Chapter Three

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(Palto Alto – general point of view)

It had been 2 months since Wally had "ceased". Night wing still believed that Wally was alive but Artemis thought that he was just holding on to false hope. Artemis sincerely wanted to believe Dick but right now she had her own problems such as the new addition to her life that would be popping out of her in a few months.

Artemis kept in contact with some of the team with Bart appearing every now and again, the other girls of the team, such as M'gann, Zatannah and Barbera also came by now and again. The last time they did several days ago they brought two members with them. Starfire, an orange skinned alien and Raven a grey skinned half Demon witch which was a thing. But Artemis has one thing on her mind right now, or rather in her womb.

(Bludhaven- General point of view)

Over the past 2 months Nightwing had continuously combed through the Data from when Wally had disappeared. There was nothing to suggest that he had died apart from his disappearance, there was no ashes, dust or anything like that. The others said that way the energy released by the Reach MDF struck Wally there wouldn't be any remains left.

However in Nightwing's and several other scientists minds who are on the league there are at least three other distinct possibilities of what could have happened to Wally, however they all included one thing that he was transported somewhere such as: time travel, dimension travel or Wally is on another plane of existence that we we can not see but he can see us but Wally cannot interact with this plane of existence.

Nightwing didn't have to turn around to see the uninvited guest to his 'Roost'. "What do you want, Bruce?" Dick said as he turned his chair around to see his adopted father/mentor. Bruce stood silent and still, like a tall tower of darkness even in the dim lighting. "I came to see if you had moved on from his ridiculous obsession alive." Bruce said moving closer to his son. "It isn't ridiculous, there is as much evidence to suggest that Wally was transported somewhere as much as there is only one thing to suggest that Wally died and that is his simply disappearing!" Dick said standing up from the chair coming face to face with the man who taught him everything.

"Even if Wally was transported somewhere else, why? Why do you insist on find a way to bringing him back?" Bruce asked pulling his cowl down revealing his face. "Because I owe him, Bruce. He was right I became to obsessed with the mission and not the people I care about. And I lost one of the only friends I had who didn't see me as some spoiled rich kid!" Dick said. "I owe him and Artemis this, so don't try and stop me!" Dick said ready to fight if necessary but instead Bruce pulled a flash drive from his utility belt. "Here, this is additional Data taken from Blue Beetle's Scarab from the day that Wally disappeared. This was the only but of Data you didn't have on the matter." Bruce said as he handed him the flash drive.

"Thanks, but why are you giving this to me?" Dick asked Bruce who simply put his cowl up. "Like you said. You became too obsessed about the mission at hand and not about the people we care about, you became the one thing that didn't want you to become. I didn't want you to become like me." Bruce said but before he left he turned his head slightly towards his former Protégé and said "I am Proud of you, Dick. I truly am!"

And with that Bruce left. "Thanks, Dad!" Nightwing said as he sat back down at his computer and inserted the new flash drive that Bruce had given him and started to review the data. "I am bringing you home Wally. And that's a promise.

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