Title: See Her On The Weekends
Rating: M
Summary: A one night stand has been bothering musician Beca Mitchell for years. She never expects to see her again, until Twitter exchanges and a VIP ticket changes her entire world. G!P Beca. (terrible summary… sorry!)

A/N: Just had this idea. Not sure if it'll go anywhere or very far. I've been having writer's block issues with Elevated and Darling, You'll Be Okay... so we'll see where this goes.

July 8, 2011
The music pumps loudly as the sea of bodies moves carelessly to the beat, the smell of sweat and heat filling the club as the warm California air breezes in through the front door.

Beca sways back and forth at the bar, thick beads of sweat rolling from her forehead into her eyes. She winces at the saltiness and pain in her eyes and wipes them away with the back of her hand as the bartender pours her the sixth shot for the night.

This was the first time Beca ever traveled to San Francisco, spending most of her time in Los Angeles as an aspiring musician. It was pride weekend and Beca was more than ecstatic to go up north for a weekend to relax from her hectic life.

Her best friend Stacie had already abandoned the brunette for the dance floor, but Beca's comfort was in the bar. The bartender slides her shot over the counter before returning to the register to add it to her tab.

Beca eyes the shot before letting her fingers wrap around the shot glass. She taps the glass a few times, wondering why she hasn't down the shot when a soft voice fills her ears.

"Can I have an Adios Motherfucker?" The voice calls out to the bartender and even over the music, Beca could tell that it was the sweetest sounding voice she had ever heard.

Beca lets her eyes wander over to the girl who was just as small as she was, red hair flowing in the breeze coming from outside. Beca inhales sharply as she takes in the beautiful image in front of her. She quickly throws her shot back before scooting closer to the girl.

"That's an awfully hard drink for such a small girl." Beca comments drunkely.

"Coming from the girl who's equally as small and just downed a shot of..." The redhead moves closer to Beca, getting a whiff of whiskey on her breath," Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey."

"Good nose," Beca smirks. "Can I buy you your drink?"

"Wow, you really just get straight to the point, huh?" Beca nods. "Well, buttercup, I'm perfectly capable of buying my own drink."

Beca presses her lips together. She didn't know why she expected her attempt of picking the girl up to work, but she had hoped for something more to work with.

"Then how about a shot before we ditch this joint?" Beca tries again.

"What makes you so sure I want to leave with you, tonight?"

"The kicked puppy look and my amazing smoothness?" Beca jokes as she pouts her lower lip.

"Fine, Casanova." The redhead says as she chugs her AMF. She smirks at Beca before turning back to the bartender, "Two shots of Patron... On her." She points towards Beca and the brunette gulps.

The bartender nods and pours the shots. He slides them over and the redhead hands on to Beca.

"Hope you can handle tequila, smooth talker," She says, "because this shot will be anything but..."

Beca's hair is doused in sweat and she feels the redhead's finger tangle in her hair. Their lips meet in a jolting kiss as their tongues explore each other's mouths, as they struggle to get their shirts off.

The redhead goes to unbutton Beca's pants and Beca's hand cuts her off.

"Wait..." Beca gasps.

"What is it? Finally getting shy on me?" The redhead says innocently with wide, lustful eyes.

"It's not that. It's a... Condition."

"Well, if you thought I was dumb before when I left the bar with you, then you should be surprised to hear that I know. I mean, you were kind of pressing into me." She says bluntly.

Beca blushes, her face flushed red from embarrassment that she couldn't contain herself from getting hard through their rough make out session.

"Oh." Was all Beca could get out before the redhead's lips crashed into her own. Her hands moved down Beca's side and hovers over the button of her jeans once again.

The redhead manages to remove them swiftly, along with her own pants and pulls Beca on top of her.

Beca feels a rush flow through her as their naked bodies make contact.

"Are you sure?" Beca asks, reiterating that the consent she received back at the bar still stood.

The redhead pulls her in, their lips barely touching. "Yes, I'm sure. Now, shut up and fuck me."


April 16, 2015; 15:30
Beca sits at her piano as she hammers out new material for her upcoming show. Her head is spinning, knowing she has to come up with something big for her show tonight. She scratches out lyrics, humming a tune to herself to see if it works. She groans loudly when the ringing of her phone blares through her home studio.

She grabs it, not bothering to look at the Caller ID.

"This is Beca Mitchell," she breathes out.

"You're such a professional," Stacie's voice giggles.

"Yeah, whatever. What's up?"

"I'm currently walking up the stairs. Just didn't want to spook you." Stacie admits.

"Good. You can help me when you get up here." Beca hangs up the phone and patiently waits for her best friend to enter.

She throws her pen down and gets up, stretching her arms when the door opens.

"Yoga time?" Stacie jokes.

