The fastest man meets the fastest boy

Disclaimer: I do not own The Flash (2014-) TV Show or Young Justice they belong to DC Comics.

I was running. Bursts of energy flew into my body from the device that would destroy the world and everyone I cared about. I look over towards my uncle, my mentor, my adoptive father clad in red running beside me and his grandson from the future and I say Oh man, Artemis is going to kill me! Not to mention Mom and Dad!" I hear my uncle call out to me but all I say is "Just tell them okay!" And with that I am scattered but not dead, I think? I can feel my body being pulled back together again. I can see clouds and lightening all around me. And then a large pulse sends me away from the lightening I feel myself flying across a room. But I also feel burning as if my uniform was burning off of me.

And then I land rolling until I come to a stop. I can vaguely see people crowding around me putting out the flames that still remain, "Who is he?" I hear one of them say as another leans down to look me over.

Author's note: I'm back! This is my first Flash Fanfiction that so I wanted to make it a crossover with Young Justice. It is set for episode 9 of the first season of the flash, and after endgame. This is obviously a Wally is transported to another universe after he disappears. We will be making jumps over to Earth-16 every now and then to check up on the team and Artemis. Until next time see you.