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It was a warm summer night in the Land of Fire's hidden ninja village of Konohagakure or Hidden Leaf Village. Within the village many people were out and about, many civilians either on their way home or headed out for dinner with their families, masked ninja jumping about the village at high speeds looking for anything out of the ordinary, other ninja checking in after missions on their way to report their missions to their Hokage and even a few children on their way back to their homes or one of the many full orphanages. Full since the attack on the village by the mightiest of all Biju able to conjure tsunamis with the flick of a tail, destroy mountains with a single roar and reshape the very landscape with no effort, the Kyubi No Kitsune not nine years ago.

The Kyubi had been sealed into a child after a brief but exceedingly destructive rampage by the one hailed as the greatest Kage of Konoha Minato Namikaze the Yondaime Hokage on that fateful night, and now said child sat alone on a swing in one of Konoha's many parks. He had been alone all day watching on as all of the other children played with each other not daring to get close and have the other children call him hurtful things like so many had done before them. While there was a law in place to stop parents telling their children about the beast sealed into the young child it didn't work as it should have the laws simply prohibited the people who knew about the beast being sealed into the young child from revealing that to the young children it didn't stop the older generation slandering the child calling him a bad influence, or trouble maker which in truth young Naruto Uzumaki was a trouble maker but solely for the attention it granted him no-one showed him any attention so he pulled pranks and caused trouble so people would pay attention to him.

Naruto sat on the swing lamenting his own loneliness, he was an orphan who had been kicked out of the orphanage in which he had resided when he was four, and now lived alone in an abandoned apartment complex. Abandoned after he had been given an apartment in the complex no-one wanting to live in the same building as the 'Devil spawn'. Naruto was usually a bright and happy boy who managed to bring a smile to his friends faces when they saw his unique mop of spikey blood red and blond hair, the brightness of his hair matched only by his endless blue eyes the right being a pure ocean blue the left being a green blue colour.

"Naruto Uzumaki you are to come with us," spoke a voice spoke a voice making Naruto look up to see about ten people all around him, all of them wore full body black body suits with blank white masks with only the kanji for ROOT on the forehead, all of them had weapons in hands, several had katana, a couple had tanto and the rest simply wielded kunai, Naruto upon seeing so many people similar to those who saved him from attacks by groups of villages made him freeze. However the masked people took his lack of movement as non-compliance and had been ordered in the event of non-compliance to eliminate Naruto so that's what they planned to do. Several of the masked nin flashed through hand signs.

"Katon Gokakyu No Jutsu (Fire Style Fireball Jutsu)," called four of the masked ninja launching four medium sized orange flaming fireballs from four different directions at Naruto.

"No please I don't want to die," screamed Naruto throwing his hands up and out to the side while closing his eyes in an effort to save himself from the inevitable, however after a moment of nothing Naruto looked up and opened his eyes to see a surprizing sight the four orange fireballs were now gone and instead a ring of light blue fire around him not getting any closer to him.

"What did you do?" questioned one of the masked figures harshly, making the young blond jump in shock.

"Nothing I swear," screamed Naruto closing his eyes again pushing his hands out. When Naruto heard several screams he opened his eyes and looked up shocked to see several of the masked ninja had burn marks on their chests and were now laying on the ground not moving.

Just as Naruto looked up a katana blade was descending upon him, once more putting his hands up in an effort to defend himself as he closed his eyes and looked away however this time a distinctive sound of metal striking metal was heard and Naruto looked up to see two men in front of him one blond, the other a red haired man, the red haired held a blade in his right hand in a backhanded grip blocking the katana from slicing into Naruto.

"I would appreciate you not attacking this boy," declared the blond before he snapped his fingers and two balls of fire formed above his hands.

"Don't worry Naruto we're here to help," said the red haired man turning to Naruto with a smile making Naruto relax.

"You might want to close your eyes Naruto this is going to get messy," declared the older blond looking back at Naruto who quickly nodded and closed his eyes. Sounds were heard explosions, screaming, and blades slicing through flesh. Naruto opened his eyes as a hand landed on his shoulder and he looked up into the smiling faces of both of his saviours.

"It's ok now Naruto Sleep," spoke the red haired man and like that Naruto felt sleepy, letting his eyes drop Naruto fell asleep.

"Lord Gremory," spoke the blond looking to the red head with a nod.

"Lord Phenex," spoke the red head nodding to the blond before 'Lord Gremory' picked up Naruto and a circle formed beneath each man's feet and quickly the circles rose from the ground engulfing both men, who disappeared as the circles fully engulfed them.

However unbeknownst to all involved a pair of charcoal black eyes were watching the entire event with interest.

"Hmmm so that's Minato-sama's kid interesting," muttered the owner of said eyes before vanished in a swirl of leaves.