"Funny, Conrad." Beca rolls her eyes. "Okay, I need to find someone to do this dumb VIP meet and greet with. I'm going to tweet it, and you can just choose someone while I bust this song out, deal?"

Stacie nods and sits down, crossing her long legs. She plays with the hem of her shorts causing Beca to chuckle lightly and shake her head.

Beca pulls out her phone and opens up her Twitter account. She ponders for a moment before typing out two tweets:

BecsEffect: I have one VIP meet and greet slot open for tonight's show at 8. Hang with me for an hour before!

BecsEffect: RT this with your full name and StaceNBass will choose a winner!

"Tweets done. Here you go." Beca hands Stacie her phone before returning to her piano bench. "We have to be at the venue at 5 for sound check, so choose quickly."

She can hear her phone blow up and she looks over her shoulder at Stacie who's studying the retweets. She shakes all the worries from her head and continues working. She had an hour to finish her song before they had to load in.

Thirty minutes later, Beca's song is completed and she starts gathering up her gear as Stacie reads tweets to herself.

"Hey, Becs..." Stacie speaks up, "how about her?"

Stacie walks over to Beca and shows her a tweet.

CMBphoto: ooh! Choose me; Chloe Beale! " BecsEffect: RT this with your full name and StaceNBass will choose a winner!"

"She's a photographer from San Francisco!" Stacie exclaims. "It'd be great for you to know a professional photographer."

"You're right."

Beca grabs the phone from Stacey and loads Chloe's profile, and her eyebrow raises. The girl looks oddly familiar, but Beca can't pin point why. She browsed through a few of the Instagram photos Chloe posted to her Twitter and she had to admit, she was impressed. She scrolls back up to her tweet and clicks reply, typing out a response.

BecsEffect: CMBphoto one meet and greet pass for you! Added to the VIP list.

Beca follows this Chloe girl on Twitter and decides to DM her the rest of the information so that no crazy fan could just waltz into the venue.

BecsEffect: the security guard at the back of the venue will have your pass. Show him your ID. The pass has free access all around the venue, and will also come with a press pass if you want to shoot the show. See you in a couple of hours.


Beca had just finished sound check and she was sitting on a couch backstage. She had a few minutes before her meet and greet winner and she was feeling anxious. She couldn't figure out why, but she was.

Stacie walks in and sits down next to her best friend.

"You excited for tonight?" Stacie asks, playing with the hem of her shorts.

"Shouldn't I be the one doing the nervous antics?" Beca jokes causing Stacie to stop. "I'm anxious. This Chloe girl, she looks familiar and I don't know where I know her from, but I feel like I do."

"Maybe she's that one night stand you had years ago that you will never stop talking about." Stacie plays.

"Not my fault she just upped and left the morning after. She was smoking hot from what my dumbass drunk brain can remember. Also, Chloe doesn't have red hair so I highly doubt it's her." Beca reassures herself.

"People can dye their hair, Beca. But you're probably right. It's not her. Maybe just a fan you've seen around. Maybe you've signed an autograph for her once." Stacie offers causing Beca to shrug.

"You're probably right."

"I always am. I'm going to go find Amy. Have fun tonight." Stacie side hugs her best friend before getting up and walking away.

Beca leans back on the couch and starts humming the tune to her new song, the anxiety of releasing such new and raw material live for the first time. Her thoughts are interrupted when she hears someone clear their throat.

"Hey Beca," her security guard Jesse says shyly. "Your meet and greet winner is here. I'm going to let her back, is that cool?"

Beca nods and Jesse walks away. He returns in a few seconds leading Chloe in and pointing towards Beca's direction, saying something that she can't make out. Beca's eyes widen as the girl gets closer, noticing that her avatar on Twitter didn't do her justice. She was absolutely stunning and Beca had to try to not get overly excited or she's definitely regret the consequences of playing a show with a full blown hard on.

"Hey, I'm Beca." Beca says as she extends her hand towards the girl. "It's nice to meet you, Chloe."

Chloe smiles and shakes Beca's hand before staring at the brunette with a smirk. Beca looks oddly at Chloe before the blonde speaks up, "So... Casanova's real name is Beca Mitchell. It's so good to finally put a name to the face after all of these years."

"Wait..." Beca says as she tries to process everything that just came out of Chloe's mouth.

"You say 'wait' a lot, Beca. Like now, and three and a half years ago when we…"

"You're the redhead from San Francisco!?" Beca exclaims in disbelief, cutting Chloe off. "You're the one who left after we... Yeah."

"Guilty." Chloe says. "And uhm, there's something I need to tell you."

Next chapter will be out in a couple of days... Maybe sooner. Let me know how this was. I feel like I'm losing my groove and that this was poorly written, but... who knows