Chapter 58: Ed-pilogue

_ [~5 Months Later~] _

"Lumpy, throw me a cold one." Eddy held up his hand. Ed stretched, pulling out a bottle of beer from his pocket, handing it to Eddy. Eddy twisted off the top, downing it. He chucked the empty bottle into a nearby can.

Summer had begun. Eddy looked to his friends with a smirk. "Finally, we're done." He announced, habitually going into the pocket of his shirt for a cigarette, he groaned feeling the empty pocket, crossing his arms.

Edd put his finger to his chin, glancing over to his friends. "Shall we make some plans for the summer?" He questioned with a smile. Eddy lifted his head, looking to Edd. "Now that we're out of High school… I'd have to say; our childhood has come to an end."

"Wow, way to bring it down." Eddy commented.

Ed stared to Edd tearing up. "Are you breaking up with us too?" Ed asked.

"There you guys are!" The Ed's looked up to see Nazz walking towards them wearing a white sweatshirt and some denim shorts. "We've been looking everywhere for you dudes." She crossed her arms looking at the boys as they sat on the old couch. Marie walked out from behind Nazz in her cargo shorts and black cropped tank top.

"Any particular reason why?" Edd asked with a smile.

Nazz walked up to the couch, sitting in between Eddy and Edd. Marie sat on the arm of the chair next to Edd, she flicked Edd's nose when he went to grab her hand. "Well, Kevin is having a graduation party and he said you guys never R.S. ." Nazz smiled. Edd glared over to Eddy who was looked away from them. "So, I was sent to find you guys."

"Our apologies," Edd smiled to Nazz. "It was Ed and I's mistake to trust Eddy with informing us." Nazz looked over to Eddy laughing.

"Yeah it was." Marie agreed. Edd grinned, grabbing Marie, dragging her down into his lap, wrapping his arms around her so she wouldn't escape. Marie squirmed around. "Knock it off, it's fucking hot!" Marie snapped. Edd kissed her cheek. Marie stopped squirming. "Fine, overheat."

Eddy glared over to Edd. "Would you shut up?!" He snapped. Edd chuckled, rolling his eyes. "So I forgot what day it was..." Eddy scoffed. Ed gave a giggle, patting Eddy's head. "It ain't my fault." Eddy frowned.

Edd nodded. "Of course not Eddy, how could we put that kind of pressure on you?" Marie shook her head.

Nazz giggled. "So, you dudes coming?" She stood up, adjusting her shirt. Ed, Edd, and Eddy looked at each other. "Come on!" Nazz motioned them. Marie shoved herself out of Edd's grip, standing. "The whole neighborhood is invited!" The Eds smiled getting up.

They all left the junkyard. "It's a shame about the van." Nazz looked back to the old purple van as they walked past it.

Marie shook her head in annoyance. "What a waste of time."

"At least it lasted up until the end of the school year." Edd shrugged.

"What happened to it again?" Eddy questioned, looking over to Edd.

Edd and Marie smiled, glancing over to Eddy. Ed raised his hand. "Oh I know!" Ed laughed. "Double D was checking the belt… and Marie showed up and scared Double D, and Double D's hat was sucked up into the engine and it went boom!" Ed smiled widely. "And that's when Double D said a really bad word and Marie found out the unspoken secret of Double D." Edd covered his face looking to Ed. Marie laughed, patting his back "Marie accepted Double D's walrus state and told him he was welcomed into the house of Kanker. They then floated away on a sunset to the moon."

Eddy began to laugh, slapping Ed's back. "Yeah right!" Eddy smiled at Nazz, putting his arm around her shoulder. "That would be the day!" Nazz shook her, leaning her head against Eddy. They walked ahead of Ed Marie and Edd.

Edd stared at Ed, shaking his head. "What happened to the part where you promised to keep that a secret?"

Marie grinned. "On the upside, because of that you can't get rid of me." Marie winked. "I got black mail." Edd frowned, looking at Marie.

Ed pat Edd's head. "Don't worry Double D, I still love you. I didn't need the van anyways." Ed whispered. "The earth calls." He stated, running ahead.

Edd rolled his eyes, shaking his head. "So, you two still planning on moving in together?" Edd looked up to Nazz and Eddy, seeing Nazz looking back to him.

