Guns,Crows & Berry


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Thanks to everyone who liked and fav this story.

This was the first story I have ever written and it has meant a lot that others have liked it. This is the final chapter of this story,I am still working on my other fics but I am also working on a Novel that I wish to try and get published. Hope everyone enjoys it.

10 years Later

Pucks p.o.v

I can't believe I managed to let Berry talk me into this fricking Monkey suit. Thank the MC Gods she let me keep my kutte on under the Jacket.

As I walk through the gym doors into the hell hole that is McKinley I look around at the tired and mostly useless losers that I once happened to share a space with.

"Puckerman! Not dead or in jail, your mother must be so proud" The condescending voice of Mr shue.

Ah how I did not miss that Ass. Looking over my shoulder as I look into the judging eyes of the leader of the St Finn brigade. I feel a grin slide onto my face as I see Rachel standing behind him.

"Mr Shuester, I believe that your attitude is not only completely abhorrent but also inappropriate" Rachel comes out swinging, the look on shues face ha!.

"Rachel its good to see you. I heard about your success on Broadway congratulations." Shuester says as he turns to look at Rachel who has finally stopped next to me.

As I put my arm around her shoulder I can see the speculation in his eyes and practically see the sneer trying to work across his face.

Nice to know he is still a dick,probably still right up Finns Ass too!.

"yes well, I enjoyed my time on the stage and am glad to be taking a break for now" Rachel says as she begins to guide us away from shuester.

"Puckerman,you Ass!" oh shit!

"catch ya later berry babe" I say as I try to hurry away from the crazy Latina who has her bitch face on.

"got ya !" The devilish tones of Santana crows as she grabs my jacket forcing me to stop.

"Satan baby! how have you been?" I say as I try to maintain my calm, meanwhile I see Berry laughing it up.

"Don't try to butter me up ass hole. I told you did I not that I wanted to meet your old lady and what do I see no old lady in sight!" Santana says as she digs her talons into my arm causing me to fucking wince.

Woman's a devil I swear!

" Ah Ariana is not well enough to travel at present and no way was I bringing my pregnant old lady into this hell hole" I say as I finally manage to disentangle her fucking nails from my forearm.

"excuses,excuses ! I will meet this chick even if I have to go to fucking California to do so, Puck" Satan in the red dress says as she cocks her hip and inspects her nails.

Fuck even the thought of her and my old lady in the same room is enough to give me the shivers.

From the corner of my eye I can see Berry still laughing at me. I flip her the bird before I sweep my eyes over the surrounding people who have started to notice who we are.

Santana starts herding the pair of us towards the table where I can see the other ex Glee members and I almost freeze when I see a sight that is going to piss of not only Berry but is probably going to lead to blood on the Fucking floor!

Sitting at the table as happy as a fucking clam is not only Finn but that stupid doctor bitch Kara or whatever the fuck her name was no wait it was Tara.


Feeling Berry freeze next to me I instantly stop and spin in front of her my hands settling on her arms.

Looking into her eyes that are slowly darkening with her rage I start swearing in my head and desperately praying that Fucking Jax would get in here quick fucking smart before his woman loses her shit.

"Berry Babe c'mon keep it together for me,If you go all warrior Berry your gonna be pissed at yourself in the morning" I say as I rub my hands over her arms trying to calm her down.

I can feel her slowly beginning to relax and once I think she is ok for the moment I pull out my pre paid and shoot a text to Jax.

Which he must of not been far away because next thing I know the people standing around the room are parting as the president of the SOA come striding through the room heading straight for us.

As I usually do I sweep my eye around the room ensuring that no one is hassling my pres, and I feel the smirk slip on my face as I see all the girls in the room sit up practically start salivating as they take in over 6ft of blonde Biker king.

It is hilarious he could have any woman in here with nothing more than a quirk of his lips basically and he is ignoring it all his eyes are trained on the tiny brunette who owns his Soul.

"Darlin" Just that one word has Rachel melting back into his embrace and as soon as that happens I step back and take in the visual.

Rachel small and dark brunette wearing a beautiful one shouldered dress in a plum colour and Jax tall and blonde in a grey suit with his Kutte under the Jacket.

