Chapter 7:

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The One That Got Away:

When the instinct to live is triggered in mammals one of two things happens; the first is their fighting response kicks in causing them to kick back with everything they have. But in this moment for Judy and Nick that was not the case, instead their nature screamed at the to run as fast as they could away from the crazed jaguar that was approaching fast.

Not only would the black mammal behind them maul them when he got his claws around them, if either of them missed their step they would plummet down into lower levels of the jungle. As Judy ran she tried desperately to get a radio signal through to dispatch when finally the bar turned green and she called in. "Clawhauser!" she screamed as it let her call in. "I need backup! We have a jaguar gone savage!"

Unfortunately for the new officer the cost for yelling into a radio was taking up the air she needed to keep running, and now Manchas was closing in on her. "Send units to Vine and Tuguga." she called out looking around for any sort of signage.

"It's Tahunga!" hissed Nick as he stopped with her before realizing their mistake. Without another thought he reached out to save Judy from the mammal that had just leapt into the air and was now headed straight for her. Suddenly being jerked to the side caused the radio to slip from her paw and crash against the ground for below, as she fell into Nick both of them looked to see Manchas colliding with the tree where she was moments ago.

"Hurry go!" she yelled as she went pushing him down the ramp to the sky tram. As Nick ran to the edge she looked back to see the savage mammal chasing after her, so in an attempt to loss him she jumped up a light post and spun around it. However that only ended up in nearly throwing her off the edge of the platform to the depths of the jungle.

Nick somehow reached the lift in time to grab the door and swing it open. "Hurry get in!" he rushed as he turned to see the absence of a bunny where there should have been one behind him. His eyes saw the struggling figure of the cop climbing back onto the wooden deck. "Judy!" he called out; the panic clear on his voice. While he didn't realize it, even seeing her fight back onto the platform made him feel at ease despite the vicious mammal prowling towards him.

"Just go." Judy groaned as she lifted her knees up.

Before Nick even had the chance to fight her against that command, the tram pulled away out of his reach; leaving him feet away from a set of sharp fangs and only inches away from a pitfall. "Listen buddy, one predator to another…" the sly fox tried to reason; but when the jaguar lunged it was all too late.

He waited for the mauling claws and fangs that never came, and his saving grace came as Judy managing to chain the predator to the lightpost. Neither of them couldn't help the smile flicker across their muzzles seeing that the other was okay. But that calm moment was short lived as Nick tried to sneak past the downed mammal, and while he was quick; Manchas was quicker and smacked a firm paw against Nick's back.

"Watch out!-" Both Judy and Nick shouted as they collided and were sent tumbling through the guardrail.


After untangling officer Hopps and the fox from the vines and climbing all the way back up to the tram station to find an empty deck with no Manchas, and no evidence. Out of anger and frustration Bogo* couldn't handle anymore of this. "Give me your badge." he commanded.

A grey paw found its way to the medal on Judy's chest, "but-"

"Badge!" shouted the enraged commander. And he made a gesture demanding for her badge; and thus for her status as an officer.

Judy had given up at that point and went to unclasp her badge when another voice stopped her. "No."

"Excuse me? Did you say something, fox?" Bogo asked turning to the fox who bare to ever speak against him.

"Well you see I said... No." Nick emphasized making sure the words got through the other mammal's thick horns. Judy watched awestruck as Nick held his ground against her chief and argued his point. She had to admit that even she wouldn't stand up to him, he was so much larger than herself and had authority way beyond her. But here this mammal, a practical stranger, was risking arrest to save what was left of her dignity.

Judy somewhere along the way had lost her touch on reality thinking of what Nick was doing for her. And when she saw him walking away his call snapped her out of it as he headed to the oncoming sky tram. "After you, officer Hopps." He said as polite as possible to her.

And she couldn't help but smile at his show of kindness and respect to her. She stepped in and he closed the door after them and they were on their way. "Thank you, Nick." The embarrassment clear in her voice, and the shame just as much. After everything she had said to him when they first met he still was standing up for her.

"Never let them see that they get to you, Carrots." He said deeply as the past began coming back to him.

The words sunk in for a moment, "So things do get to you?" she asked him jokingly; but she didn't expect to see the pained look in his eyes when she turned to look at him.

"I was small and vulnerable like you, once. I was maybe eight or nine…" Nick started telling her the story of his realization of the way their world really was. Judy listened to him tell her about how happy both him and his mother were to see him in the uniform, and she couldn't help but feel happy to; it was such a cute memory. But then when his smile warped to a grimace she felt his pain as he told the story of how the ranger scouts attacked him.

He was quiet for a while and his words sunk in; he had been attacked for being a predator, and it sounded like he used to be the sweetest kit. "Nick, I am so sorry." She apologized for the horrible things she had no control over, and yet they seemed to have all the control over her at the moment. Without realizing it she put a paw softly on his arm giving him as much empathy as she could without crossing lines she had put in place for herself before pulling back her paw. "Nick, what happened with Finnick's mom?"