Marie shook her head. "No thanks."

They caught up to them giving a smile. "Marie and I are actually on a break." He replied. Nazz gasped.

"Really?!" She looked to Marie then Edd. "But, you two seem like you're dating still."

"Yeah, it's a friend thing, you wouldn't get it." Marie waved her arm.

"Hey, if it's a friend thing why ain't you kissing me like that?!" Eddy snapped.

Nazz glared at him. "If I caught you being that friendly, we wouldn't be doing this dating thing." Nazz threatened.

"Ed and Edd don't kiss me like that." Nazz frowned, looking at Eddy.

Edd gave an uneasy glance to Eddy. "You want me to kiss you?"

"He's the one that decided on the break!" Eddy changed the subject.

Nazz gasped, glaring at Edd, smacking him. "It was a mutual agreement." Edd sighed. "Marie needed time to think about things, and I need time to look into which College I wish to go to. We're still friends at least." Marie gave a nod.

"He wasn't ready for the next step in our relationship and decided to call it quits." Marie explained.

"Ah… sex?" Eddy smirked.

"No, tattoos." Marie answered.

"Excuse me." Edd frowned, crossing his arms. "To be blunt it was over the tattoo she secretly had done to me!" Edd snapped. "The one on my hindquarters. The one that states, 'Property of Marie Kanker'."

Nazz gawked at Marie. "Really?" She asked. Marie winked. "Oh my god."

"I need that for Nazz." Eddy teased. Nazz punched his arm.

They made it into the graduation party, being greeted with Kevin. "Yeah!" Kevin held up his hand for a high five. "We totally nailed High school!" Eddy and Edd gave him a high five.

"And, I'm out." Marie left after looking in on the party.

Edd turned watching Marie leave. "Wait, will we still be attending that feature film later?" Edd asked.

Marie spun around to Edd smiling. "Never said we weren't." She winked. Edd smiled.

"Dudes, where's Ed?" Edd and Eddy shrugged.


Ed stood at the Library waiting for May. May walked out with a wide smile seeing Ed. "Big Ed!" She cheered, running over to him, wrapping her arms around him. "What are you doing here?" May asked, looking up to Ed. Ed gave a toothy grin, pulling out flowers from under his shirt.

"For you my little marsupial." May took the flowers giggling.

She took a whiff of them, looking to Ed in shock. "You put on deodorant today?!" She gasped. Ed nodded lifting his armpits for her to smell.

"It's called, Au Jus." Ed announced. "I found it in mom's seasoning cabinet."

May grabbed Ed's collar dragging him down, kissing him. As she did so, a small metal ring fell out of the flowers on to the ground. May paused staring down at the ring. Ed bent down, picking it up. "What's that?" May asked. Ed looked up to May, holding up the ring. May froze staring at it, forgetting to breathe.

"May, will you be my forever honeysuckle?" May dropped the flowers falling over. Ed quickly caught her, staring down at her. "May?"


"You'll never guess who showed up." Kevin laughed, putting his arms around Edd and Eddy as they walked further in towards the music.

"Ed-boys, there you are." Rolf walked through the crowd of people, grabbing their wrists. "Come, Rolf need you to look at something." Rolf began to drag them away.

Kevin frowned. "Hey, those are my dorks!" He snapped.

"Casanova Kevin-boy can come too."

Rolf walked into the bathroom with Eddy, Edd and Kevin, closing the door behind him. Instantly, Rolf unbuttoned his pants, dropping them. The boys let out a cry, covering their eyes. "Good Lord!" Edd snapped. "Rolf, return your pants to their upright position at once!"

"Dude, seriously." Kevin shook his head.

"Whoa, that's a nice sized wasp sting!" Johnny pointed out. Everyone looked over to Johnny. "You should ice it."

"Ah good, it is just a sting." Rolf smiled, pulling his pants back up. "Rolf is pleased with this news." Rolf left the bathroom, patting Johnny's back. Johnny smiled, looking over to Kevin, Eddy, and Edd.

Johnny laughed, pointing at Kevin. "Speaking of wasp, looks like you've got one flying around you." Kevin panicked swiping around his head, smacking Eddy in the process. Eddy frowned, pushing Kevin into Edd. They fell over with Kevin on top of Edd. "Fooled you!" Johnny laughed running out. On lookers looked into the bathroom seeing Kevin on top of Edd awkwardly.

