Dipper would willingly bet his life on one thing and one thing only: Bill Cipher could be a triangular fucking asshole sometimes.

And holy shit was that an understatement.

Seriously, it is not okay to hide Dipper's journals in hard to reach places! Dipper couldn't get them down, not without wasting some precious magical energy (okay, honestly, Dipper had more than enough to waste on getting some books down, but he was paranoid and Bill knew it) on getting books down from impossibly high bookcases. (No really, Dipper had to tilt his head all the way back to see the top of this one.) If Dipper didn't love the stupid ass dorito so much, he would probably stop talking to Bill. Forever.

And yes, Dipper did love Bill. He really did. Sure, coming to the realization had been hard (who wanted to love a - sort of - psychopathic asshole?), especially for his thirteen-year-old self, but once he had, things went uphill. Not only were his feelings returned (with an added bit of lust from Bill, which, at his already-traumatized-just-started-puberty stage, was not helpful), but he also ended up starting a relationship with Bill. Things had been pretty awkward at first - Dipper was aware of his age; he wasn't really ready for a real relationship and he told Bill so, which left them figuring out how to have a romantic relationship without having a romantic relationship. Either way, relationship with Bill meant several things:

1) An annoying(ly endearing) occasionally-triangular-occasionally-human-looking dream demon would not leave him alone ever. (Dipper honestly kinda enjoyed this one - besides, that was bit of an exaggeration...only slightly though)

2) Instant respect from the demons under Bill's command. (Anyone able to stand being in a romantic relationship with Bill was simply awe-inspiring.)

3) Instant obedience from the demons under Bill's command. (No one wanted to face Bill's fury, which disrespect to Dipper would definitely cause.)

4) Dipper had a say in any and all decisions made by Bill. (Which meant the humans of Piedmont were spared and sent to live with the humans remaining in the safe haven of Gravity Falls.)

Yeah, Dipper really loved these perks. And he used them to his benefit frequently - also known as whenever he wanted. At the beginning, he really needed to use perks 2 & 3 to subdue the demons who rather hated his humanity and wanted to either torture or kill him. But eventually, either the demons got the message or they were wiped off the planes of existence by a furious Bill. It was sweet how protective Bill got of him. Bill even went so far as to make Dipper immortal - his reasoning being that he didn't want to fuck an 'old fart like Sixer' and he certainly didn't want Dipper to die and leave him. Dipper ignored the first part and focused on how sweet the second part was.

Subsequently, the gifted immortality unlocked the natural magical power (which was a surprisingly large amount and not the small amount he had already unlocked) held by his birthmark. (He had known star constellation birthmarks weren't normal! Ha, take that Mabel!) and Dipper was suddenly perfect in the eyes of Bill's followers. Or rather, before they feared Bill and now they feared both Bill and Dipper. Though that fear was mostly respect, actually. (A long and deep conversation with Pyronica had revealed such.)

Anyways, the point was that Dipper was very happy with Bill and Bill was very happy with Dipper. Except when Bill decided to prank Dipper. Then, well, Dipper got really really angry. Pranked Dipper = Angry Dipper = Unhappy Bill. It was a wonder Dipper's stupid triangle lover hadn't figured out the direct correlation between these things yet. Then again, Bill actually probably had and was just trying to see how long Dipper would put up with his mischief. (Forever was the answer because Dipper was going to be with Bill forever and nothing would change the love he felt in his heart.)

And that brought Dipper back to where he was originally - glaring up at his journal and the bookcase it sat on. He could practically hear Bill's amused chuckles from here. Oh, Bill so wouldn't be laughing later. Dipper was going to get his revenge. Sweet, sweet revenge.

"Bill! Get your stupid Dorito ass down here!" Dipper crossed his arms and tapped one of his feet impatiently on the ground. If that dumbass lover of his didn't get his ass over here immediately...well, you don't really want to know.

Bill popped into existence, devious grin planted on his face. "Heya, Pine Tree! How's it going?"

Dipper nearly growled. "You damn well how it's going! Now, you're going to get that journal down for me or else!"

"Or else what, Pine Tree," Bill asked, still grinning. Clearly, Bill was going for the push-Dipper-to-his-limit option. Really not a good idea.

"Or else, I'll ignore you, dumbass. Not only that, I'll be sure to torture you so badly you'll wish you could go crawling back to your goddamn mother demon or whatever shit you were created from and cry yourself to sleep. I'll also cast-"

Bill quickly cut him off, a worried expression on his face as screeched "I get it!"

