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Chapter 4

"Bucket! Mulch! Man the boats! We need another catch!" Stoick picked up some barrels and tossed them to the two men standing next to the enraged chief. Mulch sighed.

"It's too late, Stoick. It took us six months to catch all that fish!" The chief grumbled in annoyance and turned back to the fisherman.

"Don't tell me it's too late! We've got to try!" Mulch gulped, then nodded and turned to his companion.

"Of course we do! Uh, don't tell the Chief it's too late. You're always so negative!" Mulch commented, whacking Bucket's, well, 'bucket', and turned to do as the chief stated, Bucket following behind.

"I don't know what it is with me." Bucket quietly explained to Mulch as they turned away. Hiccup, seeing the exchange was finished, ran up to his father, Hadley following her frantic brother.

"Dad, please! You gotta listen to me. I know dragons better than-" Hiccup started, but was interrupted by Stoick.

"Not now, Hiccup." The two Haddocks shook their heads in disbelief. Hadley stepped forward.

"But Dad, we can fix-"

"I said ENOUGH!" The two startled kids started at their father with disbelief shining brightly in their eyes. Hiccup stepped forward and pulled Hadley back slightly, discretely putting her behind him. Stoick, not noticing the exchange, continued. "I have a village to feed. The dragons have done enough damage. By tonight, I want every one of them caged. Understand?"

"Bah! You can't just cage these dragons! You need to send them away now!" Mildew shouted out. Soon the other villagers were nodding and shouting out their complaints and requests.

"Stoick, Mildew's right!"

"Get 'em out of here!"

The chief sighed, but nodded in agreeance. "You're right, Mildew. We'll cage them tonight, and in the morning, Hiccup and Hadley will send them off the island. I'm sorry, kids."

"Whoa what? But!-" Hiccup put a hand on Hadley's shoulder and shook his head sadly. All the teens sighed, and turned away to the Great Hall.

"I can't believe we have to send them away!"

The teens were all sitting at a table in the Great Hall, scornful expressions on their faces. Astrid nodded, agreeing with Snotlout.

"It's gonna be weird. I got used to seeing Stormfly's face being the first thing I see every morning."

"Every night before I went to sleep, Meatlug would lick my feet. Who's gonna do that now?!" All of the dragon riders looked over at an upset Fishlegs lying his head on the table. They all had the same expression: What?

Ruff smirked slightly, nudging her brother. "I volunteer Tuffnut!" Her fun was ruined by Tuff's next statement.

"Whatever. What time should I be there?" Astrid sighed at the twin's stupidity and stood.

"Come on, guys. Let's get this over with.". The rider's all nodded sadly and stood to follow the shield maiden to the arena where they would have to lock up there dragons for the night.

"This is the worst day of my life! We're never gonna see our dragons again!" Hiccup and Hadley stood up and walked over to Toothless.

"We can't let that happen! Toothless is the best friend I've ever had." Hiccup knelt down to pat his Night Fury. Hadley looked down at the depressing display.

"Hiccup… we have to do something…" She muttered quietly. She smiled slightly as she also knelt down and layed a hand on the ebony dragon. She enjoyed special moments like this with her brother and his dragon.

"Oh, Toothless, I'm gonna miss you so much..."

All to be ruined by Mildew.

The two Haddock kids glared up at the elder standing above them. "You know what your mistake was? Thinking dragons could be trained. But a dragon's gonna do what a dragon's gonna do. It's their nature. And nature always wins..."

Before Toothless could attack the retreating old man out of anger, the Great Hall doors open, letting in a cold chill put the fire in the fireplace out. Toothless turned and relit the fire with a plasma blast.

"Oh! Thank you, Toothless." Hiccup's facial features immediately lit up as he got an idea.

"You know what? Mildew is absolutely right!" Hadley started at her older brother, thinking he must have finally gone insane.

"What!? Hiccup! What in Thor's name are you- WHOA!" Hadley yelped as Hiccup grabbed her wrist and dragged her towards the doors.

"Not time to explain! We gotta stop the others! Come on, bud!"

