Chapter 2: ...Someone who understands, sees through the Master Plan...

It was when the strange heat that surrounded my body suddenly and permanently vanished that I realized something I should have concluded from the very beginning.

I hated this world's magic system.

I mean, seriously, it sucked.

A lot.

To fully appreciate just how profound my hatred of it was, we must first get into a proper discussion on what magic was supposed to be.

Now, for all the complexities of magic, there are usually four things that govern the identity of any certain magic: Source, Ability, Method, and Limitations.

Answering the question 'Where does magic come from?', the Source aspect is self explanatory. Magic can come from Gods, Supernatural Creatures, the Living Energy of the World itself, maybe an entirely separate Universe, or simply everyone. This is, as the name implies, where magic energy comes from and to a lesser extent, how much can be in one 'vessel' at a time.

Ability is more on the topic of who uses magic than true magical ability. This governs those who are able to use the magic, which are more often than not the sources themselves as well as those granted the power. Say if a God blesses a certain... tree, then the tree and the God can both use the magic. They have the ability to use the magic.

Method is the nitty-gritty of it all: the how magic works deal. It can be through rituals, magic words, magic circles, magic signs, magic hand gestures, pure willpower alone, and of course just using some ancient artifact of untold power and the like. To save time, this is where the cause and effect of magic comes in to play, governing how exactly a mage can use the magical energy he has to make a fireball and throw it.

Limitations go hand in hand with Method and is the so-called balance of magic. This last bit tells you the things you can't do, like soul transmutation, resurrection, time travel, using more energy that you can provide or contain, maybe even using multiple schools. This is what explains how everything is still basically balanced, and why the world is the way: it's usually because of what magic can and cannot do.

See that last bit? Please remember the second word from that.

Now, Highschool DXD's system basically takes these things and mixes them up to such a fucked up degree that I'm really surprised that the 'Top 10' isn't always being revised.

Oh and before I forget, let's define Magic as the supernatural forces and stuff, not just the human specific magic.

Sources include but are not limited to, Gods, Devils, Angels, Dragons, Qi or Ki both are Life Energy, Touki or -get this- Fighting Spirit; Not that bad at first glance.

Those able to use this magic are supernatural beings in general and any human who studies enough; That was great since anyone could use magic given enough time and resources.

It would have been perfectly fine by me if it ended there, but anyone who can use magic can also use any other type of magic given some circumstances. It's entirely possible that one human, if given time, could use all the types of magic out there as long as he has enough energy. I have no idea why there has been no Magic God at this point, I'm sure someone would have tried before. Ability just decided to hug everybody and pull of an Oprah: You, You, Everbody gets Everything!

Method is another fucked up point, since only Human wrought magic is governed by circles and calculations.

Everything else is Imagination-based.


Yeah, let that sink in for a moment: as long as you can think it, and have enough energy, you can do anything. Calculations and logic are literally just for the weak humans. And if that wasn't bad enough, there are no Limitations except for energy and power, and sometimes even the it gets crazy. After volume 3 when everyone realized God is dead, shit just stops making sense sometimes. Examples of this are the Holy Demonic Sword and a Devil wielding one of the most powerful Holy swords out there, a sword that should be able to Annihilate any devil with a single grazing cut.

Sense is all gone, all gone people, and never to be seen again!

Really, this place is a Power Gamer's wet dream! There are way too many combinations of spells and systems that would break whatever tenuous balance of power that's keeping this world on the brink of war. Lucky for me, there's an unholy combination of Metagamer and Gamebuster right here.

Oh yeah, I hate the system, but not for it's inherent flaws; no I need those things to slingshot me to the top as quickly as possible. I hate it because it's so damn hard to actually use the magic.

Magic, by imagination is supposed to be easy, right? You think of something and it happens, that makes it simple, no?

Wrong, that just makes the shit that happens all the harder to actually control. I discovered that particular tidbit when I momentarily stopped plotting and thought more about the warmth that surrounded my mostly naked body.

The energy around me, the same strange Not-Blood that filled every nook and cranny of the room was demonic energy, and the same went for the equally mysterious warmth that enveloped me even if I had but a silk blanket to preserve my decency. The warmth was my magic, while what filled the air was either the energy that naturally resided in the Underworld, or the collective magical residue left over from the thousands of Devils and Fallen that could have been exerting their power throughout this foreign dimension; I wasn't exactly sure which one was right.

