So in this little four-shot, we see the story of how Jacob got Havoc and why Havoc means so much to him. I'll have little numbers after an asterisk (my usual method) at the end of certain sentences. This is to help you to understand how Jacob also knows Zinnia for Dragon Soul94's "Rise of a Legend" which I happen to be the Beta for. After a few talks back and forth, I settled on letting Dragon use Jacob. Rest assured, this is pretty much the same Jacob from His Distance. Hence, my reason for the asterisk and the numbered list. Some of the story deviates from HD and I'll be doing some spoilers for HD in this. If you don't want any spoilers, turn back now.

Rating and reasons: T for violence, mentions of abuse and some language.

A/N: I'll come out and say that Jacob has just turned 12 at the beginning and you actually get to see his Johto attire. I only own Jacob, the daycare breeder, a few other characters and their Pokémon.

Havoc's Past: Larvitar

It's a sunny day as a 12-year-old boy with dark brown hair and blue eyes is riding his bike. This is Jacob Matthews. Jacob started his journey a couple of years ago and is returning to Johto. Jacob's attire has changed somewhat since he started his journey. He doesn't wear his hat as much, but he keeps it in his bag for sentimental purposes. He is now dressed in a white T-shirt with a red Poké Ball logo and has a pair of blue jeans with green tennis shoes. He has a gray watch on his left wrist and his trainer belt is now a navy blue instead of the brown one he started with.

Jacob hears an explosion then skids his bike to a stop. A series of beeps is heard from his pocket. Jacob wipes the sweat off of his forehead, nearly flicking his sunglasses off in the process. "This is Jacob," he said into the walkie talkie.

"Jacob? Jacob, this is Clair Wataru of Blackthorn City. Can you hear me?" a nervous voice said.

"I can," Jacob said, noticing her distress. "Where are you and were you involved in that explosion?"

"Not exactly, but we need reinforcements and as many as possible. I'm sending the routes to your watch. Turn the nob on the left facing away from you. Out," Clair said.

Jacob's watch wasn't your ordinary wristwatch. It had a small nob on the left side with ridges. He turned it towards the trees and a little map showed him where he needed to go. With an occasional glance at his wrist, Jacob arrived on the scene.

Clair wasn't kidding when she said she had reinforcements. "Honchkrow, Sky Attack/Beedrill, Struggle Bug!"

(Jacob's P.O.V.)

I saw Isaac Walker, the Violet City Gym Leader and with him was Millie Tsukushi of Azalea's gym.

"Tauros use your Hyper Beam and Miltank, use Rollout!" That was Milton. I thought he retired, I guess not.

"Crobat, sic 'em!" I heard.

I didn't react fast enough. "Floatzel, Aqua Jet then Ice Punch!" a familiar voice said as I was pushed out of the way. I then looked at Malcolm, the Ecruteak gym leader.

"Send out what ya got, kid. Go join Pryce and Clair. Lance is somewhere round here," he said.

I nodded and got up. I sent out Gengar, Ivysaur, Vaporeon and Ditto. I found Clair and Pryce with 2 Lapras.

"Ice Beam!" he said.

"Vaporeon, join in with your Aurora Beam. Gengar, Night Shade. Ditto, Transform into a Fearow and Ivysaur, use Sunny Day," I rattled off commands. I could feel my heart pounding.

While I let some of my team attack, that also gave Pryce and Clair some room to bring me up to speed. "Why's Crasher Wake here?" I asked, having seen the man (and his Floatzel) on TV.

"He's a gym leader and the only backup we could get from Sinnoh. There are poachers with Team Rocket," Pryce said with disgust at the mention of the team that had roots in my family. My stomach churned slightly because of that.

"I'd suggest taking two of your strongest," Clair said to me. "Pokémon will listen to other trainers in situations like this. I was with some Hoenn leaders. We couldn't get anyone from Kanto."

I nodded. "Okay. Ditto as you know can do anything. Gengar, Ivysaur, come with me," I said.

Pryce nodded at my choices and I ran. I sprinted after Ivysaur as Gengar flew by my side.

"Poison Sting and Flamethrower!" I heard a voice say.

"I don't think so. Spinda, Teeter Dance now! Slaking, Fire Blast!" a new voice said behind me.

I was then behind what looked like a giant Primeape. "Whirlwind to cover them!" I heard Clair command my Ditto, now a Pidgeot.

