjuring up naughty images of watching as Cat's lips and tongue caressed her in all sorts ways, in all sorts of places.

"Yeah, you know…", Cat's eyes gave a coy squint. "Netflix…"

"Oh! N-Netflix!", Kara blurted loudly.

"Yes, of course, Netflix!", Cat looked at her as if she was completely baffled. "What else could I have possibly meant?"

"Never mind!", she said quickly, forcing herself to keep her arms to her sides and trying to move so that her breasts didn't jiggle or bounce as she came over to sit down beside Cat. But her caution appeared unwarranted because Cat seemed thoroughly preoccupied with scrolling through Netflix's offerings on the laptop's screen, ignoring Kara completely

Kara sat down gingerly beside Cat who turned the laptop screen in her direction, seemingly oblivious to the way what had just happened had caused Kara to seriously question her own sexuality.

"Scoot over here so you can see better.", Cat was saying. Kara was feeling so completely aroused even still that she was unsure whether she would be able to contain herself if she moved closer to Cat, but she did it anyway. Trying not to think about how she could feel the entire left side of Cat's warm, soft, talc scented body pressing against hers now.

"Find anything?", Kara asked, willing her voice not to crack.

"No, not really. Looks like lots of tv series.", Cat sounded unimpressed.

Kara nodded. "Yeah, there are a ton on there."

Cat's lashes fluttered and she gazed up at Kara and smiled. It was a gorgeous, amazing smile and it made Kara feel weak. "Why don't you choose something?", she asked softly.

"B-But you're the guest, you should choose.", Kara couldn't stop her voice from quivering.

"And I don't have any idea. So, you choose and we'll watch whatever you pick.", Cat said, sliding the laptop in Kara's direction. Kara couldn't get over how gentle and kind her voice sounded. Not at all like it did at the office. It was soothing and sweet and filled with genuine affection.

"Wow, okay. Anything?", Kara asked.

"Anything.", Cat agreed, then added, "I may regret it, but…"

The older woman gave a soft little chuckle and it was dulcet music to Kara's ears. Kara clicked onto the Classic Movies menu and found something right away. "How about this one?", she asked.

Cat looked at the screen and smiled. "That's perfect!"

"Good.", Kara said, she began to click to the Watch on TV Screen button but Cat stopped her.

"I know it might be kind of warm, sitting so close like this. But, do you mind terribly if we just watch it on the laptop? I just had a shower and my contacts are always kinda wonky when I get out for some reason. The heat and steam sort of dries them out and makes everything far away go blurry."

Kara's heart actually leapt at the prospect of spending the whole of a movie thisclose to Cat Grant. "No, no," Kara said, trying to not let the excitement she felt spill over into her voice. She wasn't sure if she quite succeeded. "I don't mind at all, Ms. Grant."

"We're away from the office now, Kara.", Cat said, pronouncing Kara's name perfectly, her voice still filled with the same disarmingly warm tone, "You can call me Cat."

Another thrill went through Kara, both at Cat saying her name the right way and at the fact that she was allowing her to call her by her first name.

"Great!", Kara said, "I can go turn down the AC, if you want… Cat."

"No, I'm fine and you're…" her eyes flicked over Kara's torso, seeming to linger a fraction of a second too long upon her breasts, "...robeless, so I don't want you to get cold."

Kara found herself blushing again. "I won't get cold.", she said.

"Nah, leave it where it is.", Cat insisted.


Kara pressed play and grabbed a handful of popcorn. Cat reached for the Heineken on the end table and took a swig.

"I'm sorry I didn't have anything stronger.", Kara said.

"Oh no worries.", Cat smiled. "At least it's European."

Kara giggled. "Yup.", she said as they settled in to watch the movie.

Kara knew it had to have been her imagination, but she could've sworn she saw Cat's eyes wander over and steal a furtive glance at her breasts at least a couple of times during the movie. Cat had covered it by reaching for a handful of popcorn from the bowl balanced between them, but Kara hadn't needed x-ray eyes to detect the misdirection. By midway through the movie, the older woman had relaxed enough to let her head loll over onto Kara's shoulder and turned her body towards her in such a way that it was something of a full-fledged snuggle. And it absolutely thrilled Kara. Only now as the credits began to roll and Carly Simon's lilting female empowerment anthem filled the speakers, did she pull away from Kara's warm body.

