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"So the time has finally come," spoke Yagura glancing upwards as the five beings entered his cell.

"Yes Yagura, despite your insistence of being controlled by a man with Sharingan you by order of the new Mizukage sentenced to death for your crimes against Kirigakure," declared Naruto.

"I accepted that this is how it would end months ago, just get it over with," spoke Yagura, Naruto nodded, he would at least make the man's end quick.

"Koto-chan, Kaa-chan," spoke Naruto glancing back to his mother and the Uchiha woman both of whom nodded stepping towards Yagura who quirked a brow as the two women stepped forwards, however any rational thought left his mind as Mikoto's Sharingan activated and Yagura and his Biju were placed once again under a Sharingan genjutsu.

Once Yagura was firmly under the influence of the Genjutsu Kushina stepped forwards and unlocked the chains holding Yagura to the wall letting him fall forwards revealing the seal between his shoulder blades. Once face down on the ground Kushina quickly examined the seal.

"Simple but effective," muttered Kushina.

"Can you unlock it?" questioned Naruto Kushina nodded to her son before turning back to the seal, and placing her hand over it, she channelled some of her Youkai to her hand, the energy degrading the seal slightly. Kushina curled her fingers over before twisting her hand anti-clockwise opening the seal.

"Mikoto," spoke Naruto as Kushina stood up and stepped back her part done. Mikoto nodded to her king closing her eyes before they snapped back open glaring into Yagura's seal. Within a couple of seconds Yagura's form was engulfed in a semi-transparent red bubbly substance originating from the seal and quickly following that the substance darkened as a dark purple bubble formed at the open seal. As the energy left the seal a head and a pair of legs formed standing over Yagura before slowly an entire turtle like body began to form the last thing to do so was the creature's three tails. Once the entire creature's shape had been formed it gained colour, the creature resembled a large turtle, but with a crab-like shell, spikes all over its body, and three shrimp-like tails. Under its shell, it had red, muscle-like tissue. It has a pair of human-like arms and hands, but no hind-legs. The creature had yellow eyes but as soon as it was fully formed those yellow eyes quickly became replaced with blood red eyes of the Sharingan signifying it was under Mikoto's genjutsu.

"My turn," declared Naruto reaching to his two swords quickly drawing Excalibur from its sheathe he stabbed the blade into the Biju's head, however instead of blood or Youkai or whatever else might have been expected the wound around the blade simply glowed gold, Naruto pushed his magical power through the blade breaking down the creatures mind and rebuilding it as he needed.

As Naruto finished tinkering with the Biju's mind and drew the sword back he nodded to Mikoto who closed her eyes stumbling a bit.

"Koto-chan," called Naruto quickly moving to the woman catching her before she fell to the ground.

"I'm fine Naruto-kun," muttered Mikoto smiling to Naruto. Naruto smiled to the woman before looking to Le Fay nodding to his bishop who allowed a smile to cross her features before skipping forwards. Putting her hand on the Biju's head she allowed her magical power to flow, a large golden magical circle spread out from the blond woman's hand until it was bigger than the creature's head, the magical circle pulsed several times before shattering into golden particles which were absorbed into the Biju's head as its eyes drifted shut.

"It will be a while before he wakes up again I'll stay here until then," spoke Le Fay getting a nod from Naruto.

"You three can go I'll watch her," declared Arthur.

"Alright but if anything and I do mean anything looks off about this come and find me," ordered Naruto getting a nod from the two blonds.

With that said Naruto, Kushina and Mikoto headed back out of the room and back down the corridor heading back up to the surface.

Once more heading into Mei's office Naruto allowed a smile to cross his features as he stepped into the room.

"N-Naruto-sama," spoke the shocked voice of Fia looking to the blond.

"Hey there, how you girls doing?" questioned Naruto looking to the team of four Kunoichi standing in front of Mei comprised of Fia, Jalin, Retari and Leriea.

