Okay, here I am again. I honestly didn't know if I was going to write a second chapter to this but seeing how dark season 4 of RWBY is going, and this warrior of light OC of mine is a Dark Knight… okay horrible excuse. And I was mostly trying to find a good spot to continue onward from. Obviously time has gone by, but how much I'm not sure. I'm also having to go and dig into the wiki to find out about locations, towns, where the group is and a timing of sorts for a meeting between characters. I like to follow things to a certain point before I make any changes. Things getting rough at the end of season three felt like a good point for someone as powerful as the Warrior of Light to interfere.

Now will I have some villain from FF14 arrive? I'm not sure. I'm still debating if he should be able to change jobs. I alluded to the fact he had other jobs in the first chapter when he first spoke with Blake. I had this image of him assisting Juan with his skills, showing him how a Paladin was to use a sword and shield, but I'm not totally on board with it. Anyway, on with the story.

Chapter 02

Hayden was never a directional savvy individual. Too many times had he gotten lost wondering the forests of Black Shroud or the deserts of Thanalan. Limsa Lominsa was at times easy to navigate so long as you weren't traveling alone by sea, and Hayden was not a sea fairing individual. How embarrassing it is for the Warrior of Light to get sea sick. He did get over that though in a short time. There was no time to throw up when facing Leviathan out on the open seas. Good times.

So, again Hayden was lost in this strange new world, tinkering with the object called a 'Scroll' to help better his situation. He stopped himself from prying into personal files like these images of friends and/or family the previous owner had. And then there was contact information. Why would someone have information on someone they new? So many things to learn in this world and such a short time. Not that he was on a time limit, mind you. So long as he was needed he would remain in this world called Remnant. That was why the crystal had sent him there. Though some friends to join him on his quest would have been nice. At least he would have someone to talk to. As a Dark Knight he may appear like a solitary individual who wished to remain left alone but in reality it was a lonely job. And he had been many things before finding himself delving into the art of using dark magic and a great sword.

A low rumble drew his attention from his thoughts and he looked up in the distance. Dark clouds were approaching. He enjoyed the soothing sounds of rain hitting the roof of a house or inn porch. Even listening to it as it hit the streets of a city or the open land. It was soothing. But thunder and lightening always reminded him of battle. The random crash and crack of lightening; the explosion of thunder causing the very air to vibrate. Just because he was accustomed to war doesn't mean he revels in it. Another miss conception of a Dark Knight. They sought justice, not war. Protected the innocent, not to spill blood mercilessly. Though one of the dark art did wrestle with their inner demons. The rage and lust to shed blood in the name of justice was there, but a true Dark Knight fought and subdued this side of themselves. They did not allow it to concur them. And he was no different.

Again lost in his own musings he hadn't realized he had reached a town. That hadn't happened to him in a long time. Being on a journey on your own looked to have a very negative affect on him. He'd probably wonder off a cliff at this rate. But the smell of smoke was quick to draw his attention. It was old, having blended in with the air long ago and now with the scent of fresh water with the approaching storm. He finally noticed the burnt structures of the village. Broken fences and cratered holes in the dirt. This place had been attacked. To the side of a wooden fence was a plaque hanging be a single nail, dangling in the wind. 'Shion' it read.

Hayden gave a low growl, hands balling into a fist before he raised his right arm. The world froze in monochrome. The second he swung it out the world ran in reverse in a rapid pace. The sun rose and set in the opposite direction, a group of four walked through the town, obvious worry on their faces as they conversed with a single individual who was lying against a wooden fence. They marched backwards out of the village, and again time seemed to stay the same, the flames which had died by the time he had arrived began to grow once more. The village was besieged by Grimm, and masked men unlike the White Fang. These men and women were different, fighting off the villagers and their Huntsmen while staving off the flood of living shadows that plagued this land. Fear and desperation draws them. And with a village attacked by this number of bandits it came as no wonder the Grimm would arrive. The breed in this region was different though. Larger and more terrifying than what Hayden had seen back at Beacon. He had fought more terrifying things in his time. They were no different.

