Magi Ranger

By: Tenstar12

Introductory Author's Note: Welcome one and all to Magi Ranger! A few things to keep in mind as you read through this story.

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In regard to the romance aspect of the story, it is very slow to develop and largely exists in the background. There may be a chapter here and there that focus primarily on Harry's love life, but it will never be the sole focus of the entire story. Also, there will be no, I repeat, NO lemons of any kind. Look at the rating people, not gonna push things here. Also, also, this story does not include slash or harem pairings. Harry will be monogamously paired with a woman by the end of the story, so don't go expecting more than that.

For those of you who are curious, I intend to cover Seasons 1-6 of Power Rangers over the duration of this story. That is Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers (Original, Thunder, and Ninja), Power Rangers Zeo, Power Rangers Turbo, and Power Rangers In Space. These 6 seasons were the ones I grew up on and pretty much cover the entirety of my knowledge of the Power Rangers universe. I never watched all the way through Season 7, Lost Galaxy, and barely touched on the ones after that. Aside from that, covering just the so called "Zordon Era" just seems more fitting to me and makes a rather satisfactory place to end things to my thinking.

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Chapter 1, or The First Obligatory Expositionary Chapter

The walk through the Department of Magical Law Enforcement was nothing new for Harry Potter. In fact, he had made the trip several times since the end of the war against Voldemort; though that was mostly for meetings with Kingsley Shacklebolt, the head of the Department since the war ended, and a few briefings on trials for the captured Death Eaters.

Though that wasn't the reason now at all.

"Harry James Potter, by order of Minister of Magic Delores Umbridge…"

After the war ended and the immediate trials were taken care of everything went wrong.

"…and in accordance with the newly instated Ministerial Decree for the Prevention of Megalomaniacal Acts…"

The pureblood supremacists, at least those not so fanatical (or stupid) as to follow Voldemort, had barely waited until the last confirmed Death Eater was sent through the Veil before they made their move.

"…you have been deemed to be too powerful to be left to wander the world free from constraints…"

Lead by Delores Umbridge, who had believed in Voldemort's cause but didn't openly serve him, they proposed and passed a law in the Wizengamot. Mostly passed through blackmail and threats of those few Lords and Ladies that remained, the new law allowed them to move against the largest threat to their takeover of the magical world: Harry Potter.

"…and due to your refusal to swear a magical oath of loyalty and servitude to the current Minister of Magic, Delores Umbridge…"

The "Ministerial Decree for the Prevention of Megalomaniacal Acts" was Umbridge's brainchild. Passed on the coattails of the hysteria caused by the recent threat Voldemort had posed, it stated in a nutshell that any member of the British magical community that exceeded a certain level of magical power or showed an excessive level of magical prowess would be deemed a threat to the stability of magical society and immediately be taken into Ministry custody pending further evaluation. Once in said custody, they would be given the option to swear an oath to serve the Minister of Magic unquestioningly or…

"…it is the decision of this body that you are to be sentenced to death by the Veil. Your execution is to be carried out at the soonest possible opportunity and all assets held by yourself and House Potter are to be confiscated by the Ministry upon the completion of this execution."

The group of "Ministry Approved" Aurors had come to Grimmauld Place a few days after the initial announcement of the new law and taken him in his sleep. Normally they wouldn't have been able to get through the wards, which are what held them off for those few days, but this time Ron was leading them. Apparently his former friend had been promised a part of the Potter fortune if he helped Umbridge's Ministry get to Harry.

The joke was on them though. Harry had used his last few days on the outside to dispose of the entirety of the Potter fortune. Some of it he gave as gifts to those few people who hadn't betrayed him. Some was donated to various charitable causes both magical and muggle. The rest, a not insubstantial sum all said and done, was in a mokeskin bag, charmed with the best Notice-Me-Not that the Elder Wand could produce, and tied around his left ankle.

Harry found a certain morbid humor in the thought that they would literally be throwing the only money they could expect to get out of the Potter fortune through the Veil with him.

