dear readers i missed you so much. at the request of some of you i wrote a sequel to One good turn deserves another. hope you like it.

Just a small reminder that English is my second language, so excuse me for any mistakes

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Chapter One:-


He kept running...

As fast as he could. Bullets were flying around him. He was expecting a bullet to hit him in the back any minute but he just kept running

"don't look back" he said to himself

Running was so hard with his exhausted body, his injuries and tree branches hitting his face and scratching his neck and his arms but he kept running.

It was dark , which was a double sided weapon. In the darkness hiding would be easier for him but at the same time he couldn't really see where he was going.

They are still firing at him...

So that's it! this is how he dies! what about his friends and his family? what about the injured man who is waiting for his help in the woods? what about...her

He felt excruciating pain exploding in his right side. He's been shot. The pain was so bad and the shock made him stumble but he just kept running. He won't give up. He's not ready to die yet.

He wasn't sure how long is he going to hold on with that amount of blood seeping from his wound but he had no choice but to run.



Suddenly he felt the ground disappears under his feet and he fell down a steep cliff.

He tumbled for what felt like forever, hitting trees and branches along the way. He felt helpless and out of control.

Halfway down the cliff, the trees gave way and he was left falling through the air. Before he knew it he was hurtling over grass and rocks till he finally reached the bottom. His head hit a sharp rock and everything went black.

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