Maybe it was the second, though I couldn't exactly be sure since whatever 'magical sense' I had was limited to about a millimeter from my skin. All I could tell was that I was subconsciously radiating energy, and as waste energy at that. I couldn't even 'extend' my 'magical senses' through the heat flowing out of me, to maybe take a look at the palace I lived in and those who inhabited it with me.

Seeing as it was ultimately useless energy, I imagined the heat around me disappearing" like instead of a metal cup filled with water where the heat could escape, I imagined myself as a insulated container where heat could not escape.

And it worked, the heat disappeared and the air's cool touch washed over my skin.

IF it was so easy, why was I complaining? Obviously because I ran into a problem.

That problem came when I tried to extend my 'senses' through magic.

Lying on my bed with my eyes lightly shut, I tried to imagine a thin field around me, like some sort of a magical sonar that would allow me to 'see' what was around me without me having to open my eyes. I limited my intended range to just around the bed -so say about a sphere with a five foot diameter from my solar plexus- and tried to use as little magic as possible since this was my first trial. Confident in my ability to measure 'magic' with my mind, I imagined a ball forming in the middle of my chest, and then I let in expand like a wave of sound a sonar ping would send while underwater.

Almost immediately, the scent of burning silk assaulted my nose, and I had no choice but to leap off the bed, eyes darting towards it to asses the damage.

I could feel myself grimace at the ruin a simple 'sensing' attempt had brought about.

Even in the darkness, the black of char and muted orange was visible on once immaculate sheets that once covered the luxurious bed. The intensity of the burn seemed highest in the center where I once lay, darkest black etched into the cloth in the form of a shadowy sphere as the colors faded when the sheets came closer the outer edges of the bed. The cloth was utterly ruined, the true epicenter of the blast cracking as I ran my fingers through the once soft cloth, while even the farthest corners of the bed had been marked, as if a hot iron had lightly pressed itself into the fabric.

Oh, and the heat aura? It was back.

Normally, I would have felt somewhat impressed with myself, that what I imagined to be but a 'drop' of my power could cause such damage, but since I had all but fried my resting place I was somewhat irritated.

I tried again, though this time with my eyes opened, the range reduced to a couple of feet from my chest, and the power halved. I tried to focus on the sensation of power, power that ultimately became heat once more, as it escaped my chest and traveled outwards, looking exactly like a sphere of sound enlarging as it traveled through water. Well, not exactly since I'm pretty sure sound didn't ripple outwards because of the sheer temperature difference between my power and the ambient night air, nor did it visibly distort the appearance of what lay beyond the orb.

Well, Raiser did still beat Issei's ass, even if the pervert had the power to blow up an entire mountain, so I guess this was still in within the realm of reason.

Damn, this boy had more power that most gave him credit for.

It took another three hours to actually build enough control to stop the aura of heat from manifesting, as well as the passive resistance that came with it. I never really thought I would be so happy now that I finally managed to turn of the heater that this guy had build-in, sending my teeth chattering like a rattlesnake's tail as I shivered up a storm. It was fucking cold, and I had nothing on but fuck that, I could finally control the deceptively massive power dedicated to regulate temperature. That must have been a multipurpose spell he had since who knows when, making sure he was always comfortable no matter what the weather... and it was powered with enough energy to probably wreck the entire room thrice over.

This was yet another reason I can't respect this guy, he lets all the power he has waste away after losing.

He lost fucking ONCE and decided that he didn't want to fight anymore.

I didn't think I had to use this so early in the game, but I would be doing this fruitless control exercise for the next few weeks if I continue to try and control magic -sorry, demonic power- in all its abstract glory the conventional way.

Time play a card and go up a level.

I really needed to get this Magic Business down that night; I had other plans the next morning.

"Is anything the matter Rye?" His, or should I say my, mother asked though the magic circle, her voice laced with worry only a mother could feel.

I can only imagine her expression, features contorted with fear for her youngest son, one just out of her reach where she could no longer swoop down to his side and cradle him like any good mother would. It seems that having so many children had not dulled her maternal instinct; in fact I would go as far as to say that having her 'baby boy' contact her from out of the blue seemed to awaken the woman who had cared so deeply for him -for all of her children- since the day he was conceived.

"You're not in some sort of trouble, are you?"

Perhaps my decision to contact them so early in the morning was not the wisest of moves, but I was giddy with my success and thought 'Why not get it over with?'

Then again, I am certain it would be best for everyone involved, especially me, if I did this as quickly as possible. It was best to deal with these problems sooner rather than later after all.

