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Chapter 1: Smokey and the Ed

"I doubt we will finish the heap of shit." Taking in a long drag of his cigarette, a young man in a dirtied yellow shirt sat down on an old beat up couch, in between his two best friends. He exhaled the smoke, staring back at an old purple van that had painted on yellow flames along it. The surroundings were a junkyard; the sky was overcast. He messed with his black hair, making sure it was still styled how he wanted it, facing forward.

"We've got time, Eddy. It's not like it needs to be done tomorrow." To the young man's right sat a taller, lankier one. He wore a black ski beanie over his dark brown shoulder length hair. He gave a smile that spread across his whole face. "Besides, it's only one little hiccup. Not the end of the world." He sat forward on the chair, looking back to the van at the opened hood. He adjusted his red shirt, making sure it was neatly laying right. "Right Ed?"

There was no response from the taller husky set young man that was to the furthest left. Eddy glanced over to him. His green jacket and red striped white shirt under it was a mess, and he seemed to be asleep, with his head leaned back onto the cushion of the couch. In one hand, he held a bottle beer, while the other hand was hanging off the side of the couch. Eddy put the cigarette in his mouth, nudging his friend with his elbow.

"Hey, Lumpy!"

"I was once a Moose." Ed opened his eyes lifting his head. His red hair stuck up. His stubble hid his small chin. He looked around seeing both of his friends staring at him. "Lunch time?" He asked.

"No Ed, we had lunch 2 hours ago."

"That's right Double D! This is why you are the smart one!" Ed gave a genuine grin with his large teeth. He held out his bottle of beer to Edd and Eddy. "Thirsty?"

"No thank you, Ed." Edd declined.

Eddy took the bottle taking a swig. "I was hoping to get this baby running before school, imagine… First day of senior year, driving up in our supped-up ride with some rims. All the chicks surrounding us. We're so gonna get laid."

"How exciting." Edd commented unenthusiastically.

Eddy paused glaring at Edd. "Calm down Marion." Eddy blew his smoke into Edd's face. "That's the part where you get excited."

"How many times have I told you never to do that?" Edd waved his hand coughing, he stood up. "Must you smoke that thing? It's terrible for you!"

"Yeah, yeah." Eddy took the cigarette, stabbing it onto the old wooden stand that sat in front of the old red couch. He handed the beer back to Ed, standing up. He only stood up to Edd's chin. "So what now?"

"Well, in order to get this van running, we need a…"

"Handkerchief!" Ed cheered

"Close… but I was actually going to say a new ignition coil."

"You fucking rebuilt the engine last week, how can we need an ignition coil?!" Eddy complained, knocking on Edd's head irritated.

Edd pushed him away giving a hint of annoyance. Ed stood up placing the bottle down on the table, walking over to the van looking at the engine that looked brand new. He walked around the van admiring the work they had put in all summer so far.

"First off, It's one of the last things to add. Secondly, I didn't see you putting your two sense in when I was working on it." Edd retorted.

"So why didn't you just add it?!"

"I did… and it didn't work, it caught on fire." Edd muttered.

"And Double D said a curse word." Ed chimed

"Besides, we can just take it to a shop and get it fixed, it may be faulty wiring, and we should let some professionals handle it." Edd ignored Ed's comment.

"With what money?" Eddy snapped.

"It's payday tomorrow." Edd smiled.

Ed walked back over to Edd and Eddy, placing his hand on top of both boys' heads, making them face him. He towered over them, as he always did. "Are you ladies done dancing? It's a full moon tonight and the werewolves are howling."

"Of course, Ed." Edd smiled.

Eddy shook his head, closing the hood to the van. "You've got it, blockhead. We can't do anything anyways until we get that 'ignition coil'" Eddy tried mimicking Edd's voice, waving his hands around.

"Wow, you could be Double D's clone." Ed stated, laughing.

Both Eddy and Ed began to walk towards the exit of the Junkyard, leaving Edd to clean up the bottles and grab the keys to the van, locking it.

"I sound nothing like that, and I don't wave my arms around like that either!" He called after them, carrying the garbage.

Ed and Eddy burst out laughing, walking passed a muscular older man with short gray hair, who sat outside of a small office. He wore jeans and a black t-shirt. "'night boys, see you tomorrow." He waved.

"Good-night Mr. Sod." Ed waved.

"G'night old man." Eddy grinned.

Edd threw away the garbage in the proper bins, dusting himself off. "Good Night sir, and remember it's best to soak your foot in a sea salt solution, it'll help with that psoriasis." Edd reminded, running after his friends.

The old man let out a chuckle, getting up to close the gates behind them.

Edd caught up to his friends, twirling the key chain in his hand coolly, listening in on Eddy's conversation.

"Alright boys, we've got 3 weeks to turn that piece of shit into our ride. How much more do we need to put into it, Sockhead?" Eddy turned watching as Edd was using an imaginary abacus to calculate. He would swear smoke was pouring out of the guy's head as he went over every variable, and every little expense that could potentially come up.

"I smell burning." Ed laughed.

"We are looking at about 1,000 to 2." Edd came up with the numbers within 10 seconds. "Worst case 2,000. I'm worried about that gas tank having some old petrol in it."

Both Eddy and Ed let out a loud long groan. "I don't got that kind of money!"

"You don't have, Eddy." Edd corrected.

"But Monsters of the Night and Day convention is coming, and I wanted to go!" Ed whined.

Eddy grabbed his shirt, pulling him back. "What's more important a ride or a stupid convention, Mono-Brow?!"

Ed paused, putting in some real thought. Eddy face palmed, turning to Edd.

"How will you get to the convention?" Eddy snapped.

"Drive there." Ed smiled.

"But. How?!" Eddy grit his teeth.

Ed's jaw dropped. "Guys, we have to get that van fixed first!" He said matter of factly.

"Oh my, but how?" Edd smiled, deciding to play along out of amusement.

"Well, it's payday… I can use my money I got to put towards the van!" Ed seemed excited at the thought.

Edd clapped. Eddy groaned, turning around.

"What a great idea Ed, how did you ever come up with it?" Edd gave a little smirk, with his hands now behind his back.

"It just came to me, Double D. I think you are rubbing off on everyone tonight." Ed exclaimed.

"One could only hope." Edd muttered.

"Alright, tomorrow, we're going to get this van rolling!" Eddy announced, stroking his goatee. Which was the only patch of hair that could grow, unlike Ed's full lumberjack stubble. Edd preferred his face clean shaved. He rolled down the black sleeves that were hidden under his red sleeves.

"And how is that?" Eddy rolled his eyes as Edd gave his typical sarcastic tone. He then gave a smirk, looking back to Edd deviously.

"You're the Brainiac, you figure it out, since it was your screw up." Eddy walked ahead of his friends, smug. The sun was finally setting, the overcast sky turned into an orange color, with pink hued clouds, giving the sky a peachy color. Ed let out a laugh again, pulling out another bottle of beer from his green jacket pocket.

"Good luck." He told to Edd, opening the bottle, downing it with Eddy quickly before they reached the neighborhood to dispose of the evidence. Edd shook his head, letting out a sigh.