"I knew it!" A girl cried. Kevin's eye twitched, glaring at Johnny.

"I'm gonna kill you!" Kevin shouted, scrambling up, running after Johnny.

"Better him than me." Eddy laughed, holding out his hand to Edd. Edd took it standing up. Edd dusted himself off, adjusting his shirt.

"Is that why you wanted a break?" Edd paused, turning on his heel to see Marie standing in the door way with her arms crossed. "I think you could do better." Edd gave a little smile, crossing his arms also.

"Thought you dipped?!" Eddy snapped. "Graduation parties are for graduates." Marie leaned against the door frame, raising her eyebrows flicking Eddy off.

Edd frowned, looking to Eddy. "Graduation parties are for celebrating achievement." He corrected. Eddy made a hand motion, mimicking Edd's comment. Edd shook his head as Eddy waved him off, leaving the bathroom. Marie laughed at them, moving out of Eddy's way. Edd walked up to her, his hands in his pocket. "I must say, I wasn't expecting you to come back."

Marie wrapped her arms around his neck. "Well, I was thinking that taking break was a stupid idea… and figured you were still here so I could tell you so." Edd rolled his eyes, wrapping his arms around her waist. "Whats above your head?" Marie asked excitedly.

Edd glanced up to see Mistletoe being held over his head by Marie. He returned his gaze to Marie, blinking. "That's mistletoe…" Edd pointed out.

Marie smirked. "No, it's Cilantro." She brought her face closer to his.

"No no, that is Mistletoe… Cilantro is…" Marie kissed Edd to shut him up.


Eddy stood in the kitchen watching Jimmy skillfully making drinks at the counter. "What the hell are you doing? You were invited?" Jimmy, glared at Eddy, shaking the shaker. "And you're making drinks?" Jimmy poured out the liquid into a plastic cup, handing it to Eddy. "Is it alcholoic?"

"It's a mocktail." Jimmy snapped, putting his hands to his hip. "And I see you still haven't accepted my apology, or my offer to fix this." Jimmy motioned his hand around Eddy. "A purple polo shirt with red trim and yellow pocket? It's hideous! And those jeans are so '99." Eddy frowned taking a sip of the beverage. "You would look divine in, stay with me, a navy-blue button-down shirt with a simple design. Some jeans that actually fit you, and a darker khaki blazer."

"It's fruity." Eddy grumbled.

"Excuse me?!" Jimmy glared. "I'll have you know, my style is up to date!"

"The drink." Eddy pointed. He walked out of the kitchen, continuing to drink the beverage. Jimmy crossed his arms smiling.

Sarah walked up behind him, watching Eddy also. "I say we take him down and do it." She smiled. Jimmy nodded.

"I agree,"

Eddy walked into the living room seeing Marie and Edd in the crowd dancing. "So much for that break." He called out to them with a laugh. He bumped into Lee in the process.

"Is that for me?" Lee smirked, taking the drink. Eddy frowned as she had the rest of his beverage. "I'll take another one, next time, hold the pineapple." Lee pat Eddy's cheek.

Eddy looking into the empty cup, groaning. "So, you were invited?" Eddy place the cup on the table next to him. Looking at Lee.

"I don't need to be invited." Lee crossed her arms. "All I need is motive." Eddy smiled, looking away. "I got an internship at a business." Lee announced. Eddy glanced at Lee. "They have seen my work and put me through a program."

"What work? Waitressing? Being a bitch?" Eddy's eye's narrowed.

"Leadership." Lee said simply. "You're lookin' at the new trainer of Lemon Brook Gym" Eddy stared at her. "I'm just here to remind me of my roots, then I'm out." Lee pat Eddy's stomach, walking past him over to a group of kids who fled once they saw her. Nazz and Kevin walked up behind Eddy, watching as Lee round-up the group handing them business cards.

"What was that about?" Kevin asked.

Eddy shrugged. "I don't know, she's nuts." Eddy turned around in time to be jumped by Sarah and Jimmy. Nazz and Kevin stood there not even bothering to go after them.

"You gonna go after them?" Kevin questioned. Nazz shook her head. "Yeah, me neither."

