"Make sure we have the prisoners secure." I started to yell. The 3 man group came in and barged in and what do we see? Mr. Ricketts. The old man looked as if he had seen the darkness of war. The White hairs were long enough that they were touching the floor.

"Mr. Ricketts I presume?" I asked. the man looked up.

"For Long" he responded. His eyes were bloodshot red. Ricketts worked with my great great grandfather John Marston. I'm Standerton Marston, general of the fifth brigade.

"Mr. Ricketts, do you know who John Marston is?" The look on Ricketts' face said it all.

"The bastard who knew from the start. Coronado wasn't dead. His grandson Eli Coronado is now continuing what his grandfather started."

"To create confusion between me and the remaining of the Marston's. This has no meaning. Coronado was dead or so I thought. I'll tell you the story." I sat down to get the words out of the old man's mouth.

"The dead like him. they don't suffer. That's why I'm still here. Coronado was the mayor of Chuparosa back when your grandfather took the reigns from him. Yet Marston said he was dead. I was relaxing at the pub near the office when I saw a man with a burned face walk up to me.

'hello' is what he said at first. I knew from the start that it was Coronado. Since then he came and showed me the medallion you're looking for. That's not all. That medallion belongs to the richest girl at the time in Armadillo. Jenntte."

"Wait, Jenntte? I thought she was still a Marshall." I asked.

"Not even close. once her brother died she took his fortune. Yet he came back and he murdered her for that medallion." Ricketts explained. His stone death face looked over to my girlfriend. My girlfriend has blonde hair and she's decent. She's the toughest woman ever.

"She looked like you." Ricketts said.

"Really?" Duna said.

"But when I saw that man from hell, he asked me where Marston was. I never saw him in years and I knew he was back in Armadillo. I told Coronado that he was in Theives Landing." Ricketts paused.

"Why there?" I asked.

"The reason is that if he went back to Armadillo all would be dead like his sister. He went to there and as soon as he left, I fled Chuparosa and came here to America." The man looked up and said
"Never give into that monster. Shits goin to get crazy!"