The "Ministry Approved" Aurors who had brought Harry in hadn't been unnecessarily rough during the operation from what he could tell after the fact, nor had they any problem with their job. Though that could have been because he was unconscious the entire time. Several regular Aurors in the department, particularly those who served prison guard duty, had raised issue with him, the famous Man-Who-Won, being held in prison on what even the sheep of the Wizarding World recognized as trumped up charges that wouldn't hold unless those in power forced the issue.

Those Aurors quickly became silent before their cries of injustice could gain traction and momentum under threats of treason charges filed by the new minister herself.

The trial itself, if one could even call it that, was a complete and utter farce. The jury consisted of a limited, and, of course, completely "random" selection from the remaining Wizengamot members, all of whom were Umbridge supporters who had been promised a cut of the Potter money and none of whom had any reason to rule in Harry's favor even without that.

The only evidence presented were readings of the level of Harry's Magical Core taken without his knowledge or consent during his hospital stay after the final battle with Voldemort. The readings showed that his power level was in the 91st percentile of all magicals in Britain's recorded history, which was well over the acceptable "limit." Also shown were memories of the battle with Voldemort, submitted by Aurors who had fought alongside Harry, to demonstrate his knowledge and ability in combat related magics.

Harry was offered no opportunity to plead his own defense, not that they would have listened to anything he had to say anyway.

The only visitor he had received during his overnight incarceration after the trial had been a teary eyed Hermione. It was she who told Harry of Ron's betrayal (and her subsequent ending of their relationship) and of her fruitless search for some way, any way, to help him out of the hole he had been thrown into by the corruption of the British Magical World.

Harry had just hugged her, letting her cry herself out on his shoulder, and told her about the money he left for her with the goblins of Gringotts with the caveat that she hadn't been involved in the betrayal, which she thankfully hadn't. He wasn't as surprised as she had been by the sudden turn of events leading up to his arrest and sentencing. His paranoia had grown quite a bit during his campaign against Voldemort after their 7th year at Hogwarts had concluded and he was unfortunately well aware of the level of pureblood beliefs in their government even before Voldemort took over.

He had learned of Umbridge's reputation with only a few very light inquiries, so well-known was her stance. This made her practically untouchable during the months that the Dark Lord held the Ministry within his grasp and left her in a strong position to bulldoze her way into power after his fall, which she had done without hesitation.

Hermione had been somewhat shocked by his seemingly casual acceptance of impending death and vehemently denied wanting any of his money before offering to find a way to break him out. He quickly told her off, not wanting Hermione to risk her own shaky freedom as a Muggleborn in Umbridge controlled Magical Britain. They both knew that it was only her popularity as one of the main witches who fought alongside the Man-Who-Won against Voldemort that kept her safe and Umbridge somewhat delayed in enacting her Anti-Muggleborn policies.

It was a protection that they both also knew would fade quickly once Harry was gone and Umbridge started her inevitable campaign to slander his memory.

Before the sympathetic Aurors escorted Hermione back out of the holding cells, she and Harry exchanged one last hug and he gave her a light kiss on the cheek, whispering for her to keep herself safe and not to worry about him. He would take care of things on his end, just as he always did.

Self-sacrifice had been practically beaten into him by Dumbledore's early machinations before he had been forcefully brought about to see the light.

She had left him there with a look of regret and longing in her eyes, barely masking the confusion and ever present curiosity brought to the fore by his somewhat cryptic last statement to her.

They kept their eyes locked, a half smile on his face, until she rounded the corner.

The next morning, Umbridge herself had shown up at his cell door dressed in her best, and most offensive, bright pink, frilly dress with a few of her favorite and most supportive Aurors in tow to escort him to the Department of Mysteries. She wanted to see to his death in person.

The walk through the Department of Magical Law Enforcement was nothing new for Harry Potter… but this would be his last…


Once they got into the Elevator and the doors shut, Umbridge just couldn't help but start talking at him. At him because he had a silencing charm placed over him so there was no way he could respond even if he had been of a mind to do so. Magic restraining cuffs prevented him from breaking the charm himself or making any kind of escape attempt.