"We're doing well Naruto-sama thanks for asking," replied Leriea with a smile.

"No problems with anyone since I left?" asked Naruto getting a round of head shakes from the four women. "Good," continued Naruto.

"Naru-kun who are these four you never told us about them," spoke Rias stepping up behind the blond wrapping her arms around his neck.

"Rias this Fia Yuki, Jalin Hozuki, Retari Terumi, and Leriea Mamushi friends from during the civil war, girls these are my two fiancées Rias Gremory, and Sona Sitri, my girlfriend Akeno Himejima, and my friend Tsubaki Shinra," said Naruto rolling his eyes at Rias' unasked question.

"All finished Naru-chan?" asked Mei looking to the blond.

"Half done, the Biju's been extracted and its mind manipulated, now it's just a matter of checking if the changes take Le Fay is waiting for it to wake up, and Arthur is watching her," replied Naruto getting a nod from Mei.

"Are you four just back from a mission?" asked Naruto looking to the four non devils within the room.

"Yeah just put down another loyalist resistance group," spoke Fia getting a nod from Naruto.

"Well I'll leave you guys to it, I'm sure I'll see you lot soon anyway," said Naruto getting a nod from the women before he, Rias, Sona, Akeno and Tsubaki left the room.

"They seemed nice," spoke Tsubaki looking to Naruto.

"They are, well at least to me, Kaa-chan, Kaa-san, and about five others," replied Naruto drawing confused looks from the women behind him. "I rescued a group of nine women from a prison on my first mission those four included but I had to mercy kill two, I don't think I need to explain it any further," continued Naruto glancing back at his friends to see them shudder.

The small group walked in silence for several minutes.

"Hey Naruto-kun where are we going?" asked Tsubaki breaking the silence drawing the blonde's attention back to the woman.

"We're heading to the Terumi compound Kaa-san is the last of the clan in Kiri and has said that me and my peerage can use it when we're here unless another Terumi clan member shows up," declared Naruto.

"Ok," muttered Tsubaki as the group approached a walled off area within which appeared to be a couple of dozen homes.

Walking up to the closed gates Naruto simply pushed them open and allowed the four girls to walk in however he stayed at the gates causing the four devils to look at him.

"Something up?" asked Rias looking to her fiancé confused.

"I'm just going to meet up with Kaa-chan and Tou-san's peerages make sure they haven't had any problems that kind of thing feel free to explore I'll be back later," declared Naruto getting reluctant nods from the women before Naruto turned and walked away from the compound.

Naruto allowed his senses spread out over the village looking for the various other devils within the mist of their new home finding the various signatures spread out throughout the village Naruto took a moment to figure out the best route to meet all of them in the quickest amount of time.

Kicking off the ground Naruto leapt into a nearby tree before kicking off the branch he landed on and allowed his half flaming wings to flare out behind him. Flying through the mist the devil king shinobi simply enjoyed the feeling of the wind on his face.

After a few moments of flight Naruto dropped back down to the streets not really shocking those nearby as he landed as it was known to the populace that Naruto and several others could fly it was a secret as to how they could but it was known.

Walking along the street Naruto quickly turned into a home, walking up the path the blond knocked on the door.

After a moment the door was opened revealing a young man about Naruto's age with red fang like tattoos on his cheeks and scruffy brown hair.

"Hey Kiba, I'm here to see Tsume," spoke Naruto simply, Kiba nodded stepping aside allowing Naruto passed him, walking into the lounge room Naruto saw Tsume patting her wolf like ninken talking with Hana who sat opposite her, her own ninken next to her.

"Speak of the devil," spoke Tsume looking up to Naruto.

"Talking about me were you?" questioned Naruto glancing to his half-sister.

"Yes I was just saying how you're the worst person I've ever had the displeasure of coming across, and I wish I had never met you," declared Hana.

"Oh, why must you wound me so Hana-nee?" questioned Naruto dramatically clutching his heart.

