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- KouKami 3

Day 9: Tuesday

The next day Miku was still unable to shake off the feeling she felt all night. After having Yamamoto over yesterday she couldn't stop thinking about him. Her mind was starting to turn, and her stomach was feeling uneasy. She had avoided seeing Yamamoto all day giving him the excuse she wouldn't be at the library to make up work she missed when she was absent. But the truth of it was because just hearing his name alone would make her heart start to beat like it did the night before. But as she packed her bag at the end of the day she knew she couldn't avoid it any longer. Yamamoto already said he would start walking her home and that he would be joining her family for dinner. She picked up her things and headed for the front gate where he texted her he would wait for her.

As Miku walked through the halls she couldn't help but feel like she was being stared at.

"That's the girl." One girl said.

"She was wearing Yamamoto-senpai's jersey." Another whispered to her friends.

"They said she was seen fighting with the girl that was supposed to be Yamamoto-kun's girlfriend.."

"Did she break them up?"

The whispers went on through the halls about yesterday's incident. Miku was so focused on going to her exam she didn't even think about what others would say when she wore his jacket. She also didn't know people saw her and Haru talking. As she left the school she saw Yamamoto talking to his regular group of friends. She felt nervous after avoiding him all day she didn't know if she had the courage to walk up to him or if she should turn around and run the other way. Either way her attempt to flee had been unsuccessful once he took notice of her.

"Miku!" Yamamoto shouted her name as he waved her down and gestured her to come over.

Once again, the attention of the students leaving school or staying back for activities turned to her. She was even more nervous now than before. The whispers started up again as she walked towards him. Students talked left and right to their group of friends trying to assess the current situation.

"Senpai called her over does that mean they are an item?"

"How did she get close to senpai? Who is this girl?"

"So, the rumor that she stole his jacket isn't true?"

"So Haru-chan was rejected because of her?"

Miku couldn't figure out why the distance of 10 feet was taking her so long to walk. Yamamoto tapped his friends as they faced her. She finally reached Yamamoto as the whispers continued.

"Let me introduce you two to the person who has been helping me with my report. This is Miku Homori, Miku these are my friends Tsuna and Gokudera."

Miku bowed, "It's nice to meet senpai."

Tsuna smiled and started to say in a panicked voice, "Please Homori-chan there is no need to bow. It's nice to meet you as well. Thank you for helping out Yamamoto."

Gokudera just nodded his head and went on to talk to Tsuna about going over to his house today.

"Sorry guys I'll be walking Homori-san home starting today so I'll just catch up afterwards."

"Ohh Yamamoto-senpai its really okay you don't have to do that if you have other plans."

"I told you already you can't talk me out of walking you home from now on. You were the one who didn't call me back."

Tsuna who was confused about this situation couldn't help but ask, "Are you two dating?"

Miku jumped at the question and quickly responded, "No no no it's not like that. We are just friends. Yamamoto-senpai was just repaying me for helping him but we aren't like that."

Yamamoto's expression dropped a bit but Miku didn't take notice considering she had her own expression to hide.

"If this is the girl, you're interested in you have a lot to work with." Gokudera whispered to Yamamoto.

He just shook his head and smiled that bright smile of his. "Well we're going to head off. I'll catch up with you two later."

Yamamoto took Miku's bag and threw it over his shoulder as he started to walk. Miku was shocked by his actions and simply bowed to the two and followed Yamamoto. The walk was quiet and a little awkward. Miku didn't know how to follow the whole dating comment.

"Sorry about my friends their minds tend to wonder off especially since I've never walked someone home before." Yamamoto said trying to break the tension.

"Its fine I just didn't want you to be caught up in something so troublesome. You're very popular so people would make rumors and word will travel fast. So, I wanted to clear the misunderstanding." Miku said hoping it would explain why she said that to Tsuna in the way she did.

"It would be fine if you left it like that." Yamamoto mumbled under his breath.


"Nothing." He continued, "How was your day today? I didn't see you much."

Yamamoto's question just made Miku remember how much she was avoiding him. Suddenly, the rush of emotions came back to her. "It was okay I was just busy that's all." Miku stood their awkwardly not really knowing how to handle this situation.

"I really hope you don't mind me walking back with you. I know I said I wouldn't take no for an answer but if I'm troubling you I can just let you go here." He said taking a few steps faster than her. It was as if he didn't want Miku to see the expression he was making because for a split second she could have sworn he was sad.