"I would not worry too much, my love," The heavy but elegant baritone of my father rang through soon after, his own tone somewhat more stoic and bordering on confident, but the undercurrent of apprehension was there if you knew how to listen. He must have been the more controlled of the two, the more grounded considering the little information shown within the pages of the novels. He still did care for his son, it seemed, no matter how worthless Riser would have become in the next few months. "Though I cannot say that I am not just as curious. From what I've heard from your servants, you aren't usually awake at this hour. What troubles you, son, that you had to contact all of us?"

I would have replied: The House, but then again devils seem to be used to such wealth. Extravagance looked to be the norm here, and with a family this powerful, I'm sure that the castle I was living in didn't make so much as a blip on their radars. I was somewhat afraid to consider what our true ancestral home might look like. Let's not even mention the potential wealth and fortresses my other two brothers possessed, one being within the Top 10 of Rating Game Participants and the other a Mass Media Tycoon probably only rivaled by Lady Leviathan herself.

My awe of this massive structure would have to wait, as currently I am speaking to every single one of my siblings, as well as both my father and mother via magic circle. My siblings haven't said anything yet, but there were two other magic circles hovering before me, so I could only assume that they were at the very least listening in. Ravel, the youngest of us as well as the only girl in the family, still stayed with our parents, so if she would be participating in this conversation, she would speak through the same circle our parents were using.

As to why I am speaking to them, it's related to one of my initial worries when I first discovered my reincarnation predicament.

It goes without saying that I am not really Raiser Phenex. Our personalities seem to be as different as night and day, and if he acted anything like how the novels portray him, one would easily see the shift in personality that occurred literally overnight. I had no idea how he acted when he was in the presence of others, friends and family, but when he was people he perceived to be below him he was nothing short of a complete douche bag. If he was a shameless pervert all the time, I would be caught almost immediately, and if he was an avid party-goer then people would spot the difference even sooner.

I had memories, but they were second hand, and audio only; It was like listening to a story so the events within them affected Riser very differently from how they affected me. I mean, the boy was giddy when he learned that he never needed to control his magic, I almost had an aneurysm.

I didn't want to think about what would happen if anyone concludes, and proves, that I am not the same Riser Phenex that was born to this world, so I'm nipping that problem in the bud.

Here goes nothing. "Okaa-sama, Otou-sama, Onii-sama, and Imouto, would you mind keeping whatever we talk about today secret, if only before I reveal it to others?"

I had to convince them that I was the greatest liar the world have ever seen.

No pressure.

"That would very much depend on what you want us to hide, my boy." Father seemed to be speaking for everyone as his voice seemed to gain a tinge of heat. His voice seemed to be able to shake the room, as well as raise the temperature several degrees even through the magic circle as he said his piece. "If, for example, you reveal to us today that you are collaborating with the Old Satan Faction, then I'm afraid that we will have to report it to the Maou as well as destroy you oursel-."

Whatever he would say next was interrupted by a wheezing groan, as if something struck his... stomach, yeah; I don't think mother would aim that low yet.

On second thought, I really didn't want to know. Good job for making this conversation happen over magic circle, me! Thank you, audio-only function and old Riser's nocturnal tendencies! If not for you, they would demand that they be able to see me, and I really don't want my first face to face meeting with them to include me being scared shitless.

"But since my baby isn't a traitor, that won't be necessary, right, My Darling Dearest?" I didn't want to imagine how my mother looked like but it was more than enough to frighten my father into giving a terrified grunt. Note to self, moms are still the most frightening things in any universe, especially Devil ones. "Good, now tell Okaa-sama what troubles my baby boy so much? Are you getting lonely in that big empty house all by yourself? Do you need anything from Okaa-sama and Otou-sama? Did you make the stupid mistake of getting someone pregnant?"

"Riser... isn't that daft Okaa-sama. I am quite sure that there is a more logical explanation to this strange occurrence." Who I think to be Ruval spoke with an exasperated tone barely hidden behind practiced speech and his noble bearing. Maybe he was tired from training, or maybe he had a game recently? He was only glossed over in the novels so what occurs during his time off is relatively unknown. From my memories, if he wasn't playing around with his daughter, he was being groomed to take over as Head of the Family and both were equally tiring.

Then again, He could just been embarrassed that his mother was speaking in such a way, to their youngest brother and in the presence of their youngest sibling no less. "You wouldn't get anyone pregnant. I mean, you're engaged brother, and you know how Okaa-sama is. You're supposed to be too smart to do anything so earth-shatteringly idiotic... Right?"

Thanks bro, I feel all the love and support coming from those words, especially that last one.