I used some spray on myself and got a few of the stingers out that way. I let the Slaking trainer bandage me.

"I'm Jacob," I introduced. "Jacob Matthews."

"Norman Maple from Petalburg," the man introduced. "I'm one of the toughest leaders in Hoenn. I heard that there was an attack on my home region. I've had Slaking, Spinda and Slaking's pre-evolutions helping me out as I free Pokémon from their cages."

I nodded and had Ivysaur use another Sunny Day. "Slakoth, get into tag mode!" Norman said.

I watched as the Slakoth got near Ivysaur who was charging up. I took a glance at the sun and didn't hear what attack Norman called Slakoth to use. I just heard him saying to charge something.

I nodded to Norman. "Thunder/Solar Beam!" we managed at the same time, easily knocking down some Crobat and I didn't expect Solar Beam to grow that big. I saw a Larvitar in a cage. I looked at Ivysaur who kept going. I had my bag still and let Larvitar hide in there. I took out my jacket to cover it.

"Ivysaur, use Razor Leaf, full power!" I said as I watched Vigoroth (that's what Norman called it) attack.

I got up to my feet and focused on the battle. "Synthesis," I said as I calmed down. I figured out that Ivysaur and I could attack better after he used Synthesis.

"Saur," he said, nodding to me. Before I could command another attack, Ivysaur began to glow, evolving.

'Alright, Ivysaur!' I thought.

'Thanks,' I heard a deep voice say. Okay, gotta call my mom after this.

I was about to command again as Norman called for another Fire Blast. "You think you can handle the bigger beast?" he said, indicating her Salamance.

Venusaur growled before letting roots go out of the ground. "That's Frenzy Plant," I murmured. I had an idea.

"Gengar, use Fire Punch on that Drapion," I commanded. "Venusaur, Earthquake!"

The battle raged on as Lance and his Dragonite arrived. He jumped off and had his Dragonite go in for an Ice Punch. "Alright Team Rocket, give it up!" Pryce roared. My Vaporeon came to my side as I decided to sneak away to undo the latch on a Donphan's cage. I picked up some kind of fang. I noticed that we were near a berry tree.

"Hunter J, you're outnumbered," I heard Lance say. So that was her name. *

"Fools. I've gotten stronger since our last meeting," she said as she held up a grenade. I heard many command a Protect attack as I heard a helicopter going and her sinister laugh.

'A dud?' I thought to myself as I saw a light green pulse from my body. I pulsed again and some shield came up, but it wasn't enough as I watched Lance's Dragonite deflect the explosion with a Hyper Beam and other agents move in to arrest other Team Rocket members. One of them was a man named Attila.

I had Vaporeon freeze a berry that Norman handed me, called a Liechi Berry and crushed it gently in my hand for the Donphan. I let Donphan eat and then remembered the Larvitar that was in my bag. I got it out of there and told Lance. "Come on. Mr. Ryoko's center isn't too far from here. I think he might have a reward for you, Jacob," Lance said. I nodded, deciding to worry about my bike later. (1)

I recalled my team and congratulated them. I decided to get on Venusaur as Clair showed up. "Your bike got destroyed in the crossfires," she explained.

I sighed. "I guess this little guy likes me," I said as I noticed Larvitar trying to climb Venusaur. I noticed a pulse of green in its eyes and then blinked as it happened.

I rubbed my head. "So who's this J lady?" I asked. Lance sighed and told me as he, Clair and I made our way to a breeding center. 'I better have the arm looked at,' I thought. Having a Poison Sting attack hurts. I've never seen a Donphan with a tusk that bad. It looked ready to fall off and some of the Pokémon didn't look any better. I noticed Clair was holding a cloth to a Totodile's mouth. I winced as I looked at the fang again. It wasn't hard to figure out where the fang came from.

We neared the house of Mr. Ryoko. I saw a Nurse Joy, too. "Clair," I said as I watched her hand off the Totodile to Nurse Joy. Lance handed her a Chikorita and a Cyndaquil.

"We'll talk about battling later," she said stoically.

"N-not that," I stammered. "I found this near Donphan's cage. I didn't see anything else with the Donphan."

"To," Totodile weakly grumbled. I heard it and got another headache myself.

I handed it to Nurse Joy. I felt a lump in my throat as Larvitar watched me hand over the fang and growled at me.

