Always there through ice and fire,

Through the long days and the nights.

Standing there in endless hours,

Together watching the blinking lights

Of the time left counting down.

Hold hands tightly, time to run;

Walk from night into setting sun.

Always there through joy and laughter,

Sharing the anger and the tears,

Weaving the stories for others to see,

Hiding from all men the obvious fears

That all people feel and try to avoid.

The time's running out and yet it slows -

There are secrets men keep that everyone knows.

Always there through endless problems,

Through the mazes that life creates -

Each step is broken but is certainly

And two mind the stronger makes.

No regrets nor secrets to hide -

Hold hands tightly as the countdown stays.

Two sides of a coin together always.

AN: Written for Castle and Beckett up to the end of series Three. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Gramercy, and God bless! 5-3-2015