"How could you, Otouto-kun? I gave you the power to become the Greatest Guy, not the Dane of Debauchery or the Duke of Deflowering!" Rev, whose full name was coincidentally Revive, spoke dramatically as choked back sobs echoed out of his circle. I had a sinking feeling he was chocking back laughter though, it seemed like him to be an even bigger ass than Riser was.

He was never really featured in the novels, or manga, or the anime but he was called the media guy so maybe being dramatic was his thing. He should really learn not to bring his work home next time. "If you wish to ask for aid, brother, we will have to deny you of our bond. This is a most grievous offence, ill-befitting an espoused noble of your stature. I am afraid we can only weep for you as you suffer the consequences of your actions. I hope that the woman you chose to carry your seed was worth it, for I hear that Lord Lucifer is not kind to those who slight his beloved sister."

There was an exasperated sigh. "What's the problem, Onii-sama?" Ravel, oh sweet dearest Ravel, seemed to be the only one taking things seriously.

No, everyone -as weird as this was- seemed to be completely serious, she was just the only one who refrained from jumping to conclusions.

"I would just like to report that my experiment was a success." I begin with the most serious sounding voice I have ever produced with this throat, hoping that I would not screw this up now that it had begun. I took the fact that my family's strange reactions abruptly stopped after I finished the first sentence. I took that silence as a signal to continue and would you look at that, practicing in front of the mirror really does work. "Also, I may need four vials of Phoenix Tears, but only as a precautionary measure. I will gladly return them within a few day's time if I find no further complications, as well as report any of those said complications should they arise from this recently concluded experiment."

I was met with silence for a time, silence so heavy that it weighed upon my shoulders like the world on Atlas' great back. This was the beginning of my great plan; to claim a life not my own, I must begin with a single lie that would soon turn to truth. I could only hope that they took the bait, and that they all took this seriously. The moment they, my new family and those who supposedly know me most, brush this away as an impossibility was the moment I had sealed my fate.

It was either this plan worked, or I would have to try and act like a pervert my entire new life.

Again, in a world where Soul Destruction, Manipulation, and Capture was possible, I didn't want to think about what would happen if I get caught.

Suddenly, the circle my parents and sister spoke though shined, motes of light flowing through the magical symbol that hovered in midair before gather at my lap. I could only watch in fascination as the light seemed to solidify as it coalesced before me and in a flash of light and power, what was once simple specks set aglow was an opened box that cradled four precious vials of blood red liquid. The box dropped to my lap as the circle supporting it faded, but before I had time to examine it further, my father once filled the room with his voice.

"Do not trouble yourself over the Tears, though this certainly isn't like you. My youngest son would rather be enjoying his time with the women of his peerage like his second brother, exploring whatever fantasy he could conjure rather than the ways of the world. Before I can conclude whether or not this is a pleasant change-urk"

"And what exactly did you experiment on, My Little Bird?" Now I know that the temperature in the room skyrocketed, and was ever rising, as the sigil my parents used to communicate gained an ominous vermilion glow. "You didn't play around with your peerage, did you? Or did you do something even worse and tried experimenting on yourself?"

Damn, and I just made a note not to piss off my mother too.

From that symbol, hear poured forth into the room, demonic power that eclipsed my own being brought to bear against me, and the safeguard that I placed around the room began to crackle in protest. I had placed a spell, a circle on each side of the room, ceiling and all, to protect against severe heat, but never did I think that I would need them. I didn't think I needed to actively reinforce them as my mother brought her power before my own, bringing the heat firestorm to clash against cooling powers of a refrigerator. I had passive heat resistance, so all my power was devoted to the sealing array I had set up for the room, but in few minutes, even that would not stand against the Titan that was apparently my own mother.

And it would only get worse from here on out.

It's not like I could lie to her, or to any of them more that I was already attempting to, so better stick to the script.


The intense heat that filled the room instantly disappeared, leaving me sighing in relief as the power I exerted slowly retreated back within me. I had no idea how long I was going to hold up under such intense pressure, but I couldn't think of that now. I have seen something like this before, the calm before the storm, and sure enough it is my sister who confirms my grim suspicions. "Onii-sama, Okaa-sama seems to have stopped functioning but she's burning up. Otou-sama is trying to calm her down but you better explain what you just said before she goes nuclear."

She could go NUCLEAR? On one hand, that makes my story more believable and that's good, but a fucking nuke?

Better hurry this along then.

