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Darkness. Emptiness. This was all he had known for what seemed like an eternity. He drifted in the void between worlds, neither dead nor alive, just… existing. At first, he had raged, he had screamed, he cursed at those who had doomed him to such a fate. But eventually, he stopped.

And now, he waited, biding his time, so he could once more return to the land of the living, and at last have his revenge.

"I need you to pick a tablecloth." Ruby Rose was shaken out of a glum reverie by Weiss Schnee sliding two squares of cloth over the table.

Ruby looked at them for a moment before asking, somewhat confused, "Aren't they both the same?"

Weiss sighed in frustration. "I don't even know why I asked!"

As Weiss walked off to see to other preparations, Yang walked over to her sister carrying a massive sound speaker on her shoulder. She dropped the massive piece of technology, the weight of the impact causing the table, chair and girl to jump into the air for a second. "So, have you picked out a dress yet?"

"What's the point?" Ruby moaned. "Who cares about the dance if Blake isn't going?"

"Oh, don't worry; she's going." She looked to her left with an exasperated look on her face. "Weiss! I thought we agreed: No doilies!"

Weiss walked up to Yang, and pointed in her face. "If I don't get doilies, you don't get fog machines!" The girl's argument was interrupted by the sound of doors opening.

Neptune and Sun walked in. "Your dance is gonna have fog machines?"

"We were thinking about it..." Weiss said.

"That's pretty cool."

Sun walked over and, to Weiss' ire, started acting suave. "You ladies all excited for dress-up?"

"Pfft... Yeah, right!"

Yang, on the other hand, said, "Laugh all you want. I'll be turning heads tomorrow night!"

Weiss mentally took in Sun and Neptune's appearance. "What are you two wearing?"

"Uuhhh... this?" Sun gestured to his current shirtless outfit.

Neptune stepped forward and held a hand in front of his friend's face. "Ignore him for he knows not what he says."

Sun knocked Neptune's hand away from his face. "Hey, I may have moved to Mistral, but I grew up in Vacuo. It's not exactly a shirt-and-tie kind of place."

"Yeah, we noticed."

The monkey faunus rubbing the back of his head, preparing to ask the question that everyone was thinking. " Soooo... what does Blake think of all this? She still being all, y'know... Blake-y?"

"Obviously." Weiss turned and crossed her arms in disapproval.

"I still can't think of a way to change her mind."

"Guys," Yang said as she started to walk out. "Trust me; Blake will be at the dance tomorrow."

And she was. She strolled through the doors, walking arm in arm with Sun Wukong. As they danced together, the rest of Team RWBY watched on from the sidelines.

"I told you she would come." Yang said to her teammates.

"Mission accomplished." Weiss confirmed.

Ruby turned to her teammates. "Soooo, what do we do now?"

"Just have fun!" Yang exclaimed, she proceeded to walk away and do so, with Weiss going the opposite direction and leaving Ruby behind.

Ruby shouted after her sister: "Does that mean I can change out of these stupid things and into my hood now?" Upon receiving no answer, she looked down at her painful footwear. "Stupid lady stilts!"

"Not enjoying yourself?"

Surprised, Ruby spun around to find out who had spoken to her, only to see headmaster Ozpin step up by her side. Ruby shook her head and laughed. "Oh, no, everything's fine! I'm just not much of a fancy pantsy... dancey girl."

Ozpin chuckled. "Well, you can't spend your whole life on the battlefield, even if you may want to."

Ruby crossed her arms, an annoyed look passing over her face. "Yeah, that lesson's been floating around a lot lately."

Ozpin stared out at the dancing couples, seemingly deep in thought. "If you think about it, fighting and dancing aren't so different. Two partners interlocked, although one wrong move on the ballroom merely leads to a swollen foot."

Ruby looked down at her own feet. "Or a twisted ankle."

"It's not every day that friends are able to come together like this," Ozpin said. "Time has a way of testing our bonds, but it's nights like these that can help keep them stronger than ever. Nights like these are ones we'll never forget."

Ruby smiled at the words of wisdom, but turned her head when she heard the sound of the doors opening. Yang was back behind the podium, and thus was the first to see the new arrival.

Professor Redbreath walked through the door. He'd swapped out his usual brown and tan robes that he wore when teaching and instead was wearing a set of fur clothes. It had a simple brown undershirt beneath a cloak made of heavy-looking fur. A satchel hung at his side and when he moved, Yang could have sworn that she heard the clanking sound of glass bottles. Around his neck was a strange-looking amulet, shaped like two axe heads.

"Professor Redbreath. Lookin' good!"

"Thank you, Miss Xiao Long. Now if you will excuse me, I must go speak to someone."

Not a moment after he had gone, the doors opened again and two more people walked in, Mercury, with Emerald beside him.

"You guys are just in time!"