Dipper let himself give a smug smirk. Yeah, he had picked up a few things during his time here. Being surrounded by demons for years, though, well, they weren't exactly all 'good' things.

"Here's your book, Sapling! You won't ignore me now, right?" Bill pouted up at Dipper as he gave the journal back to Dipper and tried to be cute.

Dipper smiled gently at Bill, previous anger (mostly) forgotten. "Of course," he said happily and pecked Bill's cheek.

Bill flushed happily. "Hallelujah! My sex life is saved!"

Immediately, Dipper glared at him. "Do you want to continue to have a life at all?"

Bill rapidly nodded and held his hands up in surrender. Dipper knew exactly what to say to get the stupid demon to stop being so stupid.

Dipper shook his head in slight amusement before reaching out to grab one of Bill's hands and walk towards the door. He twined their fingers together and flushed upon seeing Bill's adoring gaze. Sometimes Dipper still felt like he would never completely get over his awkwardness from so long ago. (It had only been four years...not long when you considered that he had eternity.) Dipper turned his head away from Bill as he pulled the adorable (handsome - this is an edit provided by Bill Cipher) demon along behind him.

"Where are we going?" Bill bounced beside Dipper, his golden yellow hair flopping into his face with every bounce.

"Our room," Dipper said briefly. He glanced over at Bill and rolled his eyes. "To go over the journals, dumb Dorito."

"DORITOS SHOULD HAVE RIGHTS TOO!" Bill's eye lit with the burning flames of passion (and youth!) and he shot a flaming fist into the air. (Thankfully, it was still attached to Bill's body - don't ask.)

"Bill, what the actual fuck," Dipper said with a raised eyebrow. "You have problems. Serious insanity related problems."

Bill made an 'innocent' face. "I thought we both already knew that, Dipper."

Immediately, Dipper whirled around to face Bill. "What's going on, Bill? You used my actual name. You never use my name."

"I use it sometimes!"

"Only when there's weird shit going on! What's happening, Bill?"

Bill looked guiltily to the side. "There's some intruders. Your family," Bill sighed. Bill refused to meet Dipper's eyes and pointedly looked anywhere else in the room.

Dipper sighed softly - it wasn't bad, just Bill being stupid and worried. Honestly, sometimes Dipper wasn't sure his all-knowing-ancient-dream-demon-boyfriend was really all-knowing. Or even had a good memory. "Bill, don't worry. They've broken in plenty of times and I'm still here, aren't I?"

Bill nodded, a grin lighting up his face. "Yeah! But what if they try to take the prisoners, Pine Tree?" Bill pouted, crocodile tears brimming in his eyes.

Dipper groaned. What a manipulative demon - Dipper was sure this had been Bill's plan from the start of this conversation. "Then I'll go guard the door, Bill."

"Oh, thank you! Thank you, thank you, thank you!" Bill bounced as he yelled, eyes turned up in delight and a wide grin plastered on his face. He reached over and kissed Dipper happily.

Dipper smiled. "You're welcome Bill."

It wasn't even ten minutes later that Dipper was really regretting his decision. Bill had gone into the prison shortly after taking Dipper to the entrance. Hence, Dipper got the pleasure of listening to the screams of the tortured. Not his idea of fun.

There was a line between being with Bill and supporting Bill's...darker...tendencies. Dipper had not yet crossed said line.

All because, as Bill put it, "We can't go making it easy for them to get the prisoners!" Again, not Dipper's idea of fun. At least he got to read in the meantime.

Careful to not get too absorbed in his book, Dipper began flipping through the pages. It was an enjoyable book on the possibility of undoing-undoable-curses. Dipper loved having access to this kind of knowledge. Nowhere else on Earth would he find most of these books, some people would certainly kill to have them, and here Dipper was: reading it easily, for free, without needing to murder anyone, and completely unworried about his health while having the book on his person. Ah, the benefits of being trapped in a floating pyramid with an immortal dream demon boyfriend.