Miku felt scared for a second when he said that. It bothered her when it sounded like he didn't want to walk her home anymore. She didn't like how people were talking about them and staring at her all the way out of school, but she liked having Yamamoto around. Miku was feeling all different and new type of things. It scared her, but she was also curious as to why she was starting to feel panicked around him.

She hadn't even realized her was now holding his shirt. She grabbed the reality of the situation and looked up to see Yamamoto looking down at her. His expression went from what she believed was sadness to stunned.

"Miku?" Yamamoto asked.

She let go of his shirt, "Umm I…Yamamoto-senpai…" Her heart felt like it was going to explode. "What am I doing? Why did I grab his shirt?"

"Sorry umm I wanted to ask if I could have my bag back." Miku said.

"Ohh yeah sorry here you go." Yamamoto returned her bag and turned back around.

His expression slightly dropped again as Miku held onto her bag.

"You idiot." They both thought.

"Why couldn't you just say something else? You made it so awkward again?" Miku thought. "It's not like you want him to stop walking you home. Just tell him you like being around him."

They continued to walk in silence. There were times it looked as if Yamamoto wanted to say something, but nothing came out. Miku wanted to talk too she looked at kids playing in the park and thought about bringing up something about what did he like doing as a kid. She saw the flowers along the house of one of the grandmothers that lived near her and wanted to ask if he liked spring. Miku thought of so many little things until she could bring up, yet nothing came out.

They were almost to the front of her house when Miku decided she had enough of the silence. She didn't like that Yamamoto wasn't talking. She had to break this mood because he would be joining them for dinner and it would just be even more weird.


Yamamoto turned to her, "Yes."

"I'm really bad at things like this so I'm not sure how to say this…" Miku continued, "What you said earlier is bothering me for some reason."

Yamamoto stopped and faced her, "What do you mean?"

"I…you see…I…" Miku stuttered through her sentence trying to get it out. "Senpai what it is…I just…" She stopped again trying to find her words. Miku felt so nervous she didn't know why all of this bothered her. If Yamamoto was a friend, then this should be easy.

"It's okay Homori-san this will be the last time I walk you home. I can see how uncomfortable you are so maybe I rushed this." He said petting her head. "I'll just tell your mom something came up and I can join you for dinner another time."

"Wait! You are misunderstood." Miku took a deep breath suddenly, all the things she wanted to say and felt took control of her. She grabbed his arm and just started saying whatever words she could get out.

"I don't have a problem walking home with you. I just didn't want to inconvenience you everyday if you had other plans. I don't want to be walking in silence every day. I want to know what you think of parks and the color of leaves you like and if you would cook dinner." Miku realized what she said and covered her mouth.

"Umm senpai I'm sorry I guess my sister made me sick. I'm not really being myself." Miku said bowing.

It was quiet again and Miku wondered if things would have been better if she was quiet. That's when the sound of Yamamoto's laugh broke all her nervousness. She looked up and Yamamoto was holding his stomach laughing like she hadn't seen before.


"I'm sorry I don't mean to laugh." He said trying to catch his breath. "It was like you took the words right out of my mouth."

"What do you mean?" Miku asked.

Yamamoto stopped laughing and smiled back at her, "I thought I made things weird for you. I really want to walk you home and get to know you better. If I'm not wrong what you meant to say was you want to know the kind of places or seasons I like right?"

Miku nodded feeling grateful that he somewhat understood what she was trying to say.

"I've been trying to bring up anything to break the silence but everything I thought of didn't seem to match the mood." He explained. It finally made sense all those times that it seemed like he wanted to talk where actual times he wanted to say something.

"We better get going my mom will wonder what is taking us so long," Miku said as she smiled up at him. "Thank you senpai…"

"For what?"

"Being my friend…I always thought I didn't need friends. I used to think having friends were just a distraction but being here with you I can see the appeal. It's a comfort books can't give you." She said taking the lead to her house.

Yamamoto was happy that the mood suddenly brightened up. He was even more happy he heard Miku say something like that. He had already realized his feelings for her and wanted to tell her how he felt. He wanted to get to know her more by walking her home, talking to her on the phone and going out on dates. He wanted to confess. He made a move and the answer she gave him here would determine if it was time to tell her.

"Homori-san after school tomorrow…" He said walking up beside her.


"Before I walk you home can we go somewhere else?" Yamamoto asked.

Miku seemed surprised she looked at him as he had his head turned to the side. Miku didn't know what he exactly meant but she wanted to spend more time with him. She wanted to let this new feeling take her somewhere.


One word…all it took was that one single word for Yamamoto to decide he was going to tell Miku how he felt.