Hayden blinked, his hand flexing ever so slightly as to slow time down with the Echo. In the midst of all the chaos stood a single individual who looked unmoved by what was transpiring around her. It was definitely female by the shape and tone of her bare thighs and the rest of her female anatomy. Hayden was not blind to the opposite sex. He had seen his fair share of females, especially those at the Forgotten Springs that was primarily inhabited by a tribe of Mi'qote. The females of the species held a certain feral nature to their appearance, while his kind though showed a rugged yet innocent nature in theirs despite how fierce they could be in battle. Maybe it was due in height difference between the males and female of his species that made it seem so. But this woman before him held herself as a mix of the two. Long black hair as wild as the Mi'qote in nature with feminine features being a mix of the two. She wore a white mask with red markings along with black and red armor that seemed similar to those hailing from Doma. Even her choice of weapon though the scabbard seemed exaggerated. But things in this world were not as what they seemed. But there was something odd about her. He felt he had seen her before, yet not. It would take too long to scan through memories and time to pinpoint it but he was sure he had seen her… or someone very close in appearance to her before.

But for now it would seem Hayden had found another masked individual who was quick to shed blood for whatever personal reason. Another one leading a large group of perpetrators that sought to harm others for their own gain. "Seems no matter what world I am in I end up clashing with people who purposely seek to harm others."

He resumed time in a normal fashion, watching the events unfold. The screams he tried to drown out as he focused on her, watching her as she simply observed the fight around her. Fighting. If you call the slaughter of innocent men, women and children a true fight. There were some Huntsmen to hold them off but they were few in number and there were many of the bandits. The Grimm rushed in and did not discriminate. That was when the masked woman attacked, showing skill in speed and precise attacks that matched most Ninja back in his own world. He was true to believe there being more to that scabbard of hers. It seemed to sport some elemental enhancements that she used to her advantage, giving her a wide range of abilities to use at her discretion. There were at times he would rewind her movements, slowing it down to watch her footing, the time it would take her to draw the weapon, even the length in her long breaths. She was accustomed to battle. Calm and clear headed. A warrior in her own.

He was about to continue on till he felt a drop of water hit his armor. The world became slightly more colorful and the Echo lost its hold; everything returning to the present. He had been lost in the Echo again. How many times had he done that? Too many to count. The clouds were nearly overhead with the wind picking up. If he was correct this weather would draw in Grimm as well, though with the lack of life here he was sure there wouldn't be any that would pose a huge threat to him.

The rain at that point seemed to intensify, slamming into his aged armor like a fierce attack on a gated castle. His shoulders slumped and he sighed. There was no point in making the journey in this. And as much as he loathed to do so, he would need to take shelter in one of the ruined homes.

Before the dirt could become mud, he moved to one of the closest shelters there was in order get out of the rain. He wasn't soaked quite yet enough to remove the armor, so he would keep it on. Luckily there was a fireplace in the home he took up as his temporary residence. And there was now enough wood lying around he could use to burn. With a silent prayer to Hydaelyn the Mother Crystal, and to whatever deity there was in this realm to keep the former owner of the home safe in their embrace he sat himself on a couch. His sword rest next to him as he settled down, watching the embers crackle and the wood burn. The second the rain would let up he would continue his journey. And maybe along the way he would run into these bandits.


The rain was pelting hard on the village of Higabana, driving most from the streets and into the safe confines of their homes or the well known Inn it was known for, aside from it being well-protected from the threats of Grimm. Currently a group of four young Huntsmen were checking into said inn to rest from their long journey as well to get out of the harsh weather. And just across from the Inn was the local tavern. In said tavern a certain tall, lean individual watched out a window at the four young Huntsmen as they ere checking in. This man had short black hair in a spiked style and red eyes. He wore a gray button shirt with black collar, the sleeves rolled up to his elbows with black pants and boots with a tattered red cloak. He had a short stubble of hair on his face, giving him a rugged handsome look that seemed heightened by his red eyes.

Qrow Branwen was an established Huntsmen along with a known fact of being a heavy drinker. However he himself hasn't had a drink for some time now. Of course it was of his own choosing. He may have held the image of a raging alcoholic but he knew when and where was the right time to have a drink. And with him shadowing his niece Ruby Rose and her friends he needed to be a sharp as ever.