That being said, he was also trapped in a floating pyramid filled with demons. Neither he nor his immortal dream demon boyfriend had access to the outside of the world, besides watching through some weird portal-mirror-thingy and commanding the demons which could go outside. It was a problem. A big, big problem. Besides, Dipper was fairly certain Bill was still a little butt hurt over the whole I-trapped-us-in-your-castle-forever-oops-sorry thing

As before mentioned, the book was on undoing-undoable-curses. It should have been helpful. Should. It wasn't. Basically just some stupid mage blabbering about his one-time success in finding a way to undo some dumb spell that was killing entire villages and supposedly could not be stopped. Boring. (On second thought, Dipper should probably be feeling some sympathy towards those villages and relief that the mage had found a counter-curse, but oh well.) Beyond that, it basically said that the mage thought it was probably possible to undo any curse, but the mage had no idea how. Real helpful. Though it did provide a sort of morale-boost, which was better than the typical nothing he was used to finding.

Apparently, all this thought and reading took up quite some time because the next thing Dipper knew, (a bloody) Bill was standing behind him. Bill draped his (bloody) arms over Dipper's shoulders and was making to caress Dipper's face (with his gore-covered hands).

Dipper screeched at an ungodly high pitch. "BILL! GET OFF OF ME! I TOLD YOU THE BLOOD AND STUFF IS GROSS!" Dipper leaned forward as far as he could, hoping to escape the blood on Bill's body.

Bill laughed loudly. "Your reactions are hilarious, Pine Tree!" All the same, he pulled away and made sure not to get his bloody body too close to Dipper again.

"Ugh! I told you not to do that! You idiot!" Dipper glared fiercely at Bill. "Second time today you've pissed me off! Are you trying to set a record?"

Bill quickly shook his head. "No, no, Pine Tree. Never! Please don't be mad at me, love! It's all fun and games!"

Dipper sighed and shook his head. "You better not do that again, Bill. Anyways, are they still here?"

Bill smiled. "Yep! Not sure where they are exactly though! I bet Sixer made some new freaky cloaking technology! Haha!"

Dipper groaned; he did not want to be stuck here. "Alright, go get cleaned off Bill and then after they leave we can have some fun. And don't just turn the blood invisible like last time, asshole!"

Bill was quick to turn and run towards their room, an excited expression on his face.

"I'm still talking about the journals, Bill."

Bill deflated but kept going towards their shared room. What a ridiculous demon.

Mabel was fairly certain that this trip to the Fearamid would turn out just as unsuccessful as the last several hundred. This time, they had a new cloaking device Ford was sure would keep them from being detected by Bill. It was worth a shot, but Mabel wasn't holding her breath.

Four years was a long time and they still hadn't been even slightly successful in their attempts to rescue Dipper and the other prisoners. Whenever they managed to actually get in the castle, Bill immediately found them and forced them out after telling them Pine Tree was his. Upon the confirmation that Dipper was alive, that became the focus of any missions in the Fearamid with freeing prisoners as the second priority. They even basically forgot that Bill had taken a human form!

After the last couple break-ins, it was unanimously decided to focus on the easier task - to get prisoners instead of Dipper. There was no veto from Ford, Stan, Mabel, Soos, and Wendy as there were the last times. Fortunately, constant breaking into the Fearamid meant they had the layout to most of the bottom level, which (conveniently) was the level with the prison. And they (conveniently) knew where said prison was. Hence, upon the completion of Ford's device, they planned another break-in and could only hope for the best.

Mabel was on a team with Grenda, Wendy, and Robbie. Actually a pretty good team as far as she was concerned. So here they were, Mabel and her team on one side of the Fearamid, Ford and his team (Soos, Candy, Thompson) on the other. They were both making their way to the prison but separated in the hopes that if one group was discovered, the demons would be too distracted with that group to find the other. That is if Ford's device actually worked and they weren't immediately discovered by Bill.

The Fearamid was a scary place and Mabel didn't like it one bit. She felt so bad for her bro-bro, trapped in this frightening pyramid and stuck with Bill. She shivered just thinking about what Bill might be doing to Dipper.

Of course, they needed to ensure that the people they rescued were safe first before they could even think about helping Dipper. Still, Mabel couldn't help but worry for her twin.

"He'll be alright, Mabel. We'll get him soon," Wendy said, placing a comforting hand on Mabel's shoulder.

Mabel nodded appreciatively at Wendy and clenched her fists. They would do this. For Dipper, their parents, the gruncles, and for everyone else. They would definitely do this. They had to.

And that was the thing. Mabel didn't know if they could, but they had to. Mabel didn't know what she'd do if they didn't.

