No Victories

There are no victories in this war -
Each battle fought leads to one more.
Two sides face off and souls are lost
To life, in death – a terrible cost.
The parade lines up in black dress blues
And death becomes the only news.
The ending prize is still out there -
But will there be reason left to care?

There are no victories in this war,
And only betrayal's at the core.
Family, friends fall beside;
And there are traitors on each side.
Each step taken seem to retreat,
And every victory seems defeat -
There's nowhere left to turn or go;
And in the end, nothing to know.

There are no victories in this war,
And every tear bears thousands more.
Beside each grave is dug another,
In the end they have but each other.
Every turn is but mystery,
And every mistake history
Come to the present from the past -
A sordid tale unto the last.
There are no victories anymore -
But there are still heroes in this war.

AN: Inspired by the end of Castle 3x24, specifically the funeral and Beckett's speech. And 4x01 as well. Thank you for taking the time to read this! Gramercy, and God bless. 5-3-2015