#Unknown Location#

Naruto groaned as his eyes fluttered open only to be assaulted with light making him close them once more almost instantly. Opening his eyes again slowly letting them adjust to the light Naruto noticed that he was not in his home nor in the hospital, in fact he seemed to be in a stone room with a light hanging above him, in a bed from the feel of it, one of the most comfortable beds he'd ever slept in. Naruto sat up in a fright when he noticed he was not alone in the room pushing himself back against the wall Naruto's eyes darted to the four girls looking at him in curiosity, one girl had waist length bright red hair and bright blue eyes, the other three girls all had black hair the first next to the red haired girl had ankle length black hair tied up into a long ponytail and Violet eyes, the second girl on Naruto's other side had short black hair and violet eyes hidden away behind purple rimmed glasses, and the final girl next to the short black haired girl, had long black hair and a pair of heterochromic eyes hidden away behind a pair of teal rimmed glasses, the girl's left eye was violet, and the right was a light brown colour.

"W-Who are you? Where am I? What do you want with me?" questioned Naruto looking somewhat fearfully at the four girls who looked at him confused.

"Isn't it polite to introduce yourself before asking for the names of others?" questioned the short haired bespectacled girl looking at Naruto.

"I-Is it s-sorry my name is Naruto Uzumaki," stuttered a nervous Naruto.

"Hi Naruto I'm Rias Gremory, this is my queen Akeno Himejima, this is my friend Sona Sitri and her queen Tsubaki Shinra," spoke the red haired girl first introducing herself then the long black haired girl beside her, then the short black haired girl opposite her and then the final long black haired girl beside Sona.

"Queens?" questioned Naruto confused looking at the four.

"You know queens, Evil Pieces?" questioned Sona as if it were the most obvious thing under the sun. Naruto still looked confused however he was saved from the girl's questioning when a new presence made itself known.

"Slow down girls Naruto-kun most likely won't know anything about Evil Pieces," spoke an older red haired man walking into the room, Naruto looked up at the man and realised it was one of the two men who had saved him.

"Thank you for helping me Sir," spoke Naruto bowing to the man as he walked into the room.

"No problem Naruto" said the red haired man waving off Naruto's thanks.

"What do you mean he most likely wouldn't know about Evil Pieces Tou-san you said he's a devil," spoke Rias looking to the red haired man.

"Well Rias Naruto here grew up in the elemental nations not the most popular place for any Devils, Angels, or Fallen Angels, that coupled with his devil blood has been supressed and his parents were-" spoke the red haired man interrupted by Naruto.

"YOU KNEW MY PARENTS?" screamed Naruto making everyone look at him shocked.

"You mean you don't?" questioned the red haired man looking at Naruto unbelieving until the blond violently shook his head.

"N-no I never met them," spoke Naruto sadly shaking his head looking down.

"Well unfortunately Naruto-kun you probably won't meet them they're both dead, sorry," spoke Naruto's red haired saviour.

"W-Well can you tell me about them?" questioned Naruto in a tone that made the hearts of everyone in the room shatter.

"Their names were Minato Phenex and Kushina Gremory, or as the humans of your world knew them Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki," spoke Rias' father.

"Minato Phenex, Kushina Gremory, Minato Phenex, Kushina Gremory," spoke Naruto in his mind letting the names become parentally implanted in his mind.

"Wait, what do you mean humans of my world?" questioned Naruto looking at the red haired man.

"Naruto-kun, myself, these four girls and even you yourself are not human we are devils," declared Rias' father. Before Naruto could say anything about how crazy that sounded Rias's father flared out a pair of bat like wings, then the four girls did the same, and to Naruto's surprize so did he, however his wings were different from everyone else's halfway along the wing his changed to blue flaming wings of a similar shape.

"How come my wings are different?" asked Naruto looking at his own wings all other questions about devils leaving his mind.

"Well Naruto-kun you are a hybrid of the Gremory and Phenex clans, Phenex wings are pure fire unlike those of other devils so the mixture of the blood made your wings the way they are," said Rias's father making all four of the young female devils eyes go wide, Naruto just nodded that sounded reasonable.

"This boy has no idea he is the child of two of the most respected and ancient clans in the underworld," thought Sona looking over at Naruto seeing his placid reaction.

"This is cool and all but I kind of want to go home," said Naruto, making Rias' father turn serious.

"Naruto I have been talking with Lord Phenex and we have decided that despite how much you may want to we can't let you go back at least until we are satisfied you can defend yourself" said the man.

"You're going to train me as a ninja?" questioned Naruto excitedly.

"No Naruto, we are going to train you to harness your Devil blood and train you in Devil Magic," said the red haired man.

"Ok awesome when do we start?" questioned Naruto excited.

"Tomorrow, however to begin with Naruto my wife, Venelana, will be teaching you some history of the devils and the other factions in the worlds," said Lord Gremory.

"Oh ok," said Naruto somewhat deflated but still with a grin.

"For now feel free to wander around and get familiar with the castle grounds I'll have a maid accompany you to help you," said Rias' father before stepping out into the hallway.

"Once your settled in Naruto-kun come find us we can play together," spoke Rias standing up, the other three girls following her lead.

"O-ok," muttered Naruto nervously as the four girls nodded before leaving the room.