The teens all stood before the Arena, watching their respective dragons with sad eyes, each saying goodbye for who knows how long.

"Goodbye, Hookfang." Snotlout stated quietly, affectionately rubbing the Nightmare's snout. Astrid stood nearby, her Nadder rubbing against her sadly.

"I'm sorry, Stormfly. Now go." The shield maiden pointed to the gate, and Stormfly, Hookfang, and the other dragons slumped to sadly. Snotlout looked on, confusion shining brightly in his eyes.

"Ugh. Feels like big, sharp teeth are tearing at this thing in my chest." He said in mild disbelief. Astrid nodded, gaze turned down.

"That's what it feels like when your heart is breaking." Snotlout started, surprised by the answer, the immediately tried to put up a rave and uncaring front.

"I don't have a heart! I'm not a girl!"

The gates began to close, both rider and dragon upset at the scene happening before them.

"Don't close it!"

The teens all look up to see Hiccup and Hadley on Toothless, flying towards them. As soon as Toothless landed, Hiccup jumped off and ran to the lever, leaving a very confused Hadley with the Night Fury. Hiccup pushed the lever to open the gate back up, then faced the others.

"We are not locking them up." He stated boldly. Hadley sighed, shaking her head.

"Hiccup…" She warned slightly. Astrid spoke up, a smile starting to show on her features.

"What happened? Did you change your father's mind? Or are we going behind his back again...?" Her smile faded at the end of her question, and a scowl form in its place.

"Probably the second." Hadley chirped. The older Haddock sent a shocked look at her, then looked away sheepishly. Astrid looked between the two, then stopped at Hadley.

"Wait, you don't know what he's up to?" Hadley laughed slightly, smirking as she thought up the perfect excuse.

"How am I supposed to know what goes on in that scattered mess he calls a brain!?" The riders all laughed at that, and Hiccup just rolled his eyes.

"Haha very funny. Look. The dragons are gonna do what they're gonna do. It's their nature. We just need to learn how to use it!" He finished, spreading his arms dramatically as the dragons came up behind him.

"Ah, the nets are empty again." Mulch sighed in exasperation as he looked to the empty nets. Bucket looked up in surprise, scratching his head in confusing.

"Did I eat them already? Did I enjoy it? Oop- am I being too negative?"

Hiccup, Hadley and Snotlout flew over to the small fishing boat in the ocean. Hiccup looked to Snotlout and smirked.

"Snotlout, scare us up some dinner!" The two Haddocks flew off, and Snolout did just as he was told, diving down towards the water by the boat.

"Dragon attack!"

Hookfang dove down, scaring the fish and hearding them towards the nets before bursting out of the ocean and flying off towards the village.


The fishermen looked at the nets in surprise, then back up to the retreating dragon.

"Hey! Thanks, dragon!" Mulch called out.

"THAT'S RIGHT! THAT JUST HAPPENED!" Snotlout boasted, pumping the air with his fists.

"Come on! Follow me!"

Hiccup, Hadley, Astrid and Fishlegs flew up to Mildew's farm, looking down to see the disgruntled elder working on it. Said man looked up in surprise.

"Huh?" Astrid flew down on Stormfly, using her tail to dig into the soil, causing the old man to cough at the dust.

"Afternoon, Mildew!" Hiccup and Hadley then came down on Toothless, each carrying seeds in a bag. They dropped the seeds into the dirt and flew up next to Astrid.

"Three o'clock! Time for the fertilizer!" Hiccup called down to the elder. Hadley smirked, knowing what was coming.

"Fertili-?" Mildew questioned, only to get his answer a moment later. Hundreds of dragons flew over the field, Fishlegs on Meatlug in the front.

"Okay, Meatlug, let 'er rip!" The bookworm called out. Meatlug and the other dragons all did their job of providing the fertilizer, then flew off to Thor knows where. Hiccup nodded at their work and looked back to see his little sister laughing down at Mildews disgusted and frazzled look. He too chuckled.

"Smile, Mildew! We just saved you three months of work!" He called down as they all flew off towards the village.


