Yay I'm back! Let's get this going again then, shall we? So last time was a match between BloomxSky and DiasproxSky. Now that I'm back and people have voted, I can say that the winner is...

DIASPROXSKY (Again, pretty shocked but I love it)

Thanks to everyone who voted and now it's time for the next ships to start. This round being...


Flora x Helia (Floria) : One of my top three OTP's, this couple comes in second place for me. They are so sweet, down-to-earth and the perfect match for each other in my opinion. They are a drama-free couple that show that they don't need the drama to become a strong match because they ALREADY ARE ONE. I find them to have such a stable relationship and are the most peaceful pairs on the show which makes them very shippable to me. They hardly ever fight that much and I love it. Plus being the sensitive and mature of their respective teams, of course they were going to click after realising they have so much in common. It's what makes them so perfect for each other! :D

Krystal x Helia (Kryslia) : This couple...(I'm trying to think of what to say as I go along) we know are childhood friends who I guess reunited in season five on the show. I think Krystal is a genuinely nice person who only sees Helia as a friend and nothing more. Granted, at the beginning it did seem like she had feelings for Helia that were more than the friendship kind, but we soon learnt that Krystal wasn't trying to go after Helia at all after she confirmed to Flora that they really were nothing more than friends. This then allowed Flora to eventually forgive him and reaffirm their love. Honestly, the stupid love triangle between them was just no need for :/ I actually found it completely random and unnecessary because they were doing just fine beforehand.

My vote is: OF COURSE going to Flora x Helia. Those two are a match made in Heaven and I don't want ANYONE touching these two! They're perfect for each other and should always be together forever. Here's to hoping they get married and live happily together in the future :D

Okay so that's that. Now it's time to tell me who you vote for and who I should do next. I'm thinking I'll do BrandonxStella and BrandonxBloom next since someone suggested it but we'll see.

Krystal : Helia and I are JUST FRIENDS. Of course Flora and Helia are going to win!

Helia : Yeah and I really do hope we win because I will always my flower no matter what.

Flora : *blushes*

Me : Oh my goodness, this is too cute! I love it!

Flora : Uh well, I really hope that we win too, Helia. I love you too.

Me : Awww! *melts at the sight of them*