Mabel, Dipper, Ford, and Stan were all trapped. Each in a different way. They were all trapped somewhere in the Fearamid though.

Mabel was trapped inside a cage with her Grunkles, but she was also trapped with fear.

Ford was trapped inside a cage with his twin and niece, but he was also trapped with horror.

Stan was trapped inside a cage with his twin and niece, but he was also trapped with insanity.

Dipper was trapped. Not in a cage, not with fear, horror, insanity, or indecision. No, Dipper was trapped because he couldn't think of a way to save his family, Gravity Falls, its inhabitants, and himself all at once. Dipper was trapped because he was running away from Bill, hoping to think of something as he ran before Bill caught him. Sadly, he had no such luck. Instead he had the type of luck where the enemy you're running from knows the place you're running in better than you and said enemy can apparently control the interior of the building you're inside. Yep. That was Dipper's luck.

Moral of the story: Don't drop glass container that is keeping the world you live in safe from - wait. What exactly was the container keeping the world safe from? Demons who just wanted somewhere new to explore, more things to discover? Dipper could relate to those feelings - the need to learn more, to discover something new, to explore. Demons who hadn't technically killed any humans? Demons who were really just searching for a new place to live; a place where they could feel safe and happy? Dipper could relate to that too.

What was so bad about Bill and his henchmaniacs?

Tons of stuff! For one they're trying to - to - to what? What are the demons really trying to do that's so bad? Well, they were trying to get rid of all the humans in Gravity Falls. Or enslave them. Or eat them. Or get kicks out of their pain or whatever. Dipper wasn't really sure what they were doing with the humans. Still, Dipper had done all of those things to his enemies. Other than eating or enslaving that is (although he had, technically speaking, enslaved Gideon before... - long story).

Nevermind what was said before. Dipper is trapped with indecision.

Which really would be helpful for Bill and that was not what Dipper was supposed to be doing.

He was supposed to be thinking of a way to save everyone. He was supposed to be enacting a wonderful plan to defeat Bill right now. But that wasn't what he was doing. No, instead he was thinking of reasons why his actions were unjustified, not Bill's. He was thinking of reasons why not to fight Bill.

What was going on with him?!

Dipper didn't really have time to think about that. He really didn't. Mostly because of the giant, yellow, triangular dorito in front of him.

"Heya PineTree! Done running? Finally thought of some spectacular way to defeat me and save everyone?"

Dipper looked away from Bill's face that, though it had no mouth, seemed to smirking down at him knowing full well he hadn't been able to think of anything.

"No..." Dipper mumbled, fidgeting slightly and looking at his shoes.

Bill almost seemed surprised. "Would you mind saying that again, PineTree?"

"I said, 'No!'" Dipper glared up at Bill who clearly would've been grinning if he had a mouth.

"Really? That's strange! I thought you were smarter than the other meatsacks!" Bill laughed happily. "Oh well! Guess I win! Time to go destroy those silly family members of yours! And the rest of the town while I'm at it!" Bill started to float away.

"NO! Wait! BILL!" Dipper was yelling at Bill's retreating form, trying to think of anything - anything - at all that would help his family of friends.

What could he do?

"I'll make a deal with you," Dipper said. He knew that, although he said it quietly, Bill would hear him. And he was right.

Bill's face was suddenly directly in front of his. "What was that, PineTree?"

"I'll make a deal with you, Bill." Dipper looked up at Bill with confidence. He knew what he was doing.

"Really?!" Bill was elated. He could finally have what he wanted and it was so simple to obtain!


"Alright," Bill said happily. He rubbed his to hands together. "What's the deal?"

"You spare all of the people of Gravity Falls and leave them be. Your henchmaniacs, or subjects, or whatever also can't hurt them," Dipper paused, noticing the glint in Bill's eyes. "Emotionally or physically." Bill sagged a little. "I learned from my first deal with you, Bill."

"Alright, alright. And what do I get in return?"

"You get...You get..." Dipper paused. What did he have to offer Bill? The journals were already destroyed and most of his weapons were already destroyed.

"I get..." Bill paused and pretended to think as he twirled his cane. "You," Bill exclaimed as he pointed his cane at Dipper


"You heard me. Do we have a deal?" Bill stuck out his hand and let it burst into blue flame.

Dipper hesitated. Him for everyone else's safety and protection. It was a more than fair trade, but the question was whether or not he was willing to give himself over to his enemy.

Dipper was once again trapped with indecision.

Finally, Dipper grasped Bill's flame lit hand.

He uttered two things that would change everything.

The first was, "Deal."

The second was, "Essere bloccato, in grado di lasciare a meno che non lo si fa dal bene nel tuo cuore."

Bill was trapped forever inside his castle unless he was going to do something good.

And so was Dipper.