In the forest, Ruff and Tuff used their dragon's explosion to herd some wild boars into the open The Haddocks flew over, leading them back to their shed. The dragons all landed, the teens dismounting aswell.

"That's the way to do it!"

"Whoo-hoo! That was awesome!"

The riders all smiled in self-congratulation. Hadley nodded at her older brother, slightly amused at his giddy expression. Astrid walked up to the two.

"How did you know that was gonna work?" She exclaimed. Hiccup shrugged.

"Because they're dragons, and they're gonna do what dragons do. We just have to work with them and not against them. You know who we should actually be thanking-?"

"There they are, Stoick! Those dragons don't look like they're in cages to me." The teens all turned to the sound of Mildew's scratchy voice. Hiccup and Hadley winced slightly as they saw the angry look expressed on their father.

"No. This is not what I asked for."

The teens all gathered in the center of the arena, their dragons locked up behind them. Hiccup and Hadley stood next to each other, the older putting a comforting hand around the younger. Hadley took a shaky breath and smiled in appreciation at her older brother. Even though she didn't have a dragon of her own, (yet!) she still rode Toothless with her brother, and loved him like he was her own. Hiccup would be devastated if anything happened to Toothless, and a grumpy and upset Hiccup was good for no one.

"Oh, no! What's Stoick gonna do to us!?" Fishlegs squeaked as said Chief and Gobber walked through the gates towards the teens.

"I'm too pretty for jail!" Ruffnut complained.

"Ha, where'd you hear that?" Ignoring Tuff;s commented, the riders all turned to the Chief, mentally preparing for their punishment.

"You all disobeyed my orders... and there will be consequences." Astrid leaned into Hiccup at that.

"I told you we were gonna get in trouble. Ugh, you never listen to me!" She hissed. Hiccup looked down in thought, then removed himself from Hadley's side and stepped forward.

"Dad, if anyone's going to get in trouble, it should be me." He stated boldly. Stoick shook his head.

"Nope. You all had a hand in this." Mildew looked down at the scene from the sidelines, a smug look holding onto his facial features.

"Oh this is going to be great, Fungus. It's about to get ugly."

"You took over this place without asking. You released the dragons against my wishes. Things are going to change around here. That's why I—" The Chief was abruptly cut off by a certain over excited blacksmith.

"You're getting a Dragon Training Academy!" Gobber exclaimed. Mildews smug expression immediately dropped at the news.


"Gobber! I wanted to tell them!" Stoick complained. The teen's shock and confusion were immediately replaced by relief and happiness. Hadley jumped and hugged her brother, the two sharing a smile.

"I'm sorry. You're right. Go ahead." Gobber sheepishly gestured to the happy teens.

"Well, you told most of it!" Stoick grumbled.

"You can tell him the part about how proud you are of them!"

"GOBBER!" The Chief rolled his eyes and turned to his expectant kids.

"Hiccup, Hadley- well, what he said. You've all made me proud. This Dragon Training Academy is for you." Stoick walked over to the gate holding the dragons captive and opened it up. The teens all ran over to their dragons and embraced them.

"Hookfang! My buddy!"

"Hey, Stormfly! I missed you so much!"

"Meatlug! Oh, who's Daddy's little baby? Oh, who's Daddy's little..."

"Hey, bud!"


Mildew grumbled in silent protest and stalked off.

"Oh, I'll get those dragons yet." The Chief walked up to his smiling son and daughter, laying a hand on each shoulder.

"Now all you have to do is train 'em." Hiccup nodded and smiled.

"Not a problem, Dad. After all, I've got him!" Hiccup stated, rubbing Toothless. "Ow! Hadley!" Hiccup yelped when a small fist came in contact with his forearm. He rubbed the abused spot and turned to see his little sister, arms crossed, a small smirk lighting up her face.

"Don't forget us!" Hadley laughed as Hiccup rolled his eyes and rapped her into a hug.

"Whoops! How could I forget you!" The two laughed as the other teens smiled at the two siblings.

Dragons can't change who they are, but who would want them to? Dragons are powerful, amazing creatures, and as long as it takes us, Hadley and I are going to learn everything there is to know about them. Wouldn't you?

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