Naruto sat alone in the room nervously for a few moments before the red haired man returned a moment later with a woman with long silver hair two braids at the front which were tipped with blue bows, the majority of what remained flowing down her back however once more ended in two braids. The woman had a pair of silver eyes and was dressed in a blue and white maid outfit with a white maid headband over her head.

"Naruto-kun this is Grayfia she will accompany you for today," said the red haired man.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Naruto-sama," declared the woman bowing her head to the blond who looked at her nervously.

"Ah alright let's get moving Grayfia," said Naruto nervously, getting up climbing out of the bed in which he sat.

"While you are here Naruto-kun this will be your room," said the red haired man getting a nod from Naruto as he left the room.

"Watch him carefully Grayfia," ordered Lord Gremory getting a nod from the maid as she quickly followed a rather nervous Naruto.

#Next Day#

Naruto was quietly walking down the halls of Gremory castle, he was headed towards the library, one of the many rooms Grayfia had made sure to show him too the previous day. Walking a few paces in front of Naruto was Rias' mother Venelana Gremory, as Lord Gremory had said the previous day Venelana had called on Naruto after he had eaten his breakfast to begin teaching him.

Arriving in the library Naruto followed Venelana towards what appeared to be the middle of the library, where a table and a chalk board were situated.

"Sit Naruto," said Venelana pointing to the table, Naruto sat at the table and looked to Venelana nervously. Venelana sat opposite him with a soft smile on her face setting his nerves at ease.

"So Naruto-kun let's begin, tell me what do you know about devils?" questioned Venelana, she had been told by her husband that the boy would not likely know anything but she wished to know for sure she was starting from scratch.

"N-N-Nothing Venelana-sama," said Naruto respectfully but still clearly nervous, Venelana nodded to Naruto however she was curious why he seemed so scared. The boy looked sad that he knew nothing of his species.

"It's ok Naruto-kun it's understandable Devils are secret from most people," said Venelana with a soft smile, Naruto let a small smile grace his features as he looked up at the woman.

"Alright Naruto-kun we'll start with recent history of devils…" began Venelana

#Several Hours Later#

Naruto walked away from the library with a book under his arm, Venelana had covered the basics of the three great factions the Angels, the Fallen Angels and finally the Devils, before going over the major battles of the last Great War, and then finally the origin and purpose of the Evil Pieces.

"I wonder if I can get a set of Evil Pieces," muttered Naruto looking at the book in his hands he was supposed to read the first chapter of the book, he was scared what Venelana would say to him tomorrow when he told her he didn't do it because he couldn't read but that was for tomorrow until then he had other things to do. He just hoped she didn't get really angry at him.

"Hey Naruto-kun," came the voice of Rias from inside a room as Naruto walked passed it.

"H-Hey Rias w-what can I do for you?" asked Naruto from his position frozen in the doorway.

"D-Do you want to watch some Anime with me?" asked Rias nervously she didn't want Naruto to think she was strange for watching Anime.

"What's Anime?" questioned Naruto, making Rias perk up.

"Of course, he doesn't know what Anime is maybe I can get him to watch with me," thought Rias, she wanted a friend who watched the same stuff as her, she wanted to have someone to talk to, Akeno didn't like many Anime, Nor did Sona or Tsubaki, and those were the only Devils her own age she liked.

"It's really cool come here, sit, watch with me," said Rias with a smile patting the seat next to her, Naruto hesitantly nodded and moved over to the seat and sat down very stiffly he wasn't used to people wanting to do things with him, hell he wasn't used to people talking to him full stop. Rias lay her head on Naruto's shoulder making him stiffen.

"You ok Naruto-kun?" asked Rias lifting her head up and looking at him, he just nodded and she lay her head back down on his shoulder as the two watched. Naruto was for the first little while not paying any attention to the show in favour of making sure Rias didn't turn around and hurt him while his guard was lowered.

But after about twenty minutes he had relaxed a bit enough that he could watch the Tv but was still ready to bolt at a moment's notice

#Hours Later#

Naruto and Rias sat in front of the Tv having eaten their Dinner and returned to watch more Anime. The young blond devil had found himself really liking the show.

Naruto looked at Rias to ask her something only to see her asleep on his shoulder, gently moving her from his shoulder he stood up catching head before it hit the couch Naruto looked at the red haired girl, deciding he couldn't leave her there he picked her up bridal style and headed towards where her room was, he only knew as he was sleeping in the room next to hers. She snuggled closer to him as he walked, he was kind of thankful and at the same time not thankful that no maids were in the halls as he walked he would have been embraced about having Rias asleep in his arms but the maids could have taken her to bed while he went to his own.

Walking into Rias's room Naruto walked over to her bed and pulled her quilt back before placing her down onto her bed going to stand back up Naruto found Rias to be holding him rather tightly by his shirt. Naruto sighed and tried to pry her hands off him.

"Mmmmm no stay warm," muttered Rias in her sleep, Naruto again tried to pry her hands off him but with no luck, Naruto looked at the girl panicked, nervously he climbed into the bed next to Rias before pulling the quilt over the both of them.

Naruto lay there terrified as Rias slept soundly next to him.

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