Stealthily, they made their way through the castle, a holographic map directly in front of them. Of course, the map was only made from their memories, so it was entirely possible it wasn't completely accurate and they were going to the wrong way and they would never free the prisoners and find Dipper and - stop thinking like that Mabel! Oh God, they needed to find the prison.

Thankfully, over the course of her mental rant, Mabel and her group had made it to the pillars across from the prison. Before anyone could walk up close to it, she pulled them behind the pillars, the sound of a psychotic voice ringing in her ears.

"Here you are! I'll be out in a minute!" Bill's voice rang out clearly through the hallways quickly followed by the banging of a door.

They heard a sigh, and when they looked carefully around the pillar, they saw a teenaged human male figure with his nose in a book. He was sitting in front of the prison, obviously a guard.

Not long after, violent screams of terror met their ears and the group cringed as they realized what Bill was doing. Surprisingly, the teenager in front of the door cringed too and started muttering. Mabel couldn't quite hear his voice clearly, but something about it was familiar.

They waited for Bill to come out and the guard to leave. And waited. And waited. Really, Mabel didn't have the patience for this. Just before she could make any rash decisions, Bill floated through the door, covered in blood. He floated silently behind the unidentified male and slowly draped his disgusting arms over the male's shoulders. Gross. But was this person important to Bill?

Bill's hands were reaching up to caress the male's face. Immediately the male screeched and moved away from Bill. Mabel and the others could barely hold in their gasps. Dipper?

"BILL! GET OFF OF ME! I TOLD YOU THE BLOOD AND STUFF IS GROSS!" Yeah, that was Dipper. He was guarding for Bill? He was close with Bill? No, no, that was wrong. It couldn't be right! Dipper would never...would he?

No, that's right, he wouldn't. Bill had to be controlling dipper. Or maybe Dipper was obeying, waiting for them to come rescue him! Oh, poor Dipper! Mabel shivered just imagining what he must have gone through. They had to save her brother. He didn't deserve this horror-story.

A quick glance at the others told Mabel they very much agreed with her thoughts. Good, she wouldn't have to fight them. No matter what, when she left the Fearamid today, it was going to be with Dipper. She'd been missing him for far too long.

Bill's loud laughter brought her back. "Your reactions are hilarious, Pine Tree!" But he still pulled away and made sure not to touch his bloody fingers against Dipper. Bill wasn't that nice. What was happening?

"Ugh! I told you not to do that! You idiot!" Dipper glared fiercely at Bill. Mabel clenched her fists and her eyes widened in worry - Dipper had to be careful! What was he thinking talking so...so...so rudely (casually) with Bill? Mabel didn't want to entertain the thought of Dipper being used to Bill. Of being friends with Bill. That wasn't an option. Dipper would never betray them, right? Wendy's hand on her shoulder provided some comfort, but it wasn't enough for Mabel to relax.

"Second time today you've pissed me off! Are you trying to set a record?" Dipper sounded so annoyed, and yet...content? happy? It was the way he sounded when he was annoyed with her, yet slightly different.

Shockingly, Bill quickly shook his head. He seemed desperate to keep her brother happy. What was going on? "No, no, Pine Tree. Never! Please don't be mad at me, love! It's all fun and games!"

Bill was begging Dipper not to be mad. Bill just called Dipper love. Oh god, oh god, oh god! Had Dipper actually betrayed them? No, no, he would never. He cared deeply for all of them, so why would he? It wasn't possible.

Mabel watched with bated breath - how would Dipper react to being called love by Bill? Surely he wouldn't (couldn't) enjoy it? Still, as Mabel watched her brother shake his head and sigh, she caught the slightest of smiles and a certain shine in his eye. NO! "You better not do that again, Bill. Anyways, are they still here?"

Mabel almost cried. Dipper knew they were here? He knew and he didn't come for them. He didn't try to join them. Why? He was her brother! They were the Mystery Twins! How...how could he be with Bill? How could he betray them? Still, some part of her held firmly onto the belief that he was being controlled. What other answer could there be? Mabel wasn't prepared to look the truth in the face, so for as long as she could, she would not believe it was the truth. (Yet some part of her deep down still knew, and that was what scared her the most.)

Bill's voice yet again brought her out of her trance. "Yep! Not sure where they are exactly though! I bet Sixer made some new freaky cloaking technology! Haha!"