"Larvitar, that's quite enough," a man said. He looked taller than Lance and had graying brown hair. "As always, please come in."

I dismounted Venusaur and entered the man's house. "I heard Totodile tell me something," I told the man, who had introduced himself as Mr. Ryoko.

"Oh?" he said.

I nodded as Nurse Joy took care of my arm. "Yeah. She said that she had Sheer Force as an ability, but," I winced as Nurse Joy took out a deeper stinger.

"That must be why she was after them," Clair said. "Professor Elm called before the battling began and said that 3 starters were stolen from the truck from the breeding center. Cyndaquil must have Flash Fire and Chikorita must have Leaf Guard."

Once my arm was taken care of, I called my mom on Mr. Ryoko's phone.

"So, how's Blackthorn City?" she asked.

"It's bigger than I thought," I said after remembering that Lance had told me that we were in Blackthorn City.

"Okay, Jacob. What's the matter?" she asked. "You're not sick, are you?"

I shrugged. 'Sick to my stomach, yes,' I thought. "I hope not. Mom, I," and I told her everything.

She had a flicker of worry in her eyes as I told her everything. "Is Lance there?" she asked. I looked up and saw Lance was still talking.

"He's talking with Clair. Mom, what's going on with me?" I asked.

"Do you remember me telling you about a heroic knight who fought alongside Sir Aaron?" she asked me.

"Yeah," I said. "Sir Harry, right?" She nodded. (2)

"Harry and Aaron were friends, almost like brothers. Both had aura and both served under Queen Rin," she explained. "I believe you might have aura, Jacob. Keep your meditation up and that'll balance it until you can get an aura partner."

I nodded and then handed the phone to Lance.

I watched Mr. Ryoko polish something as Cyndaquil curled up in his lap. "Chik-a," Chikorita chirped. I got down and petted it.

"You're a fine trainer, lad," he said to me. "I can't thank ya enough for saving these young ones. My partner Donphan," he trailed off.

I understood. It was quiet as Chikorita would rub its head in my stomach. "Is Totodile's tooth going to grow back or is it too late?" I asked.

He took a sharp breath. "I don't know, son. You staying in town for your gym battle?" he asked.

I had plans on meeting Paul here. "Yes, sir," I said. (3)

"How's about you take this here and get some shuteye in the guest room. Gabite, can you show him the way?" he asked.

"Thank you for letting me stay, Mr. Ryoko," I said. I noticed Lance and Clair had stepped outside.

"Jacob," Mr. Ryoko said.

"Sir?" I said, turning around. He placed what he was polishing in my hand.

"Thank ya for getting the gang back here," he said. I looked at it and recognized it to be a Great Ball.

"Thank you, sir," I said and followed Gabite to the guest room. I stayed the night.

When I woke up, I saw the same Larvitar from before. I noticed that there was a scar above his eye. "Tar," Larvitar said.

I understood and not because of my aura. "It's okay. I'm not much of a socialite myself," I admitted.

Larvitar tilted his head. "Yeah," I said. "I only talk to my family and my team and my partners. In the G-Men."

Larvitar looked at me and I got out of bed. As I walked downstairs, I remembered what Clair said, but that was okay. I ate breakfast and got my team together.

"Come back, anytime, son," he said.

"Will do," I said. "Ditto, transform into a Fearow."

(3 years later. Third person perspective)

"I can't believe it," a slightly older boy said over the phone.

"I can, son. Jacob, you're a pacifist by nature and I think things happen for a reason," his father Alex said. Alexander Matthews had black hair and blue eyes, giving Jacob's their sapphire color.

"So that means I have to send someone home," Jacob breathed. He had with him his newly-evolved Leafeon, Venusaur, Ludicolo, Xatu, Lucario, Mantine and Ditto. Most of his other Pokémon were either home or at HQ.

"Well, Lucario needs to help you with your aura. How about Mantine?" Alex suggested after rubbing his chin in thought.

Jacob nodded. "Yeah, that's actually a good idea. She needs some practice with Bullet Seed," he said.

"So you did get your new clothes," Alex said. "Well, son, I have to cut this short but you know the drill."

Jacob nodded. "Oh and dad?" he remembered.

"Yes, son?" Alex asked.

"Happy birthday," Jacob said. With a grin, he added, "I kept my promise this year. That I'd contact you on Father's Day and your birthday."

Alex only chuckled at his son before placing a ball in the slot.