The orange mammal looked out of the corner of her eyes at her for a moment. "You really wanna know hu?" he asked with a downcast smile.

"You don't have to answer if you don't want to." Judy quickly snapped back so he wouldn't feel obligated. "I was just curious." Her voice was quiet and timid.

"There's no harm in telling you right?" he said causing her ears to perk up slightly. Almost since she saw him with his son doing…less than legal things she was curious about the mom, and it only grew from there. With a deep breath Nick began with how he first meet the only Vixen to steal his heart nearly four years ago~

The snow was blowing hard across the streets in Tundra Town as Nick pushed open the door to the new restaurant on the block. Not only the building was warm compared to outside, but the atmosphere and aromas were just as warm and welcoming. The fox shook off the snow from his fur before walking through the little entry room. "Hi, welcome to Villager Den, how many?" the wolf at the counter greeted cheerfully.

"Just me." Nick said before he was led to a small table on the side. Because it wasn't too far from closing there wasn't a lot of customers throughout the tables and booths, and after only a minute his waitress came up to his spot.

"Hi, I'm Amber, I'll be your server tonight. Can I start you off with something hot to drink tonight?" she offered him a saving grace from the weather.

Nick however was caught by her eyes; they were a capturing shade of amber. "Yes, I- I mean uh- yes please." He stammered with his tongue tied. It had been a long time since anyone had managed to make him nervous enough to stutter like that; or at all.

A small giggle bubbled out of the vixen, "I'll be right out with a nice coffee." She said before heading back to her other table. That night continued peacefully for Nick as he enjoyed the meal and hearing the little giggles he could get out from Amber. In fact, the next month Nick had made a point to come by the dinner once a week when he knew she would be working, even if it was just to talk a bit with her during her slow shift; that was until she sat down with him one evening.

"So Nick, how was your week?" she asked as she mixed some sugar into her coffee enjoying his expression.

"It was good, nothing exciting really." He said a bit off guard, "aren't you going to get in trouble?" he asked looking around.

Amber smirked a little at his antics, "Well I would, but I told Jacob I was saving my break for now so he can't get mad at me for it can he. But don't worry, I'll still take care of you tonight." She smiled at him as he watched her.

"Well then, how much time do you have?" Nick asked with his signature smirk as he began to get into his groove.

"Enough for you to buy me dinner." The alluring fox charmed him more than he can remember, and it was easily enough for him to buy her dinner that night. And at the end of their first dinner together the once so slick Nick was blushing from the kiss planted on his cheeks as the gorgeous fox went back to work; leaving her number written on the receipt just for him.

As time past Nick and Amber began to spend more and more time with one another, little movie dates and dinners that both of them enjoyed to end. All those tender moments and smooth tongue comments from Nick eventually brought them to her apartment one Valentines evening; and five months later the Dr's office.

"Congratulations, it's a boy." Smiled the Dr as the image cleared up on the monitor revealing the mention baby currently growing in the womb.

"I told you it was going to be a boy Nick, mother's always know." Amber smirked at him; something of a habit she picked up after all the memories they had created together.

"What should we name him?" The proud father to be asked happily.

Amber loved seeing that smile of his as he looked from her growing belly to her. "How about Finnick?" she suggested getting an even happier look from her partner.

"I love it. My boy Finnick." He smiled.

"Our." She corrected him.

"Mhmm" Nick nodded before gently hugging her midsection with his muzzle away from her. "mine." He smirked to himself and Finnick in a whisper.

The remaining few months of the pregnancy went without any major problems, the mom and baby were both getting along happy and healthy; well mostly. Nick soon found out that mood swings and morning sickness was perhaps the worst part about the pregnancy so far.

But they made it to the due date and middle of the day the screams of a newborn kit filled the room in the hospital and the Dr handed the kit off to Amber to hold. "Why are his ears so big?" she asked concerned as she looked over her kit.

"What are you talking about Honey? He is perfect, our little Finnick." Nick said as he peaked into the bundle of blankets.

"But his ears shouldn't be this big." She panted from the pain of labor.

"Well you said you had some mixed DNA, your kit here just leans on those fennec genes a bit more." He said after taking off his dirtied uniform and looked at her chart.

Nick had taken their boy from her and was rocking him slightly now, "There's nothing wrong with his ears being a little big, I'm sure he'll grow into them." He smiled at his still blind and deaf kit.

However unlike Nick had originally thought, Finnick didn't grow into his ears; in fact they only grew more as he did. Which only seemed to cause problems for the happy family.

"Why don't you want to hold him? He is our son Amber." Nick questioned with hurt in his voice as he was bouncing their little boy in his arms.

"He's deformed Nick! Can't you see that?!" she snapped at him as she spun on her heels to yell.