"Okaa-san, please, it was a derivative of Phoenix Tears so no irreversible harm could fall to me or those of my Peerage. I ensured that the worst possible scenario would end up being a peculiar behavior on my part and a bit of disappointment all around." I intoned firmly, trying my very best to keep my frantic panic aside as sweat dripped from my brow. My power welled from within me, at the ready just in case my mother would try anything but I doubted if I could hold her back more than I already have. "The Tears are just for insurance, more for my sake than theirs to be perfectly honest, in the event that they don't take this news well."

"Speak clearly Riser Phenex and explain, now." Oooh, the full name ultimatum and in the soft, deceptively gentle voice that never failed to make that declaration of death ever so much more final.

"I thought about about it when we were finally explained how the Tears work, back when I was still in the process of building up my own peerage." Please, don't call bullshit. Please, don't call bullshit. Please, don't call bullshit. Please, don't call bullshit.

"Don't you mean when you were acting like a beast in the heat?" Damn it Revive, not now! Is this why they never introduced him in the series, because he's an even bigger dick than Riser is, err, was? "I mean, you even went up to me to ask how-"

"Revive, please let your youngest brother finish."

"Yes, Ma'am." Ha, take that! Wait, no time to celebrate just yet. I have a ticking time bomb here.

"He isn't wrong about that, Okaa-sama, though I would like to add he isn't entirely correct either. I had a theory after all, and it seemed to be the only way to test it at the time. I came to my brother with the intention of learning seduction though not solely for the base acts that I am allowed to participate in, but again that was a part of it." Alright, that is the most long winded way of saying 'I needed them for something, but not that.' and it looks like it got their attention. "I will admit that I needed to be able to initiate intimate contact with them regularly, as well as a larger pool of women to perform the experiment, which is exactly why I chose them for my peerage."

Alright, they seem to be listening intently at this point. I can't tell what they're feeling at the moment, whether it be horror, disgust, morbid fascination, maybe just plain curiosity, but they are finally silent, waiting for me to finish.

"To be perfectly frank, the procedure would simply be to initiate intimate contact, say touches, and slowly intensify them as well as observe their effects on the subject. Expected effects on said subject may include, but are certainly not limited to, increased fire, wind, or overall magical ability, regenerative prowess, or at worst case nothing at all." Yep, this is my master plan: to make them believe that my somewhat perverted tendencies were all just a part of a massive long term experiment to see how I affect the women I've touched.

Yeah, I know, it isn't exactly the most logical in a human perspective, but I'm banking on the Devil's more pragmatic and archaic mindset and that the difference between the two would be enough to see me through.

On with the bullshit.

"The subjects I chose were to be members of my peerage since, if the experiment did succeed and it did, it would yield an increase in performance especially useful in combat and I could take advantage of that. As no detrimental effects were expected to occur after, there was minimal if any risk. I chose women in particular because I'm not exactly comfortable with pursuing romantic relations with men." A collective sigh of relief from everyone. Seriously, this guy was so perverted his family had a suspicion that he was Bi? Respect for Riser has suddenly reached an all time low.

Anyway, I try to ignore that insult to my manhood and continue.

"The testing via romantic relation, as well as the very idea the experiment was inspired by a strange observation, namely Okaa-sama's masterful control over her hellfire as well as her ability to create Tears despite her not possessing any Phenex blood. Since I was not since informed of a Ritual that allows any devil to create the Tears, I concluded it was something Otou-sama did to Okaa-sama, thinking that if I was wrong then there would still be a lack of detrimental effects incurred. I therefore began testing if it was possible to transfer our abilities and attributes though this contact, which should be specifically sexual in nature."





"Before anyone jumps to conclusions, I would like to say I am not sexually active at the moment, as I am engaged." Whew, that was hard to say all in a single breath. I almost choked on my own spit for a second when I inhaled as everyone once again fell silent. "The furthest I allowed the contact to escalate would be kissing, as any other more intimate transfer of fluids would be sexual intercourse itself. Seeing as we can transfer energy through simple touch, I thought that this would be sufficient to bring observable change at the very least, significant change at most. I was proven correct as I can observe most of my peerage possessing an increase in fire and or wind affinity. Any regenerative capabilities though are still too weak to be properly used in combat, though it should help with recovery after training sessions."

I took a deep breath, both to prepare myself for the questions that would most definitely arise as well as end this long tirade.

"I will have to confess that I am cutting my research short, as again, I have concluded it is enough of a success given the resources I expended, I am engaged, and to save you all the trouble."

