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"NOOOO! HOW DARE YOU KILL MY BASILISK!" Roared the enraged spirit, Tom's blue eyes blazing in unrestrained fury.

Harry stepped slowly away from the now dead serpent, the legendary sword of Gryffindor sliding gracelessly to the ground. Riddle snarled fiercely, his rage driving him to confront the teen without any regard for his own safety nor the repercussions such a confrontation might bring. Harry desperately tried to avoid the other boys grasp but to no avail.

"You will regret this Potter! Even if you have slain my beast you are still no match for me! And soon, pour, little Ginny Weasley will be dead and I shall be reborn!"

Harry felt a burst of his own anger bubble forth, his own hand clasping the offending appendage just as roughly.

"You will never be reborn! Dumbledore will stop you! I'll stop you! Someone as horrible as you has no right to say Ginny's name!"

Riddle's snarl morphed into a gleeful look of contempt.

"Dumbledore will stop me? Ha! That cowardly old man is long gone from here and soon I'll be too far for him to reach! And you? A little, talentless brat who is years below me in skill, tell me, what sort of fear should I feel towards you? What could Youpossibly accomplish against m-!"

Riddle was cut off as a great explosion of water sent the two teens crashing to the floor.

"What!?" Harry looked around wildly only to grip his ears as a horrific screech unlike anything he had ever heard blasted through the mostly silent Chamber. Still covering his ears Harry stumbled hastily to his feet, gaze immediately landing on the teenaged Voldemort. He too had made it to his feet, hands firmly planted over his ears. Harry graciously took note of Riddle's now wand less figure. Gone amidst the chaos.

*Ginny, where's Ginny!? I have to find her!* Harry went to move, to search for his best friend's sister only to grunt in pain as the screeching intensified. The lake below Salazar Slytherin's face bubbled and rolled ominously as the shrieking cry rose to unbearable levels. Then like something right out of a muggle horror movie strange, gray ribbon like objects sprang out from the lakes surface.

Although deeply terrified it did not stop him on his search for Ron's little sister. As soon as his foot made contact with the wet, stone floor the ribbons set their sights upon him.

The first went for his neck; thankfully two years of playing Quidditch taught him ducking was a necessity of life. As the first missed the second was right behind, Harry spun quickly just barely saving his arm from being caught. Unfortunately his luck ran out far too soon as several more ribbons appeared, each one successfully ensnaring his waist and leg.

"Let go of me!" Harry desperately tried to pry away the rope like cloth only to be hoisted effortlessly into the air. The sudden angry shout of someone else startled the bound Gryffindor, forcing his attention back to the Chamber floor.

"Such insolence! Release me at once!" It seemed Harry hadn't been the only target as many more ribbons zeroed in on the young Dark Lord; managing to trap him as well.

A flash of red appearing in the teens peripheral had Harry whipping his attention away from Riddle. Gasping in horror Harry could only take in the image of an unconscious Ginny dangling perilously above the water. This sparked a new wave of defiance as the teens struggles renewed; Harry even went so far as to bite the foul smelling fabric. But like welded metal it did not budge.

"BLOODY HELL! LET GINNY GO! SHE'S HURT! I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU DO TO ME BUT LET HER GOOO!" But just as expected his cry fell upon deaf ears, the hideous screech that had become like background noise during the commotion ceased abruptly. Silence…the only sounds being labored breathes and rapid heartbeats.

Then..he felt it..the feeling of sinking. To the horror of those still conscious, the ribbons began to pull their captives downwards, closer to the water's surface.

*Oh god, oh god..what do I do? Without my wand I can't break free! Damn! Damn!* Harry once again resumed his bid for escape but just as before the ribbons kept him prisoner. From the sounds coming from Riddle he too had figured out their dire situation; not that Tom would have cared had it just been Harry and Ginny.

*Serves the bastard right!* Thought Harry viciously, because if anything good could be taken out of this then at least Voldemort went down with him.

He was jerked from his dismal thoughts by the soft sounds of something hitting the water.

"GINNY!" Helpless, Harry could only watch as Ginny Weasley's tiny body was slowly pulled below the murky depths. He stiffened as the faint feeling of wetness traveled up his leg; soon more than half his body was submerged. Harry sucked in a great gulp of air as the unbreakable bonds yanked him underneath.

*Can..Can't breathe…* Harry desperately tried to hang on but his small form was unaccustomed to holding in air for long periods of time. His mouth opened in a frenzied desire for air; water quickly rushing in and filling up his pathways.

*I'm sorry..Ron..Ginny..Hermione..so sorry…*

With apology sent the savior of the Wizarding World sank..further…further into darkness.