"Alright you two enough," ordered Tsume, rolling her eyes, Hana and Naruto in turn grinned.

"What's up pup?" questioned Tsume looking to Naruto.

"Nothing I just came to check up on you, make sure nothing's wrong and that you're ok here," spoke Naruto.

"The help in the war afforded us a lot of respect and your stepmother being elected Mizukage the only other candidates being you or your mother has been nothing but good for us," declared Tsume.

"Good, so no hostility towards you and Kiba?" questioned Naruto getting a nod from Tsume. "Anything suspicions from Konoha?" asked Naruto.

"There have been a few Konoha ninja poking around Kiri but we're sure that they're just trying to see about the war not looking for us," declared Tsume getting a nod from Naruto.

"Alright I think I'll leave you with it, I'm sure I'll see you at some stage in the not too distant future Tsume," spoke Naruto getting up.

#About An Hour Later#

Naruto walked towards a bar, he had visited all of his father's peerage minus Jiraiya and Shisui both of whom were out of the village anyway, all of them repeating what Tsume had said, and was now on the way to meet most of his mother's peerage who were all apparently enjoying a drink or two.

Walking into the drinking establishment the blond ignored all of the stairs sent his way and quickly walked towards the back where Yugao, Kurenai, Hayate and Anko were seated.

"Naru-chan," spoke Anko with a grin spotting the blond.

"Hey Nee-chan," replied Naruto with a grin.

"It's good to see you Naruto, come sit with us," ordered Kurenai shuffling around the booth to accommodate Naruto.

"Seras too?" questioned Naruto with a smile.

"Of course," replied Hayate, Seras smirked as she rose out of Naruto's shadow the two blonds taking a seat in the booth.

"So what brings you here Naruto?" questioned Anko pouring some sake into a pair of dishes before sliding them towards Naruto and Seras, the former of whom took the dish downing the alcohol in one gulp.

"Just checking up on you lot," spoke Naruto.

"Oh," said Kurenai looking at Naruto over the sake dish she was drinking from.

"Any problems since the war's ended?" asked Naruto looking around the table.

"Nope," declared Anko with a grin before downing some more sake.

"Nothing," spoke Kurenai.



No response from the two knights of the group causing Naruto to turn to them.

"There is something, what's happening to you two?" questioned Naruto narrowing his eyes slightly he was more than willing to spill blood for his mother or father's peerages, they were his family just like his own.

"Nothing major, just a little friction between some of the aspiring sword wielders and us as the two of us and Shisui were offered positions in the Seven Swordsmen," declared Yugao. Naruto blinked, that was the first he had heard of the offer.

"Are congratulations in order?" asked Naruto with a quirked brow.

"Why do you think we're celebrating?" questioned Anko with a grin.

"Well then here's to Yugao and Hayate becoming members of the seven swords," declared Naruto hoisting his sake cup into the air all five of the others followed suit everyone once more downing the sake.

"So how many of these aspiring sword wielders we talking?" asked Naruto narrowing his eyes.

"None that were passed over for the positions if that's what you're thinking," spoke Hayate.

"No that's not what I'm thinking, how many?" asked Naruto again.

"Maybe two dozen, several being young apprentices of the previous members," spoke Yugao.

"What's their problems with you?" asked Naruto.

"We're from Konoha, formerly Konoha nin and only got the positions because we helped in the rebellion," said Hayate.

"They think it's a payoff?" questioned Naruto getting nods from the two knights. "And you haven't thrashed these people in spars because?" asked Naruto.

"We thought that might reflect poorly on, Kushina, you or Mei," Answered Hayate.

"Just do it, it doesn't matter," declared Naruto getting a nod from the two knights. "And with that I think it's time Seras and I take our leave," spoke Naruto.

"What just like that?" questioned Anko.

"Yes, I was just checking in and now I should be getting home before it gets too late and I end up worrying my fiancées," declared Naruto.

