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Chapter Fourteen:-

Jessica went back to Tim's room after contacting Gibbs and Sarah.

"Did you find Addison? Is he alright?" Tim asked in concern

"Yes Tim. we found him. He's Okay" she was smiling. She could't hide her emotions.

"How did you...remember? What happened?" he asked weakly but happily

"I know you are tired now. let's talk about that when you get better" she suggested

"Now...i want to know everything now if you don't mind" she smiled

She told him everything in details. How they arrested Jack and Roby and how Addison helped them to arrest Hartman.

She told him that her heart sank in her chest when the found him hurt down the hill. she also told him that she finally admitted that she loves him even before her memory comes back.

Tim sighed "I'm so happy everyone is fine and everything eventually turned out all right." he rest his head on the pillow "I can't believe you remember me finally. that means you are staying right?" he asked hopefully

"Not going anywhere" she shook her head and smiled

"And Fred?" he asked carefully

"There's no place for Fred in my life. i broke up with him" she answered firmly.


The concerned group of family and friends raced to the hospital the minute they knew Tim is awake

Tim's attending physician warned them

"He's gonna be fine eventually but he needs time. He's still very sick and exhausted so please don't stay long he needs to rest "

They all nodded in agreement

Tim was resting his head on Jessica's shoulder and they were holding hands when everybody walked in. the sight was heartwarming though Tim looked very tired with those dark circles under his eyes and his pale face but seeing him awake was joyful.

Tony smiled mischievously and said

"We'll come back later probie if you're busy with your girlfriend now"


Gibbs immediately smacked the back of his head

"Thanks boss"

Tim chuckled weakly

"It's good to see you guys"

"It's good to see you awake buddy. Life is so boring without you at the office." Tony grinned

Sheila and Sarah were next to Tim's bed in a second and Admiral McGee stayed at the bed footboard trying to hide his emotions

"I'm glad you are alright Timothy. You gave us quite a scare but I'm proud of you son you did a great job"

Tim smiled weakly and said

"Thanks dad"

"Timothy McGee what you did was so stupid and reckless. If you ever scare us like that again I will knock the wind out of you." Sarah angrily

"I've to agree with Sarah Timmy. you scared the hell out of us" Abby said

"On the other hand I'm proud of you brother you what you did was heroic" Sarah added

Tim grabbed her hand and pulled her into a hug and said

"I'm sorry i made you worry guys i really didn't mean to. Mom why do I see tears in your eyes I'm fine now"

Sheila wiped her tears quickly and said " I'm fine honey I just thought I was gonna lose you"

He patted her hand and said

"Don't worry mom I'm still here"

"Welcome back McGee. You did a very good job kid. The SECNAV and Director Vance will visit you in a couple of days and you'll receive the Medal of Courage as soon as you get better. I'm proud of you kid. You spared us the negotiating with those terrorists and you saved the life of three people."

"I was just doing my job, boss" Tim blushed as soon s he heard what was said

"Hey McGee you have been hurt and admitted to the hospital in two consecutive cases. Did a rabbit cross your path?" Ziva smiled

"A cat not a rabbit Ziva" Tim chuckled

They all laughed

Diane started telling them what Tim did in the cabin. Excitedly and in details she told them how Tim kicked Hartman's butt, and though he was very tired and hurt how he carried Jerry on his shoulder and saved their lives

"I guess after all those martial art classes were not a waste of time probie" Tony grinned

"I guess so too" Tim blushed "guys I was just doing my job anyone of you would have done exactly the same"

"Not anyone would have saved their kidnappers, agent McGee. Only good men like you do that" They all turned around towards the door where the voice came from and Addison was standing there

"Corporal Addison I'm glad you are fine" Tim gave him a genuine smile

"Thank you for saving my life Agent McGee. You saved my life twice. The first time when you risked your life and came back for me and the second time when you reminded me that I'm a good person. Thank you one more time Agent McGee. I promise I won't let you down and I will be the person I was raised to be"

"I'm sure you're a good person Corporal Addison" Tim said and his eyes fluttered closed

"I'm sorry guys am so tired can't stay awake"

"It's okay son need to rest. We'll be right here when you wake up" Admiral McGee said and patted his kid's head kindly


They all left the hospital to go back to work or to get some rest and Jessica stayed with him

She sat on the chair next to his bed all the time holding his hand as if she doesn't want to lose him one more time. He slept most of the time it was hard for him to stay awake more than thirty minutes before he gets back to sleep.