"You know Harry, (may I call you Harry? Of course I can.) I have been looking forward to this day for quite some time," she said with a voice as sweet as she could make it, yet which still failed to cover the underlying malice in her character that practically dripped from every word, "You caused quite a bit of trouble for my dear Minister Fudge during his tenure in office, especially after that debacle with the Triwizard Tournament. If you had just kept silent then everything would have worked out much smoother. We had designs in place, you see, my supporters and I, to… mitigate The Dark Lord if he returned as we, too, had heard tales of him allegedly surmounting death."

Harry's eyes darted to where she was standing just in front of him, facing the doors of the elevator as it traveled, one eyebrow raising in silent, and unnoticed, inquiry. "We all knew from the beginning that he was a bit too insane to stop at just killing off all the Muggleborn and half-blooded filth that filled our otherwise perfect world, but you had to go and shout out his return, making it a much more public issue. And then my poor Minister Fudge tried to silence you with that smear campaign. Oh, how I wish he had been able to get me into Hogwarts in your fifth year, young man. I would have silenced you quite handily, I'm sure." At this, she turned and shot him a sneer from her vaguely toad-like face, "I had plans for that as well you see, Harry."

The elevator dinged as a voice announced, "Department of Mysteries," and the doors opened with a clack. One of the two Aurors behind him jabbed him in the back with his wand as Umbridge started her way slowly out the doors, prompting him to follow.

As the small group made their way down the hall to the Department, Umbridge continued her tirade. "But things all worked out in the end, even if a bit more messily than they should have had to be. The Dark Lord is slain and you are soon to follow him. With you gone I will be able to announce your *ahem* true plans for the Wizarding community as discovered by myself and my loyal team of Aurors, which will cause my popularity ratings to skyrocket and allow me to begin disposing of the… undeserving in our world, once more returning it to the state of purity it was in times of old."

Harry let out a magically silent scoff. She was going to try and claim that he was about to attempt a hostile takeover of the Wizarding World in the same fashion as Voldemort had. How incredibly surprising. The sad part was that Harry knew that the majority of the Wizarding public, save the few people who knew him and that he trusted, would buy it immediately and without question.

"And also, I have wonderful plans for all the wonderful gold I'm going to get from the Potter Fortune as my share of the spoils for arranging your capture and preventing you from your dark designs for our fair community. Oh yes. Kittens. Lots of kittens. And pink!" Umbridge giggled, a truly horrifying sound if Harry had ever heard one, and more than enough confirmation that this woman was just as off her rocker as she had accused Voldemort of being. He could almost feel the two Aurors shifting somewhat uneasily behind him, knowing that they too felt unease despite their loyalty to the toad woman.

Sobering herself quickly as they reached the entrance to the Department of Mysteries, Umbridge continued as she opened the door, "Oh yes, there are grand things coming for the British Wizarding Community, Harry. A pity you won't be around to see any of them." She led the small group into a round room through the doorway and called out, "Death Chamber!" setting the walls around them to spinning rapidly before slowing to an eventual stop. One of the many doors set into the walls began letting off a soft glow, apparently indicating their requested room.

When they entered the Death Chamber, Harry immediately took notice of the sound of vague whispers emanating from the arch standing on a raised platform at the lowest part of the room, wispy curtains fluttering despite the still air. The second thing he noticed was a covered shape sitting on the same platform that held the Veil of Death.

"Oh good," Umbridge spoke up again, "I was hoping it would already be here when we arrived. No need to delay now! You see Harry, it is not enough for me to simply arrange your death to get you out of the way. For everything you have done that interfered with our plans, I decided that everything you are must be wiped out from this world. This is why I arranged for your family assets to be confiscated… well, that and the kittens."

She giggled again briefly before she led them down to stand just before the veil, the Aurors moving him into position around five feet from the arch and turning him around to face the two Aurors and the smiling Umbridge who was now holding the covered object, one hand underneath it, which was rocking slightly. "As I said, Harry," Umbridge spoke again, one hand coming up to grasp the cover at the top, "all that you are, all that was associated with you, must be removed. I intend to do whatever it takes to destroy your spirit before you die, just for my own personal enjoyment. And that includes dealing with your little friend here."