Ed and May burst into the house with May holding up her hand. "He Proposed!" May cheered. Ed blushed at the notion, hiding his face. Everyone in the house cheered. May giggled, hugging Ed.

"Come on man, you just finished High School! You should have waited!" Kevin laughed. May glared over to Kevin with fire in her eyes. Kevin jumped, hiding behind Nazz. "Never mind." Nazz laughed.

Edd and Marie walked over to May and Ed. "This is quite a surprise, Ed, you never even mentioned this to me, or Eddy for that matter." Edd smiled, shaking Ed's sweaty hand. Soon after pulling out a sanitizing wipe, cleaning his hand. "Congratulations to you both." Marie rolled her eyes, looking to Edd. Ed wrapped his arms around himself smiling.

"I feel like pudding left in the sun."

"Way to not jump into things May." Marie snapped, smacking May.

May frowned, smacking Marie back, sparking a slap fight. Edd and Ed pulled the girls away from each other. "I'm not jumping into things!" May protested. "We're getting married after college!" Marie rolled her eyes, looking back at Edd.

"I say that sounds fantastic." Edd smiled. Marie shoved his face away. May and Ed laughed at them.


Eddy looked around tied to a chair. "What the hell?! Not again!" Eddy cried, attempting to break free. Sarah walked over to him with Jimmy holding a pair of scissors and a comb. "What are those for?!" Eddy snapped glaring at the scissors.

"Sarah, hold down the patient." Jimmy requested. "This is going to take some work.


Eddy walked out from the bedroom in a daze, sporting a new hairstyle. "There he is!" Nazz called rushing over to Eddy. "Wow, love your hair." She smiled, dragging him over to the neighborhood group. "You made it for picture time!" Nazz handed her phone to Eddy. "You want the honors?"

Eddy frowned, staring at the camera. "I get to take the picture and be out of it?" Eddy frowned. Sarah and Jimmy made their way to the group.

"No dude… here." Nazz laughed, holding out the camera. "We're doing a group selfie."

"A what?" Nazz rolled her eyes. "Wait I get it!" Eddy smiled, rushing over to Ed. "Pick me up Lumpy!" Eddy demanded. Ed lifted him up.

"Rolf, did you bring your pig to my party?" Kevin questioned, looking down at Wilfred who was in Rolf's arms.

"The Son of a Shepherd's swine is an honor to have in one's home." Wilfred snorted, grabbing Kevin's hat. "You dare feed you hat to Wilfred?! You have dishonored the swine!" Rolf shouted.

"Gimme that back!" Kevin shouted grabbing at the hat.

"Say Jawbreakers!" Eddy shouted, taking the picture.

Ed dropped Eddy as he looked at the picture to make sure he looked good. Eddy gave a proud nod, showing Nazz. Nazz smiled. "Nice one." She kissed his cheek, walking away. Edd looked down at the picture.

"I've got it. I'm going to be a photographer." Eddy gasped. "Freelance around town, 200 dollars a pic!" Eddy smirked. Edd rolled his eyes.

"Oh yes, you should charge extra for any filters used." He remarked. Eddy snapped his fingers.

"Yeah!" He agreed. Ed raised his hand.

"Can I carry around the lamps?" Ed asked.

"How does Unpaid Internship sound?" Eddy asked, Ed smiled excitedly. "Alright Sockhead, this is gonna be big. You'll be the developer/ secretary." Edd slapped his hand to his face. "Easy money, right Lumpy?"

"Eddy is so wise… like the potato chip." Ed announced.

"You'll need a woman's touch for the pictures." May announced.

"And probably a critic." Marie smirked. Eddy glared at both girls.

"Maybe even a director." Lee came in, putting her arm around Eddy. "But, you can't afford me." She smacked Eddy's butt, leaving. Eddy frowned.

"Just Friends don't smack each other's asses." Eddy snapped. He jumped when Kevin flew in, smacking his bottom. Eddy turned on his heel, glaring to Kevin. Kevin laughed pointing at Eddy. "Watch it." Eddy warned, holding up his pointer finger to Kevin. Kevin shook his head, walking away.

Nazz walked back over to Eddy, wrapping her arms around him. "So, what are you guys planning for the summer?" She asked. The Eds looked to each other with a grin.

~The End~ (Promise this time)