"Fiancées? As in plural?" questioned Anko getting a nod from Naruto.

"Well the first one must be this Rias we've all heard about and the second one is?" questioned Kurenai.

"Sona," spoke Naruto as he stood.

"Are you planning on getting busy or can we come and meet them?" questioned Anko with a grin on her face.

"Do you really want to meet them or do you want to tease me and or them?" questioned Naruto.

"Isn't that a big sister's job to embarrass her little brother?" questioned Anko, Naruto rolled his eyes.

"Come on then," spoke Naruto, the four devil ninjas stood following Naruto and Seras out of the building, before heading towards the Terumi clan compound.

It took all of five minutes to reach the compound, however upon walking in Naruto found not only had he brought a majority of his mother's peerage, his mother, step mother, most of his own peerage and a majority of his father's peerage had also decided to make an appearance.

Naruto sighed walking forwards, despite how much he might not want to it was nice to have these family moments with what he considered his extended family especially with what he knew was to come in the following months.

Walking towards the back of the main home where Naruto could sense everyone, he smiled seeing everyone smiling and enjoying the time together. Deciding to let his mother's peerage mingle Naruto stepped away from them, before kicking off the ground and up into a nearby tree.

The blond sat silently simply observing everyone for several moments before he glanced back feeling a presence rise up on the branch behind him.

"Something the matter Naruto-kun?" asked Sona looking to the man.

"No just enjoying the peaceful atmosphere not something I get in my life often these days," spoke Naruto not looking back at the bespectacled woman.

"You know you could easily make that change," spoke Sona stepping up behind the blond hugging him resting her chin on his shoulder.

"Yeah, but I want to solve my own problems not rely on others for everything," said Naruto before turning his head and kissing Sona, who blinked in shock at the kiss before simply enjoying it.

After pulling back from his fiancée, much too soon for her liking, Naruto smiled closing his eyes.

"I suppose we should join them, no?" spoke Naruto.

"Yeah Mei-san wanted to spend some time with us all together before she takes you and Kushina to meet with the Raikage soon," said Sona. Naruto nodded standing up, before he smirked a devious smirk, not that Sona saw it, before turning around and quickly picked the woman up causing the usually stoic Sona to let out an undignified 'eeep' as Naruto quickly dropped to the ground with a laugh.

"Not funny mister," spoke Sona narrowing her eyes at Naruto poking him hard in the chest.

"Sorry Sona-chan to tempting not to," declared the blond as he moved to join the crowd of people only to stop dead mid stride before looking around as if he heard something.

"Something up Naruto-kun?" questioned Sona. Naruto glanced to his left and right several more times before narrowing his eyes.

"Mio and Maria have vanished," declared Naruto.

Naruto's Peerage

Queen (Mutation) - Seras

Bishop (Mutation) - Kuroka

Bishop - Le Fay

Bishop - Ravel

Knight (Mutation) - Yuki

Knight (Mutation) - Pyrrha

Knight - Xenovia

Rook - Hana

Rook - Maria

Rook - ?

Pawn (x3 (x2 Mutation)) - Mikoto

Pawn (x3 (x1 Mutation)) - Raynare

Pawn (x2 (x2 Mutation)) - Mio

Pawn (x2 (x1 Mutation)) - Kurumi

Pawn (x2) - ?

Kushina's peerage

Queen - Mei

Bishop (X2(x1mutation piece)) - Alucard

Knight - Yugao

Knight - Hayate

Rook - Anko

Rook - Tsunade

Pawn (x4) - Kurenai

Pawn (x4) - ?

Minato's Peerage

Queen - ?

Bishop(x2) - Jiraiya

Knight - Shisui

Knight - Kakashi

Rook - Tsume

Rook - Choza

Pawn (x3) - Gai

Pawn (x3) - Inoichi

Pawn (x2 (x2 Mutations)) - Shikaku

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