The cover was swiftly removed to reveal his owl, Hedwig, looking somewhat battered and with several of her feathers sticking up at odd angles. She was standing in a cage that was intended for a creature the size of a mouse or hamster and throwing herself at one of the walls in a desperate attempt to escape. The moment the light hit her she twisted her head around one way and then the other before resting her eyes on Harry, the Familiar Bond between the two lighting up once more as the blocking magic that the cover must have been infused with was removed.

-Harry/Wizard!- the owl cried out in his mind, relief and fear tinging her mind-voice in equal parts.

Harry, for his part, was smiling softly at one of his oldest companions: his Familiar. It was a bond that had formed exceptionally quickly, at least in part due to Harry's lonely upbringing leaving him with a nearly desperate need for companionship during the time she came into his life, and Harry treasured his beloved owl more than most anything else.

Which made what they both knew had to be coming all the more painful.

"Yes, Harry," Umbridge simpered, her face slowly twisting into a crooked smile, "Your Familiar. This wretched beast took us quite a bit of time to track down in that house of yours, but young mister Weasley once again proved his usefulness in our endeavor. He shall be handsomely rewarded for his efforts."

Harry's eyes narrowed once more, his gaze switching from Hedwig to Umbridge, threatening her with his look, trying to warn her off of what she was almost undoubtedly going to do.

The Toad merely let her smile grow in both size and apparent wickedness. "This beast is important to you, as any Familiar should be to their witch or wizard, halfblood filth or not." She drew a wand that he immediately recognized as his own Holly and Phoenix feather. "But she represents an obstacle that must be removed and an important support block for yourself. Ending her with your own wand is only icing on the metaphorical cake."

Harry's eyes flipped back to his beloved snowy owl, seeing the resignation and sadness in her own always too intelligent and expressive eyes, as Umbridge eased the tip of the Holly wand through the bars of the cage. Before the witch could speak her incantation, however, Hedwig's eyes picked up a hint of mischief. Without warning, the owl shifted her stance, driving the talons on her right foot through the gaps in the bottom of the cage and into the fleshy palm of Umbridge's off hand.

The woman let out a screech of pain and flung her hand out, throwing the cage and trying to dislodge the bird. Hedwig hung on doggedly for a short time before, on a particularly hard fling, her talons tore free in a spray of blood and a few bits of flesh as the cage went flying. It went bouncing along the ground around ten feet before sliding to a stop, leaving Hedwig rather dazed and even more ruffled than before while Umbridge cursed up a storm.

"You there!" Umbridge snapped at one of the Aurors, "Bring that cage back over here, and you," she glared at the other, "tend to my injury!" The two Aurors immediately moved to do as told, the first snagging Hedwig's cage with a levitation charm and floating it back to the group and the other stepping up to silently cast a quick series of charms on Umbridge's hand. The woman spent those moments shifting her furious glare between Harry and an unmistakably smug looking Hedwig.

Once she had been assured that her hand was once more whole, Umbridge snatched up Harry's wand from where she had dropped it after Hedwig's assault, "I hope you don't mind if I don't waste any more time, Harry. This creature has pushed me a bit too far at this point."

As Umbridge once more aimed Harry's wand at his Familiar, the owl met his eyes, sending a pulse of affection and gratitude along their bond and bringing tears to his eyes. –Worry not Harry/Wizard- Hedwig spoke to him one last time, -I will be with you always. You must simply know where to look.-

Before Harry had time to process the strangely cryptic statement from the owl, Umbridge let out a vicious, "AVADA KEDAVRA!" and Hedwig's life, and the bond between the two of them, was severed with a flash of acid green light.

Harry felt the tears in his eyes grow further still, and he closed them tight, unable to stop the single drop that trailed down his cheek at the loss of one of his closest friends. "Well," Umbridge spoke, once more using her pseudo-pleasant tone, "now that that's taken care of," she casually shoved the cage with Hedwig's corpse away from her with an uncaring swipe of her arm, knocking it out of the Auror's levitation charm and letting it bounce away before sliding to a stop, "I can deal with this." Harry opened his eyes just in time to see her smirk before snapping his faithful wand in two, then doubling those halves up and snapping it again before throwing the pieces at him, letting them bounce off his face and chest and fall to the floor between them.