His musing over watching his niece on her journey was interrupted as a very nicely looking and shapely waitress brought him a drink. Looking up he took in her long hair pinned into a bun, sleeves red top with gold trim around her shoulders. Light brown eyes gave a youthful shine that in his younger days would have him instantly wanting to know more about her. But what came out in a gruff voice was "Um, I didn't order a drink."

The girl held her tray to her chest, soft smile on her face as she said, "From the lady upstairs, red eyes. Said you wouldn't mind bottom shelf." She along with Qrow spared a look up to the darkened corner of the second floor of the tavern before she turned back to him, and him back to the drink.

"Thanks," was his reply, sounding a bit down.

The waitress leaned a little closer, smile a bit more inviting. "But," she started getting Qrow's attention. "I went ahead and gave you top," and finished with a wink. "Lucky you."

She took a slow, tantalizing step away from his table, and Qrow could not help but follow her every slow step from his table. Nor could he help that grin on his face. The grin settled into a soft smile before gazing back out towards the Inn, and seeing Ruby and her friends gone. No doubt escorted to their rooms for the night. With a short sigh he said, "Yea," and took up his drink to go and meet the lady with red eyes on the second floor. He was no idiot. He knew exactly who it as. He wouldn't lie. It was a bit of a surprise that she was actually here. But he wasn't going to let her see that.

Slowly ascending the stairs, drink still in hand, he paused taking in the silhouette of his sister, Raven. She kept to the back where there was very little light, her black hair blending in with the shadows. The dark red armor hardly stood out, along with her eyes. The most visible thing about her was her pale skin and that godawful mask she would tend to ware, which was settled in the center of the table she sat at. And she was smiling. Qrow had to restrain himself from crushing the glass in his hand as she said, "Hello brother."

There was a long silence after that. One where he simply was trying to find something to say back. But all that came out was, "Raven," followed with him proceeding to her table. They were alone, and he was sure their voices wouldn't carry down to the second floor so whatever they had to talk about would be between themselves. Reaching her table hew pulled out a chair, pausing to send a glance to her then to the mask. She sat staring at him till she was fed up with the glare, giving a tired sigh as she moved the mask away. Out of his main view and out of his way, he proceeded to sit. "So… what do you want?" No need for pleasantries.

She was still smiling. She slowly rose her hands, opening them to the air as she said, "A girl can't just catch up with her family?"

Qrow gave a glare. "You can, but you're not. So how about we get on with it." He took a big gulp of his drink, having been used to similar brands, it passed down his throat with no issue, settling a warm feeling in his stomach. His mood brightened as he added, "Unless you plan to keep these coming." He gave a grin and sat the glass down, Raven eying it slightly.

"Does she have it," his sister asked, slowly turning to face Qrow.

Qrow didn't answer immediately. Silence fell between the two siblings, the rugged man running a finger around the edge of his glass. "Did you know Yang lost an arm?" he finally asked, mind drifting to the young blonde you once had a roaring flame in her. The last time he saw her, that flame had dwindled considerably. It was painful to see.

Raven blinked, having not expected that and instead started, "That's not…"

"Rhetorical question," Qrow interrupted, "I know you know. It's just obnoxious you would bring up family then carry on like your own daughter doesn't exist."

Raven's fist clenched. "I saved her…"

"Once," Qrow again interrupted, his hand raised with his index finger extended. He let it drop. "Because that was your rule, right? Real 'Mom of the Year' material, sis."

Before he could set his hand down to take up the glass, Raven took his wrist in her hand, glaring at Qrow. "I told you Beacon would fall and it did. I told you Ozpin would fail, and he has. Now you tell me does-Salem-have it?"

Qrow wasn't one bit intimidated. He continued to be cool under the glare of his sister and asked, "Thought you weren't interested in all that?"

"I just want to know what we're all up against."

"Which WE are you referring to?" Raven released Qrow with a growl, setting herself back down in her seat. He gave a sigh and took up his drink. "You should come back Raven. The only way beating her is by working together. All of us."

"You're the one who left. The tribe raised us. And you turned your back on them."

Qrow paused long enough to take a sip of his drink. "They were killers and thieves."

"They were your family."

Qrow's eyes narrowed. "You have a very skewed perception of that word."

Raven immediately stood from her seat, the cheap wooden chair teetering slightly before settling on all four legs. Anger was evident in her expression. One that didn't bother Qrow the slightest. "I lead our people now." She placed a hand over her chest. "As leader I will do everything in my power to ensure our survival."