She watched as Dipper groaned. Maybe he didn't want to avoid them? Maybe he was being forced? "Alright, go get cleaned off Bill and then after they leave we can have some fun. And don't just turn the blood invisible like last time, asshole!"

Wait...did...did Dipper just imply something sexual with Bill? Nope, nope. She was not having it. No way in Hell!

But Bill was quick to turn and run towards what was most likely a bathroom, an excited expression on his face, and Mabel could barely believe it.

"I'm still talking about the journals, Bill." Oh thank god, Dipper wasn't talking about sex! But, he had to clarify that for Bill...NOPE, NOT THINKING ABOUT THAT!

Mabel watched as Bill deflated, yet continued on his way somewhere else. As soon as he turned a corner, Mabel and the others jumped out of hiding. Time to rescue Dipper and the prisoners, if they could move. She didn't exactly like the sounds she heard when Bill was inside.

"Dipper! Come on, we're here to rescue you! Be quick!" Mabel yelled at her brother, though she made sure not to be too loud, and the others went to grab him and open the prison doors.

Dipper's mouth was hanging open in shock. He didn't respond at all until Wendy's hand grabbed hold of his wrist. With surprising strength, Dipper ripped his arm out of Wendy's hold and moved back closer to the prison.

"I'm sorry, I can't let you do that."

Mabel and the others stared at him in shock. They watched, gobsmacked, as Dipper raised a magical shield over the door and stood prepared to send them away. To fight them...

"Dipper...?" Mabel's voice came out weak, hurt coloring her tone. Dipper winced but stayed where he was. "Why...why are you helping Bill?"

Dipper flushed and looked away. "I'm sorry. I'm stuck here though, so it doesn't really matter if you want me to go with you or not. And Bill's not so bad. Usually."

Mabel gaped at him. "But you would want to go with us if you could, right?"

Dipper scratched the back of his head sheepishly. "I'm sorry, but no. I'm actually very happy here. Bill treats me well and I have access to more books than you would believe existed." Upon noticing her heartbroken expression, Dipper quickly waved his hands in denial. "It's not that I don't love you guys! And I miss you all too! It's just...I don't know...I guess things have changed."

And change they had. Mabel herself had become stronger, smarter, more guarded. She had grown taller (not as tall as Wendy though) and puberty so far had been kind to her (excluding periods. Periods were a bitch). Now, looking at Dipper she could really see how much he had changed. He was tall and lanky, no longer wore his hat, had slight muscles (very slight), and actually had tattoos. Like there was ink actually on Dipper's skin. Permanently. Holy shit. Mabel could remember when Dipper was still afraid of needles, and now...this? What even were those tattoos of?

"Yeah, they have, but Dipper, if you still care for us, you'll have to let us get some of the prisoners out. If we really can't take you," Wendy spoke with authority.

Dipper quickly shook his head. "No, no! I'm sorry, I really can't! Bill would get all depressed and then make me train more and then he'd be depressed again and it's just a vicious cycle that's hella fucking annoying to deal with. But I really do care about you all! The most I can do is send you back safely with some extra supplies. Maybe some seeds to grow for food? If that's possible? Is that even possible...I haven't been outside since this all started, ya know? So I don't really know..."

Mabel shook her head. Even though Dipper changed, he was still a rambler when he was worried. That was good, she supposed. He wasn't completely different.

Suddenly, they heard shouting coming towards them. It sounded like Ford and the others...oh shit! Mission abort! Mabel looked around for a place to hide again, but before she and her group could do anything, Dipper gestured for them to stop. Mabel didn't know why - he was on the other side now, after all, but they paused and watched as a group of demons carried their struggling friends towards them. Shit!

The demons stopped in front of Dipper, looking happy to see him. "Hey, Pine Tree! We caught some intruding humans, so we were gonna take them to Bill, but it looks like you got some humans too. Want us to take them off your hands?"

"No, that's alright, Teeth. I'll be dealing with all the humans though. Go tell Bill that I have all of them with me and I'll take care of them, no worries."

"You sure?" A different demon asked and Mabel took the time to examine her family and friends. They looked a little bruised in some places and worse for the wear, but overall alright. Though, the looks of shock adorning their faces at Dipper's presence (and changes, most likely) were obvious.

"Yes. Go, now." Dipper's voice took in a commanding and threatening tone that shook Mabel where she stood. The past Dipper was never so cold and commanding. But seemed to work as the demons dropped her comrades, and ran off in the direction Bill went.