"What's wrong Darlin?" Jax asks as he turns Rachel around into him, from the corner of my eye I see the Glee table is watching what is happening including the doctor, Finn and Kurt.

"I am beginning to believe that attending this event no matter how nicely principal figgins worded his letter is a monumental mistake jax, That woman and the fungus are here" Rachel says as she looks up at Jax.

Hearing her say that he shoots a look around and locks onto the Glee table and when he finally sees the three people that Rachel has disliked for 10 years or more now his eyes narrow and that look of contemplation lights up his eyes until they are pretty much blue fire.

As a smirk graces his lips he bends down and whispers in Berrys ear I have no idea what he says but within minutes he and Rachel are sauntering to the table looking every inch the commanding and powerful people that they are.

As I do my Job and Guard their backs I once again marvel at the aura that they have, seperatley they are both enigmatic but together well they make fucking magic happen.

In 10 years the two of them have taken the SOA from an outlaw gun runner outfit to a law abiding( mostly) club that has more net worth in its legitimate business enterprises than most big corporations.

Once they finally hit the table Jax helps Rachel into her seat and takes a seat himself. I see Finn the big idiot looking excited and about to try talking to Rachel but one look from the doctor has him looking like a dejected puppy.

"It seems they will let just anyone in here" The snide tone of Kurts voice as he speaks to the table in general has a sudden quiet settle in.

I lean back a smirk on my face all set to enjoy the Fucking show.

"Indeed it does Kurt, I always did mean to ask how was your stay at the psychiatric facility and did you go on to become a productive member of society" Rachel delivers in a cool voice with barely a glance in his direction. You can see the shocked looks around the table I barely manage to hold in my laughter as Kurt does a great impression of a fish.

I see Santana watching with undisguised amusement clear on her face as everyone seemingly waits for Kurts comeback. That judging by the huff he lets out won't be coming any time soon.

The rest of the evening is full of spiteful comments and sidelong glances from the triad of stupid and I can see that Jax and Berry are both reaching their boiling point.

Once The speeches are over and everyone starts to leave I am glad that we managed to get through it without any major hiccups.

Walking out of the exit with Jax and Berry I can almost taste the highways sweet lure of freedom.

When that Doctor Bitch Just has to make probably the dumbest move I have seen anyone do.

There are moments in life that seem to happen in slow motion and this is apparently one of then I watch as her fist heads towards Berry's face.

Rachel grabs her fist as though bored and manages to have the stupid bitch on her knees in the McKinley parking lot in less than 30 seconds it seems.

Suddenly we are surrounded by The rest of the Sons that had accompanied us and none of them look happy about what just almost happened.

Jax looks like he could very easily commit murder, I can see his fingers twitching towards where I know he has his weapon stored( even though Berry told him No guns) But a single look from Rachel as she tightens her grip on the doctor has him relaxing.

" Dr Knowles or should I say Hudson, you really must be the stupidest woman I have ever met" Rachel says as she speaks calmly as though discussing the weather.

" I let you skate 10 years ago and you just had to go and try some idiotic revenge kick tonight of all nights" The disdain in Berrys voice is marvellous when I am not the recipient of it.

"Let me go you bitch" Tara managed a valiant effort at a snarl.

"Hmm no I don't think I will at this moment in time, You see second you threw a punch you ruined any chance you had of this ending in a good way for you" Rachel says just as the blue and red lights of the local police pull into the parking lot.

"let me sum it up for you, I've said it before. Game ,Set, Match! Bitch." Berry whispers into taras ear just loud enough that we can hear.

After that it was a simple matter of explaining to the police exactly what happened and showing them the video(courtesy of Satan,Gotta love that Loca) before the doctor is being loaded into the cop car.

Meanwhile Finn is still standing there trying to process what is going and and looking like a grade A moron.

Once the excitement is over people start leaving finally and I turn to Berry who is currently ensconced in Jaxs arms.

"Never a dull moment with you Berry Babe" I say as I head towards my bike.

Watching as the SOA lines up behind the President and his Queen before we head out back to Charming.

I can't help but wonder how different our lives would have been if we Never moved to Charming.

The End


This marks the end of this story, thanks for sticking with me.