A Day at a Time

I thought that day wouldn't go any different. I thought it would go like any other day would. The daily routine was wake up, get dressed, eat breakfast, go to school, and head to practice, go home, eat dinner then start the day all over again. Except for weekends that's a whole different story. Okay wait stay on track. That day I met you I never even guessed you'd make me throw that daily routine out the window. But, you did…you walked into my life and I didn't want you to be gone from it… so I'm asking please even if it's just for one more week, day, hour, minute even a second I want to be selfish and keep you by my side.




~Day 1: Monday~

"Yamamoto-kun!" He turned to see Haru running towards him. She recently just became their new baseball manager and has been bugging him about missing that one practice. Hey what can I say parts for my bike can't buy themselves?

She caught up with him, grabbing him by his arm, "You're going to practice right?"


"Great don't you dare miss another practice! Remember we're not first years anymore so there's no time to play around."

*Ring Ring*

"That's the bell gonna go ahead; see you later Haru-chan."

He headed off to class which was all the way on the other end of the school. As he ran through the halls he didn't notice someone coming out from the corner. Luckily, he had enough time to stop. His hands reached out to grab the person so neither of them fell.

"My ba…" He looked down to see it was a girl he almost slammed into. "…bad."

He had a feeling she was shocked by the way her shoulders tensed up. She slowly looked up, her eyes an incredible baby green. Her hair was passed her shoulders but it was all messy as if she didn't even try to comb it. She wore the schools sweater over her uniform. Unlike most girls she wore the skirt that was up to knees with long stockings. Every inch of her body was covered. The last thing he saw was how she wore no makeup…that natural beauty.

"You ok…" She quickly pushed herself away from him. She looked at him and Yamamoto waited for her to yell at who she slammed into.

Yamamoto slightly looked away. Please don't yell!

He looked back she was still looking at him. She looked around, turned back to him and bowed, "Excuse me." That's all she said as she left.

Yamamoto went to class he was surprised by her reaction. Usually, whenever a girl saw him they'd freak out. Ever since he was a first year girls always noticed him and when he joined baseball his popularity just increased.

He was able to get to class without being too late.

"Yamamoto where were you?" Tsuna asked

Yamamoto took his seat, "I just bumped into this girl."

"Ohh and she freaked out and stopped you."

"Actually, no she I don't think she even looked like she knew me."

Tsuna's face filled with both amazement and confusion, "That's different."

~During lunch~

He went to hang out with his usual friends (Tsuna and Gokudera) during lunch. But one of his team mates told him their coach had an emergency meeting for the game this week. As they rushed to the field again he didn't notice someone turning the corner.

Except this time he didn't have time to stop. He slammed into the person. Thankfully, at least he was the one who hit the ground.

"Ahh I'm sorry." He said rubbing the back of my head. Yamamoto opened his eyes to see the person he collided with again it was her, the girl from this morning.

He looked around noticing he sent her books and a few papers flying out of her hands. She jumped off of him and began picking her things up. Yamamoto sat up but as he was about to help her, his friends grabbed his arm pulling him up.

"Yamamoto-senpai we need to hurry!"

"Wait…guys hold u…" They just started to drag him away. The girl took one last look at him, well more like glance she didn't even look for 2 seconds, and just went back to picking her books up.

He felt so guilty for one thing he was the one who knocked into her and second he didn't help her.

~After the meeting~

"Well that was boring."

"Yeah well you needed to know all those things." Haru said to one of the members.

"Anyways…Yamamoto-kun are you hungry?" She turned to ask him.

But he was already one foot running out the door.

"Yamamoto-kun! Where's he going?" She turned to the other members who just shrugged their shoulders.

"Please be around here?" He ran back to where he knocked into that girl trying to look for her.

Haru and one other member met up with him.

"What's wrong?" Haru asked.

"Are you looking for Homori-san?" The guy said.

"What?" Yamamoto said turning to him. "Who's that?" Haru asked.

"That girl you bumped into her names Miku Homori she's a first year."

"How do you know?"

"My sister had class with her last year. My sister use to talk to her when they had projects." He went over and threw his arm over his shoulders. "Stay away from a girl like that senpai."


"Because a girl like that needs someone like her, she is the smartest girl in this school. She got the highest score on the entrance exam, Homori-san is all about school. She's locked onto getting into college. Someone like you and her don't mesh well together."

Yamamoto didn't know what to say but if she was concerned on school he'd understand.