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[]=anonymous voices


**=Thoughts and or bold words(when in a sentence)

A groan of discomfort echoed throughout an empty world; emerald green eyes opened once again, confusion bleeding through. Standing up slowly Harry took some time to examine his new surroundings. Harry's mouth fell open in abhorrent awe.

*W-Where am I now!? That couldn't have been a dream could it? It'd been so real! And at least the Velvet Room had been nice to look at cause this place is just plain creepy!*

And creepy it was, crushed debris of ancient looking pillars were scattered everywhere; covering every inch of cobblestone floor. Weird, acidic bubbles filled with unknown substances rose upwards from the cracks within the ground. Each rising higher and higher into the sky. The teen stumbled back in panic, falling harshly upon his rear; unable to comprehend the chaos above.

The sky was warped; twisting and rippling like water, its color a poisonous shade of violet.

"How *brave* of you Potter, the Gryffindor hero teetering around like a frightened child. To think the Wizarding World has the gall to believe *you* are a *Savior*! Truly the sheep like masses of the weak minded will settle on anything as long as it affords them a brief moment of blissful ignorance."

Harry stiffened as the arrogant voice of Tom Riddle echoed behind him. Shooting up from the stone floor he turned and faced the Slytherin. The others smug look of victory bringing forth a great burst of anger from within Harry's chest.

"Like you have any room to talk! You're just some power obsessed psycho who enjoys ruining innocent lives! You hurt people and use them until there's nothing left but emptiness and death! A murderer who can't except that a one year-old beat his *arse!*"

Harry felt a rush of satisfaction as a look of pure unadulterated fury over took Riddle's handsome face.

"*Crucio!*" Riddle waved his hand threateningly at the younger teen, just like before not a single thing happened. Harry smirked.

*Ha, take that you pompous bastard!*

"Looks like your magic isn't working *Tom*, now you've turned into the one thing you can't stand; a wand less, magic less, everyday ordinary, *muggle!*

Riddle let loose a roar of rage, his hand shooting out to grab the Gryffindor's robe while the other was set to strike. Just as the Slytherin's fist was about to make itself extremely familiar with Harry's face; an insane giggle echoed around them.

"Shi-shi-shi…a school yard brawl…how adorable." Riddle roughly released the younger boy, his eyes scanning the decrepit landscape for the person foolish enough to mock him.

"I command you to show yourself!" The laughter only increased in volume.

"Shi-shi-shi! "*Command me?*" That's cute! Such a little Tyrant…shi-shi-shi. Besides, how can I show myself if I'm already here? Isn't that right Kitty?" The voice whispered right into Harry's ear. The teen jumped back wildly; narrowly avoiding a collision with Riddle; to see a silver masked jester smiling crazily at the pair.

*What the hell! That's impossible! There was no one there before, how in the world did this weirdo get so close to me? Where did he even come from?!*

"Aww poor little Kitty, I didn't mean to startle you..or did I? Shi-shi-shi!" The colorfully clothed man giggled cheerfully, uncovered eyes sparkling with mirth.

"W-Who are you!? Where are we!? Do you live here or something!?"

"Shi-shi. Live here you ask? Who knows? This place? Why, it's whatever you want it to be! As for me, well, you can call me Trix the Clown!"

A growl of annoyance erupted from the young Dark Lord, his cold gaze boring into the so called "Clown."

"Is this some kind of joke!? If you can not afford me any real answers than go away! Unlike Potter I have no desire to spend my time conversing with an obviously deranged person!"

Harry snorted openly. *Like you have any room to talk.*

Trix blinked teal colored eyes up at Riddle, his smile scrunching into a frown.

With a pout the childish man stuck his tongue out unhappily at the frosty teen.

"You're a real meany Mr. Tyrant, I definitely like Kitty more than you. And since I like him more than you I'm going to give him a helpful little *riddle!* Shi-shi-shi!"

Harry couldn't help but squirm as the strange man wrapped his arm joyfully around his shoulder. A pair of surprisingly soft lips pressed gently against his ear.

"What has red hair, a cute face, and is 100% comatose?" Whispered Trix, his slightly deranged laugh tickling the inside of Harry's ear.


"Where!? Where did you see her!? Where's Ginny!?"

"Ah, ah, ah. I only said I'd give you a riddle. If you want to find her than your gonna half to catch me! Shi-shi-shi!" Trix leaped into the air, twisting his body in a way no normal human could possibly manage before cart wheeling away.

"W-Wait! Come back here!" Harry moved to take off but an offending arm blocked his way.

"Move it *Tom!* He knows where Ginny is!" All that did was make Tom sneer in disgust.

"I don't particularly care what happens to that pathetic girl, your Gryffindorish devotion to someone completely beneath you will get us both killed! Did it ever occur to that minuscule brain of yours that chasing after that ludicrous man will lead you straight for a trap? Hasn't the *Great Albus Dumbledore* taught his precious *champion* any form of common sense!?"

Harry shrugged of the taller boys hold, his anger returning to the for front.