They finally got to Miku's house. They were met at the door by her little sister.

"Onii-sann! What took you so long?" Miku's little sister came running up to Yamamoto and jumping into him. Miku had guessed that it was just Yamamoto's nature to be friendly. He welcomed her little sister with such a warm greeting she could almost admit that maybe she was feeling jealous.

"Umm…Misaki what about me?" Miku joked opening her arms. She shifted from Yamamoto and hugged Miku. "I've missed you too Onee-chan."

"Ahh good you're home. Miku come and help me set the table dinner is almost ready." Her mother shouted from the kitchen.

"I'll be back you can go relax in the living room until I call." Miku said placing her bag down on the chair and setting up a spot for Yamamoto to sit.

She left the room to help her mom as her little sister brought out her toys to play with Yamamoto.

"Here Onii-san you can play with this doll?" She handed him one of her boy dolls that was dressed as a prince. "These are my favorite dolls this is me and Onee-chan" She held up her two favorite dolls. The little version was dressed in a yellow ball gown and had blonde hair. The other and older doll that was dressed in a lavender dress with black hair.

"This is the villain that wants to take Onee-chan away and this doll is the one that will save her." She pulled out her other two dolls to play as the antagonist in her story.

Yamamoto looked at the doll in his hand and the one she held up, "Misaki can I play as that doll I promise I'll do a great job protecting your Onee-chan." He whispered to her.

"Hmm… okay because I like you Onii-san." She traded dolls with Yamamoto. He made the doll stand next to Misaki's doll and bent the doll down to act as if he was whispering something to her, "Misaki remember even if your Onee-san has friends over as her hero only I can save her."

Misaki made her doll shake his doll's hand as she smiled up at him. "I promise."

*Meanwhile in the kitchen*

"Misaki seems to really like Yamamoto-san. She couldn't stop talking about how much fun she had with him yesterday." Her mom said cutting up some vegetables.

"I know how could she hug him first before me…Sorry again about last night. I should have called you." Miku said as she was washing plates.

"Don't apologize I should have been more aware of your schedule especially since you've been studying for that test for so long. But it's okay it worked out in the end."


"So, do you like him?" Her mom asked her out of nowhere making Miku almost dropped the plate in her hand.

"Mom!" Miku said looking to the side making sure no one was around to hear that.

"Honey I'm just saying that you've never exactly brought friends over let alone a boy. I saw the way you two talk to each other it reminds me of your father and I when we first started dating. All I'm saying is you have my blessing…that's all." Miku's mother was faster to realize things than she was.

"Dinner is ready!" Her mom shouted out.

Yamamoto helped settle her little sister in between him and Miku.

"Thank you for joining us for dinner Yamamoto-san as well as watching Misaki yesterday."

"No worries …Homori-san is my friend and I'm glad I could help." Yamamoto said as he looked over to Miku and smiled which caused her to smile back.

It was surprising Miku how well Yamamoto got along with her parents. After dinner she felt like she knew him a lot more. Her dad talked to him about his dad and their business. Apparently, their dads were familiar with each other because there were times Miku's father went there to eat or even have a business meeting. Yamamoto learned about some stories from her childhood which mainly involved studying or work. As much as they wanted the night to go on Yamamoto had to head home.

"Okay so let your dad know that the next time I go there we should have a drink." Miku's dad said shaking Yamamoto's hand.

"And please give these too your mother…I hope she enjoys dumplings." Her mom handed Yamamoto a container of the dumplings she made.

"Onii-san! Come again soon so we can finish playing!" Misaki said hugging his legs.

"You got it! Thank you so much for having me over I really enjoyed my time and I'll be sure to let my parents know. I better get going I'll see you all again." Yamamoto said walking out the door.

"I'll walk you to the gate." Miku said grabbing his bag from the living room and stepping out with him.

"Your family is so fun." He said. "Thank you and I have to say you really got my dad to talk. He usually doesn't speak as comfortably with just anyone."

"Homori-san remember that tomorrow I want to take you somewhere." Yamamoto reminded her.

"Sure." Miku handed Yamamoto his bag.

He simply smiled and gestured for her to go inside. "Message me when you get home." Miku said. Yamamoto was slightly taken aback and smiled at her.

Ohh and there it went again he heart beating out of her chest. It was something about his smile that she suddenly found dangerous. Miku knew that this was starting to mean something to her.

"I just want to make sure you get home safely. So, I'll see you tomorrow. Bye!" She said quickly as she ran back into her house.

Yamamoto smiled again and continued on his way home, "She is so cute it makes my heart melt."