I was expecting quite a number of things at that point: My mother could very well blow up with whatever rage she had left, for one. She would be justified too, seeing as she was raised, presumably, as a proper lady and my treatment of my peerage would be more than enough to set anyone off. My siblings could easily call bullshit, that they knew their brother too well to be fooled by this huge ruse and accuse me of body snatching, or whatever the term is here. They seem to have a very tightly nit family dynamic, seeing as the baby and the girl of the family still had enough in her to try and help him out after the humiliating defeat he suffered.

"My baby boy was never a despicable pervert!"

"For the first time since the Marquess, the Phenex is actually complete!"

The last thing I expected to happen was for both my parents to be crying tears of joy.


Of course, we as siblings reacted to this strangeness in perfect synchronization.

Shit, that was tiring.

They were all fooled, thank goodness, even buying the excuse that I didn't tell them because they wouldn't have allowed me to do it.

Even now while the 'research' bore some fruit, there was no way they would let me continue my 'experiments' because of the risk such information could carry. Make no mistake, there were still quite a number of unanswered questions, like if the ability to pass on powers and attributes this way was inherently Phenex or something all devils could achieve, but we all agreed that those questions are best left unanswered. The mere possibility was enough for our parents, especially our mother, to quickly draft a defense plan for both myself and Ravel, seeing as my two elder siblings were already recognized as Ultimate-class, maybe even bordering on Satan-class.

Even an idiot knew what would happen if word got out that it may be possible to pass on powers via sex even if it wasn't permanent, and I didn't want to be the reason this already dark world suddenly had more rape.

With that, they agreed that they would stop me themselves if I had considered continuing it. Though on the technical side, it kind of was continuing since I needed to see if the change is permanent, or if I had to keep kissing them to keep them as strong as they were.

On a more realistic note, the main reason why they bought it was that apparently something like this happened before. Our good friend Dio actually did the exact opposite; He told people that he went out and slept around because he was trying to see if he could take power using sex, but what eventually came to light was that he had an unhealthy obsession with a certain character archetype. Revive quickly amended that this was all hearsay, but all of us took the words of an intelligence officer as they were and noted not to spread potentially classified information.

Personally, I'm just glad it went off without a hitch.

I didn't want to think of such things for the moment; my eyes instead focusing on the ceiling as I rested my head on a luxurious couch, the same one seen in the anime as Riser watched his fiance. I would be on my bed, trying to sleep, but I wrecked it last night so this was the next best thing. Shifting on the large and mostly empty piece of furniture, I released a sigh, once more trying to expand my senses as I forced my body to relax.

Results were somewhat better, giving me a sense of what was in the room around me though not to the extent that it was superior to my own two eyes. Still, I would say it was better than last night, and the room had no trace of the smell of smoke. I had figured out what I was doing wrong, and trust me it's kind of embarrassing how it took another two hours after the first three, but at least now, I didn't have to fear burning everything when I tried to use this new 'sense'.

Now, If only my Pe-

"We have returned, Riser-sama." A voice, clear and bright rang as the feeling of heat brushed at my skin. I didn't need to, nor did I want to, open my eyes to know that the magic circle of the Phenex family was etched on the ground before the inferno that heralded our particular teleportation spell erupted in an impressive display of flame and heat.

It might have been a remnant of the Civil War, maybe even the Great War, when one needed a method to teleport into enemy lines. I would assume that the size of the fireball would have been much more intimidating back then, not only as a display of power but as a technique intended to roast anything and anyone in the immediate vicinity. Also, we were supposedly Immortal, so even if it did go wrong somehow, we would survive enough to retreat.

But anyway, so now the adage that to 'think of the devil and he, they, shall appear' was true?

This makes it easier then.

I was worried when they weren't present at the time I realized that I was Riser since that tidbit opened up a large number of possibilities I hated considering. It was nice to find out that he didn't in fact sleep with them on regular basis, just to respect his marriage to Rias, though I wasn't exactly sure if he was whoring them out somewhere, to some unsavory devil in return for a free win. The power he possessed cleared that thought away nicely, he could win fairly it seemed and didn't need to resort to such tactics, but that didn't help solve the mystery that was their current location.

If he didn't use such unsavory methods, and they all seemed much too experienced to be doing things like fulfilling contracts, then I had absolutely no idea where they were, or what they could be doing.

Were they captured? Maybe being held hostage? Were they working for someone else? Did some meteor fall on them randomly? Were they still even alive? Anything could happen since the impossible already did, and that didn't exactly assuage my worry. It was dear little Ravel who came through for me once more, saying that my peerage would be coming as soon as possible since they were done with their little 'Girl's Night'.