Mercury smiled. "Wouldn't miss it for the world."

An hour later, the party was in full swing. Professor Redbreath was telling a story about a cake and an old woman while Doctor Oobleck and Professor Port laughed. Ozpin stood off to the side with Glynda Goodwitch until General Ironwood offered his hand for her to dance with him. People danced, talked, or otherwise just stood around having fun.

At least, most people. Jaune approached Ruby, who was standing pensively near the refreshments tables.

"I see you're hiding at the punch bowl too."

"Yep," Ruby said, popping the 'P'.

Jaune raised his glass of punch. "To the socially awkward."

Ruby giggled and raised her own glass, as they clinked them together.

"Sorry things didn't work out with Weiss."

Jaune shrugged. "Meh, it's fine. Neptune's pretty "cool". I get why she went with him."

Ruby frowned. "What do you mean?"

"Well, come on," Jaune said, as he started to drink his punch. "Not many people can pull off blue hair."

"No, I mean, Weiss came to the dance alone."

Jaune choked on his drink in surprise, coughing and sputtering into his cup. "What?"

They looked towards Weiss, who was trying desperately to coax life out of a wilting white rose. When she fails, she looked visibly upset.

Ruby continued speaking. "Yeah, she said that she had too much to focus on to worry about boys."

Laughter draws there attention to Sun, Blake, and Neptune as the latter entertained the others with some impressions and other silly faces.

Jaune let out a low growl. "Hold my punch".

Jaune handed Ruby his glass and a second after he vanished from sight, she took a sneaky drink from his cup. As Jaune made his way across the room, shoving other students aside (some of which were not even in his path), he stops short and watches as Pyrrha passed by. He watched her walk glumly up the stairs and had a change of heart, following after her.

Meanwhile, Ruby decided to walk the other way, towards where Yang was standing on the second floor.

"You know? I think we really needed this." Yang said as she leaned on the handrail. They looked down at the on-going festivities below.

Blake and Sun were slow dancing while Ren and Nora appeared to be Waltzing. Even Penny was in attendance, dancing alone, guarded by two Atlas Soldiers.

"Yeah, and you did a great job planning it too!" Ruby said

Yang reached over to Ruby, pulling the flailing girl in to a bone-crushing one-handed hug. "Aw, thanks! It wasn't all me, though. Weiss did a lot too."

Ruby stops struggling and looked down at Weiss, who was sitting by herself. Neptune approached and rubbed his neck nervously. After a few seconds, Weiss invited him to sit with her.

Yang sighed. "Tomorrow it's back to work."

"I'm sure we can handle whatever gets thrown at us." Ruby said. Sudden fits of laughter and giggles drew their attention below. "Ex-cept for that."

They were currently looking at a dress-wearing Jaune Arc.

As the cross-dressing swordsman and his team burst into a surprisingly good dance number, Ruby walked away to the balcony nearby. Stepping out onto it, she noticed the balcony's other inhabitant. Professor Redbreath leaned on the railing, occasionally taking a swig from a glass bottle. As Ruby got closer, her nose picked up the slightly hazy fumes of some sort of alcohol.

"Um… Professor Redbreath, I don't think that we're allowed alcohol here. It sets a bad example."

Redbreath chuckled. "Funny, I was going to say that we're not exactly allowed to fight giant robot suits with mob-bosses in them under a highway over pass either, but you don't see me complaining."

Ruby looked away for a second, embarrassed, before looking up again. "So…Professor, I'm kinda surprised to see you here, to tell the truth. I didn't think you were the type for dancing."

"Hmmm… well, you're not wrong. I'm not much of a dancer, but I still didn't want to miss out. Especially after what happened last year."

"What happened last year?"

The professor chuckled to himself. "That's between me and the governor of Mistral. All I can tell you is that it involved several bottles of mead and a goat."

Ruby looked slightly confused at that, and was about to ask what happened, when movement in the corner of here eye caught her attention. She looked to here right just in time to see a figure clad entirely in black free-running across the nearby buildings. "Professor!" She cried.

"I see her."

What do we do?" Ruby asked.

Redbreath took a swig from his bottle then placed it back into his satchel. "We chase her." He responded.

They immediately got to work, Ruby using her semblance to cross from the balcony to the adjacent rooftop. Redbreath took in a breath and then cried, "WULD!" He shot forward at the speed of a bullet, landing on the rooftop rather uncertainly.

He then turned and started to run after Ruby, stopping when they reached the end of the rooftop. They looked on as the black clad infiltrator knocked out a guard out the front of the CCT then walked in. They ran after her, jumping to the ground and then moving across the court yard.

Halfway there, Ruby stopped, and pulled out her scroll. She pressed a button and a few seconds later a rocket-propelled locker slammed into the ground a few metres away. The locker opened, revealing Crescent Rose in its compact form. Ruby ran forward and grabbed the weapon, then turned to see Redbreath waiting.

