The Widow and the Orphan- Opening

An alarm breaks the silence of the rigidly tidy room. A disgruntled face glares at the alarm clock. "Damnit... That's way too loud for this time of day." A finger points at the offending piece of technology and boom. A precise, green blast destroys the alarm clock in a green mushroom cloud.

With a crude remark, he gets out of bed and neatly makes the bed behind him. Walking to the bathroom, two more of him appear. "Alright, one of you make breakfast, the other one can check what's on the to-do list." Issuing his orders, he enters the bathroom and takes a shower as the others tend to their tasks. The water pours over the scarred form of the young man. He couldn't have been more than 20 yet his body is covered from head to toes in scars. His short, black hair is spiked up and back.

Once he's finished getting cleaned up and dried off, he sits down to his meal. On the right is a piece of paper. It is the list of all things needing to be done. The clones vanished as they had completed their tasks. The only task written down is simple. But it will be messy. The task is an order. An order from Overwatch.

Track down Widowmaker.

"Not like I have anything better to do. Besides, it's time to use the old powers again." His eyes glow green. A right hand gauntlet rests beyond the paper. "Going Ghost!"

The target known as Widowmaker has locked on to her target. The youngest member of Overwatch currently. The newest too. A shame he wouldn't live to see tomorrow. "Come into my parlor said the spider to the fly..." a voice like velvet with a French accent whispers.

"So whatcha looking at?" A voice to her right says. A flick and the sniper rifle switches to an assault rifle. There in front of her is her target. A soft voiced expletive. "Surprised to see me?" He grins.

"Hardly, you aren't the first teleporting member of Overwatch."

"That may be the case. But she's got nothing on me." With a grin he begins to split into multiple clones and surround her. She couldn't keep up with numbers of clones. She looks frantically around for a means of escape. There! A chimney across the road. she fires her rope and zips to the roof pointing her assault rifle at... Nothing. The multitude of her target had vanished.

"Thought escape would be that easy? Tch. And here they were calling you a 'master assassin' in the briefing." He grins. He takes a step towards her and a storm of bullets fly at him. Not so much a blink is given to the flying lead. "The dead shall walk the land and the living shall weep and despair." The fierce green eyes glow an unworldly green, the grin made even more sinister by it. The white hair is also unexpected from such a young man. A wave of green energy drives her to her knees. The young Overwatch agent walks over. "Listen well assassin, I'm not going to kill you or turn you over to the Overwatch. I will let you go free." Her eye's register surprise at his mercy. "But. In exchange for such freedom, I'm going to ask for your help. I want you to kill a certain suit by the name of Vlad Masters. Do you agree?"