That told me where they were, what they were doing, as well as confirmed the fact that Ravel was also my bishop now. I discovered the last bit earlier when my mother asked if I had done the same thing with Ravel, but I had calmly pointed out that I couldn't really improve anything through my 'experiment' since Ravel was already pure blood Phenex. Anyway, them being in our parents house to spend time with Ravel, who seemed to be recognized as a second queen after Yubelluna, gave my sister time to reveal and discuss the 'reason' for my activities.

Thankfully they seemed to buy that too for the most part and it gave me enough time to think of how to start training them.

No, not for the battle with Issei, but for what would inevitably follow after, culminating into the battle against the Emperor himself. Admittedly, that last fight will be easy if everything goes according to plan, but that's nineteen volumes away and may not even happen if I change enough stuff.

I should really address my peerage though, feigning sleep is never a good thing.

"I assume that my sister has informed you of what has been occurring?" With my voice as level as possible, I sat myself up and opened my eyes to face those who would follow me into battle.

Well, I would have if my vision wasn't immediately filled with flame. Really, really, really hot flame. Flame so hot that it burned bright white before engulfing my entire head and consuming the flesh that made up the most important part of my body. I was on the verge of panicking, half of me screaming to do anything to stop what was going on but the rational part, the part that more often than not won these arguments, told me to wait. My mind told me to try and 'feel' and 'see' while my first instinct demanded that I react to someone burning my fucking face off.

Guess what I went with?

"Can you please repeat that, Imouto-chan, I couldn't hear you on the account that you burnt my ears away." I spoke as calmly, nonchalantly as my face reformed into a gentle smile and my blue eyes stared deep into my sister's.

"I said, you shouldn't hide things like that from us next time. Not from your family, not from your peerage, and not from me." Refusing to look me in the eye any longer, the girl who would have protected me from the Red Dragon Emperor's wrath once upon a time said with a voice that betrayed hesitation. I could understand completely; she just had her brother transform before her very eyes, a brother she must have definitely cared about if she would join and defend him despite his perverted tendencies.

"Riser-sama, Ravel-sama, should we leave?" Her eyes shifting to me to my sister and back again, Yubelluna looked to both of us for the order. This was starting to look like a family dispute rather than an argument within the peerage, but as I shook my head slightly she fell silent and was content to wait. All the others of my new peerage stood behind her, obediently falling behind their queen as the little scene Raval caused unfolded.

My new sister would be doubting now, that if he was able to keep this facade up for so long what more would be hidden away, and what more could be faked. Everything was technically faked, and yet nothing was; one lie to end all the lying so to speak, but she didn't need to know that. She looked like she needed to know if her brother still or ever did care for her. This guy was so lucky to have such a family, even if he was a complete asshole.

Shaking my head to banish these depressing thoughts, I gave her a tired sigh. Little sisters were always difficult to deal with, though let's see if I hadn't lost my touch. I was once the eldest of three after all before I was confined.

"Ravel." My voice flowed as a spoke, or maybe its better to say sang, to her, the reputation of the Phoenix being a bird of music as well as fire being known. With a soft smile playing at my lips, I tapped the space beside me gently and before I knew it I had my little sister seated beside me, looking up with the eyes only a child could posses. I forget sometimes how you she is, how you she will remain when the times ahead come to test her. "You know why I didn't tell anyone."


"But that doesn't excuse me does it?" My smile must have strained a bit as the expression of worry on my little sister's face softened and a bit of humor shone through. I'm sure none present would forget what my mother put me through after we finished the discussion on the 'experiment' especially not my own siblings. "Alright then, to settle your little heart, how about this: I promise not to pull something like that on you ever again. Happy?"

"No more secrets!" Small fists pounded into the cushions as her eyes glared daggers at me and she made a face, so much more adorable than intimidating that it just made the urge to pick her up and twirl her even more unbearable. "Not between family..." Hey, I'm evil, but even I know how to enjoy the different brands of Moe, even tsundere moe and she murmured that part so cutely too. "Don't make us worry like that, alright?"

"You are beginning to sound like Ruval-nii so much that I'm worried our little princess might be growing to fast." With the lightest of hands, I brushed the curls she was so proud of before bending low to plant a quick kiss on the crown of her head. When I saw the warm rose color her cheeks, I couldn't help myself and laughed, gently pulling her close as I continued playing with her hair. That might be instinctual at this point, hopefullyI didn't inherit whatever strange fetish Riser may or may not have had. "Don't worry us, and I promise I won't worry you, okay?"