"Dipper? Mabel, what's going on?" Ford looked over at her for answers that Mabel really didn't have.

Dipper seemed to notice her lack of words and took over the situation. He sighed, hand rubbing the back of his neck and putting on a display of a tattoo that suspiciously reminded Mabel of Bill's summoning circle. Going by gruncle Ford's gasp, it was. "Look, I'm really sorry about all of this. I'm not leaving, and I can't let you take any prisoners with you, Bill would throw a hissy fit, but I can send you back safely and give you more supplies. Speaking of which, can you grow anything out there? I'll give you seeds if you can."

Ford jumped up and Mabel watched as he made his way protectively in front of the whole group and closer to Dipper. "You sided with Bill, that monster. How could you Dipper?! You know that demon is no good!"

Dipper glared at them and put his hands on his hips. "Look, you guys don't get this. I made a deal so Bill and I are both stuck in here! Or actually, the deal was he can't hurt you all and he gets to keep me, but I used a spell when we made the deal, so same thing. I literally cannot leave and I don't want to because Bill's actually a mostly good guy who treats me well and doesn't hurt me!" Dipper mumbled something under his breath that Mabel was pretty sure she didn't want to know.

Ford backed up, gaze fierce as he examined Dipper.

"I may not approve of Bill killing and torturing a bunch of people, but he's not all bad and, quite frankly, I don't mind him ruling this universe. He's not doing a total shit job, if what the demons report is true, and he swore to me he wouldn't ruin this world! He swore he would make sure some of the humans survived and could escape to weird free pockets! So, even if you guys don't like it, I'm siding with him."

Ford and everyone gaped at Dipper. Mabel couldn't actually say she was surprised though. She had been getting these types of hints from him the whole time and, while she hated it and almost couldn't believe it, she would have to accept it. That was all she could do at this point. So she held back Wendy and Soos, who both looked ready to punch Dipper in their anger. (Really, Soos? Mabel had a hard time believing that one too.)

"Dipper, you know he's a liar! He's a fucking dream demon who's blindsided you before! How can you trust him?! You even have his summoning circle on you! What else, his mark?" Mabel didn't know what this 'mark' thing was, but going by Dipper's blushing face, he had it. Or it was just really embarrassing.

"Now, now, Sixer, of course, he does! He's mine, after all!" The echoing voice of Bill filled the room and they all turned to face an orange-ish colored Bill. He was still in his human form, so it was really just his eye, hair, and clothes, but it still sent a chill running down Mabel's spine.

"Bill!" Dipper's embarrassed shout brought attention back to him. "I told those stupid demons to tell you I had it handled!"

Bill turned yellow again and pouted at Dipper. Mabel almost wanted to laugh, despite the extreme lack of this being a truly amusing situation, they sounded like a married couple. "You were taking too long, Pine Tree! I was missing you!"

Mabel snickered as Bill draped himself over Dipper much to Dipper's annoyance before reminding herself that there was nothing actually funny about this situation. Dipper was on Bill's side, in a romantic relationship with Bill, would not leave with them, and apparently believed Bill was a fine ruler of the universe. Yeah, that shut her up real quick.

"Now, since I'm sure my Pine Tree wants you to be safe and have good living conditions, what's something you need?" Bill's asked them, clearly annoyed, though Dipper smiling at him seemed to fix that.

Since no one else would - no else had accepted the situation, she guessed - Mabel stepped up. "Some seeds for growing our own food would be nice, along with shovels, weapons, and tools for fixing and making shit, but I don't really know what those are. An easier to access water supply would also be nice. Not everyone trusts the natural water sources in Gravity Falls and I don't blame them."

Dipper smiled sadly at her and Bill nodded. "I'm really sorry, Mabes. I do miss you," Dipper said sadly.

Mabel just nodded and grimaced back at him. "We've missed you too. I can't really say I understand your choice or agree with it, but if that's how it is, we'll just have to figure something out. You're my brother and I can't let go of that."

Dipper grinned happily at her. Obviously, he wasn't expecting her to be so understanding. Well, she was glad she could surprise him. Now, just to figure out if she could see things the way he did. (Probably not, but she wanted to understand Dipper, and if that didn't work, well, she'd just try to save as many people as she could.)

Mabel waved and Bill snapped his fingers, sending them off. Just in time for her to see Bill pulling Dipper in for a kiss and for Mabel's heart to ache once again at leaving her brother behind.











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