The clock's come 'round with steady hand,
The tide's come in to drown the land;
Secrets spin around men's heads
And to this end the answers led.
Now the time has come around
And the clock has long run down.
There'll be no turning back from here -
It's time to stand and face the fear.

The clock's come 'round with steady turn,
And the truth cannot be spurned -
What's plain cannot be long ignored
Nor what's hidden be long stored.
All things come into the light:
All that's wrong and all that's right.
One misstep is all it takes
To create an avalanche of mistakes.

The clock's come 'round with steady hand,
Floating in waves on the beach to land.
The beginning has come 'round again,
And for now victory they'll win.
Each step was leading to this day,
And neither one will turn away -
It seems the clock has stopped at last;
Now remains only the secret past.

AN: Inspired by the ending to Forever 1x22, how that she shows up at the shop to return Henry's watch just as she did in the Pilot. (He was even wearing blue!) 5-5-2015

Having rewatched both episodes almost back to back when trying to rewrite the endings, there are a LOT of parallels.