"Ready?" the teacher asked.

"Uh Professor… you're unarmed."

Redbreath laughed. "Miss Rose, I'm always armed. At Ruby's inquiring look he reached into his satchel and somehow pulled out a bow that should NOT have been able to fit in there and a quiver of multicoloured arrows.

"Wait, how did you fit those in there?"

"Miss Rose, unless I am mistaken, right now you are holding a small metal box that transforms into a giant farming tool. Probably not a good idea to ask how I fit this in my bag."

Ruby nodded, accepting this logic, then asked, "What about close-Quarters though?"

In response, Redbreath reached into his bag and drew out the most awesome-looking axe Ruby had ever seen. It was beautiful in a harsh 'I'm going to gut you like a fish' kind of way. It was about as long as her arm, with two wickedly sharp-looking heads attached to it. The heads were designed with howling wolf motifs and the edges gleamed in the light of the broken moon.

Ruby couldn't help but give an awed shiver when she saw it. She shook the feeling off and focused on the task at hand. She fully extended Crescent Rose and chambered a round, then took off after her teacher toward the door. They stopped outside it, Ruby stumbling a little due to her shoes. Redbreath saw this and asked, "Are you sure you can fight in those?"

Ruby nodded. "Yes."

"Very well then. You take the elevator up there, I will find another way up so I can surprise her. Be quick."

With that the teacher took off running around the side of the building, leaving Ruby alone. Cursing the high heels she still wore, she rode the elevator to the top of the building.

Stepping out, she looked around. "Hello?" She stumbles once again. "Is anyone there? Hello?"

A woman dressed in a form-fitting black outfit with a black mask on stepped out of her hiding place behind a computer and steps out toward Ruby.

"Excuse me?" Ruby said. "You know, it's not a masquerade party, so why don't you take off that-!"

The woman produces a container of ice Dust and sends shards of ice flying at Ruby before she could finish her sentence. Ruby spun the scythe and destroyed the ice shards then returned fire with Crescent Rose. The woman somehow blocked the shots with her hands! before raising them again. With a flash of fire, two curved swords appeared in her hands. Ruby leapt forward swinging Crescent Rose, but the lady back-flipped away. The swords burst into glowing shards then reformed into a bow. She fired several arrows which Ruby barely dodged.

The two combatants stared at each other, ready to keep going. Then suddenly, the window on the right side of the room exploded as Redbreath blasted into the room. He rolled to a stop and came up in a crouching position. His arm was a blur of movement as he raised his axe and then threw it at the woman in black. She swung her weapon up and deflected the axe, before raising the bow and firing another arrow.

Redbreath was quick to react, leaping to the side and drawing his own bow. He knocked an arrow with light, golden coloured feathers at the base. He fired, and the arrow shot forward. The woman dodged again, but wasn't expecting the arrow to burst into a ball of light on impact! Bright, pure sunlight blasted out of the arrow, blinding the woman for a split second. Redbreath used this time to run forward and scoop up his axe from the ground. He charged the woman, who barely had time to raise the swords in her hands.

The blades locked, and the two pushed against each other. Ruby raised Crescent Rose, but she couldn't get a good angle on her target without also hitting her teacher. Said teacher pushed against the blades used by his enemy, but lurched forward when the woman suddenly leapt backwards. Redbreath stumbled but regained his footing. "Alright then." He said. "It's on." He braced himself for what he was about to do. "Feel the thunder of my voice!" He yelled. He opened his mouth, took a deep breath and then shouted "FUS… ROH DAH!" A wave of pure force blasted out of his mouth, striking the woman and knocking her back several meters, where she smashed against a wall. She groaned and stood back up. Redbreath raised his axe once again, ready to end it all with one throw.

But just as he was about to hurl it, there was a quiet *ding* behind them. Redbreath snarled and turned to face this new arrival, but was surprised when he saw that it was General Ironwood himself.

His split seconds hesitation was all the mysterious woman needed. She raised her bow and fired an arrow, not at Redbreath but rather the man behind him. Ironwood.

Faster than should have been humanly possible, Redbreath leapt to the side, shot his arm up and caught the arrow, with his bare hand!

He turned to the woman, only to see her leap up and jump out of the window that Redbreath had smashed on his way in. The erratic Professor ran to the window, and saw the woman land on a rooftop several metres away. She immediately ran over the top of it, onto the other side and out of his view.

Redbreath roared in anger and threw his axe into the ground beside him, furious at his escaped quarry. "Azura curse her!" he cried. Then he remembered that he had company and sat down on the floor in a huff.

General Ironwood looked the man in front of him up and down, arms crossed in front of his chest. "You better have a good explanation for what's happening here."

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