There was a moment of almost silence when Harry swore he could hear a faint burst of mournful Phoenix song before his own anger rushed to the forefront. He was no longer in the least bit hesitant in what he was about to do.

Umbridge, ignorant or uncaring of his anger, sighed happily, "Now Harry, as I'm sure you know, seeing as how you presided over quite a few Veil executions as I recall, the prisoner will be graciously given the opportunity for any last words in the world of the living." She nodded to one of the Aurors who canceled the silencing charm with a flourish of his wand. "So dear Harry Potter, Savior of the Wizarding World and Man-Who-Won, do you have any last words?"

Harry glared at Umbridge for a moment before letting his own smirk stretch across his face, "Only this," he croaked before clearing his throat, "I, Lord Harry James Potter, hereby declare that any and all individuals that intentionally helped you with the creation of your ridiculous Ministerial Decree for the Prevention of Megalomaniacal Acts or helped to arrange this farcical trial and execution is in violation of debts owed to my person. I name you all Oath Breakers! Deceivers! Unfaithful and unworthy of protection and the gift of Magic! On the moment of my upcoming death by execution, may each and every one of you feel the wrath of your own magic taken out on yourself! And you Delores Umbridge, let you feel this pain tenfold for your own crimes, both committed thus far and planned for the future. So I declare, SO MOTE IT BE!"

Umbridge's face took on a look of shock before her smile once more spread across her face, "And what exactly did you think that would accomplish Harry? Nobody here owes you any debts. Your little bluff, while an admirable attempt, is ultimately for nothing."

"Oh no?" Harry smirked back, "I can state with a high level of confidence that each and every Magical in Great Britain, and quite possibly the entire world, owes me a Life Debt for defeating Voldemort when I did. Not only was I the only one who could kill him, I stopped him from bringing about the death of all of us."

"And how exactly did you do that?" Umbridge scoffed.

Harry chuckled slightly, "Voldemort was about to take an action that would immediately and irreversibly reveal the existence of the magical world to the Muggles, and they would have reacted rather poorly, if history is anything to go by. They would have hunted down and killed every last magical on this planet without fail or hesitation. That is why I went to finish things when I did, despite the fact that I really wasn't fully prepared for it. I had no choice. If I hadn't taken care of things then, everyone would have died."

Umbridge stared at him incredulously before flinging her head back and laughing like she had just heard the funniest thing in her life. "A Life Debt? For 'saving' us all from the Muggles!? You have quite the imagination on you, Harry. Muggles are absolutely no threat to even the weakest of pureblood magicals. There is no Life Debt. There cannot possibly be one."

Harry moved then, stepping up to stand right in front of her and a bit more than a head taller, making the two Aurors brandish their wands, "Then send me through the veil, Minister. Complete your execution and find out just how right I am."

The woman looked slightly taken aback for a moment before growling and drawing her own wand. "Your last gamble won't pay off boy," she grumbled as she pressed the tip of her wand into Harry's chest, pushing him back slowly till he was at arm's length from her, though that was admittedly not too far. "You have been sentenced to death under the Ministerial Decree for the Prevention of Megalomaniacal Acts and so by the power vested in me by myself as the Minister of Magic, I hereby carry out your sentence. Die Potter!"

Following her final declaration, the woman sent out a surprisingly strong burst of pure, emotion fueled magic that sent the still smirking Harry flying backward and through the veil. As he passed through the barrier, he kept going straight back, the archway looking like an open doorway to the land of the living that was shrinking as he traveled away from it. However, he couldn't miss the look of pain and horror on the faces of Umbridge and the two Aurors as their own magic attacked them from within, carrying out Magic's will at their betrayal of the one who saved them all from certain death…


It didn't take long for Harry to grow tired of the continuous flying he had been doing since he had passed through the Veil. He was unable to change his relative trajectory or speed (as far as he could tell) no matter how he twisted or turned. To be honest he had no idea how long it had been in the first place. Ten minutes… Ten hours… Time had lost meaning ever since he had lost sight of the doorway to the Living World. He was surrounded by nothing but endless darkness and the vague feeling of moving straight back ever since he had been blasted by Umbridge's last spell. On the bright side though, the lack of scenery did leave him plenty of time for ruminations.