"Don't talk about Ginny like that! Like you could ever understand! Someone like you who has no emotion to care about anyone else but yourself can't possibly imagine what's going on in my brain! Admit it Tom, your just a coward! So what if its a trap; at least I'm *doing* something! Stay here and rot for all I care, hell I'd be more then ecstatic if you did! Now get the *FUCK* out of my way!"

Harry shoved Riddle out of the way; not at all caring if the prat fell on his sickeningly handsome face. Utilizing all the athletic abilities gained over the past two years, Harry took off in the direction the mad clown had gone. Arguing with Tom had taken up a valuable amount of time, Harry could just barely make out the sound of Trix's crazed laughter.

It felt like hours had passed by the time Harry made it to an oddly, empty section of the corrupted landscape. The only discernible things around were a bunch of fallen columns, some of which were snakes, familiar snakes actually.

*Wait, those look exactly like the pillars in the Chamber of Secrets! But...what are they doing here? And if these are here shouldn't that be here too?*

The teen moved his gaze away from the many fallen idols; emerald eyes widening considerably when they stumbled upon a most astonishing sight.

*Is that!?*

"Salazar Slytherin...this can not be.."

Harry didn't bother turning around, Tom's voice easily recognizable in the suffocating silence. As much as he hated the bastard Harry couldn't help but feel a bit relieved that someone else was experiencing this nightmare with him. Especially in regards to Salazar Slytherin's decaying face.

In the Chamber the stone face had already been weathered by a multitude of collaborating factors; age being a key contributor. However, even now it was still in half-way decent shape. But the figure before them was not so fortunate.

Cracks filled with the same viscous, green fluid as the bubbles pulsed eerily; the muck giving off a clearly malicious sensation. Not only that but the grand lake beneath also appeared different, muddier; although Harry couldn't say for sure without getting a closer look.

*Well even if it was freakier than before doesn't change the fact that Trix got away.*

[Man that Harry Potter sure is a loser! He doesn't even have any friends, what a freak!]

"Wh-What? Who said that!?" But the voice didn't answer him, no, instead it changed to ones Harry was intimately familiar with.

[Useless child! What a burden you are! Dumped on my family and taking up space! If only Lily hadn't given birth to you! My life would have been perfect!]

[Freakish boy! How dare you bring such strangeness into our household!]

"A-Aunt Petunia, Uncle Vernon?" More voices.

[Man I can't believe *I* became friends with *the* Harry Potter! My brothers are gonna be sooo jealous!]

[Its not like Harry isn't amazing but..hes not exactly like what the history books describe.]

"Ron? Hermione? T-thats not right! They would never say something like that!"

[Did you hear? They say Harry Potter can speak to snakes!]

[Dear Merlin, really!? You mean like You-Know-Who? Thats creepy!]

[I know, right! I bet *he's* the one petrifying everyone! *He's* the one who opened the Chamber!]

[Harry is definitely Slytherin's heir!]

"Shut-up! None of that is true! You're wrong!" Harry fell to his knees, hands clasped tightly to his ears. Anything to drown out the cruel voices.

[Why...why... I just want to be normal...I just want someone..anyone to except me. Just one person. I don't wanna be left in the dark all alone again!]

Harry's eyes bulged in terror. *That's..!*

"Potter get a hold of yourself!" New voices arouse this time directing their painful words at another.

[That Riddle kid is such a weirdo, I swear I saw him hissing at a bunch of snakes! I bet he's mental!]

[Riddles such a freak! I heard from one of matrons that his mother died giving birth to him. Shows that even his whore mother didn't want him!]

[Child of the Devil! Repent creature of sin! Be gone abomination from the depths of Hell! Go! Leave this poor an innocent child to the folds of God! I command ye Demon, Be gone!]

Tom howled in rage. "How dare you mock me! Show yourself and face me!"

[A mudblood!? The utter lunacy! How could the sorting hat put such a disgrace in our most prestigious house!]

[Riddle might be the heir of Slytherin but that doesn't change the reality that he's the bastard son of a muggle and his blood-traitor mother.]

[I don't much care for Riddle's ideologies but, if it ensures my standing in society who am I too complain? Its not as if he could refuse, after all he's only a half-blood.]

"Be silent! You know nothing about that which you whisper so carelessly! If you think such pitiful attempts at agitating *me*, *Lord Voldemort*; will gain you anything than you are to be sadly mistaken!"

[Mother, why did you die! Why did you leave me in this horrible place all alone! No one wants me! I-I try but no matter what I'm always, always unwanted. It doesn't matter, nothing matters...I..don't matter...]

"*LIES!* The cacophony of voices stopped; only the harsh pants of their labored breathing could be heard. Then...

{Lies? Who do you think you're fooling? This is how you feel is it not? Denying it does not make it any less true.}

{Wrong!? But that's how all those annoying brats see you! So much for loyalty! I bet if you keeled over right now the whole student body would dance on your grave! Cause lets face it...even in a place filled with magic were still the freaky kid in the cupboard.}

Foreign footsteps filled the silence, each a deafening echo. Both distraught teens looked up, fear and confusion melding together. For what gazed back was more frightening than any Basilisk or giant spider. It was...