"Baka-oniichan." I do believe that's a 'yes' in tsundere, and given how she's leaning into my touch I would say she isn't exactly against me being overly affectionate. But oh man my little sister is so adorable when she's blushing! I knew moe was a powerful weapon but to witness it in action is just, devastating.

Really, what was Riser thinking when he entered that depression? If I was in his place, even if I did lose at a scale not normally seen, I would have challenged Issei again and again to just try and beat his ass if he managed to charm this darling little firebird. Who cares if I get beaten up every singe time, I do not approve and that means I would do everything in my power to make sure he pays for his insolence... especially since he roped her into his harem unwittingly.

Seeing her smile behind her luminescent blush as I break away, I conclude that the relationship repair session was finished and move on to the next thing on my agenda...

If I wasn't so distracted by that next thing on my agenda staring at me differently. "What?"

When Raiser said that he found women of every type, he wasn't exactly joking. I'm not exactly the most knowledgeable in this field but off the top of my head, I could see all the dere types, well the top four at the very least. Several of them were Ane or Onee-chan types, all the twins were both in the moe, genki, and chibi category. Mihae in particular falls into Nadeshiko, and Miko while Isabella was definitely bokuko, maybe even sukeban if we're pushing it. Of course Ravel is Ojou-chan, maybe even sensei given her tactical ability. Well, you get the point, they were all different, this guy had access to quite the pool it seemed, but what was strange to me was that they all stared at me, us, basically the same way.

I mean, they were so many women, and they were definitely aware of each other. It should be statistically impossible for him to charm each and every one of them, as well as convince them to share to such an extent that messy orgies weren't out of the questions. This man was either a true man among men, a man who had done the impossible and made it so that women saw him as such a prize that they would even consider this messed up arrangement or...

Mind control.

Have I insulted my own foolishness today? No? Damn I'm an idiot!

Of course the pieces have a subtle mind control feature, that was basic devil MO no matter what the universe. The servants we made were no longer an endless thrall of bodies that we could throw at our enemies but single units, though strengthened to the extent that they could match us in battle given time. This was what chess did to war, instead of an entire army at our command we were given individuals who could very well serve as an equivalent; servants who, together, could very well crush a conventional army themselves.

It would definitely explain why Issei seemed to be dead set or Rias despite always asserting his desire for a harem.

I had no idea how effective this control mechanism was, but it would explain the loyalty of my peerage, how they stared at the interaction between my sister and I with heartfelt fondness instead of disgust at the man who they found out had been using them without their knowledge. Their hearts were already mine somehow, and there was hardly any chance that they would change any time soon, unless of course I do something unforgivable.

Note to self; Find out that line that I must not cross before continuing on.

"Our apologies, Riser-sama." Yubelluna once again took charge as queen and leader of the peerage as she lowered her head in a respectful bow. "It has been quite a while since anyone of us has seen you act so... tender with your family. Given your previous interactions with them we, as your peerage, were starting to worry but the news given by Ravel-sama has eased us of this" She straightened up to her full height, once more showing me the sincere smile that had no business being on her face, especially after what I had done. "I would like to be the first to say congratulations on your success and assure you that we have no qualms with what you have done."

I know they say don't look a gift horse in the mouth but I have a bad feeling about this. It could be true that they really don't feel anything about what I have done, but fate isn't this kind, not to people like me. There is something coming and whether it comes from my peerage, that fateful battle, or beyond, it would be coming for me.

But that's just fine, in fact I'm expecting whoever is in control of this world to give me everything they've got.

"That is good to hear, but I still feel I have been remiss in my duties as a King." I stood to meet my peerage, and as one they knelt before me like the nobles of old before their monarch. I would like to think it was the look in my eyes, or the confidence I radiated that caused them to react like this, rather that it probably being a regular occurrence. "Starting tomorrow, we will begin increasing all of our strengths the old fashioned way, and maybe in a few weeks time, we will visit my beloved."

"By your will, Riser-sama!"

And with that, I knew all I needed to know about timeline. I didn't care how far ahead I was, but this asshole hasn't committed the first crucial mistake of giving them ten days, and that was good enough for me. I had time, and information that still worked at the moment. It probably wouldn't by the time I'm done with these joke characters, with this joke harem, and that pervert of a protagonist but at the very least, I wouldn't have to care.

You better watch yourselves, Peerage of Rias Gremory, Red Dragon Emperor, and Crimson Ruin Princess.

I don't intend to show any mercy.

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