His life had sucked. Majorly.

Alright, to be fair it had only taken him a few moments to come to that conclusion, but the point still stood. Between his early life with the Dursleys, his tumultuous time at Hogwarts that ultimately led to the discovery of his destiny, the eventual completion of said destiny, and let's not forget the cluster-fuck that he had just finished dealing with, he really hadn't had any true time to live…

-That is exactly what the prophecy warned of, my Master… Neither can live while the other survives…-

Harry jerked slightly, twisting his head around to try and find the source of the strange, echoing yet still whisper-like voice that had spoken. That had called him Master…

"Who… No, where are you?" He spoke, hesitating only briefly.

-I am here with you, my Master…- the voice trailed off at the end, leaving only its eerie echo behind.

"Alright," Harry gave a sigh, his recent imprisonment and the now seemingly endless darkness around him leaving him with only so much patience. "At the risk of sounding ignorant, why can't I see you then?"

The voice seemed to chuckle a bit, truly a disturbing sound, before it spoke once more, -My apologies Master, I shall reveal myself at once.- Harry saw only a flash of black light that somehow still stood out amongst the blackness around him before he noticed that there was now the vaguest outline of a figure before him. The more he focused, the clearer it became, if only because the full length cloak it was wearing was somehow even more black than their surroundings; an absence of light, even amongst an absence of light.

"Ok, now back to my earlier aborted question, who are you?"

The figure seemed to let out a sniff, as if they felt the question unnecessary, -Can you not guess Master? Is this form I have taken not stereotypical enough for you? Do I need a scythe and visible skull as well?-

Harry's eyes narrowed as he studied the figure more closely. Its full length cloak wrapped tightly around a nearly too thin looking waist, flaring out where its hips would be and fluttering in the almost-wind created by Harry's flight as it matched him, though never revealing any part of the figure it covered. The top half remained rather skin tight up over the still thin shoulders and arms which hung limply down by the figure's sides. A drawn hood shadowed any further features in darkness, not giving even the slightest hint as to its wearer's identity.

'OK,' Harry thought to himself, 'so I've got a very tall and skinny person in an all-consuming black cloak and hood who seems to think I'm their master… A scythe and a skull to make it more stereotypical…' "Death…" Harry's revelation escaped unintentionally from his lips in a half-choked whisper as he looked to the figure with renewed wonder tinted with fear.

-Indeed Master. I am the entity known to mortals as 'Death.' I am the one who ferries the souls of those once amongst the living who are no longer so to their proper destination. I am the Judge of the wicked and the Shepherd to those who have earned their last rest.-

Harry let out a sigh, a small smile forming at the corners of his mouth, "Is that why you're here then? To take me to my final rest? Well, anything would be better than this endless void, so have at me."

The figure's hood shook back and forth, almost sadly Harry thought, -I am afraid I cannot do that Master, for you are not yet dead and are therefore out of my purview.-

Harry's eyes widened, "What the hell do you mean I'm not dead? I got blasted through the Veil of Death! And would you please stop calling me 'Master?'"

-I cannot stop calling you my master for that is exactly what you are, Master. And your survival at this moment is intrinsically linked to that very status as my master, Master.- Harry now knew that, among other things, Death was a complete smart ass.

Taking a deep breath, Harry shook his head slowly. "I'm afraid you have it wrong big guy. I don't have the three Hallows on me. They were all taken by the Ministry when they abducted me in my sleep. If nothing else, I know the Elder Wand has been passed to another wielder before due to circumstances similar to my own. I can't possibly be the Master of Death."