Jacob's new clothes were also for the colder weather. He now had on a pair of black pants with hunter green lines down either side. He also had on a white long-sleeved T-shirt and a pale blue vest over it. He had blue gloves. The ball was a new Poké Ball. Jacob hadn't been able to get an incubator for his egg, who had evolved in a week's time frame! Suddenly, there was a buzzing in Jacob's sweatshirt pocket.

"Hello?" he said.

"Hi sweetie," a voice rang out on the other end.

"Erika," Jacob said. "H-how are you?" He was a bit flustered. 'Didn't Erika have a gym inspection today?'

"Pretty good. I just thought I'd call. The inspector is running behind because I contacted the league. Did you get my gift?" she asked.

Jacob's cheeks got a sudden tinge of pink at the mention of his girlfriend's gift. "Yeah. It's a nice scarf," he said.

"I figured you should break outside of the green. I know you like yellow, but I felt that this would be a better choice," she said.

Jacob had been gifted a forest green (as opposed to his favorite shade: jade green) scarf that had a few specks of cyan in it. Jacob still had his hunter green hooded sweatshirt. (4)

"It's perfect, Erika. I love it," he said. "Honey, I'll call you in a couple of hours. I'm supposed to fly to Johto for business and to meet a friend."

"Okay. Love you lots," Erika said.

"Love you, too," he said. The call ended.

(Jacob's P.O.V.)

I walked outside of the Center and put my scarf around my neck. I enlarged Ditto's ball and said, "Come out and Transform into a Staraptor!"

Ditto had complied and I got on.

"To Johto, my friend," I said. With that, we took to the skies. I watched other Flying-types pass our route and instructed Ditto on how to fly.

'I wonder what the fuss is about a Raikou appearing,' I thought to myself. Earlier today, I had gotten word that there was a wild Raikou on the outskirts of Blackthorn City. We were nearing the place where I met Mr. Ryoko ...three years ago. I saw something and stood up straight. Definitely not seeing things.

I took a deep breath before performing a leap of faith. I was probably 200 feet in the air, so this would be an interesting drop. I concentrated and controlled my aura, seeing if I could make myself a cushion. "Got ya!" I cried as I grabbed whatever had been falling. It was cold and it felt familiar. I realized that I was on a ledge and from the way the wind was blowing, things were not looking good. I used my aura and counted on the wind to thrust everyone else to safety.

Sure enough, my gloved hand began to slip. 'Oh, fuck,' I thought. I made eye contact with whatever I was holding.

"Tar?" it said, barely holding on. Now I felt guilty as I was sure we were plummeting to sudden death. I could feel myself descend, but my body never hit the ground. I heard a powerful roar and opened my eye slightly.

Through aura, I could tell what it really was as we were suddenly shot up into the air.

'Thank you, Raikou,' I thought. A Raikou that knows Extrasensory isn't an everyday occurrence. I felt a familiar set of vines wrap around me.

"Saur," I heard Venusaur grunting. I noticed another ledge and used my other hand to grab onto it.

"Grab this Larvitar, Venusaur. I'll push myself up," I called. I handed Larvitar off as I felt my glove getting wet. 'Damn,' I thought as I felt another set of vines wrap around me. I was lifted up.

"Xatu!" Xatu chirped.

"Dit," Ditto cried.

"Fe?" Leafeon asked.

"Colo!" Ludicolo exclaimed.

'Sir Jacob,' Lucario said.

"Saur," Venusaur grunted.

I noticed that there was a Meganium that had me in his arms. My arm was really hurting. I must've twisted it when I was grabbing onto the ledge.

I then heard a louder roar as I realized what was going on.

"Tyranitar, stand down," a woman's voice said. She noticed me and Larvitar, who I decided to wrap up in my scarf to warm up. The Tyranitar was on her right and a Typhlosion flanked her left. "Havoc is okay," she said.

Leafeon sprang to me and wanted to lick my hand, but stopped. "I'm alright, girl," I said.

'Quit lying,' Venusaur said.

"Daryl, come quick," the woman said. "Forgive me for not introducing myself. My name is Ally. Ally Ryoko."

I couldn't be in the same place, could I? I looked at Tyranitar. Soon enough, a man who looked like Mr. Ryoko when he was younger (he had shown me photos) came to us.

"You're lucky I didn't get too far," Daryl said. "Do come in," he said.