Kara wiped at her eyes self-consciously, trying to be smooth about it and hoping Cat hadn't noticed. Of course, she was sure the sniffling and wiping her nose had given it away. This movie always made her cry at the end, no matter how many times she'd seen it. She ventured a glance at her boss and was stunned to see tears shining in her eyes, too. Cat looked up at her with the most adorable sleepy face, but eyes that were brimming over with tears. She laughed softly at her own reaction and flicked them away, sniffling herself. Kara reached over and grabbed a tissue for each of them.

"That was so good!", Cat said, her voice thick with tears as she blew her nose into the tissue.

"I can't believe it made you cry."

"It always does. And I hadn't seen it in awhile.", Cat said, dabbing at her eyes.

"Me, either.

Cat rubbed her eyes and yawned. "And", she said, arching her back and stretching in a way that mirrored the animal after which she was nicknamed, "it was just as good as I remembered it being."

"Yup, it totally was! I've seen it so many times. Cry every time at the end."

"Impossible not to."

"It really is.", Kara agreed, "I always had such a crush on Harrison Ford."

"Oh, me, too… until I met him a few years back and he completely geezered out on me. Wouldn't stop calling… even after I told him I didn't date older, married men!"

Kara giggled. "Harrison Ford wanted to date you?"

"'Wants'! Present tense, darling, 'wants'!", Cat raised her brows and corrected her with a smile, "But, I actually think 'date' is a little too general a term. 'Booty call' would probably be more accurate."

"Ew.", Kara said.

"Exactly.", she nodded, then sighed

Kara gazed at her. "You know, I never noticed it before, but you do kinda look like his wife."

"Yeah I get that a lot. Except I'm much better looking.", Cat smiled and batted her eyes at the younger woman demurely.

"Oh of course, and so much more modest, as well.", Kara winked.

"Damn straight!", Cat smiled back at her.

"But seriously, though, since you do look a little like her, maybe that's why he's interested in you."

There was a pause and then…

"Ewwwwww!', they both cringed in unison, then broke down in a fit of girlish giggles.

Giggles! Cat Grant actually giggled and suddenly Kara couldn't stop smiling. She would not have believed it if someone had told her Cat could loosen up this much. She was having a wonderful time with her. So much so that she could see her becoming a friend… more than a friend.

"So," Cat was saying, "please tell me I'm not as bad as Sigourney Weaver was in that movie."

"Welllll… your first name is Catherine…."

"Yes but she spelled hers with a 'K' not a 'C' like mine and they didn't call her 'Kat'. Big difference!"

"Ahhhh… yeah, huge! I see…", Kara smiled to herself. "But you do have a 'bony ass'."

"Hey!", Cat elbowed her in the ribs and laughed. "Bony ass? Excuse me? I'm not the only one around here with a bony ass, Missy!"

"My ass is so not bony."

Cat gave her a look.

"Well maybe it's a little bony. But… not as bony as yours!"

"Is that so?", Cat crossed her arms over her chest, feigning insult.

Kara giggled and nodded.

"Well, be that as it may, my 'bony ass' is the envy of all who see it!", she grinned.

"Oh, no doubt about that!"

"But, I'm serious, Kara. I want you to be brutally honest with me. I'm really not as awful as all that she was in that movie, am I?"

"Nah, for that, we would have had to watch Devil Wears Prada instead of Working Girl.", Kara winked.

"Oh God, I get compared to Meryl in that movie all the time.", Cat rolled her eyes. "But it's okay, I suppose. I always identified more with the villains anyway."

"Pfft!", Kara waved away Cat's concern, "Don't even say that. You are absolutely not a villain, Cat. I'm just giving you a hard time. I mean, sure, you're tough and demanding and yes, you may come across as a rude, abrasive, narcissistic bitch a lot of the time…"

"Just one derogatory adjective will more than suffice… Kira.", Cat said, with a sarcastic smile. "Please tell me there is a somewhat redeeming 'but' coming."

"But," Kara nodded, "deep down, you're nothing like either of those characters. Yes, you are very career minded but you would never crush someone else just to get ahead. You're also consistently fair and you would never ever steal anyone else's idea and pass it off as your own. You have integrity, you're straightforward and you're honest. There is true compassion and caring beneath all that egotistical bravado that you show the world. You have great depth of character and you've taught me so much, Cat. How to stand up for myself, how to be steadfast and strong. You really have no idea how much you've helped me grow up, be who I am. How much courage you've given me. You've nurtured me when I needed it and pushed me when I needed it and I admire you completely. You may not act like it on the surface but I know you care about me and I appreciate your guidance so much. I am indebted to you for it. You are a constant source of inspiration for me… every day, in every way."