Death scoffed again, -Do you honestly think that I can be wrong about who is the true master of my three Hallows?- One of Death's arms waved forward and Harry felt the whisper of the being's magic sweep over him, leaving him with an unexplainable chill. –The loyalty of the Elder Wand was won from Dumbledore the first time you disarmed him near the end of your training and the wand itself was claimed from the Dark Lord stylizing himself as Voldemort in your final duel…- As the chill faded, Harry felt the comforting weight of his wand holster around his right thigh and glanced down to see the length of the Elder Wand. -The Resurrection Stone was collected by yourself and Dumbledore and the curse was removed from it when you cleansed it of the soul fragment housed within…- A tingle came from his right hand and Harry looked to see the Gaunt Ring upon which the Resurrection Stone was mounted. -And the Cloak of Invisibility has always been in your family, passed down through the generations until it finally came to you.- The familiar weight of his father's invisibility cloak settled on his shoulders, fluttering around him much like the cloak around Death.

Harry gathered himself for a moment before speaking, "But that doesn't explain why I am still the master of the Elder Wand when I was defeated by one of Umbridge's Aurors when they took me in."

Death seemed to let off an aura of satisfaction. -There are two ways to look at this: the way things happened, and the way you are trying to see things. I assure you that they both lead to the same result. You were disarmed by an Auror during your capture, but as you are the first to reunite my Hallows and become the true Master of Death since their creation, the wand is now eternally loyal to you and only you will be able to draw out its full power. Add in to that your final act of defiance to Umbridge causing the death of every corrupt Auror and ministry official in Magical Britain and you will find that you are still the master by conquest as it was by your magical oath and decree that the Auror who disarmed you met his own end.-

Harry groaned, "Alright then, I can see you have me out maneuvered there, but here's another repeat for you. Why am I not dead?"

-Master, I assume you know nothing of the true benefits of the title of the Master of Death.- At Harry's negative response, the entity continued, -Being the Master of Death means only two things. One, the Hallows will forever respond to you better than they have for any other. And two, you cannot be killed by any artifact of Death.-

"Which I assume includes the Veil of Death… and that should be obvious from the name alone." Harry resisted the urge to smack himself in the head. "So what now?"

-Now Master, you are left with two choices. The first choice is to stay in this lovely void of never ending darkness until your mortal shell finally gives out from lack of sustenance, which will probably involve a great deal of suffering in the meantime…-

For a being without visible eyes, Death sure could pull off a mean puppy dog look. The being seemed rather eager at the thought of Harry dying. "Yea-no. That's not really much of a choice, Death."

Death almost seemed to be pouting now as it continued, -No, I suppose it is too much to hope for from a mortal such as yourself, Master. You have always been rather stubborn about not dying, though the anticipation has kept me on the edge of my seat, metaphorically speaking of course.-

"Of course," Harry repeated with an eye roll, "the second option if you will…?"

-Yes, my Master. The second option is for me to kick you out of the void and into whichever dimension happens to be… well… the word that you would most easily understand would be 'nearest,' although that hardly describes the true physics of a trans-dimensional void…- Death crossed his arms and drifted back and forth in front of Harry several times, apparently contemplating something well above Harry's understanding that involved trans-dimensional realities… whatever those were.

"Couldn't you just send me back home?" the wizard interrupted after what might have been a few minutes.

Death paused in his musings and turned back toward Harry, -Alas, my Master, such a thing is beyond my power. I may be Death, but that doesn't mean I can undo several relative light years of travel. My power is based around the end of life and all aspects of it. All I can do to help you now is rip a hole in the void through brute force and allow you to drift through it. Any attempts to do anything else would require a subtlety that my powers are ill equipped to handle and it could well end in a very gruesome and painful end for yourself. And since you have expressed a disinterest in shedding your mortal coil…-

"Yeah, I get the picture," Harry mumbled, resisting the urge to pout at the response. "Well, if that's my only choice, other than slowly starving to death in the void, I guess we'll have to go with that and hope for the best, yeah?"

-Indeed it is so Master, indeed it is so… Please be warned Master, I cannot influence where you will end up and it is entirely possible that you will find yourself in less than ideal circumstances when you arrive in the dimension that will become your new home. I would suggest being on your guard as much as possible if you wish to avoid regaining my company too soon.-

"I'll keep that in mind, Death," Harry deadpanned, almost feeling the slight air of dejection coming from the entity before him.