I nodded and introduced myself. All of a sudden, I felt myself in the tail of that Tyranitar. Tyranitar flexed his tail and lifted me pretty high. I saw the scar. "It's you," I said, remembering my stay here 3 years ago.

Inside, all of my team was getting looked at, courtesy of Daryl, a Pokémon Doctor. "Well, your hand doesn't need stitches, but your arm needs to be put in a sling," Ally said. The door opened and Leafeon emerged. I looked at my now bandaged hand.

"Leafeon," I murmured. She jumped into my lap without further question.

"Thank you for saving Havoc," Ally said, regaining my attention. I looked at the baby Larvitar. "I'm surprised you didn't struggle with him."

Okay, I think I just had a shot to my pride. I breathed. "I may look small, but I've been a trainer for 5 years. I train with all my Pokémon and lift weights," I said.

Ally only smiled. "So, is um," I began, not knowing how she was related to Mr. Ryoko.

"Dad died last year. He told Daryl and I about a trainer who came through to help the G-Men. We're among few breeders trusted with the Chikorita, Cyndaquil and Totodile like the ones you rescued three years ago," Ally said with a smile.

"Oh. Did Totodile's tooth ever grow back?" I asked, remembering that day.

Ally nodded as she placed my elbow in the sling. "Thanks to your timing, she made it out okay and is now a very strong Feraligatr," she said with a smile.

I felt a ramming at my pants. "Lar!" Larvitar cried, pointing to Leafeon.

"No way," Ally murmured. She chuckled. "I think Havoc wants to go with you," she said.

I read Havoc's aura and smiled. "You want me to use Leafeon, don't you?" I said. Havoc nodded. "Well girl, want some battle practice?" I asked, using my other hand to grab the empty Poké Ball my dad gave me.

"Fe!" Leafeon cheered. We went outside and Larvitar walked away from us.

"Okay, Havoc," I said. "Show us what you've got!"

Larvitar wasted no time in whipping up a Sandstorm. "Quick Attack and then halfway through, go for a Razor Leaf," I said.

Leafeon did so and fired a few leaves. That was something we'd have to work on. However, the power was enough to knock Larvitar back. I threw the ball and it shook a few times, but Larvitar broke free. I learned this one as a young boy. I went through my bag. Larvitar began another attack. "Dig!" I called.

I watched as rocks came up. "Stone Edge," I murmured. "Leafeon, when you emerge, charge up for a Leaf Blade then follow that up with a Shadow Ball!" I called. Leafeon emerged from behind and landed a good few feet higher than Larvitar. Leaf Blade was looking good and by all means, an improvised attack. Well, at least I thought it was before I remembered that I looked through her moveset. Prior to evolution, Leafeon had been struggling with Shadow Ball. That seemed to work. I didn't hesitate. "Great Ball, go!" I shouted as I enlarged the ball and tossed it. It shook.

Once. Twice. Three times. It pinged and Havoc was mine.

I walked over to the Great Ball and Leafeon. I had to decide who to send home so I could get some bonding in. Actually, I could send someone to HQ.

"Well, Leafeon," I said, getting down to pet her. "We did it. We caught a Larvitar."

Leafeon bristled against my leg. "I guess we should call him Havoc, though," I said as I felt the breeze pick back up.

So that's a good place to end it, no? Yes. I'm the author and I say so. Alexander's birthday is November 19. I'll give you a rundown before I give you the A/N.

(*) Yes, Hunter J appears in "His Distance" and yes, Jacob meets her. I didn't feel like using Rico, considering he also has a Tyranitar.

(1) Jacob is what some might call a nature freak. He knows his berries.

(2) Harry is an OC that fought alongside Aaron and may appear in other stories.

(3) Parallel to His Distance. Jacob and Paul agree to meet up, but not in Blackthorn City.

(4) I spent a good deal of time looking at the shades of green. I know what I'm talking about.

A/N: So, some of you probably thought that I was going to have Jacob catch the Larvitar he meets at Mr. Ryoko's house and move on that way. That was my original plan, but it didn't make sense with a future part of the story. Jacob escaped with some minor injuries and stayed calm when he thought he was going to die. Next stop: Kanto.

Happy Father's Day, everyone. I'll be working on this a little more and have put FM:VN (Fuzzy Memories: Vivid Nightmares) and LFTS (Light from the Shadows) on hold for now.

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