"Really?", Cat said in a small voice, her eyes had gone glassy with tears but she was somehow willing them not to fall.

"Really. I owe you a lot, boss."

Cat smiled. "Thank you for that.", she said, her voice little more than a whisper. "And I do care about you, Kara. I care about you a whole lot. I know I may come across as caustic a lot of the time, but I'm really only trying to help you, mentor you.'

"And I totally get that."

"I'm so glad you do because so many people don't. I know that I'm tough on you. But I want you to succeed and that's why. Tough love I guess they call it."

Kara nodded. "Yes, and it's appreciated. You're so different away from the office, though."

"Am I?", Cat asked, her voice suddenly sounding low and sultry as her lashes flicked up and down, giving Kara a once over.

Kara didn't trust her vocal chords so she just nodded.

"You're exactly the same.", Cat smiled. "And I love that. I'm actually having a lot of fun tonight."

"Me, too.", Kara managed demurely.

Cat suddenly looked uncomfortable. "And now I um… I need to ask you something else. Something personal. And, again, I need you to be completely honest with me."

Kara nodded again. "Okay, sure. Anything.", she said, moving the laptop off their laps and onto the coffee table in front of the couch and pushing her glasses up on her nose before turning to face Cat.

"Okay," Cat sighed, "earlier tonight when I took off your robe, you um… liked it, didn't you?"

Kara's eyes widened, the area below her waist abruptly sparking to life. She certainly hadn't been expecting that!

Kara felt herself squirming. "Wh-what do you mean by liked?"

"I mean you liked it, Kara… it got you going… turned you on. Physically… sexually."

"Ms. Grant!" Kara blushed and looked away, unable meet Cat's eyes.

"You know, Kara, when I agreed to stay with you for the weekend I did not intend for it to be any sort of… hook up, or whatever it is you call it nowadays."

"N—no, no of course not Miss Grant! I would never… I-I don't do that!", Kara stammered.

"I didn't even know you liked women."

"I- I don't! I mean, I didn't… I- I mean…", Kara was utterly embarrassed, but then something registered with her, something she would never have considered. Until now. "Do-do you?"

Cat sighed and looked away from her. "I didn't think I did. I never have before, but…"

Kara swallowed hard. "What are you saying Miss Grant?"

"Never mind.", Cat breathed, unable to meet Kara's gaze.

"No, please tell me!", Kara pleaded.

Cat sighed again, finally looking Kara in the eyes. "I'm saying that removing your robe tonight turned me on more than I've been turned on by a man in years."

"Really? It did?", Kara's insides were abruptly fluttering like mad. There was a deep throbbing in her core and she could hear blood rushing in her ears.

Cat nodded. "Yes. Very much so. It was one of the most sensual erotic feelings I've ever had. It gave me goosebumps."

"It did?"

"It took all my restraint to walk away without kissing you.", Cat admitted.

"Y-You wanted to kiss me?"

Cat nodded. "Yes, so much. And Jesus God when I saw your nipples standing up all stiff and proud, all I wanted to do was…."

"Tell me!", Kara implored her.

"Rip through Ariel's obnoxious little face so I could… lean down and t-taste them for myself.", Cat finally managed, her whole face and neck blooming red at the admission, she cast her eyes across the room, gain not able to meet Kara's gaze. "Then, when I looked up at you, you were… biting your lip and my whole body was pounding." Finally, she gazed into Kara's face, her eyes aglow with unrestrained desire. "All I wanted to do wasmpfft-"

Kara stopped her talking by covering Cat's mouth with her own. The older woman's lips were so soft. So much softer than a man's. The kiss started out chaste and tentative but it escalated swiftly as each woman realized how responsive the other was. It grew deeper and more passionate by the second and soon there was an urgency that couldn't be denied. Kara felt Cat part her lips, the tip of her tongue slid across Kara's bottom lip and she shivered, moaning into the kiss and opening her mouth to allow it entrance. Heat flooded through her and her whole body pulsed with arousal. When Cat ran out of breath she finally broke the kiss.

"We—We can't let anyone in the office know about this…." Cat panted

"Of course not. Now shut up and kiss me again.", Kara ordered, grabbing the lapels of Cat's robe and pulling her close.