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Chapter 1

This, is Berk. For generations it was Viking against dragon. The battles were ferocious. Then one day, everything changed. Hadley and I met Toothless. And together, we've shown people that instead of fighting dragons, we can ride them. Live with them! Even train them.

"Ok guys! Best trick completion! Who's up first?" Hiccup, Astrid, Snotlout, Fishlegs and the twins were all on their respective dragons at the top of a sea stack, prepared for a day of flying. As always, an argument took place within the first two minutes of the fun. Fishlegs raised his hand sheepishly.


"Me!" Snotlout interrupted.

"Actually, I think its-"

"Me!" Hiccup sighed and rolled his eyes at their banter. Astrid shook her head and groaned in annoyance.

"Sweet baby Thor in a thunderstorm, GO!" She demanded, pointing towards the open sea. Snotlout puffed his chest out in importance.

"Oh, don't worry, we'll go! And when we go, Hookfang and I are gonna light the sky on FIRRREEE! Woah!" Snotlout shrieked as Hookfang jumped off of the sea stack and dove straight down. After a couple maneuvers around some sea stacks, and an unwanted dive into the water, they flew back to the rest of the gang, Snotlout panting heavily on Hookfang's back.

"I'm alive? I'm ALIVE!" Astrid and Hiccup looked over at the arrogant boy with unimpressed looks. Snotlout shook himself out of his surprise and puffed his chest out again. "Of course I am!" Fishleg's smiled and pointed to himself in excitement.

"It's my turn!" He exclaimed. "Ready Meatlug? Here we go!" Said dragon lifted off of the sea stack and did a small lap around it, hover just a couple inches from the solid ground. They landed and Fishleg's pumped his fist in the air. "Yes! New personal best!" He leaned down and hugged his dragon. The twins looked at each other, and then started arguing, again.

"My turn!" Ruffnut stated, glaring at her brother.

"No, my turn!" Tuffnut shot back, returning the glare. Hiccup rolled his eyes again and sighed.

"Guys, same dragon." He deadpanned.

"Oh, right." Tuffnut laughed, fist bumping his sister. The two leaned forward on their Zippleback, as they leapt off into the sky and head straight towards another land mass.

"Go left!" Tuff said, pulling his side of the dragon to the left.

"No, right!" Ruff countered, pulling in the opposite direction.

"No, right!"

"No, left!" The two kept switching directions until they managed to smash into the sea stack, then get thrown off of their dragon, high into the sky.

"Woah! Oh no! This is awesome and scary!" Tuff exclaimed. The Zippleback reached the two flailing twins and then flew over to the other teens. Ruff and Tuff both gasped deeply, coming down from the adrenaline rush.

"We almost died!" Ruff breathed out. Tuff nodded in agreement.

"I know! Go again?" The two sat up with interest until Astrid's voice halted them.

"Hey! It's my turn!." The blond turned to look at Hiccup. "You might want to take notes." She boasted. "Let's go!" She leaned forward and took off, leaving a smiling Hiccup behind.

The Deadly Nadder flew around at a fast pace, waiting for her riders commands.

"Ok Stormfly, tail flip!" Said dragon did as told then flew up into the sky once more. "Now twirl!" Astrid shouted over the wind. They did a couple twirls, weaving around the sea stacks. "Quick! Upwards spiral!" Stormfly ascended high into the clouds, stopping to hover as Astrid punched the air. "Alright Stormfly!" They flew back down and landed. Snotlout scoffed and turned to Astrid.

"Yeah, but can you do it without the dragon?" Astrid glared and threw a well-aimed punch at his shoulder, then turned to Hiccup. Said teen let out a laugh and patted Toothless' back.

"Well, looks like we have our work cut out for us bud." Hiccup leaned down as Toothless leapt off the stack and dove down, following the edge of the rock. He narrowed his eyes and pulled up, mere inches away from hitting the water's surface, causing a riff in the water. They flew around the natural obstacles, then came across two sea stacks connected by an arch. Hiccup stood up on the saddle and jumped, running across the arch as Toothless flew under. He ran to the edge and jumped back onto his dragon, the two flying up and shooting some blasts into the sky.