He was sleeping peacefully and she was watching him closely as if she sees him for the first time. It was heartwarming to see him getting better , talking and laughing again.

Tim opened his eyes and looked around

"Hey" she whispered thrilled that he was finally awake "How do you feel?"

"Am I dreaming or are you really here and you remember me?" he croaked

"I'm really here" she whispered in his ear

"Then I'm fine and I've never felt better. Don't leave me"

"I will never leave you" she said firmly


The healing road was long and hard but with the support from Jessica, family and friends it was easier.

Three weeks later…

Tim was discharged from the hospital and his co-workers prepared a surprise party for him at his apartment.

He was so grateful for their kindness. They stayed for an hour and before they leave Jessica cleared her throat and said

"I have something to share with all of you about those previous three months"

"You don't have to say anything" McGee said kindly

"I know don't have to say, but I NEED to share this with all of you. I feel I owe you that much." She took in a deep breath and continued

"When Frank kidnapped Timothy I…I was terrified. i knew those heartless people decided to kill him. I thought I have to do anything to help him get out unharmed. I wasn't ready to let him down like I did with Sandra my partner. There was no way I was going to lose Tim.

When I started remembering things but not Tim, I was confused why I don't remember the man that i was in love with. So I consulted Fred and he told me that my subconscious mind is trying to protect itself from something. I was trying to run away from you Tim. I wanted to get away from you to protect you from Me cause somehow I felt what happened to you was my fault."

Tim took her in his arms and said

"What happened to me was not your fault. It is my job. Everything is alright now"

Everybody left and Jessica stayed with Tim

"I will stay with you to take care of you till you get better" Jessica hugged Tim warmly

"I don't want you to stay with me till I get better" he said

"Sorry, what?!" She was shocked

"Will I be pushing my luck if asked you to move in with me? he smiled

She chuckled happily and said one work



The honoring ceremony were remarkable. Tim received the Medal of Courage.

The SECNAV and Director Vance were so grateful for what Tim did and they thanked him in behalf of the minster.

Fornell shook Tim's hand

"Thank you Agent McGee for saving Diane's life and saving the life of my Agent. You are a fine man and a great Agent"

Jerry was attending the ceremony too and he thanked Tim for risking his life to save him

"I owe you my life Tim. Thank you for what you did"

"You would have done the same Jerry. I'm sure"


Tim and Jessica went home together. Jessica was so proud of her man

"so?" He said

"So what?"

"Did you like the honoring ceremony?"

" You deserve the best Tim"

"That's why I have you" he pulled her closer and printed a soft kiss on her lips and she kissed him back passionately

"We must not forget the time of your medicine" she went to the kitchen to bring his pills and he followed her

He wrapped his arms around her from behind and buried his face in her neck and whispered

"You still haven't answered my question yet" he said and she felt every cell in her body responding to his hot kisses

"What question?" she said in a hoarse voice

"the question i asked you in the hospital. you said you loved me since day one. So day one as in the cafeteria or day one as in the Navy Yard" he whispered in her ear. His kisses were hot and filled with passion that melted her

Heart jumping, head spinning, she turned around, gave him his pills with shaking hands and said

"Day one as in the Navy Yard. Falling in love was never in my plans but i was lost when i looked into those beautiful eyes. I love you Timothy McGee"

He pulled her into a tight hug and kissed her passionately and whispered

"And I love you Jessica Williams"

The End

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