Cast for Season 1

Wanda/Princess Wandaline/The Star of Salvation (Starling Elders)

Species: Starling Nomad

Gender: Female

Appearance: Light brown skin, Light Brilliant Tangelo hair, neon yellow sun birthmark on her chest (Never shown to anyone), black eyes, light emerald short dress with black sash with a yellow star, white stockings, cerulean Mary Jane flats with white straps and black buckle. Medium with slim body
Personality: Naive, kindhearted, flighty/easily distracted, clever, witty, helpful, annoying, optimistic, and sweet.
Who is? Wanda was formally knows as Princess Wandaline of the Starling Empire until Lady Haylin destroys her home and kingdom, but is saved by her magic tiara. She encounters Sylvan while wandering in a nearby planet in rags. It is also proven that she is the Star of Salvation: a blessing/curse that was passed down through her family and also to be in love with Sylvan.

Weapons: Banjo, Voice, and magic Tiara

Species: Zboron

Gender: Male

Appearance: Light Brown skin, red hair, black eyes, blue shirt with black pants, raspberry red shoes with gold laces. Taller than Wanda with abs.

Personality: Tough with a soft/loving/Guilty side

Who is? Sylvan was a bounty hunter when he encounters Wanda wandering alone. He vowed to protect her when he falls for her. It is proven to be in love with Wanda, but tries to hide it from her.
Weapons: Fists (Lord Haymaker (Right fist) and the Duke of Wailing (Left Fist) )

Lady Haylin

Species: Skelei

Gender: Female

Appearance: White and gold hair, light brown skin, strong red and black dress, black with green eyes, gold opera gloves, and black heels with white straps. Tall with chubby body.

Personality: Evil, power-hungry, cruel, short tempered

Who is? She is the Lady of the Skelei Empire and the main reason Wanda lost her home. She believes that Wanda is the reason her plans are failing and goes after her and Sylvan any chance they get.

Weapon: Lightning Bolts.

Commander Pelie

Species: Watchling

Gender: Female

Appearance: Long yellow hair, black helmet with Yellow bolt, Black uniform with red gloves and boots. Short, chubby body

Personality: Mature, loyal, intelligent

Who Is? Pelie is Haylin's right hand woman who is dedicated to capture Wanda and Sylvan, though she disagrees with her obsession and should worry about conquering planets. She hides a secret admiration to Wanda.

Weapons: Laser Plasma Gun