Qrow gave a short huff. "I saw. The people of Shion saw too."

"The weak die; the strong live. Those are the rules."

Her brother of course didn't believe in such things. "Well you certainly got someone strong on your side. I've seen the damage."

Raven abruptly turned away, crossing her arms. "We couldn't have known the Grimm would set in as quickly as they did."

"I'm not talking about the Grimm. And I'm not talking about you either."

She turned back to face him. "If you don't know where the relic is," she said, turning the subject elsewhere, "then we have nothing left to talk about." She placed her hand on her mask, Qrow placing his upon hers.

"I don't know where the Spring Maiden is either. If you do I need you to tell me."

She snatched her hand and mask free from his hand. "And why would I do that?"

"Because without her we're all going to die."

She gave a smug look. "And which WE are you referring to," she said throwing his words back at him. Putting her mask on she turned away, heading for the back wall. With a single swipe of her blade she tore open a red portal out of the bar. She stepped through without giving her brother a second glance. Their business was through after all.


The clouds had pass by the midday after. Shovel met dirt as Hayden continued to dig the graves for the lost and fallen just outside the village by the broken fence. The rain had ended earlier that morning and he immediately set himself to the task performing a proper burial for those who were slain. His sword lay against a house, the upper portion of his armor lying next to it. Pale skin tightened against muscle with each flex of movement as he dug the grave. He wished he could make them deeper, but time was short for him. He was after all in a foreign world. The darkness the lands held would move at a moment's notice he had to be ready. But not before he finished his current task. Several were completed, awaiting their occupant to be placed inside.

He paused at the thought and glanced at the bodies wrapped in whatever sheets he could find. Over two dozen, and he was only just then getting to half of the graves being dug. That dark part of him complained, demanding he move on and find the perpetrators who had done the deed. That only then would they rest. He knew better though. And it would be wrong of him to just leave them to the wilds of nature. The guilty will have their due. For now he would help the victims rest. The mud didn't help any, but he'd push on.

The familiar click of a rifle's hammer being pulled back drew his attention from the grave digging. He stopped in mid shove into the dirt. He had heard the group of three approaching minutes ago trying their best to sneak up on him. If they had truly wanted to do him harm he would have felt the intent. But it seemed they wanted answers more than his life. Looking back, his piercing green eyes tinged in orange looked to two males and one female. The males were twins, wearing the same uniform with one in blue and the other in red. Their clothes were flashy with a bit of frills coming at the collars of their short coats. Shirts looked to be too tight and very short revealing their mid riffs with stripes in opposite colors of each other. Both had matching black boots with a light coating of mud and dust on them. Their hair was long and parted on opposite sides of each other with one eye each revealed. Their weapon of choice was opposite though. The one in blue carried twin pistols with curved blades aimed forward beneath the barrels. The other carried a rifle, similar blade in design on either side of the barrel. Considering the weapons this world carried he was sure it transformed somehow.

The girl looked more ready for combat than her two friends. Green and tan uniform which seemed to fit better in the foliage that surrounded the ruined village. Combat boots and a matching barrette along with some metal bracers finished the look of a soldier. She had bright yellow eyes with tan skin. Hair was so short you'd think she was bald. With some length of hair she would be drop dead gorgeous, even with the large scar running vertically on the left side of her lips. Her choice of weapon seemed to be twin knives with serrated edges. Painful end for anyone on the wrong side of those blades.

Hayden slowly lowered the shovel onto the ground. With his hands free he slowly rose them to head level. He was sure he could make it to them before a shot could be made, but he never used violence first to resolve a situation…. Most of the time. "I can explain."

To Be Continued…

I'll start this with a late Merry Christmas and a late Happy New Year. Hope everyone had a good holiday. Now with the story. Shorter than the last with little action. It'll pick up, no problem. Anyone following this may be disappointed but again I have to say its not on the top of my to do fics. And I'm trying to slowly intergrade my character into the world of RWBY to a certain point. He will meet the team and make an impact, but with the recent knowledge of Ozpin and Oscar being connected, I want to tread lightly to see where things are going in the RWBY verse and see where and when some actions can be changed.