She stared wide-eyed at her reflection. There was no denying it, she looked stunningly beautiful. She looked like those happy brides in the magazines, the ones advertising expensive designer gowns.

Her long, elegant white dress gave shape to her every curve. Her hair had been fixed into soft, bouncy curls. She removed her veil for a moment in order to further appreciate her beauty. Her face had been beatifically sculpted with makeup. But underneath all that makeup, there was no trace of the women she used to be.

She looked like a real-life version of those muggle bedtime princesses that her mother used to read to her when she was younger. She couldn't stop staring at herself in the long mirror that was aligned to the wall. She couldn't stop looking at the woman that she had become.

Her haze was interrupted when someone knocked at the door.

"Come in!" she said as she quickly fixed her composure.

Her best friend walked into the room. She had her hair up in a messy bun, with soft curls framing the front of her face. She was wearing a long, elegant emerald dress.

Her friend walked up to her and wrapped her arms around her shoulders from behind. Looking at her reflection on the mirror, she said:

"You look beautiful."

They both made eye contact at their reflection on the mirror. She knew that her friend was one of the few people that understood what she was feeling right then.

She turned her around to give her a warm hug, tears filing up on her eyes.

"I'm sorry for crying. You must be very nervous right now. I remember I was when I got married."

She hugged her best friend, too scared to let go. She knew that in a few short moments she was going to be walking down the aisle, with the staring eyes of so many people fixed upon her. She turned around once again, and looked at her reflection. Her eye makeup had been smudged from the tears that she had shared with her best friend. She quickly wiped her eyes, and turned to face her friend again.

"Thank you so much for being here today. I needed someone here to stop me from breaking down. I'm so nervous and I honestly don't kno-"

Her short speech was interrupted by her mother, who frantically walked into the room.

"Honey, for god's sake! You're running out of time. Come on, put on your veil! You should be walking out the door in a few moments."

She reluctantly followed her mother's advice, knowing that the veil would provide the perfect shield from her tears. People would not be able to look into her eyes and see the sorrow that surrounded them.

"Sweetie, do you mind making your way outside already? You should probably join the rest of the bridesmaids already." Her friend promptly followed the mother's advice, and walked out of the room while sharing one last stare with her friend.

Finally alone, her mother looked at her. Her only daughter was getting married, and she couldn't contain the feelings riled up inside her. She looked at her beautiful daughter, whom stared back at her through the veil.

"Honey, you know I love you right? You know that I'm so incredibly proud of you, and the sacrifices that you've made for this family. As a married woman, you will be entering a new stage of your life, and wish you nothing but the best. "

She looked back at her mother. The person that had seen her grow into the individual that she was today. Despite her best efforts, she couldn't help but feel some kind of hatred as she looked back at her. She couldn't help but make her responsible for the future that awaited her.

She gave her mother a small smile, but she was sure that even through the veil, she was able to detect just how fake that smile was.

Her mother walked out of the room without saying another word. She took advantage of the last few moments that she had alone. The last few moments left of her liberty. This time, she couldn't prevent the tears from forming in her eyes. She didn't care about ruining her makeup, or staining the expensive veil.

All she wanted, all she wished for was to be somewhere else. Somewhere where she wouldn't be forced to marry a man that she despised, a man that she didn't care about.

She heard another knock on her door, signaling that it was time for her to walk out the door. She drew in a strong fit of fresh air before walking out.

The long hallway was empty. She realized that she could apparate anywhere, and no one would notice.

She soon laughed at her train of thought, realizing that she made no sense. Her soon to be husband was too smart to beat. He had probably already prohibited all signs of apparition from his manor.

Every step that she took felt heavier than the other one. She saw her mom enter the hallway. She felt her drag her down the hallway, hurrying her way to the garden. The garden where it would all take place. The garden where she would lose her liberty once and for all.

But it was as though she wasn't there at all. It felt as if she was stuck in another dimension, staring in from the outside. She was just another witness of the crime that was taking place, but she was not there at all.

As she approached the garden, she could hear traces of the conversations going on between people. People that she had probably never met before in her entire lifetime.

She saw her eldest brother waiting for her. He took her arm, and lifted her veil just enough to kiss her cheek softly.

She tried pushing him away discreetly. She was not in the mood to withstand her family's hypocrisy. It would be too hard for her to forgive what they were forcing her to do.

He looked at her and held her closer to him. He got close enough to her to whisper a simple, sincere apology. She inhaled fresh air again, and fixed her composure.

"I'm ready."

The piano music was overwhelmingly loud as she walked down the aisle. She could hear every note banging against her eardrums. Her stare discreetly roamed across the crowd, looking for that one person.

No matter how hard she looked, she was disappointed to determine that he would not show up. He would not show up to save her from this imprisonment.

It had been months since he had left, and she still couldn't accept the fact that he was gone. She had been grasping to the very last moment, waiting for him to come rescue her. Waiting for him to be the knight in shining armor that he had been all throughout his life.

Her family was seated in the very first row. They were all facing her as she took the very last steps of her liberty. They gave her smiles of encouragement. Her mother was sobbing silently. One of her brothers held her in his arms, trying to silence her. On the opposite side, on the very front row too, her future in-laws sat.

The groom's father was staring at her. Instead of a smile, he portrayed a small smirk. His wife was sitting next to him, dressed all in black. She rolled her eyes, knowing that that woman was better dressed for a funeral than a wedding.

She saw all the bridesmaids lined up on one end of the aisle. The only one she recognized was her best friend, whom gave her a small supportive smile. The groom's sister was standing next to her, wearing a short pastel dress. She was accompanied by her close friend, who was wearing a short dress just as revealing. The woman looked at her with resentment, silently wishing that she was in her position.

On the opposite side of the aisle, she could see all of the groom's men aligned next to the groom. His best man was standing directly next to him, they were whispering among themselves. Among the groom's men, she was able to recognize her youngest brother. He was staring back at her, silently smirking. She felt her face fueled by anger; she blamed him for her current actions.

At the very end of the aisle, waiting for her arrival, stood her soon to be husband. The man that she was supposed to be filled with excitement about spending the rest of her life with. Unfortunately, all she could feel was an immense hatred towards him.

He was responsible for taking away her liberty and her will of living.

As she made her way to the end of the aisle, she could detect the feigned smile on his face.

She turned to face him, and he lifted the veil from her face. It was then that she realized that underneath all that makeup, underneath her stunningly sculpted face, a frown was hidden well beyond the borders of her face.

She looked at him as tears formed in her eyes. He took her face in his hands, and used his thumbs to blur the tears away. Closing the gap between them, forehead to forehead, he held taunting eye contact with her as kissed her.

In the eyes of everyone, they were just another happy, newly-wed couple. But behind the shield of their fake smiles, hatred surrounded them.

It was then that Ginevra Weasley swore to revenge this moment by making Blaise Zabini's life a torture.