"He has big ears! He isn't deformed! He is happy and healthy, but he would be happier if you would just hold him Amber!" Nick argued trying not to raise his voice too much, but unfortunately for him little Finnick started to whine in his arms. "Oh, shhhh shhhh don't cry little guy I'm sorry. It's okay daddy's here." He cooed, and little by little the cries stopped

Nick looked up to see her throwing her things into her purse. "I can't do this right now Nick I have to get to work." She said as she hurried out of the door and slammed it behind her.

It was one thing Nick didn't like about their schedules, he worked during the daytime while she watched him and and night it was the other way around. But putting those thoughts out of his mind he got him and his son ready for bed, and decided that tonight a little father son nap wouldn't hurt anything.

The next day when Nick woke up he woke up shocked and in disbelief. He saw that all of Amber's things were gone from the closet. He ran through the rest of the apartment seeing everything was the same way; all her things were gone and all that was left was a note of the table saying she was never coming back.

"What do you mean you can't help me?" Nick asked filled with worry. "I thought this was a police station, aren't you supposed to help?" he was clearly shaken after the three days of Amber suddenly dropping out of his and Finnick's lives.

"Exactly. We are a police station, sir. I'm sorry but our job is to find missing mammals, not unhappy baby mamas. I'm sorry but we can't help you, Mr. Wilde." The irritated officer apologized from behind the desk. And while she did sympathize with the lone father and his kit, there simple wasn't anything that the precinct could do. "You're just gonna have to hope she comes to her senses sir, please come back if you need emergency assistance." She sighed as he turned to walk out of the busy precinct.~

"It's been over a year now." Said Nick as he started getting a little steamy eyed as he remembered the pain he had gone through then.

"Nick I am so sorry. I never meant to bring up the past like that." Judy said as she put a paw on his back. *HISSSSSS* the painful sound came up through his bared teeth as she quickly pulled her paw away and saw red covering it and slowly spreading on his back. "Oh my god Nick! You're bleeding!" she was far more worried than she was surprised.

He however was more confused until he reached back only to find the blood on his paw when he looked. "I…I'm bleeding?" His emerald eyes began to widen, while he wasn't freaked out by the sight of blood it still wasn't normal to see that much of your own blood.

"It must've been from Manchas. We need to get you to a hospital." The officer was past worried for her friend.

"No, we need to find the…missing mammals." He said slightly short of breath as the pain started "to become apparent after being brought to his attention. "Just take me home, I have a first aid kit." He told her as she lifted up his shirt to look at how bad it was.

Nick stumbled into his apartment room leaning against the wall. "Nick what happened?" Lemon shouted seeing him banged up like that. "Bunny what did you do?!" she snapped as Judy stepped in right behind him.

"Lemon stop, please…" Nick's voice was shaky by now, "Judy can you take Finnick to your room? Lemon I need you to wrap me up okay?" Without much protest from the little kit the officer took him and a few of his toys over to her room.

On the other side of the wall occasionally Judy could hear Nick groaning and hissing in pain along with Lemon's attempts to calm him down. Her only hope was that Finnick couldn't hear it like she could, but by him turning to the wall every now and then she was almost sure he knew. "You tired Finnick, do you want to go to bed?" she asked his seeing how late it was getting.

And lucky enough for her, the little kit nodded tiredly. "Okay, come on let's crawl in bed okay?" the amethyst eyed bunny said as she pulled back her blanket and helped him up. But rather than peacefully laying down instead the fennec fox kept looking from her to the pillow unexpectedly. "Alright, I'll lay down with you, but you have to go to sleep." Judy chuckled with a smile before removing her hard protective gear and leaving it on her desk.

Once Judy was under the blanket with her little friend he happily curled into her chest and in turn she wrapped her arms around him; something that both of them secretly enjoyed. It wasn't long before she could hear his snoring dribbling out, and the lull of sleep slowly pulled her eyes shut as well.

Back in Nick's room the honey badger went for the med kit and had started with using a few wet rags to clean the claw marks, and every time the cloth was pressed against his back he winced in pain. "Just a bit more Nick, then I can get you bandaged up." She tried to convince her friend on panting on the bed they were almost done, even though they both knew it wasn't.

"I'm gonna have to buy a new shirt hu Honey." He chuckled as she pulled it off of him, but she didn't laugh and he felt he didn't really think it was funny either.

It took only a couple minutes but the conspiracy theorist had her fox friend bandaged up and ready to go, even if she had been protesting against it this whole time. "Oh yeah! Nick look at this." She exclaimed as she remembered the picture she had taken. "See I told you Nick, and now I have the proof to back it up.

Nick looked at at the picture on her phone and sure enough he could see the blurry figure of a sheep dressed in all black with some form of case at his side. "Lemon, when did you-"

"I saw it the other night, what's more suspicious than that guy right?" She asked triumphantly.

While he had to agree how suspicious it was the fox couldn't be sure it was anything they were looking for, but that didn't stop him from sending the picture to himself to show Judy later. He gave a small stretch feeling his back still protest the movement but he didn't want to waste any of Judy's time. Putting on a fresh shirt he made his way into her room with Lemon close behind him.

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