-See that you do. And remember, while you will retain your magic and the Hallows in this new dimension, there is no guarantee that the people you will meet will be at all accepting of them. Just a friendly caution to behave as if your 'Statute of Secrecy' is still in effect over you.-

"Yeah, witch hunts would be bad," Harry mused.

Death nodded, -Indeed. Well, farewell Master. Till we meet again…- Without another word and completely catching Harry off guard, the cloaked form before him disappeared without a trace, merely vanishing in a blink, before he felt a massive upsurge of magic, tinged with despair, directly behind him. Twisting his head around, Harry caught sight of a literal tear in the space behind him that let out a bright white glow just moments before he passed through it and found himself landing roughly on a dry and dusty patch of earth, flat on his back, knocking the air out of his lungs and making his vision go blurry.

Struggling to a sitting position, Harry focused on his breathing as best he could, trying to regain his equilibrium before running a quick check on his person.

'Ok, let's see,' he mused once his breathing evened out, 'Glasses? Check, thanks to a sticking charm… Good… Ring with the stone? Still there… Cloak? Yeah… Wand? Still here… All my limbs intact? Surprisingly enough… Damn, I think this is the least injured I've been after one of my crazy adventures…'

A flash of yellow light indicated that Harry had spoken too soon as it faded away to reveal what looked like some kind of humanoid, blue-skinned baboon like creature wearing head-to-toe golden armor and wielding a long sword. Harry quickly struggled to his feet, standing somewhat unsteadily as he drew the Elder Wand and brandished it before him in a basic dueling stance.

The creature, however, seemed to ignore him. "MISTRESS!" it thundered, looking up to the sky, "I have found the energy source! It is a mere human boy!"

There was a crack of thunder before another figure appeared in a flash of light next to the monkey-thing. This figure was a human looking woman wearing a long brown dress with wide, draping sleeves and a black frill around her neck. She had two large bundles of hair wrapped in cloth that stuck up from her head to resemble horns of some kind, and in her hand she held a staff with a ring on top resembling a crescent with a large red gem set where it connected to the staff.

"Ah!" the woman spoke with an incredibly rough voice, like a twenty a day smoker, "Yes, this human does indeed possess the power I sensed… hmm…" She brandished her staff forward and a blast of red lightning shot toward Harry.

Acting out of instinct born from long hours of training and fighting in a magical war, Harry threw up a Protego shield just in time, barely holding it against the strange sorceress's attack. "What the hell!" Harry shouted, "I've only been here for two minutes and I'm already being attacked!"

"Yes," the woman spoke, seemingly ignoring him, "I can see it now. The power I sensed comes from the wand he holds! GOLDAR! Retrieve it for me!"

The monkey thing, apparently named Goldar, brought his left arm, the one not holding his sword, across his chest and nodded, "Yes my Queen. At once." Before Harry could react further, Goldar had jumped toward him in a blur, his sword smashing into the shield dome around Harry and shattering it like glass, sending Harry once more to the ground in a cloud of dust from the backlash of his shield collapsing.

Not giving him any time, Goldar moved forward and stepped on his right wrist, pinning it to the ground and allowing him to remove the Elder Wand from Harry's numb hand without a fight before returning to the side of the sorceress. "Your prize, my queen!" he said before the two suddenly flinched, "The Rangers! They are on their way!"

"Yes," the woman said with a smirk as she examined the wand in her hands, reveling in the power coursing through it. "Let us be off then Goldar. I have what I came for."

"But what of the mageling majesty?" Goldar asked, his fiery gaze shooting to Harry as he struggled to rise from the dust, cradling his right wrist where Goldar had stomped it.

"Leave him," she responded with a sinister smile. "He is of no consequence without his focus, and I have a lot of work to do with this lovely wand…"

Goldar backed away from the woman, bowing. "As you wish, my Queen!"

Harry could only watch as the two vanished, taking the Elder Wand with them in another flash of light just as his body finally gave out on him.

His last sight before unconsciousness took him was of five different colored beams of energy touching down near him and dissipating to reveal five figures dressed in full body suits of the same colors as their respective beams…


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