The other teens all gasped in awe at the tricky maneuvers. Astrid shook her head and smiled.

"They're still the best."

Hiccup looked down and smiled at his Night Fury as they flew back down to the village.

"Another win! Good job bud." The two flew down and landed in the plaza.

Yep dragons. Most people here on Berk would say life has been better since we made peace with them. Unfortunately dragons are still, well, dragons.

Hiccup and Toothless walked through the village, looking around at the complaining villagers and rampaging dragons.

"Let go off my food! Drop it pesky dragon! Dragons!"

"Get off my roof you pest!"

"Let go of that! These are my apples!"

"Give me back my daties dragon!" Hiccup walked around, a concerned look on his face as he watched the struggling villagers. Hadley ran over after spotting her older brother and smiled.

"And where have you been?" She questioned with a loving smirk. Hiccup returned the smile and put an arm around her, leading her through the plaza.

"Oh, you know, riding Toothless, best trick competition with the others, dealing with Snotlout and the twins. The usual." He let out a dry laugh then looked at his sister, his laugh dying down at the glum look she held. "Hey? What's wrong?" Hadley sighed and looked up at Hiccup.

"I wish I could have my own dragon to join you guys. I mean, don't get me wrong! I love riding with you on Toothless, but you know I'm going to need my own dragon soon." Hiccup sighed and rubbed his face. They already had this conversation before, and Hadley already knew his answer. Curse his overprotectiveness!

"I know you want your own dragon, but I think the safest place for you is with me. I mean, you remember what happened when we first flew on Toothless! What would've happened if I wasn't there to catch you?" Hadley rolled her eyes, but nodded, understanding where he was coming from, but still not agreeing. Suddenly a large herd of dragons flew overhead, villagers scurrying to get under cover.

"Uh oh! It's coming!"

"Look out!"

"Dragon poo!" The two Haddock kids looked up at the sky noticing the green specks of dragon poop falling down. They ran to take cover as well, ending up right next to Mulch and Bucket.

"Ewe! Oh gross! That's disgusting!" Hiccup exclaimed as Hadley made gagging noises next to him. Hiccup looked up at the two fishermen next to them and gave a sorry smile.

"Hey Mulch, hey Bucket, sorry about the, uh…" He pointed up indicating the events occurring at that moment. Bucket nodded and looked up.

"Every day at three. Their usual at least. The tip of the cap." Mulch nodded in agreement, then turned to Hiccup.

"Better than the days when it was kill or be killed! Hey! We got some fish for that father of yours!" Mulch exclaimed, pointing his hooked arm at the two teens. "Bucket, give the kids the cod." The two turned to Bucket as he nodded and held up an empty sack with a hole in the bottom. Hiccup and Hadley grimaced, knowing exactly what happened. Bucket looked at the sack in surprise.

"Did I eat it already? Did I enjoy it?" Hiccup sighed and looked down.

"Uh, no actually, Bucket." Hiccup started. Hadley sighed pointed down.

"I'm afraid the, uh…" All four of the looked down to see a small, green Terrible Terror nibbling on the fish, then hissing at them and pulling the cod away, some other Terrors racing over to eat it. The two teens winced with a small smile as they continued on to find their father.

Most of us here on Berk, are willing to take the good with the bad. But there are those who will never accept the dragons, and will do anything to drive them away.

Up on a tall cliff, far away from the village, stood an old, damaged house. Inside held an old man and a sheep both sleeping away the night. Loud rumbling shook the structure, waking the grumpy elder, and disturbing the resting axes hanging from the ceiling, causing one to fall, trapping the sheep under. The elder looked up at the wood roof and stood to look at what was causing all the racket. He walked out to see a Gronkle sleeping on his roof, snoring loudly. The old man grumbled in annoyance looking down at a ruined cabbage by his feet.

"Dragons. I shoulda known. Helps himself to my roof, and my cabbage." The elder turned around, his eyes widening at the sight before him. "My whole field! Gone!" He groaned and turned, stalking back into his house, grabbing his helmet, staff, and sheep. "That tears it Fungus." The man and sheep started the long trek down to the village.

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